Why Arsenal at Man Utd was positive ahead of PSG

Arsene Wenger may have cut a frustrated figure on the Old Trafford touchline for most of the game between Arsenal and our Premier League rivals yesterday, but it was the Frenchman who was the happeir of the two managers when the final whistle blew, as the disgusted expression on the face of Jose Mourinho told all too clearly.

In his comments to Sky Sports after the match, the Arsenal boss declared himself very happy with the way his players applied themselves and dug in to deny the home side any more than one goal and then showed the fighting spirit to battle back for a valuable point.

Wenger said, “The result in the end is positive because we were 1-0 down with two minutes to go. For the rest I think it was a bit scrappy with two teams who were well organised to defend well.

“We didn’t manage enough to get them out of position. Our game was not quick enough in our passing and our penetration was not there as it can be.

“In the first half we had good possession but not many chances, and in the second half we suffered in the first 20 minutes. We came out of the dressing room and they deserved to be in front.

“At least we had a good mental response to come back with a point.”

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans, and I am one of them, will be disappointed with the way we played and failed to exert any of our usual attacking threat. Having said that, I think we can take the way we fought as a big positive ahead of the midweek clash with PSG.

Arsenal do not need to beat the French champions after all, as a draw will be enough to keep us on top of the group and as long as PSG do not score more than once then they will have to make up a three point goal difference in the final match to knock us off top spot.

The onus will be on the French team and hopefully this will allow us the space in behind to hurt them with counterattacks. So should we be looking forward to Wednesday with confidence that the defensive side of our game is strong enough to get us a result?


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  1. Dee@ease says:

    Wenger will never beat Mourinho,he failed to beat him at his worst when he was at Chelsea and he’s now failed to beat him when he has an average Man United team,watch as he tactically blows the PSG game handing them top spot then we face Barcelona in the last 16 once again!

  2. ozildatrequartista says:

    Spuds fans please keep off.

  3. Skills1000 says:

    Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo are the 3 finalists of this years BALLON D’OR.’​
    ​Zlatan Ibrahimovic,Luis Suárez and 3,510,945​ others likes this.

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    ​IVANOVIC​: Suárez sucks, like for real, he sucks, ask Chiellini.
    ​DAVID DE GEA:​ LOOL, Ivanović you sound a bitter man,guess you still mourning over the sacking of your bitch,EVA CARNEIRO.
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  4. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    Wow, Chelsea won 6 matches straight, ZERO conceded. And this is after we whooped them 3-0.

    Anyone here think we could ever do that?

    1. Wilshegz says:

      yea we could do that, do even better… but for that to happen certain players need to be fit (Bellerin,Cazorla,Koscielny,Mustafi,Ozil,Alexis,Walcott)
      we also need consistency with the starting XI n no unwanted surprise like starting Elneny over Xhaka or Ramsey over Iwobi.
      and very crucial to that ll be playing in only 1 competition with no UCL, or EFL cup to think about like Chelsea n to some xtent Liverpool are enjoying now.

  5. Dennis says:

    Putting OX as RB was a touch of genius, but where is that all year round? Before the game i was saying play Paulista there but wenger did a masterclass after we conceded (of course). I wouldn’t put Jenko there against PSG, i honestly think he should play in Cup games for now. Paulista is just rotting in our bench so give him game time until Bellerin comes back.

    1. Twig says:

      Barring any unforseen circumstances, Jenko will play against PSG.

  6. Koktafo says:

    With psg play debuchy or gabriel at RB

  7. Incarnate says:

    I suggested sometime recently that the Ox should be groomed for a LB position, he and Cambell even amd we’ll see how they develop from there. Not to get carried away as especially the Ox might yet prove to be a liability defensively if he fails to add positional discipline to his game. I think he made that cross into the area because he was playing as a full back and was trying to avoid losing the ball knowing fully well there was no one behind to clean up after him, had he been deployed as a winger, he’d prolly try to cut in and most likely lose the ball. Or perhaps he was instruted to just cross the ball 🙂

  8. Wilshegz says:

    the only positive of the United game ahead of PSG was that Iwobi n Xhaka were well rested.. If wenger doesn’t start them again against PSG, we will lose or at best draw.

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