Why Arsenal CAN beat Man Utd to Griezmann transfer

Arsenal are one of the clubs that have been linked with the potential transfer of the Atletico Madrid and France international star Antoine Griezmann, but this week Arsenal fans heard the bad news from the horse’s mouth that the fantastic forward is perfectly happy with his current La Liga club and was planning to stay in Spain, as we reported here at Just Arsenal earlier.

This does not seem to have put off our Premier League rivals Manchester United, though, as the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Jose Mourinho is hoping to sign Griezmann in the summer transfer window. The paper claims that United believe that they have a good chance as well, because the current Atletico boss Diego Simeone may be heading to Italy’s Serie A to take over at his former club Inter Milan.

If that is true then I see no reason why Arsenal should not have high hopes of beating Mourinho to the punch. The paper reports that United will need to meet the release clause of £84 million and that is a lot but Arsenal can afford it and for such an effective player I think it represents value for money when you consider some of the crazy transfer fees paid in recent years.

And as long as the Gunners are willing to splash the cash the fact that Griezmann spoke very highly of Arsenal when explaining that Laurent Koscielny often tried to persuade him to come to north London makes me think that we would have a good chance of beating United to this huge transfer.

Do you think Arsenal fans could be celebrating the signing of Griezmann next summer?



  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    We are not getting Griezman and worse off we cannot compete with Man U in the transfer window for obvious reasons.

    Better turn attention to more realistic targets like Payet, Draxler or some bargain player we don’t need from Switzerland.

    Cant believe Lukaku will be on a 100k only, without UCL football, playing at mid table Everton, surely even he would not resist the pull from Arsenal.

    As much as I love Griez, its a non starter, he will probably end up at United, PSG or Bayern in the years to come before considering us, we “play good football” like he said, and the story ends there.

  2. Jansen says:

    I could see him being willing to join Arsenal if we sign his current manager Simeone. That would be an exciting prospect for me, although I do think he might struggle in the PL, at least initially, since he is not a very strong or big player and the PL is much more physical than La Liga. But great players adapt and he would to.

  3. Juhi McLovin says:

    We cannot compete with United when it comes to transfers. End of. They are a much bigger club who actually win trophies consistently, meanwhile we have stalled for the past decade.

  4. Ozzy AFC says:

    Griezman WONT ever be coming to us we WONT ever spend the money and that’s the end of that story

  5. JAmerican says:

    Transfer season is upon us so I have something to get me somewhat excited only to be let down again come 1 February, LOL. Honestly though I don’t get the secrecy behind the transfers anymore when it comes to us, everyone knows now Arsenal aren’t broke so why don’t we just go out there and at least make a solid bid for the players that would definitely improve the team. Players say all the time they aren’t leaving and end up doing the opposite. My heart is hoping that those back to back defeats wakes us up and we go on a long winning streak. Can’t wait until the next game.

    What is up with these Alexis to Man City rumors?

  6. Trudeau says:

    The talent is here. What we need us a leader.

  7. Midkemma says:

    I would love to see Arsenal get Griezmann how-ever can you see the Arsenal board sanctioning a move for that much?

    If Wenger asked for Griezmann in Jan then it might prompt Gazidis to pay the asking price for Draxler… 😛

    For the price of Griezmann we could get both Draxler and Rodriguez, not only would Ozil be happy we got who he has reportedly stated he wants to join but Xhaka would enjoy playing alongside his international team mate.

    Gibbs is good, when on form I like him but a bit fragile… and takes a bit of time to get match sharp 🙁
    Monreal is wonderful IMO but he is getting on a bit, he has been caught out a few times yet still a better choice than Gibbs. How long can he keep his form? Will he suffer more injuries as he gets older and lets not forget the Arsenal Injury curse lol 😛

    Only way I can see the Arsenal board paying for Griezmann is if we sold Alexis for a LOT of money otherwise the board will have a hostile fan base and they must know that.

    1. stubill says:

      So which Swiss international player are we going to sign to play alongside his countryman Xhaka?

      1. Midkemma says:

        Ricardo Rodriguez is a left back and Swiss, over 40 games for his country and we was linked to him at the same time as Xhaka.

        “Wolfsburg left-back Ricardo Rodriguez has said he expects to leave the club this summer and that it would be “exciting” to join Switzerland teammate Granit Xhaka at Arsenal.”

        Only 24 so got years ahead of him.
        2013/14 season:
        “The Swiss was one of the most creative players in Europe this past season for Wolfsburg, averaging 2.3 key passes per game, the same number as the Blessed Andrea Pirlo. When he wasn’t setting up a teammates, he was breaking dudes down, completing 2.6 dribbles a game, more than someone named Cristiano Ronaldo. On the year, he notched nine assists, just as many as Yaya Touré, David Silva, and Mesut Özil.”

        I 1st heard of him in the Euros and remember thinking at the time that I wouldn’t be disappointed, looks like a potential but then again, I’m no scout 😛 lol

        If not left back, I seriously see Wenger turning him into a left winger and I can’t say that idea upsets me either… He scored 10 goals last season so that will make Wenger sit up and think about tinkering with his position like he has with so many in the past.

  8. Wilshegz says:

    I feel he is overrated. he is basically about pace n finishing, needs space behind the defence like Vardy,Kane,Walcott… not a trickster like Neymar or even Reus.

  9. marty53 says:

    Get real Arsenal fans….The likes of top world class players like Greizman, Aubameyang will not sign for us….if we haggle over paying big wages for Ozil and Sanchez what chance have we got signing the really big names…..

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