Why Arsenal can go to Munich and win

When Bayern Munich came to the Emirates a few weeks ago, they looked like Invincibles, having won every single game in every single competition up until that point, but we still beat the German Champions and now have to go to Munich to repeat the feat on Wednesday.

Bayern’s cloak of invincibilty has now slipped after losing at the Emirates, and they failed to score again at the weekend with the 0-0 draw at mid-table side Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. It would seem that our sparkling football has got Pep Guardiola’s side rattled and they will have our superiority over them fresh in their minds.

And we are definitely not going there to play for a point just because it is an away game, not according to Gabriel anyway. “When we play away, we also have to have a slightly different outlook, but that doesn’t mean we will spend the whole game defending.” he told Goal.

“We are a big team, we are Arsenal and we need to attack because we need the result, but we need to attack with intelligence and make sure we don’t suffer a defeat and complicate our situation for the rest of our competition.”

“Everything is possible in football,” he added.

“We know the difficulties we are going to find. Bayern are an excellent team playing at home with the fans on their side, so it will be a big challenge.

“If we are as determined as we have been over the last few years, I believe that we can go there and get a great result.”

They are an excellent team, but so are we. After our last months exploits we are in better form than our rivals as well, so i can see no reason why we can’t take all three points and set up a thrilling finish to the Group Games!

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  1. k-ool says:

    It is a possibility.
    I think if we play the same way we did at home, which was similar to playing away, we have a chance to beat them again.
    If we lose however, we should just avoid playing in the Europa league and not risk the first team any further or jeopardize a possible title tilt.

  2. WOS says:

    Oh i love this guy called gabriel

    1. arsenal4eva says:

      Me too

  3. Greg says:

    As barack obama said: “can we do it”? “Yes we can”! Coyg!

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      As a tribe called quest said:

      Can I kick it? (Yes you can)

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Zelalem never starts and Rangers suffer……… Its only a matter of time before the Likes of Barnsley and hull realizes what the have in hand…… Until then , they can keep disregarding our boys!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Zelalem has good vision for such a young age. But he is too lightweight and timid to really mix it up with the big boys…

  5. Zimbo gunner says:

    I am going to say this once again. A point on Wednseday will be enough to put us in a strong position to qualify. Of course we all want the gunners to go there and get all 3 points, but at the very least, don’t lose. Hoping Zagreb can do us a favour against Olympiacos, even a draw will do us a lot of favours…

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @Zimbo gunner
      If we tie we get the 3 points on away goals rule…

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hahaha ?
        you need to adjust that yankie nut of yours matey ?
        this is a group stage game and not the knock out stage!
        Away goals don’t count for this game,
        We basically need to win our remaining 3 games and if we can do that, then I will start believing that we can win this competition this year ?

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          @fatboy Gooney
          Thanks Fatboy. I need to put down the spliff…LOL

  6. Greg says:

    The dynamic foursome: monreal, bellerin, koscielny, gabriel! Coyg!

  7. Greg says:

    Hector bellerin is a bright star for arsenal fc, because he just shines week after week on the pitch!

  8. Cliff says:

    Chelski have won 3 games in the epl so far this season .. 1 in August, 1 in Sept and 1 in Oct.. which means they are only left with two wins in 2015 but i hope they get none…lol

  9. Greg says:

    Reflecting back on yesterday liverpool 3-1 chelsea the curse of “EVA” continues to torment mourinho!

  10. Al the Gooner says:

    I see no reason why we can’t get all 3 and win the group, but I’d settle for 1 as that should be enough unless Olympiacos can beat Bayern.
    On Chelski, I am still trying to get myself off the floor after this latest loss. Maureen’s meltdown is proving the most entertaining sub-plot to a season ever. I think he could be put out of his misery if results don’t go their way this week.

  11. Tyno says:

    The ladies have now gone 11 odd years without a trophyless season. Opposite of the Gunners.

  12. Tyno says:

    Nigeria is destroying Brazil. Wenger go do a Man City – Osimehn

    1. Arsenaldivine says:

      @Tyno, that boy Osimehn is a complete striker -pace, power, trickery, shooting heading and placement of the ball-. He’s akin to Iheanacho in Kanu’s body frame

  13. Dexter says:

    I watched the match. pls Wenger, go and get that osimhen guy. he’s by farrrrr the best player of the under 17 world cup. he can be a future arsenal bred star

  14. arsenalkid1970 says:

    I think set the team up to defend and not lose the game because it could be a very big 1 point. I think the break coming up will help us because our team looked so shattered Saturday. We have the scum weekend and that’s a must win so biggest fish at home I think

  15. Dexter says:

    admin, pls how can I post an article here

  16. ozildatrequartista says:

    Yeah i’d really like 2 see De Abreu given the nod ahead of Mertz. Defend with pace attack with pace. Only way to go. If Alexis brings his scoring boots along with him then its game on!

  17. Melchyy says:

    Yes we going to win this one,we have a great squad a great contest in Munich would propel us to greater heights.

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