Why Arsenal DO NOT need Morgan Schneiderlin

Why Schneiderlin is not needed at Arsenal by Midkemma

Personally I hope Arsenal do NOT sign Morgan Schneiderlin, I have been saying this from day one and my view has not changed. He is a great talent BUT WE DO NOT NEED YET ANOTHER B2B CM! Make no mistake, that is what he is. Wanyama is the holder in that CM role at Southampton. Schneiderlin is a tough tackling B2B player and he does that job fantastically. Like how Vieira was; a B2B but a tough tackler and damn good at his job.

However we have Cazorla in that role, I prefer Cazorla :-). We also have Ramsey for that role, please don’t tell me people have forgotten his form at beginning of last season? Get that back and Schneiderlin will be cleaning Ramsey’s boots, not getting game time. Wilshere is a damn good third choice, if he can regain the form that his potential promised when he was younger, then he can be better than what Ramsey was last season… He also qualifies for Home Grown status, which is important, and Wilshere has Arsenal DNA, he will fight to regain his spot. I am willing to bet money that the Alexis effect has rubbed off on Wilshere somewhat, helping bring back that dogged determination.

So that is THREE B2B CM so far…
Diaby, I am reading, is more than likely be on a ‘pay as you play’ contract. This makes some sense as Diaby hasn’t had a chance to prove to potential clubs of his worth to anyone due to injury, and Wenger has put it down to Diaby not being robust enough to handle the EPL full time.. Still… as a 4th choice I think us Arsenal fans are damn lucky! I mean FOURTH choice, who else has that quality as 4th choice?

I’m going to continue with B2B players now, this one is a fantastic youth prospect which I have been watching with joy since we pinched him from Villa youths, young Dan Crawley. Similar to Wilshere in the fact he is a B2B and able to step past opponents like they are not on the pitch. Yes he is young, but we want to keep developing our own players right? So this FIFTH choice ideally needs to see a couple of the players ahead of him leave so he may stand a chance of getting game time. Could be good for a couple of years time though when Cazorla is getting on a bit and no longer able to maintain his current form – due to age/fitness – and Diaby has gone for good.

So yes… when you look at the logic of it all then it appears that if we were to get Schneiderlin then it would be to convert him into a holding CM… Why do that when there are already top quality specialist DMs out there? Gundogan, Kondogbia, Carvalho to name but three… There is Bender to make that four. Shall we continue with this list and see how large it gets – and then think about how far down it Schneiderlin would be?

I say all that with respect to Schneiderlin, I actually think he would do well at Liverpool but it isn’t like they have the volume of talent that we have 😉 Heck I think he could do a damn good job at either Manchester club as well. We just have too many numbers for that role, and our numbers hold some great talent and great potential, we shouldn’t sacrifice that….

Ideally he will leave the EPL though so we don’t have to face him….


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  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Q: Why do Arsenal not need Schniederlin?

    A: Jack Wilshere

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Jack as a DM? Who’s your dealer?

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Schniederlin as a DM? Who’s your dealer?

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Yea sorry if you think Schneiderlin isn’t a DM it only reinforces my original question….

          1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            Yeah sorry if you think Sscniederlin is a DM it only reinforces my original question

          2. Champagne Charlie says:

            Didn’t KickAss or Goonsqaud school you on this topic before? Have you not come to your senses yet and realised Schneiderlin is the epitome of an elite DM?

          3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            I do remember lots of people being confused and thinking just because a midfielder does some defensive duties that he is a DM.

            I do also remember asking then that if PV was a DM too and no one gave a satisfactory reply.

            LOL at ‘elite’. Have some respect for the English language and try and use words for what they mean.

          4. Champagne Charlie says:

            Are you not aware of the irony of your statement? The very reason you label schneiderlin as a b2b is because of his occasional involvement in advanced areas of the Saints midfield. Regardless the obvious seems lost to you for whatever reason. Fact remains schneiderlin is a DM…..pretend he’s a b2b all you like, you’re convincing nobody.

            Funny how you also laugh at the correct use of the English language, in particular the word ‘elite’ – I suggest you invest in a dictionary if you’re not aware the meaning of some words.

            It would seem you believe everything you say contrary to any evidence. Good luck with that

          5. Bomber says:

            Due to the age factor, I’ll take Schneiderlin over Yaya Toure any day; and Yaya Toure is the definition of a DM.

          6. Luko Bratzi says:

            Woo Charlie that hurts about your Shniderlin, got ya below the belt with his post and he has a point with it too
            Love seeing how this pans out Have good day CB

    2. Kron says:

      i don’t think any of you even know what you’re on about because as far as i’ve read. Only 3 DM have been mention The bender brothers will be very expensive and i question if carvalhos quality is good enough for arsenal. Truth is there are not that many quality DM’s out there for a good price. We got lucky with coq because he was very determined to play for arsenal but still he’s not a DM.
      Although i feel jack plays his best football as a box to box.. He feels like he’s more of an attacking player (more like CAM) so him for a cover DM is out the question and we saw on monday night why aaron ramsey cant play there. I think Schneiderlin is our obvious option as we’ve seen him do the DM job so many times over the last few seasons but that would be a straight challenge for coq. I dont want coq confidence to feel threatened and i feel i don’t think any of you even know what you’re on about because as far as i’ve read. Only 3 DM have been mention The bender brothers will be very expensive and i question if carvalhos quality is good enough for arsenal. Truth is there are not that many quality DM’s out there for a good price. We got lucky with coq because he was very determined to play for arsenal but still he’s not a DM.
      Although i feel jack plays his best football as a box to box.. He feels like he’s more of an attacking player (more like CAM) so him for a cover DM is out the question and we saw on monday night why aaron ramsey cant play there. I think Schneiderlin is our obvious option as we’ve seen him do the DM job so many times over the last few seasons but that would be a straight challenge for coq and i dont want his confidence to feel threatened. We got more of a chance bringing a young lad in to challenge coq. But who? is the question

  2. Do a good job for Liverpool, Manchester U +City? Are u mad? Let him do a good job for us. Out with Arteta, Flamini and forever injured and it will leave a nice space for Schneiderlin.

    1. disgusted1 says:

      Do you all know that the loss to swansea was a good. It probably changes the way wenger approaches the transfer market because I believe we were kinda getting ahead Of our selves and for me 2nd or 3rd does not make a difference Chelsea already won the title. Secondly, do you guys think we have improve or its the other teams that have been poor this season namely, Man. City and Man United. I dont think we have improve we have 3 points more this season over last at the same stage thus, we need new and good signing.
      What do you guys think.

      1. true goon says:


    2. Midkemma says:

      I am of the opinion that Schniderlin is a B2B CM player and until I am shown valid evidence to think otherwise, I will continue to think as such.
      Arteta and Flamini are holding CM for Arsenal and as such I do not feel would impact the lack of B2B player needed if they left.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Ramsey isn’t a box-to-box midfielder, he’s a winger! If you don’t believe me, just ask our £10m a year manager, because he knows our players best positions more than anyone.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Greizmann 36m >>>sell Walcott,podolski,ryo+loan Campbell n gnabry

  4. MarkArs says:

    Get the lad in if possible. He’s mighty good at what he does. Plus the competition would bring the best out of our current crop of players who ply that b2b route.

  5. Ronny331 says:

    Having watched saints a lot this year wanyamma and schneiderlin interchange and double up as dm players although yes schneiderlin is more prone to pushing forward, I’m sure he wouldn’t though if asked to stay back when paired with cazorla. I’d love him to come as he’s a quality versatile player to add to our sqaud. Arteta, flamini and diaby out Morgan in.

  6. Ronny331 says:

    Diaby cant be included as 4th place, crowley I agree is one to watch. Lets not forget bielek who Arsene may have plans for next season!

  7. olly ray says:

    The only best way to get him in is to get rid of Flamini, Arteta and Diaby. Without that, I bet we won’t buy any DM. Oh how I wish we could get rid of those players this window. My fear may come to pass as Arsenal appears to be the only team in the premiership that clings on to deadwood for far too long. Part of the major reason why we haven’t won the title since.

  8. True.Gooner says:

    Why do you love jack so much?

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      We have too much possession. We need someone to give the ball away and no one does that better than Jack.

  9. Twig says:

    Funny article

  10. Greg says:

    Still think we need schneiderlin or kondogbia, to help out le coq in the DM position!

  11. Champagne Charlie says:

    You lost me immediately after your capitalized ignorance. Let me give it a go…


    Him and Wanyama split the sitting shift but Morgan does more going forward because he’s THAT good with the ball at his feet. For France, as I’ve said a million times, he’s surrounded by pass masters and he relinquishes that aspect to simply sit deep, defende, and distribute. He’s an elite DM with all the defensive solidity combined with the technical/passing attributes.

    Glad you’re not in charge.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Jack Wilshere sits deep for England and distributes the ball. He is also an elite DM.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        England are terrible, and Jack Wilshere is an elite talent and nothing more currently….certainly not in anything defensive. Last season he averaged 1.3 tackles & 0.4 interceptions per game – vs Coquelin 3.5 & 3.7 and Schneiderlin 3.7 & 2.6 this year. Wenger said point blank Jack is NOT defensive and is OFFENSIVE.

        You are so wrong on this topic it’s bordering idiotic how you keep declaring the opposite to what is widely accepted.

    2. Luko Bratzi says:

      I’m sure your your a Southhampton fan Charles if you always watch these guys play there rolls for them, have you moved to North London and want to see your hero play near you next season CB

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        You know nothing about football which is abundantly clear. I’m a football fan so I see more than just Arsenal play and know when a player is better than what we have. Pretty boring how you continue to only ever comment at me about schneiderlin……give it up, he’s better than coquelin end of stoey, same goes for Gonalons/Imbula/Kondogbia….but you’re fixated with schneiderlin simply because I’ve said he’s the most likely, and probably best due to his prem experience, signing.

  12. mall-gooner says:

    First of all we should respect other team’s player as well. Don’t write things like “he will clean boot of Ramsey”. Infact he was better player than Ramsey this season. Moreover he will be a good signing if Wenger has any plan to sell Arteta, Diaby and Flamini. Kondogbia is also a good option. We definitely need partner\backup for Coquelin.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I am sorry if you thought I was being disrespectful, I have compared him to Vieira which I feel is high praise coming from a lifelong Arsenal fan, I have recognised that he has done very well and I do personally believe he could make it in one of the Manchester clubs (Replace Yaya?).

      I may be slightly biased which is understandable, I’m an Arsenal fan ^.^

      I do how-ever believe that Ramseys form at the beginning of last season was just another level above Schniderlin, the form of Ramsey last season was getting back and I believe averaging at aprox 4 tackles per game as well as scoring goals for fun.

  13. davidnz says:

    Its a fair comment.
    Before Le Coqu
    reprsied his Arsenal
    career we were totally
    desperate for a DM.
    Schneiderli was THE MAN.
    But not now.
    I don’t think Wenger ever thought
    Schneiderlin was good enough because he
    put his faith in Arteta the master class
    Flamini the hand waving shouting yellow card
    and Diaby the next Vieira…
    Was that a cost saving measure after splashing out on
    16 mill Chambers 12 mill Debuchy and 35 mill Sanchez?
    Did he believe Chambers could cover CB RB and DM?
    May be, but in Jan he raced out and bought Bielik.
    But then Le Coqu arrived so now we have got fussy
    no 2nd rate Schneiderlin for us no we want Kondogbia or Gundogon.
    Besides we have Ramsey and Arsenal’s savior Jack Wilshere.
    Similar to us not needing a 3rd CB but then in Jan we stumped up 16 mill for Gabriel who has hardly played. Buying 16 mill Wellbeck for Giroud’s injury cover because Sanogo the next Henri is in the U21’s at Palace , Podolski the Zidane of the Rhine and Campbell the
    Porto Rican Suarez are on loan somewhere.
    Now there is doubt over Ospina the Columbian Buffoon
    Sanchez is the one shining light among our transfers though there
    is still time for Ospina Chambers Gabriel and Wellbeck… I think 🙂
    Transfers are such a joy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Mate what is with the format of all your comments? You write in the structure of a poem, I find myself looking for the rhyming couplets half the time.

      1. davidnz says:

        Nice one Charlie.
        Nice one son …

        Write some prose with the bros
        Arsene out? Arsene knows?
        Gutten Morgan Schneider in
        Flame an’ Darby in the bin
        Kon Dog B R will be our star
        spreading terror near and far

  14. Mick The Gooner says:

    Don’t care if it’s Schneiderlin or not. We could probably do better looking around than just paying the £30m Schneiderlin will cost us, but regardless who it is, it has to be top quality defensive midfielder.

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      ‘We could probably do better’ – care to state who?

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:


        Morgan will only play well with a pure DM playing along side him……

        Unless we get a new manager….this would mean…both Carzola and Ramsay would be bench or force to play on the wings and Wilshere sold together with the deadwoods…..

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Is that Kondogbia’s Italian cousin Hafiz?

      2. Luko Bratzi says:

        There ya go again Charlie your fixated by Schniderlin not me. You must be a Southampton supporter you only post when you think he needs air time CB

  15. goonerwineverything says:

    kondogbia for me all the way he has all the skills we need for d/m he schooled our midfield when we played them this season on his own, hopefully this would have had wenger rubbing his hands together with glee to watch such a class act who could run our midfield, so i think go straight in with £30million for him straight off the bat, and test monaco’s resolve and his to stay, or make him a star in our midfield he would have helped us drive the midfield forward from deep midfield and smash defensive teams like swansea.

    1. GoonAR says:

      I’d take either one but prefer Kondogbia.

    2. jermaineBryan says:

      Kondogbia isn’t the fm at Monaco that is toulalan the French 1st choice dm

  16. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Arsenal neeed Morgan to partner Coq…this way we would be able to sign another DM, sell Wilshere and bench Ramsay and Carzola

    1. sohara says:

      I am just SO PLEASED that you are not managing Arsenal FC Hafiz

    2. zhord49 says:

      If you started managing Arsenal when Wenger got in, you would’ve sold Highbury and probably bought a 10,000 seats stadium.

  17. As Wenger asked fans to give a list of players they want? Some want Kondogbia or Morgan and some Wanyama or Gundogan. Please whoever is taking the list to Wenger, should include Hafiz, I have been scouting him for days,he is a good tackler and has super passes.

  18. GoonAR says:

    I do not agree with this article. We clearly need him or a player like him.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Would you agree that Kondogbia could be a player that we need?
      If so then I have acknowledged that in what I said.

  19. FFFanatic says:

    Schneiderlin is a defensive midfielder who can play in the B2B role. He played as Southampton’s DM for many years until they bought Wanyama where now he plays alongside and in front of him. Due to having 2 class defensive players, one of them at a time can easily push forward into more advanced roles. Schneiderlin remains a DM but is given more freedom to advance. This does not change his position.

    As a B2B midfielder he would be expected to get into the box. He does not. When Wanyama is not playing, he plays a lot deeper. Void argument.

    He’d be a good signing. Kondogbia is probably a better one.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Schneiderlin can play the holding role how-ever personally I believe he has grown past that and he applies his experience into the B2B role which helps him to excel at what he has been doing the past couple years.

      He can (and will) run past players, he has done that more than just the last 2 years and the signing of Wanyama helped fill any gaps that was created, they have ended up forming a solid partnership.
      Some of his runs forward was moments of pleasure to watch, like his goal against Liverpool 3 years ago, beautifully times and executed.

      To be as precise as I could, I could say that Schneiderlin in a defencive minded B2B player.

  20. Bayz says:

    maybe Arsenal do not need the guy who wrote this article as a fan because of his lack of ambition and totall cluelessness. Morgan Schneiderlin might just be one of our most important signings in the summer, Coquelin’s has been decent but his not proven. what if he gets injured? do we rely on Arteta and Flamini again?. We definitely need Morgan Schneiderlin.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “maybe Arsenal do not need the guy who wrote this article as a fan because of his lack of ambition and totall cluelessness. ”

      If you would re-read then you will find that I would prefer to get an out an out DM who has developed a reputation for being a DM, someone like Carvaliho… I did mention specialist DM which is what you seemed to have glossed over.
      Someone who does not get forward like how Song used to for us, as a true fan I haven’t forgotten about past seasons and the faults we have suffered.

      Thank you for reading it though.

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