Why Arsenal boss is right about EPL using video replays

Arsenal fans have got used to the fact that Arsene Wenger has his own way of doing things and certain football principles that he sticks to even if it is not the best thing for his team at any particular time. That was shown again yesterday when after stating that he was not in favour of scrapping FA cup replays to ease the fixture congestion of big clubs and then saw his team forced into another unwanted game after being held to a draw by Hull City.

The Frenchman stuck to his guns after the game though, and accepted that replays are part of the competition. Wenger has always been in favour of using video evidence to make the game fairer as well, despite the widely held theory that big clubs like Arsenal are more likely to benefit from the controversial calls from a referee.

Video replays for penalty calls, sending offs and whether a goal should stand would certainly have helped Arsenal this weekend as we would have had two penalties and the game would have been wrapped up before Koscielny’s potential second yellow, but how would it have affected our race for the Premier League title?

Well a Metro report has helpfully looked at how every club would be sitting if this technology had been in use and while the theory about the lower clubs getting a rough deal is backed up by the report showing that four of the bottom five would be better off points-wise, it also shows that the officials have been affecting the race for the title in a negative way for the Gunners.

The data actually shows that we would be on exactly the same amount of points (51) as we are right now and that Man City would be three points better off with 50. But it also shows that the two teams currently above us in the table, Leicester and Tottenham would be six and four points worse off respectively.

All this means that if video evidence was being used the Gunners would be sitting right at the top of the Premier League table. So as well as being the right thing to do for the game in general, the Arsenal boss has even better reasons to want this technology introduced.

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  1. It’s a no brainer. Every game should have the fourth referee looking at the video replays of every incident and giving his decision to the ref on the field. It will only take a few seconds but will make the game much fairer. It will also make players more wary of false diving.

  2. The Boss’ starts for the Hull Cup tie yesterday at the Ems were adequately a strong starts by the Boss to beat the Hull’s starts to the 5th round of the FA Cup. I love that our starts and the bench also very much. The Boss hadn’t made a wrong starts for that Cup game at all.

    But that starts could not beat Steve Bruce’s starts. Why? Because the Boss should have made Welbeck to lead the Gunners’ line and Walcott be confided to play as front mid-right-winger. While Campbell should have been played in the opposite parallel role of a front mid-left-winger. And Iwobi playing as the play maker behind Welbeck was okay.

    That tactical reversal by the Boss of the positional playing roles of the 3 front Gunners of striker, mid-right and mid–left cost us the victory over Hull City. That’d what caused the lack of the Gunners cutting edge or the killer instinct to kill off Hull City yesterday. I hope lessons must have been learnt as a result of that tactical positional roles failings.

  3. we always dig up the idea of video replays when things are messed up at Arsenal


    But we neglect/ignore the fact that we could have buried many other chances we got and this does not tend to worry us…….why??????

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