Why Arsenal could swoop for Liverpool transfer target Van Dijk

Ever since the transfer saga about Luis Suarez coming to Arsenal a few years ago, when Liverpool got all huffy and then pretty rude about our pursuit of their Uruguayan striker, who made it pretty clear that he actually wanted to come and play for the Gunners, I have been hoping for a chance to get one over on them.

I know some Arsenal fans felt that it was the fault of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board for making that offer of just one pound over what they thought was the value of his release clause but if it really was a clause then why offer more?

The way the Anfield club acted at the time was very high and mighty and as if they would never ever do anything dodgy in their own transfer dealings. That seems to be their way, calling Raheem Sterling a money grabber while systematically raiding other clubs like Southampton of their young talent, but this summer they got caught out.

Liverpool were warned about the tapping up of the Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk and they seem to have really upset the south coast club to the point that Jurgen Klopp seems to have accepted he will not get the defender this summer, but I bet the Saints would deal with Arsenal and let us sign the centre back who seems keen to move and has been training on his own.

Do you guys think that Wenger should at least try to sign Van Dijk, getting a top quality player and some revenge on the scousers at the same time?

Sam P.


  1. Jean says:

    We have enough defenders, what I really want is lemar and a quick, creative cm

    1. JJPawn says:


      Decent game to understand the team better.

      * Maybe the Boss should use Sead to dominate the middle, and win the ball with his strength. Sort of like a Keene/Viera role for Sead. [What a transfer by the Boss!]
      * Make sure to use the Ox in his natural position–before he starts crying–running from the right and crossing to Alexis, Lacazette and the trailing Ozil. Sead will force the focus of defenders to the middle, releasing Ox. (Alexis will also draw defenders).
      *Make Xhaka protect the back three, and when attacking, he must look for Ozil, Rambo or the long pass to the forwards. Used in the middle of the pitch, Sead will make Xhaka’s defensive duties easier, allowing for the passing game to get even better.

      Something like a 3-1-2-1-3 that features Xhaka and Ozil as the 1s, but with Sead enabling both the 1s with his bruising playing in the middle with Rambo going vertical, box to box.




      Giroud as substitute. Ozil to roam. Xhaka just behind protecting the back three.

      The back three need Per in the middle of the three to remove high passes and crosses. Koz and Mustafi need to be a bit more conservative. Clean sheets are sorely needed, especially at home.


      This season can be won, as Alexis wants the cup and will play harder than usual.
      Sead is a no nonsense guy no one wants to mess with, and his presence will lift Xhaka a mile.
      Ozil will finally have proper targets.
      Iwobi is keen to show the way: Ox needs to learn this attitude.

      The English players Ox and Theo need to do much better than this and play with greater spirit and skill. It is like they think they deserve to start, rather than earn the start.

      1. Declan the Gooner dog says:

        How about 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 ha ha ha?

      2. Bigperf says:


    2. wilshegz says:

      you believe we have enough quality CB when aside Kosci n maybe Mustafi the rest are more Quantity than quality… yet u feel we need another winger in a formation that uses only 2 AMs occupied by Alexis-ozil alrdy…
      Lemar ll only be a smart signing if he is to play CM…
      anything short of that,N it misplaced priority

  2. soccerboy says:

    Arsenal has lots of defenders. With 3 at the back, we might have extra 3 centerbacks. We don’t need another centerback

  3. Tim of england says:

    A resounding YES! From me!
    He would be an Amazing addition to our back three with koscielny and mustafi

  4. Well, Arsene should but he won’t. Mark my words.

    1. dutchy says:

      We don’t need a 50 million, injury prone defender. We do need two more singings but will get maby one.

      1. wilshegz says:

        what positions are those two more signings if not CM and CB…
        and how is van dijk suddenly injury prone cos of one long term injury

  5. John0711 says:

    Only if we sold Gaby and Chambers but that won’t happen. We are desperate for a top class CM to play alongside Xhaka that’s the most important position for me
    Perfect would be to sell Sanchez
    Buy Lamar and Mahrez
    Then Goretzka
    But that’s my dream

    1. wilshegz says:

      how is selling Sanchez a dream??

  6. ozil10 says:

    I think Alexis was saying his goodbyes to the fans at the end.. When presented with the shield he was like, ” I don’t want this s**t . I’m rather looking forward to hold the UCL trophy this season”

    1. GunnerMan says:

      Sad but true!

    2. arsenaly says:

      for the good of the team he should go,,,,he thinks arsenal can’t exist without him,,

  7. john says:

    I think he should go for van dyk we need him, Gabriel is not first class, and holding is only young and learning too, the BFG is retiring at end of season and Koscienly injury prone we need a another centre back

  8. andydale says:

    No more signings coming in. Listen to Wengers after match interview, What we got is the squad, Am i happy with squad no.

  9. Mr pat says:

    We don’t need another defender, what’s the obsession with lamar, awesome game today more of the same thing and arsenal will be in the mix at end of the season

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Lemar is an excellent player

      1. Mr pat says:

        Obsession with lamar is quite disturbing besides we held our own today and that’s without sanchez, ozil and koscienly

        1. Rkw says:

          You might want to check on our last 2 appearances in this event … and reflect

  10. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Holding > Van Tripe

  11. FrankC says:

    What are you smoking over there mate? Why on earth would he go to a Europa League team?

  12. McLovin says:

    Manolas, Gimenez, Inigo Martinez should all be available. Are Van Dijk better then they are? Because £50 mils for a defender so he better be world class.

    On lighter note, Cech is still yet to save a penalty for us. 😀

  13. Sparkles says:

    I laugh at those saying we don’t need another defender. They will all calm crying by mid season. Remember we need at least 2 per position. Let look at it.
    Koscielny, Mustaphi, Per, Holding, Chambers, Gabriel.
    Monreal can play CB but I won’t count him cos Gibbs will leave and Monreal will share LWB with Kolasinac.
    So who will join Kos and Mustaphi as first line CBs? Per is retiring, can’t play week in week out. Holding is solid but inexperienced. Will need steady but gradual rise to hold down a spot in the line up may be in a year or two. Chambers will likely join Palace. Wenger wants 20million pounds for him according to Sky Sports. Gabriel is raw. Brawl but not smart. When Gibbs and chambers leave, we will need to get another defender.

    1. Soccerboy says:

      Give Holding a chance. He might be better than most centerbacks you think inexperience? 3 months in the heart of arsenal defence will be enough experience.

      1. wilshegz says:

        Holding can get enough game time from Europa n FAcup games… we cnt build our season in d league on d promise of potential..
        I know many dnt wanna admit but Holding is still developing, his inexperience caused Costa’s goal in FAcup final and Moses’ goal yesterday…
        we need a third top class CB to partner mustafi n Koscielny if we are to continue with 3 CB formation

    2. Stanley says:

      How do a player gets experience without playing

  14. Michael says:

    You arrogant kcid. If you’d offered 60m (and he was worth so much more) you’d have got him and he’d have won u the league. Instead u offered 40m+1 which was demeaning and derisory. At least offer 40m and shut up. Why the pound? As for VVD why on esrth would he want to play Europa League???

  15. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We did really well today considering we did not have Alexis, Ozil, Coquelin, Ramsey, Mustafi, Koscielny. Well done lads

    In my opinion Lemar or Mahrez and a good CM are bigger priorities than a CB

    I’m not against getting Van Dijk. Actually, that would be awesome. But realistically not going to happen as we have Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertsacker, Kolsanic, Holding, Chambers and Gabriel. If we sold or loaned out Gabs and Chambers maybe but Wenger won’t spend that much on a defender

    1. wilshegz says:

      how is Mahrez (a winger) a bigger priority than a CB when we play 3-4-2-1.
      with Ozil n Alexis occupying d AM positions n we still have just 2 reliable CBs(mustafi n koscielny) in a formation where we need 3.

  16. Imran says:

    Arsene knows he still need a CB ask he can’t rely on per and Kos as per is in his end of career and Kos may get injured if he plays regular ganes. If we sell Gibbs and chambers then I am sure it will be world class CB. I hope Arsene realises that these players needed CB,CDM and winger. All must be world class to be champs. For me Van Dijk, lemar or mahrez and William Carvalho would be the best business for years now. Hope Arsene does that way. Only hurdle I see is to offload players asap. Cheers for today’s victory on chelski….

  17. Remember Resource? says:

    This has to be said. Idk why alexis did not want to hold the shield and celebrate with the team. Im disappointed in him. He never seemed like that sort of a guy. If he wants out why doesn’t he just come out and say it. And if the club want to keep him he should play and give his all, simple as.
    Lemar maybe good now and may even become better than alexis but atm losing alexis would show that the club don’t have ambition. There is no one who can replace him. Personally ever since neymar, I feel like alexis will go back to barca, as they probably need and immediate replacement. I also think that barca will sign mbappe.. those are personal views i don’t have any facts regarding those transfers. at least we won’t be too bad with lemar coming in anyway..

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Maybe Alexis felt he wasn’t in the actual team that won it and wanted the players who played to get the glory, not him.

  18. Chuks says:

    He is a top class defender.
    my best defender in d league.will be an outstanding addition

  19. shambala says:

    Van Dyk is urgently needed to strengthen our defense. Wenger should off load Gabriel. Gibbs , Debuchy & keep Chambers . Wilshere & El neny should be also be sold.

  20. Benny the Genius says:

    Without mincing words, if we are to see improvement in our team, Van Dijk should be considered. I know we have a large pool of defenders but Wenger would have to make way by dishing some of them out.

    I deem Van as a beast in defence. He doesn’t let anything pass by him easily. His impact for Soton is easily felt. He makes GK Forster look good. He is a fighter too & one could easily see him during games controlling his defence. I think this is what the Arsenal defence need because we often get concentration lapse which lead to cheap goals scored against us.

    Also we’ve seen Wenger play some wing backs/midfielders as central defenders. Niles, Elneny, Monreal, Kolasinac come to mind. When this happens, we become deficient in other areas like we saw in the community cup where the Ox was played on the left rather than his usual RWB position.

    So friends I think we’ll benefit a great deal having him on our side. Imagine him with Koscielny & Mustafi … Our defence would be miserly indeed … If that happens we can beat our chest as title contenders.

  21. khitb77 says:

    I think he’d be an improvement on Gabriel, so yes, why not?

    Gabriel just isn’t good enough in my opinion and needs to be sold, especially if there’s genuine interest elsewhere.

    We have Koscielny, Mertesacker, Holding, Mustafi and Monreal as potential centre backs.

    I’m assuming Chambers is sold this summer.

    Mertesacker is in his final season, Koscielny suffers a lot of injuries and isn’t getting any younger.

    Also, as much as I like Holding he’s not as fast as Koscielny and is still very young.

    Mustafi is decent, but it only takes one injury to become two and then we’re looking short at the back, especially if Monreal has to play on the left because of an injury to Kolašinac.

    If we signed Van Dijk our central defence is sorted for the next 5 years or so!

    Big plus, is that it would really annoy Liverpool fans!

    1. Ken says:

      Khitb77 is right as I go by his opinion ,but can it really happen? I feel koscenly is aging,Matersacker is also aging, Gabriel not consistent ,but Chambers is young and feature player so this makes Arsenal to make Van Dijk a biggest priority,if Wenger must buy,then he is the player.This player is wonderful and if Wenger doesn’t make amove he will end up in Baca,Real, ,Manu,Man City or Juventus why can’t we hurry ?

  22. Don King ? says:

    We need van dijk and renato sanchez to brief up the , he (van) will be a good signing considering our injury records ,

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