Why Arsenal CAN beat BPL rivals to Sterling transfer

This season may not have been quite as good for the Arsenal `English core´ as they or the fans would have liked but when you look at the problems that are being faced by some of our Premier League rivals in order to comply with the rules that will demand more so-called homegrown players to be included in the squad.

We have already heard a lot about Man City needcing to bring some of these players in, hence the links with the likes of Raheem Sterling and our own Jack Wilshere as well as their desperation to hold on to James Milner. But with Liverpool set to lose Steven Gerrard and perhaps the likes of Glen Johnson and Jordan Ibe as well, they could be in trouble themselves.

And that is why I think that Arsene Wenger could have a big advantage if he does decide to go for the transfer of Sterling this summer. After the young England international was booed at the Liverpool awards ceremony and called every sort of greed so and so by various former Liverpool players this week, it seems certain that his time at Anfield is up.

Arsenal on the other hand are full of home grown players, both British and foreign, and so we could offer Liverpool one of these as part of the deal to get Sterling to north London. But who would it be? Theo Walcott, Serge Gnabry, Calum Chambers and even Jack Wilshere are possible candidates but do we want Sterling enough to let one of them go?

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  1. Off Topic___

    Guys, I really don’t think Morgan Sneidelin is the answer. Personally, that guy isn’t much of a DM, to me. I sincerely prefer guys like Wanyama in that role.

    If you are a DM, know your role and F**king stick to it.

      1. Wow!!!! You had to give it a name: “elite”. What a qualification. Lol!

        So, what does an “elite” DM do?

        1. No idea. That is what they say on here. That he is elite.

          Apparently elite players play for Southampton

          1. I guess Hafiz can explain better, maybe he’s that type Hafiz says scores 9 goals in a game, can fly with the ball, can slide-tackle in the air, can defend by doing back flips, etc. “Elite”.

            1. They say he is a DM even though he isn’t. They say he is elite even though he is not even in the same league as Mascherano or Kondogbia. They say he is so good at passing that people are dumb and think he is a cm but he is actually a DM.

              Even Hafiz can’t explain this one.

              1. Mascharano plays cb
                Kondogbia is a box to box

                So what’s your point ?

                Schnederlin even would be excellent and he is the most valuable dm available (transrfermarkt)

              1. Hafiz, bring some money. Those guys are stingy business men. I wiill add +1 Pound to yours. Lol.

          2. “Apparently elite players play for Southampton” – Pretty much sums up your input. You’re right, no elite player plays outside the top dozen teams in European football. You have all the knowledge, do share with the rest of us oh wise one.

            Ronaldo came from Sporting
            Rooney from Everton
            Van Persie from Feyenoord
            Henry from Monaco
            Zidane from Cannes

            Exactly where a player currently plays has zero to do with his ability, if he has the goods what does it matter which badge he wears? You’re just bitter because your idea Schneiderlin is a B2B midfielder is as ignorant as they come.

            Elite: a select part of a group (DM’s) that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

            Really not hard to grasp the concept of an elite DM is it?

            1. I know the meaning of elite. Examples of players that are elite:





              You seem to be struggling a bit to grasp the meaning of the word if you think your beloved Scniederlin sits in that class.

              1. You clearly don’t understand english particularly well then. Is the term elite reserved for attacking players only? He’s an elite DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER…..would love you to name the best in the game at the position without featuring Schneiderlin.

                Then again he plays for Southampton as you’ve already commented so apparently he can’t be that good.

                1. No problem. An elite player that is not an attacking player:


                  Let me help you out here. Elite is a group. In this context the group would be a football team. So let’s revisit. An elite team is Barcelona. Stop dreaming if you think he plays there. RM? nope. In Englandi it would be Chelsea and nope he wouldn’t be good enough to play there either.

                  Does that help you understand the word better?

                  And lolz at using Sporting Lisbon as the example for Ronaldo and Feyenord as the example for RVP. May be you didn’t notice but didn’t come from there are superstars

                2. The group is DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS you absolute detriment….as in he is an elite DM. Good lord I hope you’re joking

                3. Wow at the stupidity.

                  There is no group of players called DM. Football is organised by teams. The measurement of elite is how that group (the football team – thought I should clarify) performs and which of those group is the most successful. That is the benchmark for elite.

                  I know you are going to get your panties in a twist and say I only mean attacking players. So here is a non attacking example.

                  Elite team = Germany. They are World Cup winners (no a bunch of DMs didn’t go and win the World Cup – it was a football team). Of the players that excelled to make that team elite – a non attacking example is Neur. An elite player is therefore a player that could replace Neur and be of equal or better quality.

                  That is elite. You don’t just band a random bunch of players together, call it a group and define it as elite.

                  Seriously, how do you get by in daily life? Do tasks that seem normal to other people seem difficult to you?

                4. I would quit while you’re ahead, I’m not sure I’ve read a more idiotic post in quite some time. Defensive midfielders is nt an actual group? No words for that whatsoever…

                  The kicker being you’re actually acting as if you’re somehow superior in intellect here. I feel bad for you I really do. Thanks for the laugh though..

                5. I can see why this is embarrassing for you. Having to change definitions of words, invent positions etc just to make it fit in with your love of Schniederlin has left you muddled up on a web.

                  It’s OK. Better luck next time.

                6. I got to jump in here, CC, you are WRONG.
                  Lets use the Oxford English Dictionary…

                  “A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society:
                  the elite of Britain’s armed forces!

                  Does Schniderlin belong to a GROUP or a SOCIETY that is superior to everyone else in the EPL?


                  Learn English.

                  As for MS being a DM, no he isn’t, do you watch football? Wanyama is the DM in that team, MS can play DM and he has done previously HOWEVER he didn’t get the recognistion he has today from playing a DM role, he got it from playing a B2B role (admittinly a def minded B2B).

                  I bet you think P Vieira was a DM… All Arsenal fans know he was the worlds best B2B CM player and it was Gilberto alongside him who was our unsong DM hero.

                  Learn football.

    1. Why do you prefer Wanyama when his defensive ability is inferior to Schneiderlins?

      1. Wanyama is a better DM, that is why he plays that role and MS plays the B2B role.

        Learn football.

        1. Cracking argument, you’ve won me over….

          Except one thing remains, just how is he better again? General consensus says Schneiderlin is better, as do just about every DM stat you can muster….but YOU say he’s not so I’ve got to go with that?

          1. “General consensus says Schneiderlin is bette”
            So I guess the world is still flat? Everyone believed it was at one time and it didn’t make it so. Failed at logic there didnt you!

            Do you know what a B2B does?
            He gets back and defends as well as get forward to help attack, he also helps defend higher up prior to getting to the DM.

            Schniderlin can tackle, I have admittd he is a great B2B player and that he is a Def minded B2B player, of course he will have defencive stats that may indicate he is a DM to the ignorant.

            As a Arsenal fan I recall watching Vieira all the time, should we compare Vieiras stats to Wanyamas and then make the foolish claim he was a DM?
            Oh yeah, ignorant people do claim he was a DM and forget about Gilberto.

            I can get stats for Ramsey to show he is a ‘DM’, last season he averaged at more tackles per game then either Wanyama or Schniderlin… we all know he is a B2B player though.

            “but YOU say he’s not so I’ve got to go with that?”
            Yeah why not, I have shown to know more about football than you. Listen to people who know what they are talking about.

            1. Failed at logic? People thought the world was round as a logical estimation because they hadn’t the means to understand it wasn’t flat. How you can possibly try and assign that same argument to the ‘general consensus’ I referenced among among fans/pundits watching 2 footballers is startling stupidity and a massive stretch at trying to debunk my point. Schneiderlin is a better DM than Wanyama, this is generally accepted because it has been proven numerous times. He was the best DM in the league even before they bought Wanyama so I suggest you go do some learning in the football department.

              Pretty tired of your condescension and superiority complex given the nature of your comments and the clear lack of understanding you’ve shown in something as basic as the english language. To then speak to someone like you have to me just illustrates what a sad little person you are. You’re not intelligent, and now you’ve immortalized your idiocy on here for people to take note of. Don’t give me advice or tips on doing anything, there is no wisdom you could ever impart on to me.

  2. For me, the decision to get Sterling or not rests on how much he would cost. Anything more than 25m is pushing it, and I wouldn’t go for him if he costs above 30m. But maybe we could we work out a swap deal with Theo going the other end. He will be nice to have but he wont be my priority signing this summer

    1. @tubby…….. Please don’t tend to annoy me…… Swap theo for sterling?…….. Are u inane? …. Like i always say, if sterling must be bought, it musn’t be at the expense of theo…… Since after the SSS days, how many goals/goal contribution has sterling managed anyway?

      1. I respect your opinion but sterling for walcott is NOT an insane proposition. Walcott’s not even the first team at the moment. We are trading a player, who in his peak cant make our 1st team, for a younger player with more potential. I agree Walcott scores much more goals than sterling, but what’s the point if he’s not even starting. If I want someone to sit on the bench, I’d take a younger player like sterling who can develop and eventually take over the RW position (I’m assuming we get a top class RW for next season). And then theres the whole contract situation with Walcott. No way he’s getting a pay rise for his new contract; he hasn’t earned it. I fully expect some ppl to disagree, but the bottomline is I don’t see how Sterling for Walcott is an ‘insane’ proposition.

        1. Theo wants to be a CF, Sterling is a winger…. different types for a start.
          So far this season Theo has scored aprox 0.46 goals per 90 mins.
          Sterling has scored 0.21 goals per 90 mins.
          Theo has a shot accuracy of 69% compared to Sterlings 53%.
          Theo has a pass completion of 85% compared to Sterlings 81%

          Where in this does Sterling compare to Theo and as such warrents Theo?!?!?!?!

          You need to be insane to think Sterling is worth Theo, Theo is more of a complete player and is worth more than Sterling. Liverpool would have to PAY ARSENAL along with giving us Sterling for Theo… if it was ever to happen.

  3. Sterling for Walcott + 15m, good deal … Walcott didn’t earn him self a pay rise, either accept the old salary or get sold in this summer …

    1. This could be a problem: You have joined the club, I’ve been with the club as a player for a long while. You were with another big club and u were good, but I too have been very good at this club, the one you just joined. You are far much more than I do, but you are actually not a better player than I am, I even do beTter than you in training and I make more impact as a sub when I come on in games. But, hey, you f**king earn more than I do, that’s not ok cuz you really don’t perform much better than I. I’m not ok with this, I want a rise in pay. I want to play often, in fact I should play often becuz you have been pretty awful for a while now, but for some inexplicable reason I’m not playing.

      That’s what’s happening at Arsenal.

      1. Theo + 15mil? ………..please Kickassfan ……..let’s Ignore these talking Trees

    2. Copy and paste from above:
      So far this season Theo has scored aprox 0.46 goals per 90 mins.
      Sterling has scored 0.21 goals per 90 mins.
      Theo has a shot accuracy of 69% compared to Sterlings 53%.
      Theo has a pass completion of 85% compared to Sterlings 81%

      Where in this does Sterling compare to Theo and as such warrents Theo?!?!?!?!

      Sterling isn’t worth Theo in a straight swap, where do you get the idiotic idea that we should give them a better player AND CASH for Sterling?

  4. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to view.

    PersonaLly, I’d say if Sterling won’t accept, at most, 100k, he should look elsewhere. By the way, I doubt we really do need him, we’ve got Theo, Chamberlain, Gnabry, Welbeck, Akpom, and one or two other flops Arsene may still want around.

    1. Fully agree Sterling is not needed we should focus on a striker,DM,CB and Giroud has proven what Henry said he’s gone 7games without scoring,he goes on goal scoring streaks he’s not a consistent goalscorer that we need!

      1. Henry seems the type that calls it as he sees it, I like that in a king. Giroud is good, BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL.

        1. Giroud must be a 2nd choice striker behind a consistent striker and he must come on as a sub when we need to change our game plan,he’s never had scored 25 goals in a league even when Montpellier won he scored 21 goals!

          1. Since when has 25 league goals become the official benchmark? Henry only scored 25+ in 2 seasons in a 20 year playing career. Aguero has just matched the 25 mark for the first time in 10 seasons. Outside of Messi and Ronaldo there are no dependable 25 league goals a season striker.

    2. I think sterling is better then walcott, less injury prone, is younger and has more potential, had a blinder of a season last year (which people seem to forget) walcott just runs into trouble and his finishing is poor along with his crossing

      1. I don’t think anyone forgets his “blinder” of a season with 9 goals and 5 assists in Liverpool’s perfect storm season any more than they forget Theo’s last full season with 21 goals and 15 assists. “Walcott just runs into trouble and his finishing is poor along with his crossing”. Think you are describing the wrong player there or trying to be ironic – Sterling is patently worse in all those departments. Loses the ball on a maddeningly regular basis and hasn’t got any finishing skill at all to even warrant mentioning. Theo looks like Romario compared to RS when it comes to finishing.

        The only question worth discussing with RS is how much better can he become? Everyone has an opinion on that but for me I wouldn’t bet a dime either way as to his prospects.

      2. OMG!!!
        Such ignorance!!!!
        “walcott just runs into trouble and his finishing is poor along with his crossing”
        You EVER watched Theo?

        Theo has a better goal to game ratio this season, Theo had a better goal to game ratio last season and guess what… Your right! Theo had a better goal to game ratio the season before!

        You think Sterling is better than Theo… Do you even think?

        1. Yeah i do think sterling is a better player, sanchez stats are been then hazards but hazard still won player of the year, sterling tore us a new one last year at anfield. He wad quality, for me walcott has not progressed as well as everyone thought, sterling also won golden boy of year last year as well.

  5. Arsenal are in the top 10 highest paying teams,this list includes even baseball teams so we must stop saying we can’t compete for world class players while we are paying world class wages to our average players!

    1. We can NOW how-ever the figures your talking about is for this year and we have started to improve our wages with the signing of players like Ozil and Alexis the past couple seasons, that has made an impact as those 2 alone put us in the top 10 and without them we would be outside the top 10.

      Those 2 players have bumped up the average, lets not pretend it didn’t ^.^

      We could of bumped up the AVERAGE wage by giving Ozil and Alexis £200k a week but I am glad that we didn’t.

      It will be nice to see a bit more efficency with the wages but at the same time it is nice to see players who develop get rewarded for their development… We are now getting a squad big enough that we can let go of players who don’t continue the progression, it takes time and also the AVERAGE wage is very missleading. As I said, we could bump it up if we paid Rooney wages… Rooney wages for Rooney or Alexis wages for Alexis… I’m glad we got Alexis.

  6. Sterling is an amazing dribbler. that’s what’s been lacking in our rw when the ox isn’t available. i’ve seen flashes of brilliance from gnarby before he got injured, and ive only seen a few games to judge how good wellington silva is. and i dont think he or campbell will say yes to another loan move. if we sign sterling, then we definetely have to buy a selfish striker because sterling doesnt score enough goals. and wenger should bench wilshere and cazorla (and play two wingers) if ramsey and ozil start. we only need two playmakers on the field not four.

    1. Ramsey is not a playmaker … He is an all round utility player … A good one if you like that kind of style … I don’t… But playmaker he is not … After last night a serious owner of a top flight sports team paying some of the highest whack on the planet would be saying ok there is something wrong here ..sadly we have a yank impressario who doesn’t give a sh@@ about the game and a dilusional manager nostalgic for a bygone era … Need to spend a good 40m net on three top players to challenge next season….but higuain and Jackson should not be on list..don’t need a slightly better version of the wardrobe

      1. Here’s the problem with your comment…. Which players are we gonna get rid of and which players are gonna willingly join our club to get this net spending of 40mill that you are suggesting?

  7. Can someone tell me why we need Sterling when we have Theo, Ox, and Gnabry whom I think have all shown more promise than the Liverpool guy?

    1. Because he is clearly an improvement over Walcott and Gnabry and you know Ox case with injuries … the same way we signed Ozil when we have Cazorla (even better than Ozil in my eyes) and other CAM’s…
      It is about signing quality players when they are available … that being said we should never forget about the urgent need for clear ST

      1. LOL

        Sterling clearly better than Theo? Copy and paste;

        “So far this season Theo has scored aprox 0.46 goals per 90 mins.
        Sterling has scored 0.21 goals per 90 mins.
        Theo has a shot accuracy of 69% compared to Sterlings 53%.
        Theo has a pass completion of 85% compared to Sterlings 81%”

        Of course Sterling is CLEARLY better than Theo PMSL!

    2. @mesut O-chill
      Sterling is streets ahead of Ox, Theo and Serge in his all around game. Better dribbler, quicker, good off the ball, work rate etc.
      The Liverpool spin machine has just about everyone believing that Raheem is to blame for the current sht storm surrounding him, when in actuality the anfield board fckd the whole thing up and won’t man up…
      I’d have him over anyone of the above players, anyday…

      1. All right I hear your opinions. Still think we should make way elsewhere though.

      2. “Streets ahead” is massive hyperbole. Whilst we Gooners are innately happy to denigrate our own players in favour of the “next big thing” the more interesting and perhaps more objective view on this can be seen in the chatrooms of all the other big clubs. The majority of scousers ridicule him for his performances this season and would take Theo or Ox as a swap deal in a heartbeat. The other fans of United, City and Chelski have all chipped in and nothing is complimentary to RS. Find it difficult to engage arguments with some on here – even heard that RS would be a better No.10 for us than Ozil. There are presently 10 positions on the field where we could more effectively spend money to improve the team – I’ll take my chances with TW/AOC/AS/WS/SG/DW to fill in the wide spots for us rather than spend £30-50M(!!) on this guy.

  8. Apart from Sanchez
    all our other options
    Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry
    Wellbeck are injury prone and inconsistent.
    Podolski Campbell Ryo Sanogo are on loan because they are useless.
    So we end up playing Ramsey and Wilshere on the wing 🙁
    Sell/release dead wood. Podolski Sanogo Campbell Ryo.
    Sell Walcott to City/Chelsea and get 30 mill or what ever to buy Stirling.
    and have Ox and Gnabry much younger as back up.

  9. We have a budget of 50 million this summer apparently. Even when we unload some of the roster, should Sterling be our top priority?

    1. No of course not.
      We all know another
      DM and striker are top.
      Stirling only if we sell players
      to pay for his transfer.

  10. Am sick and tired of seeing giroud as our main striker,wenger even agreed sometimes back that he is world classs and that he cant be replaced.Am even sensing FA cup final defeat now, you heard it here first

  11. Wenger has never accepted making mistake in life,yesterday excuse was we were tired’ We lost because giroud is a mid table striker he wasted good chances he cant produce some magic, y

  12. So we should now pay of 30 mill for a 20 year old who doesn’t pass just because it will boost our English core.
    This kid is a bad apple and we should stay away.

  13. @tubby…. Loan out gbarby, keep loaning campbell, do a coquelin on wellington (to a premiership team ), keep loaning Ryo, sell flamini, diaby and arteta… Add some cash to that and buy sterling but theo should go nowhere…. Isn’t that good business?……..By the way, do u think buying sterling gonna stop wenger from experimenting with midfielders on the wings?

  14. We should buy just bale so that we can compete with the best clubs in the world. I do not see Arsenal as lesser club than Real madrid, Barcelonia, Man UTD, Bayern Munchen, and Juve, it is the attituide of the board and the manager that made us appear so. Until they change their mentality we won’t achieve much.

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