The Form Guide says that Arsenal can’t expect an easy game at Selhurst Park tonight

Last season, Arsenal started off in great style with a 2-0 win at tonight’s opponents Crystal Palace, which gave us the impetus to win the first 5 of the season and put ourselves firmly in the title race. We actually won every single London Derby in 2022/23 and will be hoping to carry that on today, we also beat Palace 4-1 when they came to the Emirates back in March.

But we also need to be aware that the Eagles became a lot harder to beat once Roy Hodgson took over at Selhurst Park, coincidentally just a week after our win at the Emirates, and he took them far away from the relegation zone to end up in 11th by the end of the campaign.

It is also worth noting that since Hodgson arrived, Palace did not lose another game at home with three wins and two draws to his name. It is also worth mentioning that they were already hard to beat at Selhurst Park, and in fact have only lost once in their last 10 League games, and that was only a 1-0 defeat by Pep Guardiola’s treble-winning Man City side.

Here is Palace’s last 10 home games….

Can you now see why I think that the Gunners may struggle to come away with all three points tonight?

There is one other little fact that worries me. While Roy Hodgson was remaining unbeaten in his last 5 home games last season, Arsenal themselves played 5 away games in that same period, and only came away with all three points once.

Now having seen the outrageous reactions to Dan making a prediction that Arsenal could lose this game, and getting hammered for it, dare I say that there is every possibility that tonight wont be as easy as some fans think it will be….

JustArsenal Show – NEO discusses Arteta’s tactical set up for Crystal Palace v Arsenal

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  1. Didn’t Dan predict that United will beat Spurs? Or Chelsea to beat West Ham?

    Arteta has gradually changed the DNA of this club, and Palace should be scared of us, not the other way round.

    1. I get really worried when every fan and his dog starts predicting a big/easy win for the Arsenal. Overconfidence has killed us many a time

      1. ClaasyGunner, fans can be over confidence and be positive. But as long as the players attitude is respect for the opposition then, their is a chance of winning the match. One thing I know is Arsenal won’t lose the match. “The invicibless” didn’t win all matches but won the trophy.

      2. Game over

        Like I said earlier, Arsenal should be feared, not the other way round.

        Nobody predicted huge win, But it is increasing difficult to beat Arsenal nowadays because the DNA has totally changed

  2. History says this is a potential banana skin, but if Arsenal goes back to basics and not fidget with the proper starting eleven a 2 nill victory in Arsenal favor for me.

    Surely Ramsdale has to start though the gaffer will be tempted to throw his first love in the ring.

    Arsenal must start this game with the reliable 4 2 3 1 formation and switch to 3 4 3 in attack mode.






    Its unfortunate Tossard can’t start, but should be the first change after the break.

    Eddie has to start for more than one reason, he played well and scored in the curtain raiser and he’s more physical than Tossard and Havertz.

  3. There is nothing like overconfidence, the Gunner of today has what he takes to defeat any team, I give it to Arteta for the great job, we shall celebrate tonight, Gunners 4 life.

  4. Their home form is excellent and Hodgson has been doing a great job since his return, but he’s lost Zaha

    If both Rice and Havertz start the game, we’d also be better in set-pieces as compared to last season

    I wouldn’t be surprised if both Partey and Zinchenko cut inside to help Rice dominate the midfield area

    1. Gai I don’t think MA will play with tactic of 2 inverted full backs
      If Zinchenko don’t start then Tomiyasu will do Timber’s job and Partey will play as inverted full back
      But if Zinchenko starts then White will play as RB and Zinchenko will play as inverted full back and Gabriel will be back in team as CB with Saliba
      In that case if Havertz starts then either Partey, Rice or Niketiah Will loose their place and if Havertz don’t start then Rice, Partey and Odegaard Will be our midfield which is pretty much strong enough to put Palace at sword..

      1. Yes, Tomiyasu may play because Zinchenko hasn’t played for us in several games. My prediction for the formation when we have the ball:

        …….………….……. Ramsdale
        …………….. White ……..… Saliba
        ………. Partey .… Rice …. Tomiyasu
        Saka . Odegaard . Havertz . Martinelli
        …………………………. Nketiah

    2. Gai, I am not sure Zichenko would be fit or in form enough for the physicality of this type of game Now we miss Jurrien. Zichenko can however have few minutes. Tomiyasu would be a better option. I also want Havertz to play. I think the forward combination of Matinelli, Nkethia, Saka and Havertz would be too much for Chrystal Palace to handle.

  5. Just like every other pl games we won’t find it easy but with the right attitude,mentality and playing styles instilled in this team I’m confident we will overcome most of our opponents which can only propel us to greater heights.

  6. There is no easy game in the epl. Every team has to fight hard to grab maximum points.

    I hope Arteta will field the right players and make the right substitutes as soon as possible. There is absolute no point keeping an under performing and tired players on the pitch for too long.

    All the best to arsenal

  7. Danny is a classy guesser, but Gunners gonna lose tonajt: 2-0… Partey and Tom-i-bollen as wing-backs? Play Leah as CB and Rolls Royce White as RB!

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