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Why Arsenal continue to be a safe bet

Unai Emery -

Football, the most loved sport internationally, is a game of skill and tactics. Its players are treated as Gods, and the passion of its followers is unparalleled (unformidable is not the right word to use here if we look at its meaning). It is also a game of chance where often fortunes can turn in seconds. That is the beauty of it all and the reason that people around the world watch it religiously.

Betting and football are like two peas in a pod. As a game that can be unpredictable, yet favourable for many, it has always been a bettor’s delight. There are usually two types of individuals who bet on football – those that support their own team and others who just love football with no affiliation.

The latter’s bets might differ from game to game. Having a well-defined football betting strategy is not only essential but can make all the difference in the end. Arsenal is one of the top teams to play in the league and with their exceptional passing game, the international stars, and the legacy of the club, it is considered the safest bet, one that should be part of your play and here are the reasons why;

Mesut Ozil

Arsenal team members and management were really delighted when the German player renewed his contract with the club and agreed to continue playing with them till 2021, earlier this year. Ozil has been an indispensable member of the team ever since he came on board in 2013 and has helped the Gunners win Emirates FA Cup titles multiple times, with 36 goals and 61 assists. However, just as lady luck changes hands, his last few games haven’t been up to the mark, but that is not to say Ozil won’t return with vigour to take his team to the next level.

Unai Emery

At present, all hands are off when it comes to Emery, the newly appointed Head Coach of Arsenal. His first two games have resulted in a loss, and it just might be a case of finding a stand in the team at this point in time. But changes are in place, and unlike his predecessor, Emery isn’t afraid to make bold moves. In the recent game against Chelsea, he took the bold step of replacing Ozil mid-game. His move was appreciated by the fans, and he later clarified that the switch was strategy-based and that he is happy with Ozil, but will continue to push him more for better results. He encouraged Ozil to be more influential in Arsenal’s games..

The power to hit back and favourable odds

There’s no denying that the legacy of Arsenal is reason enough to bet on it. It has been through lots of ups and downs very much like any other club, but the support of their fans and the team’s continued excellent play has always been appreciated. They have an inherent persistence to come back, and many believe that after the last two games they must introspect about the missed chances but also focus on the positives. As a leading football team, many a time betting odds are in support of Arsenal. However, each game is different, and the probabilities change. It is best to follow the statistics carefully. A team might lose a game, but you can still come out victorious having placed a bet on a player who scored a goal or even based on the score at half-time. With Arsenal and its popularity, bookmakers at times have money back or bet offers that can sweeten the deal.

Betting on football is no less than an art. Yes, the odds often favour one team, but all it takes is one slip, one tackle, or a spectacular dribble in the last minute; and from being down and out you end up scoring huge profits.

7 thoughts on “Why Arsenal continue to be a safe bet

  1. barryglik

    Ozil cost 42m and so far
    30m in salary
    Was it worth the investment?
    Up until the end of last season ,yes.
    He helped keep us in the CL 4 seasons
    and helped us win 3 FA cups.
    With his high world profile he attracts sponsorship.
    I’d say he earned the club 20mill per season so 100m over 5 years.
    But by extending his contract 3 more years on the increased salary he is getting
    we are taking quite a gamble especially with a lowering resale value each year.
    The 60 m loss on the Sanchez gamble was a stark warning and with
    the Ramsey situation also looming we don’t seemed to have learned.
    Gambling is for idiots

  2. Gifted

    Ozil was a bad investment from the club. He is the most overated player in the league yet one of the highest paid. The fact that he earns more than KDB, salah, Silva, pogba, Hazard, and Eriksem is criminal. His fans will talk about his passing and vision but I cannot remember him giving those mouthwatering defense splitting passes. Even in his best season, most of his assists were from predictable crosses and set pieces, most of which were scored by Giroud yet people blamed Giroud for Ozil failing to get to twenty assists. Tbh, I would rather we would have given Jack another chance and sold Ozil. At least Jack showed passion. Ozil is just useless. He is washed up and leaving off his past glory.

    1. Namo

      I don’t understand why you will commonise assists as being from “predictable crosses and set pieces”. Are crosses not part of the game? Are set pieces not part of football? If we concede from crosses or set pieces, will it be disallowed? If you score from it, will be a “half goal?”
      Fine, Ozil hasn’t been anywhere near his best lately but that doesn’t mean you should commonise what he has done in the past. If crosses and set pieces are so easy to deliver, why isn’t every other player racking up assists through that means.

    2. RSH

      did you watch west ham game? Jack exposed as the average player he is. Dont miss him at all. And after the game no Arsenal fans were talking about him because he was so irrelevant.

  3. ken1945

    Gifted, are you one of those who has inside knowledge of what every player earns?
    It always puzzles me why someone brings in completely baseless “FACTS” in order to make their arguments seem more credible.
    Of course I could be wrong, so could you enlighten everybody as to where you obtained the salaries for each of the players mentioned?
    You obviously wasn’t at the game on Saturday, otherwise you wouldn’t have made the Wilshere) Ozil comparison.
    If ever one man was living on past glory, it was Jack.

  4. RSH

    Pretty optimistic on Ozil. His time at the club has been defined by ups and downs. I think there was a time he was essential to Arsenal, but he’s starting to looks dispensible unless he steps up his game yesterday. And at 30 years old soon, he’s not going to make any major changes to the way he’s played since he was a teen. Ozil and Ramsey are midfielders that we need to start moving on from. Ramsey has no right to be holding the club hostage for such high reported wages.

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