Arsenal WILL bounce back from yearly Nightmare November

Another Nightmare November for Arsenal by Sam P

When the football media started to remind us about Arsenal’s poor record in November in the Premier League under Arsene Wenger, with the stats showing that it was by far the worst month for the Gunners in terms of points per game, it seemed to be nothing more than a statistical oddity.

After all the team was flying in October. Arsenal had blown away Manchester United at home and Watford and Swansea away all by a 3-0 scoreline and we had done the unthinkable in beating Bayern Munich to keep the Champions League dream alive.

But this turned out to be possibly the worst November ever and it has left Wenger and his players reeling. We do still have those European hopes, even if they are pretty slim, but the Premier League title challenge has lurched from setback to disaster.

As well as taking just two points from a possible nine from games we expected to win, Arsenal have picked up no fewer than five more injury problems, so how on earth do we recover from this nightmare month?

Well after he has stopped feeling sorry for himself, the boss is sure to have some ideas and I guess the main one will be not to panic. In the cold light of day there are some reasons for us to keep believing. One is that we are still just two points off the current leaders Man City, despite the problems.

And we are due to play City at the Emirates at the end of next month and if we win that and our games against Sunderland and Aston Villa before that Arsenal should be top at Christmas, as unlikely as that feels right now.

And among all the bad injury news you should not forget that, according to the updates reported on Just Arsenal’sspecial injury page, by the time Pellegrini’s team come to London we should have Walcott and Wilshere back as well as Ramsey and the Ox.

Don’t lose hope Gooners, because a decent December will make us forget that nightmare November.


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  1. Goonsquad8 says:

    I am fuming I am so furious with wenger I have been begging him (myself) to rest alexis why risk him when he hasn’t had a rest in months! Start Adelaide on the left even if he only played 45-50 minutes, It was bloody Norwich with wisdom as the defender!

    Also I am so pissed he started ramsey when Campbell is finally showing his quality and has improved every week! Campbell does everything ramsey does defensively and adds more going forward. Look at the difference when ramsey and Campbell played, literally all of our attacks were from the left when Campbell played we were balanced.

    I am so mad my god

  2. Mo1 says:

    Seriously who writes these articles wat a load of b*******

    The reality is we are the biggest bottlers in the prem it’s every season same old same old just go ask any supporter of any team in this country. We either start of well in a season or really bad then pick things up to confirm our 4th place spot.

    I just really feel for players like ozil, sanchez santi and Cech. 4 world class players having to go onto the pitch with bang average players in Giroud, Ramsey etc etc and the most arrogant manager ever. Really hope this is his last season we have absolutely no chance of winning the prem with him as sad as that is to say, yes he’s done alot won titles in last etc built stadium etc etc etc but his times up.

  3. Greg says:

    Im very disappointed myself, no excuses 3 points blown!

  4. Greg says:

    I hope and pray that the sunderland match will not be another game where points are dropped!

  5. Greg says:

    Will the real arsenal fc please stand up? and show up at the sunderland match at the weekend! Please!!!

  6. Aggelos says:

    Like we always do. Yearly. Nah.
    Wait a minute, when is Rosicky coming back? Weren’t Rosicky/Wilshere supposed to be fit by now, or I remember wrong?

  7. jaweant says:

    January transfers: Lucas Moura. Belarabi. Bring youngsters in. Get rid of dead weight. Liven up the squad.

  8. Gigi2 says:

    Aaah our beloved 4rsenal

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Hey Sam,
    If history keeps repeating itself, As it certainly does!
    what makes you think that we will achieve anything by being top of the league by Christmas?
    The latest injuries have just kicked our chances straight in the Nuts! ?
    Even destiny is getting tired of giving Wenger a helping hand to win the premier league but the deluded one keeps xxxxing it up!… We can’t expect all the top team’s to keep dropping points throughout the whole season, just so that we stay in contention with them.

    It’s best not to expect anything!
    Having too many expectations always leads to disappointment my friend.

    1. Khontoll Ngaceng says:

      What would it takes for wenger to be sacked?

      Miss the top four and not qualify the ucl group?

      are we gooners just to accept his failures and not to do something about it?

      it’s arsenal fc not arsene fc, ffs.

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