Why Arsenal boss should ignore this advice on Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal fans will be hoping to see the club’s star player Alexis Sanchez back in the Arsenal team today and doing what he does best by inspiring the Gunners to a much needed win at Watford with his goals and all round get up and go, there is a theory that the World Cup disappointment he has just suffered with Chile could mean that his head and heart will not be in it.

That is the advice offered by the former Arsenal and England midfielder Paul Merson anyway, as reported by Metro. The fact that it is Merson with these negative comments about the Chilean’s potential state of mind should come as no surprise I suppose, because he has not had many nice things to say about his old club in recent years.

Just this week the simmering spat between the pundit and Arsene Wenger boiled over again, with both aiming public digs at the other, Merson bizarrely claiming that the former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp was a much better tactician than the Frenchman despite their records showing different.

Wenger clearly has little time for his former player or his thoughts either, so that is one reason for Wenger to ignore the advice and put Alexis in the starting line-up against the Hornets, but there is another more important reason.

We know the striker loves to play and what better way to get over a disappointing game than to play another and make sure that you win? Would you guys even think twice about starting Sanchez today?

Sam P.


  1. gotanidea says:

    I wouldn’t think twice to ask Sanchez to start, if I were Wenger. Sanchez would want to show the other clubs that he is still in his top form and he would want a prestigious club trophy to replace the World Cup disappointment.

    What concerned me is Ozil. I think he is not hungry for club achievement anymore and would like to avoid injuries to make sure his place in German’s World Cup team.

    If a player will not participate in World Cup, he could play without any mental burden of injuries and could focus 100% to his club.

    1. Redmau5 says:

      Don’t mention ozil man .
      Arsenal fans have been so well manipulated by ozils pr team that they would swear Mr turn up once every 6 games against minnows is Andrea pirlo in disguise

      Meanwhile no patience for our only world class player Sanchez . Start him arsene

      Merson is getting quite bitter now

  2. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Of course Lex should start and so should Ozil. We are yet to see Lex, Ozil And Laca start together, something that most fans have been waiting for and it’s about time we did, however, I’ve got a feeling that stubborn old Wenger won’t play the three together all season with the attitude of “I’m Arsene Wenger and I know best”

  3. HA559 says:

    Manure overated. Liverpool doing everything but score at the moment.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      0-0 suits us, lets hope it stay’s that way, only one point each and especially with the build up Sky Sports gave all week for their beloved northern giants

    2. gotanidea says:

      Glad to see Mourinho’s Manchester United got dominated by Klopp’s Liverpool. MU’s physical monsters like Smalling, Lukaku, Matic, etc cannot cover their technical deficiencies against Liverpool’s skillful players.

      Mourinhoo’s Manchester United could not capitalize from their set piece goals, if they are against skillful teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Liverpool. That defensive 3-4-2-1 (Arsenal’s formation :D) will only work against poorer teams in Premier League.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…

    Mavididi scores brace for England U20’s, two nice Lacazette like goals. Arsenal U18’s win 5-1 v Southampton, looked at the line up, allot of players I don’t know.

  5. Mogunna says:

    that dude is a physical and mental Duracell, he is from the gutter, street, he’ll fall and get up right back at running like akid who loves a ball. He lost motivation by not being treated first class in term of cash with rest of the league topping his salary ro seating on our bench. To have him sit on it at liverpool back fired, we should treat him fare, he is the best in the league for past 2, 3 years, im talking all the way around, no one runs, scores, dribbles, lead his team as Sanchez… So, put him out there and support him is what we gunners should do, he gave us a lot in a club totally mismanaged because of cheap owners…Cheap and dumb mainly, to save what, 10 millions per year on his salary 6 months ago? Then, 6 months later, til september refuse to sell him for 75 millions? Now what? Sell him for 20 millions? No way to replace him and finish top 5th place? No, get him on that pitch, raise him, sign him or let him go free now that he is there….Or should have sold him summer, window, ig he has to go now, we still fifth place. Dumbowners! They must have money in tyhe bank…Watch how Wilshere blows up and free! Are these people are on crack should be the topic; instead of ridiculous posts, of course Duracell will last, til we end his contract…

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