Why Arsenal can be a bit gung ho in FA cup against Hull

The big problem that Arsenal had against Hull City in the first leg of our FA cup 5th round clash at the Emirates Stadium was twofold. Our finishing was a bit poor as it was before and after this one match. But we also came up against a very good keeper and a side that was very well organised and defensively strong.

It was not just against the Gunners either, because the Tigers’ success this season and the main reason they are in contention for promotion back to the top flight has been their miserly defence, especially recently. Their last 15 games has seen just four goals scored against Hull, so we could really do with Arsenal’s finishing and creative skills coming to the fore.

At the same time, though, they are not exactly prolific at the other end and have only scored one goal themselves in the last five games. All this means that Arsenal can afford to be a bit more adventurous than we would against a side that was hurting teams regularly on the counter attack.

Of course we must be defensively switched on and alert to being hit on the break but I think we can push a bit more than usual and try to get this tie done and dusted withing the 90 minutes. We really do not want extra time even though that would be better than losing, but is it time for us to go for it in Hull tonight?

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    1. Yeh let’s hope a 6 figure salary, being worshipped by masses and kicking a ball about for a living, as well as having a manager to motivate them in the only comp we are likely to win, will have the lads turn out!:)

      If they don’t I will personally hunt down and kill them.

  1. I have a feeling that we are going to see our forwards try and prove something tonight. I think they’ll have been in shooting practice all week (couple days) with eyes on this match to try and build some much needed self esteem. I believe Ozil will start, we need goals and who better to create them. Lets hope they bring a cup game attitude with them, an early goal and then I reckon we would go on to win by another couple + goals. Really hope they put on a show for us because the mood in this place has been dire, then maybe Soopa will get up off the ground and bounce on the ceiling once more.

  2. Why is it that no matter how hard I try to be detached to Arsenal I just feel attached to it?? More especially on a match day.
    #ArsenalYes #WengerNo

  3. I want everyone to show passion commitment and hunger .
    They need to be ready focused and prove with each passing day that they are ready to perform consistently at the very top level.
    Every underperforming player needs to be benched or shown the door.
    Non existent players like wilshere arteta and rosicky should also suffer the same fate.

  4. Hahaha………. Don’t delude urself………. If they fail to show some spirited performances on the pitch tonight, i will be so all over em!

    As much as i’m concerned by their results, i’m as well concerned by their performances

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