Why Arsenal CAN repeat Community Shield result!!

As Arsenal fans, we all want the Gunners to do well and try to tell ourselves that we will. For a large part of last season, we were actually proved right, but too many years of falling short has also given us a sharp dose of pessimism as well, so when we come up against a big team like Man City today, we tend to hope for the best and expect the worst.

I am sure that I was not the only Gooner to sit and watch with a certain amount of surprise as Arsenak took the Premier League champions to the cleaners at Wembley around a month ago, in the season opener that is the Community Shield. And I reckon we can do the same thing again today.

Because of the nature of that showpiece game, when it did not really matter too much, Arsenal played with freedom and Wenger’s words in the build up to today’s game tells me that he is trying to send the players out today with the same attitude.

I think the pressure is all on Citeh and they do not like it up em Captain Mainwaring. So with a seriously speedy front line, all the creativity behind and with the first choice back four available, I see no reason why the Gunners cannot repeat that great result of a month ago. What do you guys think?

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    1. for sure. we need to be at our best and city at their worst to repeat that result. I would settle for a 2-1 win for us. COYG

      Sanchez and Ozil to score

  1. No. There is more pressure on us since we are the home team and inevitably we will be under scrutiny to see if we can handle the big teams especially after the shables of last season. Playing with caution, especially in the first 30 minutes is what we need to do

    1. We are definitely under pressure aside from playing at home we only picked up 5 points so far. 4 behind chelsea nothing but a win would be good enough. Hoping for the best

  2. Sanogo badly needs to go on loan. I’m curious to see how he performs for one season at West Ham. Otherwise, he should be with the U21 playing week in week out. Lets see how he does there..

    1. Honestly, he’s not even fit to be called our second or third striker. Just enjoying the french connection. Now that we have Welbeck, let’s see how the French favoritism fairs.

  3. 3-1 to arsenal
    Welbeck with brace
    Sanchez with Goaaal and an assist
    Ozil to Oziled the other 2 goals #COYG
    “If you don’t believe you can do it, you stand no chance at all” -WENGER. #KeepTheFaith

    1. Yeah, me too. I hope Rosicky plays and puts in a man-of-the-match performance. I’d really luv to read what KJ wud say about that.

    2. Szczesny – 6
      Debuchy – 6
      Mertesacker – 7
      Koscielny – 7
      Monreal – 7
      Arteta – 6
      Ramsey – 6.5
      Ozil – 6.5
      Sanchez – 8
      Cazorla – 7
      Welbeck – 7

  4. What I would love today us to see Wenger come up with a totally unexpected line up. Speed on the wings. Flair from the Cam. Not the same we see day in day out. That wi give me confidence for the rest of the season. Something that tells me the he is thinking. Of outsmarting his oppnents( read Maureen) . If that happens I Wundt care we win lose or draw today . coyg

  5. Rumour has it that a£1 billion bid for Tottenham. Hotspur is being touted by a US syndicate. that Suerely that must include the borough of Tottenham.

    3 reason;
    1) We are at Home ground
    2) They are down with their 2 key player.
    3) Arsenal is always the BEST.

    Arsenal 4 Man City 1

  7. Sanchez should play on the left and put $agna under all sorts of pressure. Bac goes forward well but has always struggled against a good LW. Lets stick it up him!!! COYG

    1. I’d be surprised if he starts. Zabaleta is City’s best. Their left side istheir defensive weak point – Silva, Clichy and Demichelis. Their right side is stronger with Navas, Zabaleta and Kompany.

  8. Yes or we could draw or lose. The draws to Leicester and Everton haven’t filled me with great confidence to be honest.

    But nothing would make me sicker to see Nasri and Sagna smiling and hugging after the match.

    We MUST win

    1. Scratch that.. Özil is being played out wide again… WHY??? Navas vs Monreal with little defensive cover from Özil. That sounds like a wise plan…

  9. Ozil wide again…
    4-1-4-1 again…
    The shocking midfield partnership of wilshere And ramsey again…

    All my optimism for this game has vanished.
    Wenger is unbelievable

  10. After seeing the lineup we better be playing a 4-4-2, how can we pay so much for one of the games best CAM and push him on the wing??? Wilshere better put in a MOTM performance for sacrificing Ozil’s strength for his inclusion…

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