Why Arsenal do NOT want to miss out on top four

I have always found it a little odd when you hear Arsenal fans saying that they want the team to lose towards the end of a season, although I do understand the sentiment in a way, as it is borne out of the frustration of life under Arsene Wenger seemingly set to be the same nealy but not quite effort from the team year after year.

The theory clearly goes that if Wenger was to miss his usual top four finish and the place in the Champions League it brings with it then the club might finally act and replace him at the helm. I really do not see this happening, though, as the Arsenal board and the manager himself openly admit that it will be the Frenchman who decides when his time as boss of Arsenal is up.

I personally hope it will be this summer and I think that the fans need to show Wenger and the club’s top brass that we are desperate for change but dropping out of the top four is not going to help, for a few very good reasons.

First of all it will make Arsenal a less attractive proposition to both prospective new players and a manager good enough to take us to the Premier League title. Secondly it has been shown time and again that playing Europa League games on a Thursday has a negative effect on you EPL matches.

So while it might actually help the players to challenge for the title if there were no European midweek games, there is no way that Arsenal are going to finish so far off the pace and so low in the table, so can we agree that a top four spot this season is still very important?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I didn’t see Chelsea playing any European football this Season ???

    1. bran99 says:

      true, or even Man U. it’s a pathetic excuse the AKBs use to buy time for their clueless master to keep managing. Ibra and Pogba for a team that’s playing on Thursdays? find another reason not this

  2. Nebsy says:

    Where we finish this season is completely irrelevant, as we’ll lose both Ozil and Sanchez in the summer, solely because the club is owned by a greedy worm from the planet Cashulla – Satan K, that can’t miss out on an opportunity to cash in. Especially in Sanchez’s case, where he’ll make at least a 25 million pound profit.

    What we all should be doing is praying to all gods out there that Wenger doesn’t extend his contract and we should be praying hard as a motherf******.
    It will be the same old unless he leaves.
    BUT if he DOES leave and we get another manager(pls let it be Allegri or Simeone), again, it’s irrelevant where we’ll finish because finally we’ll be able to see the full capacity of our squad and will know our realistic place on the table and what positions need to be strengthened.
    And then in the season 2018/2019 let’s get back to being ambitious.

    Until than, pray my friends.

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