Why Arsenal are struggling to get their transfer targets

Things have not been going well for Mikel Arteta and Edu this month as they seem to be thwarted at every turn when they go after Arsenal’s top targets.

This morning, reports are saying the Dusan Vlahovic is definitely on his way to Juventus, while Bruno Guimaraes has apparently had a bid from Newcastle United accepted and he will looking for a big money deal from the new moneybags as they desperately attempt to avoid relegation.

The Gunners have already allowed Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Folarin Balogun, Pablo Mari and Sead Kolasinac, from the first team squad, to leave and a host of second-stringers have gone on loan or left.

So, the outgoings have been impressive with still more to come I should think, but as for getting any of our main targets arriving, it is not looking very positive at all. Arteta told us that “the market is difficult” after the Burnley game, and the loss of Vlahovic and Guimaraes proves that, but according to the ex-Man United midfielder Luke Chadwick believes there is another reason.

“This is the hard thing for Arsenal, they’re in an in-between stage, flirting with the top four but not certain to get into the Champions League,” Chadwick told CaughtOffside.

“You look at the top players in Europe and it does make it hard to attract them. It was a great coup when they got Aubameyang though that’s obviously turned a bit sour now.

“They obviously need a striker, a number 9 who guarantees 25 goals a season. But it would be a big leap of faith for a player to back themselves to go there and score the goals to get them back in the Champions League, or will they think they don’t want to risk playing in the Europa League next season?”

To be fair, any Arsenal target looking at our games in January, would be worried that Arsenal may not even make it to the Europa League, never mind the Champions League, so I can see everyone saying “Let’s wait and see in the summer”.

The problem is that if we don’t get a few top players in, our chances of reaching Europe are increasingly diminished…

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  1. If Bruno goes to Newcastle it blows Chadwick’s argument out of the water and would just confirm some, if not all players, will just go where the biggest money is. Newcastle haven’t got a hope in hells chance of not getting relegated and ergo, it’s impossible for them to get into Europe. We do have a chance, however small, to get into Europe. By the way, I don’t believe we were ever in the running to get Vlahovic, he always wanted Juve and his agents steered him away from us from the get go.

    1. I think Newcastle can stay up. Won’t be easy but is possible.

      I agree 100% on the fact that Vlahovic was always a no-hoper.

      I guess it is indeed a double-edged sword that we are getting turned down because of an absence of CL football. On the one hand, we always knew that once we missed CL football it would become harder to attract the most competitive-minded players. On the other hand, at least we are still ambitious enough to go for these types of players.

      I don’t believe that we need these types of players to get back into the CL places.

      I still think a Bissouma would do wonders for us. And perhaps Isak would be an upgrade on our current striker corps.

      1. They are now saying it’s not agreed, so who knows SueP? A very good player and would suit us 🤞🤞

    2. DECLAN Your post says that Newcastle WILL be relegated. I think you mean the opposite . Do you? Do you know they are bookies favourites to avoid relegation (and I AND MOST FANS AGREE WITH THAT)?

  2. Artetas ideal window.
    Aubameyang is sold for 30mill
    Lacazette is sold for 25m
    Pepe is sold for 55 mill
    Leno is sold for 23 mill
    Bellerin is sold for 12mill
    Xhaka sold for 20 mill
    Niles sold for 15 mill
    Mari sold for 7 mill
    Guendouzie sold for 12mill
    Torreira sold for 20mill
    Mavropanos sold for 10mill
    229 mill
    Cedric leaves on a free
    Elneny leaves on a free
    Ramsdale (HG) New GK 20mill
    Tomi Lamptey 25 mill Chambers (HG)
    White (HG) Gabriel Holding (HG) Saliba
    Tierney Tavarez
    Paretey Bissouma 30m
    Lokonga Melo 25m Saka ESR (HG) Odegaard
    Nketiah (HG) Vlahovic 60m Isac 40mill Martinelli

    1. that list is a wet dream. Nothing realistic about it to me.

      Aubamayang – we would be lucky for any club willing to take him for free.

      Laca – who in their right mind would pay 25m for a player who will be able to come for free in 4 month time and who lost his touch?

      Pepe 55m? – we would be lucky to get £25m. He clearly isn’t valued by Arsenal so why would you offer any club not playing European football, in this economic climate £55m for a player they don’t deem an automatic starter?

      Leno? – we would be fortunate to get 10-15m

      Xhaka – I don’t see us getting more than £10m

      Niles – unless he starts every game between now and the summer we should expect £5m

      1. Yes of course. Nothing like this will happen. I said “ideal” But because of poor recruiting and long term contracts on high salaries with no performance clauses this is what happens. This is why we are “struggling” to get people in because we can’t get people out unless it’s on loan or giving them away and often subsidising their salaries although the club would have us believe they “ripped’ up their contracts. In reality getting people in means going into further heavy debt something the club seems willing to do. Getting back into the CL won’t solve anything least of all get us out of debt because we have to keep buying more and more expensive players to stay there. Is it actually worth it? Pepe Laca Auba would suggest no it is not worth it.

      2. I guess you are not aware that both Mavros and Guendouzi are on loan with options to buy.since both have performing very well,the clubs will take them up.Mavros for 3.5M and Guendouzi for 10M

    2. The manager of our rival club ( Pep Tuchal Klopp Conte ) proven winners of top of football but we recruited Arteta
      The brand arsenal is no longer the charm as we can’t provide UCL so the bright prospect like ( Dusan joins Juventus)
      The man management skill is vital as we can’t provide first team football for Saliba who doing excellent in France.
      Hard time as our entire forward line Wil be left nothing as per present situation.

  3. This is what happens when a pair of novices put all their eggs in one basket. Maybe the truth is no one wants to play for Arteta and his nonsense style of football. If he remains, players like ESR and Saka will look elsewhere, it’s inevitable, there is so much chaos at Arsenal and it doesn’t look like it is calming down. I am still wondering the direction Arteta is going after two years, the only direction I can see is let’s get rid of players and leave our squad so thin, his constant moaning on the touchline at officials, other managers and the players.

    1. Sometimes I wonder the way Arsenal fans complain,
      How many coaches have been through Man United since Ferguson and how much money has been spent ? Yet no single trophy,

      Same as Leicester, Tottenham, yet Arsenal fans are complaining, let’s not include Everton,

      To me it’s not about the coach alone, real money has to be spent, when you array a set of stars, even without adequate training, they will win a lot of games, that’s Chelsea,

      IMO, Arteta isn’t that bad, if we had an idea of the funds available to him, then we can complain.

        1. We were the biggest spenders in the Summer, but I suggest we bought too many of our players at Woolworth’s, instead of Harrods.

          I would much prefer we bought two top class players instead of 6 or 7 average players.

          Remember, the other teams we play have managers too (even Burnley), and it seems they have discovered some of the weaknesses of our new players and of how they are used in Artetaball!!

  4. One more thing remember the panic buy Wenger did after we lost 8-2 against Man Utd. Arteta was one of them, only Per really redeem himself, the rest were appalling

    1. But we qualified for the CL that season,so AW managed to qualify for the CL with appalling panic buys but MA despite spending over 150M can’t get us into the top 4 and out of the cups with much better players, interesting.🤔

      1. 🤝
        You have nailed it buddy. People need to respect AW for the wonderful job he did at Arsenal. Trying to compare him MA is not but insult.

  5. Agents run the show nowadays, Madrid wanted Mbappe and couldn’t get him, Chelsea wanted Haaland too,

    I also think 🤔 series A players don’t really like the EPL, if one of the big guns in Spain had gone for Vlahovic, I feel he would have had a rethink,

    Let’s just make a statement by signing a midfielder, not Melo and a CF maybe Jonathan David because I can’t really see us pulling off Isak.

    1. Mbappe has 4 months left in his contract….he can join any club he wishes

      Chelsea wanted Haaland when they signed Luakaku?

  6. Our club and I must say this regime has the same pattern of deceiving fans every window. You will hear them going for a player who they already know is impossible to get from day one. They will leak to the media their false bid for the said player even though the player and his agent has secretly told them it’s impossible.

    Then they will occupy the fans with that fake interest up until few days to end the window our expectation will naturally drop to accept anyone they bring in.

    Anyone remember the Suarez, Higuan, Locatelli, and now Vlahovic? This is just club politics to keep the fans clicking on fake stuff to keep the club richer without anyone coming to pressure them when they can actually do something.

    Now we cannot even convince a player to come to Arsenal? Lies the truth is that no one went for him. Will Bruno Guimaraes go to Newcastle is we matched that bid? No. The truth is that we are ok with the Sambi Lokonga, Xhaka and Partey nonsense.

    This will never end until the club is bought out of this leech of a owner. I give up on these bunch.

  7. Most of the time we blame Arteta but what is Edu’s job in getting top players for our team?

  8. Because nobody wants to come and player for an inexperienced bully and a sectionist like Mikel Arteta…Even if the player loves arsenal, cox Arteta will just kill your dreams with his arrogance and bad player management skills..Wait come to think of it, His even the worst manager in our history with an unamibitionless owner called KRONEKE,who rewards failure over and over again

  9. On one hand it will be hugely disappointing if no one is brought in. On the other hand, it COULD be a case of Arsenal holding their nerve and only going for exceptional talent – finding players who will move the needle rather than simply throwing red meat to hungry fans.

    Not happy if no one is brought in that can help the push for Europe. But equally I’d rather no one than some of the duds that were brought in during past during previous winter windows.

    1. We bought four duds last Summer window as well Voyageur,but nobody is willing to call them out. As someone above mentioned, Arsenal shopping at Woolworths again.

  10. I think the all eggs in one basket for Vlahovic is because he is the hybrid striker that could make Artetaball work.

    High work rate, happy to get smashed by the CBs, able to hold the ball up to bring others into play and can score goals with his head and feet. He is looking for another Giroud with pace.

    Someone said Jovic and to be honest I think that is a good shout, for a 6 month loan if it is possible and see where that goes. Isak and David isn’t that type of play but Calvert Lewin could be but it won’t be this window.

    We all know we need another CM to cover Partey and Xhaka but as arrogant that MA is he won’t go for a Bissouma, Bruno or Kessie as he has already has his first names on the team sheet. To be honest I feel sorry for Lokonga as he is still raw and has been dropped in the deep end and received the flack for being inexperienced in the PL. If I had my way I would recall Guen back. I never felt he was a bad player, yes he was a dirty, nasty, basket, but I still think that is something that this team is solely missing.

    Don’t expect anything special this window as it isn’t going to happen unless he proves me wrong and gets Mbappe or Lewandowski.

  11. No one wants to join “unstable” team with no clear future plans.

    We should target PL strikers and I would love to see Calvert-Lewin in our team instead of other players.

  12. Arsenal must not give up on striker chase as there are other strikers good enough to play for us if Vlahovic is not interested in coming. We can go after Jovic or DCL or Jonathan David. Also we need a good CM like Vissouma or Zakaria and a creative player like Szoboszlai. I still expect something to happen this window, maybe Dougls Louis of Villa is a real possibility.

  13. One of our problems is not being realistic. How can we expect a dwindling club like arsenal to attract a descent player? For the past decade, have we heard of any high flying player signing for the club? Before now, some good players wishes to play for the team because of AW and the club philosophy. Today, where is the philosophy? We sack AW without replacing him with a high flying coach. What we we don’t realise is that, some players goes to some clubs just because of the coach. Like somebody rightly stated, we were lucky to get Auba when we did. Perhaps, it could be as a result of the coach factor.
    If we want to go back to our former status when players in the mould of C.Rinaldo, Drogba, Yaya Toure, Ibrahimovich et al would desire to play for us, we should go back to drawing board and get our football philosophy back both on and off the pitch. Secondly, we should go for a seasoned, experienced, and highly technical / tactical coach.
    School boys coach will always attract below average players.
    Admin, if you like publish it. That’s just truth.

  14. With Artetas record of destroying players careers. This may another reason apart from lack of Euro football most would think twice before joining

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