Why Arsenal DID have a successful transfer window!

We all know that the Arsenal fans are very unhappy that Arsene Wenger did not go out and spend squillions in the transfer market (like most other top clubs) but although everyone is saying that our ONLY acquisition this summer was the goalkeeper Petr Cech, the fact is that Wenger did snap up a bagfull of promising young players.

Looking at the prices of top players on the market, it is now becoming even more economical to buy talented youngsters and make them into stars, which has been Wenger’s philosophy for many years. The BIG difference is that now the club doesn’t have to sell them to balance the books.

Let us look at Arsenal’s Premier League senior squad for this season:
Arteta, Campbell, Cazorla, Cech, Coquelin, Debuchy, Flamini, Gabriel, Gibbs, Giroud, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Ospina, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Sanchez, Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck

There are two teams right there just in that list. Now let’s look at how many U21 Players that are also registered as being able to play in the Premier League:

Agyei-Tabi, Bellerin, Bennacer, Bielik, M. Bola, T. Bola, Chambers, Chatzitheodoridis, Da Graca, Dasilva, Donovan, Eyoma, Fortune, Gilmour, Hinds, Huddart, Iliev, Iwobi, Johnson, Kamara, Keto, Macey Mavididi, Moore, Mourgos, Nketiah, O’Connor, Osei-Tutu, Pileas, Pleguezuelo, Reine-Adelaide, Robinson, Sheaf, Tella, C. Willock.

There are some very talented players in that list of 31 youngsters too, including Bellerin, Chambers, Reine-Adelaide, Iwobi, Fortune, etc, who are all capable of progressing to the first team.

But that list does not take into account the most promising youngsters and senior players who have gone out on loan to further their development, and are on this list:

Carl Jenkinson – West Ham, Wojciech Szczesny – Roma, Yaya Sanogo – Ajax, Serge Gnabry – West Brom, Chuba Akpom – Hull City, Emiliano Martinez – Wolves, Isaac Hayden – Hull City, Jon-Miquel Toral – Birmingham, Wellington – Bolton, Geidon Zelalem – Rangers, Ainsley Maitland-Niles – Ipswich, Dan Crowley – Barnsley

That is yet another whole team of talented players out on loan!

So we may moan that Wenger has not invested in ready-made players, but I can see that we will have many more transfer windows like this in the future, because Arsenal have invested fortunes in buying youngsters to develop. I can see clearly Wenger’s aim is to never ever buy senior players again, and to simply promote from within.

That is why Wenger believes we have had a successful transfer window!

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    1. One match gone. Next up… No injuries fresh. Giroud got 2 mins of play behind…em…Martial arts and of course Benzema.
      No assist for Oezil…

      1. And yes, Poldi didn’t play. Better to be on the Arsenal bench, and play than play all matches for Gala and not play.
        Not happy though…

  1. A very large number of these youngsters will never make it at Arsenal,they will wind up in the championship or lower leagues while Arsenal buy talented younger players from teams like Southampton those who will end up in the actual Arsenal first team!

    1. Yeah, like Chambers. Right? Or maybe Super Walcott. They’re great but you sound like they’d displace anyone in the Arsenal squad.

  2. Arsenal produced youngsters are usually not good enough the ones that make the grade are from other clubs mostly like Bellerin Barcelona,Ramsey Cardiff,OX Southampton etc

    1. Many Zeros doesn’t count for anything, but a 1 in front of a Zero makes it 10, and 1 in front 2 zeros make it 100.
      We need top class 1’s to make these pool of talented youngster to reach their potentials.
      Arsene Wenger is destroying these youngsters because he has somany deadwoods like Arteta, and Flamini ahead of them, like Diaby was for so many years.
      Arsenal under Wenger is truned into a mediocore club, with no Championship ambition, and we should accept tht.
      Now AKB’s changed their tunes and saying AKB or AOB we should support the team which is support for Wenger. For once they should follow us and stop supporting Wenger for the sake of Arsenal Club. Wenger out.

    1. Relax Walcott will shine. Same with the double Alexs. Oh, you needed to see Oezil play yesterday. Watch out for Cazorla, and Bellerin.
      Wilshere will win the club’s best player. Ramsey will score up to 16 goals this season. OG12 will score 25 pl goals, and you know what that means…

  3. I wouldn’t call it a successful transfer window considering 100% of the fans were disappointed. But I’m not ruling out the team from the title race.
    OT: federer and Andy attacked the players retiring in the us open because of the heat. They said players should come prepared or else they are wasting everyone’s time. That’s the kind of attitude we need in football.

  4. A successful window , yeah right keep telling yourselves that , just like finishing fourth is a trophy right

  5. But remember that this model of getting players will always mean we cannot win the league. The fact he bought lots of young players should not negate buying in the market and in the full window. In the early window many fantastic players moved around (Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Carvalho, Imbula, Martinez). I do not think we have had a good window. We have had a tragic window. We have got some youngsters but we have no idea if even one will help us win a title. What is wrong with buying? Every other cub has done and many of those will be stronger….. now. We have been told to wait till later to win for the last ten years. That’s not good enough now.

  6. We didn’t buy a striker so all this nonsense is to make us feel better. Our front 2 cannot put a goal away at the moment and our backup CF is laid out until the new year…and that’s a successful transfer window?

    It is if you expect 4th place.

  7. No top strikers moved into the EPL. Relatively speaking, Arsenal didn’t actually do too bad given that Chelsea and Manchester United both failed to recruit strikers of quality as well.

    It is unfortunate but that is just the way things were this summer.

  8. I think Wenger is
    preparing to hand over.
    That’s why he did not buy
    anyone else except Cech.
    Over the next 2 seasons
    Mertz Flamini Rosicky Arteta Campbell
    Silva Sanogo Cazorla Monreal
    Wellbeck Cech Koz Giroud Walcott will go.
    Wenger may be letting the transfer kitty
    build up for the new manager to use
    to build his own team.
    Also with transfer prices going mental and the
    home grown and English quotas rising Wenger
    is buying up top youth for 1 or 2 million a throw.

  9. I was not annoyed about not signing anyone until the news about Wellbeck was released. He was supposed to back in full training last week, so it was a massive shock that he is now out for 3 months. I don’t understand why we didnt recall Akpom or loan a striker for until January as cover. If either Giroud or Walcott gets injured we are in a tight spot.

    1. @MDown,
      That’s why he retained Campbell. I do not think anyone of those guys you mentioned would be recalled. Campbell is available until at least January. If he improves and bang in goals, I bet he’s here to stay. We’ll see.

    2. We cannot recall players who are on season long loans deals. The only two we could recall are zelalem and crowley as they are only on loan until january

  10. See gotze scored a couple yday ..another one wenger could have gone after with serious money on the table …. Instead Went after an old flame who was uninterested in a reunion … The guy has lost the plot when it comes to team and transfers … And the sooner we move on the better we will be

  11. What a stupid article. The transfer window was terrible, get over it and stop trying to sugarcoat everything. Our youth players unfortunately cannot win us the league. We needed ready made talent, that were hungry for success, and we didn’t get that.

  12. The most successful team in the Football Association challenge cup is……..The ONLY epl team to never have been relegated from the 1st division is……lets stop with the negativity gooners, please. Arsenal is not as bad as you lot make it out to be, if all football teams strived to be like Bayern, Barca, Madrid etc would clubs like Stoke, Everton, Swansea etc even have fans? Nope!…at least we’re winning cups gunners so it ain’t that bad

  13. “I can see clearly Wenger’s aim is to never ever buy senior players again, and to simply promote from within.”

    I am sure Wengers plan is to develop MOST from within but he knows that the team will need to buy occasionally and he wants us to be able to get the best for Arsenal when we do have to buy, not get a player who is a bit of a gamble but didn’t cost as much as 1st choice target.

    This makes a lot more sence then gamble that EVERY kid will turn into a star for us, Afobe didn’t.

    It also makes sence to ‘spend big’ on talent that is hitting their prime now as it will not stop the development of our players, has Debuchy stopped Bellerins development? I’m pretty sure the arrival of Alexis gave the whole squad a boost.

    The benefits to making signings are obvious, too many signings will disrupt the team but a couple new players each year will only increase the competition in the starting team as it can mean a sale of the ‘weakest link’… If a player doesn’t perform over 12-24 months then we will be able to afford to sell them on, if they do perform then we have made the squad better.

    Arsenal are not known for developing the best CBs, we have had to buy Kos who is a boss, Per, Gabriel, Chambers… our current back 4 are all bought in.

    It will be a nice situation to be in… that is assuming Gazidis will just go get the players Wenger wants rather than trying to bargain them down and costing us the player!

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