Why Arsenal don’t need any more marquee signings – Look to the future

Why Arsenal can make do without any more marquee signings by Vinod

So, we have Vieira, Marquinhos, Matt Turner and Jesus. We have spent around 90 million. That is not a small amount especially considering we already spent 150 million last season. So we are improving our transfer budget which is a great sign showing some intent and not holding back when it comes to money. We were never known to spend big but that is changing. But that does not mean we have to keep spending just because we have our wallets full. We need to buy whatever is necessary and excess would be a unnecessary baggage.

My point is we have all the positions covered. I mean we have Jesus, Nketiah, Balogun as forwards. Saka has Marquinhos as his understudy, We have Vieira, Ødegaard, Smith Rowe and Martinelli, all very young and will only improve with time. Imagine all these lot getting a good amount of game time, they can all reach great heights.

We don’t buy superstars, we make them. Think of Martinelli’s market value in two years time. He will turn into a world class winger. Why our youth flourishes more than any other club and, for reference, say Chelsea who rely on spending because they are a small club and have no other choice but to spend big to succeed. They don’t give their youth the chance to improve, and hence none of them turn into big players.

If we bring in superstars and buy excess to our needs, for example if we would have bought Raphinha, Saka’s game time will be limited. He will consider his options regarding his career elsewhere and as far as Marquinhos is concerned, he will never get any quality game time and may waste two or three years on the sidelines and move to some other club like what happened to Gnabry. So we need to buy as per our needs and plan on a two to three year project rather than one season.

We should be aiming at winning the premier league in three years time and we need to say, this is the process we need to follow instead of rushing for everything to happen in one season. Good things take time. We should not be bothered about getting top 4 next season, we have been doing that for 15 years under Wenger and never progressed. We should think long term. That is what Klopp did. He said I’ll win titles in 4 years time and he delivered, because he had a vision about how to run the club and how long he needs to win the title. We too need to trust the process.

We only have two positions that need cover. Central midfield and left back. I believe Xhaka and Partey are a good pair together. Even if Xhaka can be a liability at times, their partnership is pretty solid. Whenever they start together we tend to do well. They always talk about the midfield partnership which is something I am pretty happy with.

And we have Sambi and Patino who I think have huge potential. So maybe if we can find a decent player for a bargain price we should do that, but I don’t think we need to spend too much there. Even at left back Tierney is almost gonna start every game if he is fit. So we don’t need to pay a lot and bring in a big player. We just need a squad player like Cedric, who can do a decent job whenever required.

I am not saying this is what we need to do, but this is not a bad approach if we want to plan the long term project.

Guest Post from Vinod


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  1. What’s this one saying? Forgive me for saying this vinod but Dis is actually depressing to read.

    1. Very depressing
      We don’t need to think about making top 4 now but we should say expect to win the league in 3 years time, how can you win the league without making top 4? Have any team done that? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, make top 4, close the gap on the champions then challenge them, I am expecting us to say this is Arteta’s last season if he fails to make top 4 not a bunch of kids excuse after excuses

      1. What is the guarantee that this young players will become world class? This is not the first time we are seeing young talented players at arsenal Wenger mastered that art and produced some exciting talents only to lose them to more ambitious club.

      2. Leicester city won it out of a absolutely nowhere…never even sniffed top 4 prior to that.

        But I get what you’re saying.

    2. We been saying this for the last 19 years utter ruddish we be lucky to finish 6th or 7th this season

  2. I don’t think Arsenal need another new 50+ M player, but they’d better have a towering CF or false nine and a free-kick specialist on the bench as alternatives for a cold rainy night in Stoke

    It’d also be better if we can utilize Partey’s dribbling skills in a more advanced position and let the CDM role taken by a left-footed player like Martinez

    1. A squad only good enough for 5th will win the title in 3 years without anymore marquee signings ?
      That’s makes zero sense

        1. Yes how many years did it take them, was it 3 years? And why have they not challenged again ever since then? It’s interesting because we are closer to Leicester than city or pool maybe we should start comparing ourselves with them so we can realise how far we are behind

          1. Because they sold their key players and their winning tactics were cracked by other managers

            1. Haha, you are funny
              Excuses as expected, considering that they spent peanuts assembling that squad they shouldn’t have problems in replacing the players since it’s not about spending to them. Your point is Leicester didn’t win the league with maqee Signings, in other words they don’t require maqee Signings to win so they shouldn’t have problems replacing those players with more money and influence as they acquired by winning the league…

              1. Expensive players don’t always bring major trophies. For example, our 50+ M players

                Replacing key players isn’t something that can easily be solved by purchasing the expensive ones. Fulham spent 150+ M in one summer transfer window, yet they got relegated

                We also haven’t been able to replace our Invincibles who were assembled mostly with affordable players, despite having spent hundreds of millions for the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka, Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe

                1. Utd spend big

                  signed Lukaku, Sancho, Varane, Ronaldo, Depay, Pogba, Maquire and they won the title

              2. Being clever or lucky with your recruitments once doesn’t guarantee that you can copy it. In addition have Leicester lost key people from their recruitment department because of their success. Some of the players they recruited have been among the best players in the league.

          1. Sheikh must’ve wanted quick results, but Kroenke seems to be more patient. I think we’ll have two marquee players this summer and Jesus is one of them

      1. Like our other high transfer value players – Ozil, Auba, Laca, Mustafi, Leno, Petr Chec, Pepe, and we know what we won, a big fat ZERO in Europe and the EPL. Nice to read meaningful posts from Jon, Jonbo, Vinod, keep them coming. Right approach by Mikel to hire hungry young players and may he continue to have a mix of talent and experience at the right price.

        1. LC and what happens when the bigger teams come for our younger talented players? We sell them and then start the full cycle again?

    2. Gai, the dynamics of EPL is changing every season as talented players and coaches are moving into EPL. If Pep.G and J.Klopp could adjust their squad by bringing E.Haland & D.Nunez then that’s the template to stay in top4. With Kane, Song, Kuliversky and now Richarlson I bet Arsenal, Chelsea & Man.U will struggle to make top4 next season. That’s the painful reality. Xhaka, Elneny and Pathey would most likely experience diminishing returns because of their age. The backups that are youths won’t be able to compete with Man.City, Liverpool and Spuds. I remain hopeful. We actually need goals aerely and good free kicks taker to add goals in difficult games.

      1. Yeah Sylva. Conte’s transfer activities this summer are quite scary, because he’s clearly looking for powerful attackers and midfielders for his wingback tactics

        If Kane leaves, the pacey and aggressive Richarlison is ready to replace him. Whereas Djed Spence would likely become Spuds’ main attacking outlet on the right wing

  3. Honestly speaking, these articles (unfiltered data, with biased opinions and FULL of incorrect information) are becoming more and more frequent and this is worrying. I never judged this kind of thing before, as i am of the opinion that someone needs to contribute in order to be able to judge peers, but on this occasion the article is plain false and could bring only melancholy to fans that want what’s best for the club.. And dont get me wrong, am not one to go crazy over a marquee signing, but suggesting that we stop improving the quality of the team (this is the article’s actual suggestion based on what the writer proposes-which is not really relevant to the title) is plain criminal.

  4. This has got to be the dumbest post yet.

    “instead of rushing for everything to happen in one season.”

    One season?? Wait, in a few months Arteta will have been manager for 3 years, with higher net spend than every club in the world except 4 or 5 top ones.

    “Think of Martinelli’s market value in two years time.”

    Bollocks. Martinelli, like most forward players under Arteta (Auba, Pepe, Laca, Willian) has not improved at all despite his obvious talent. *the others actually somehow got worse

    “Why our youth flourishes more than any other club and, for reference, say Chelsea who rely on spending because they are a small club and have no other choice but to spend big to succeed. They don’t give their youth the chance to improve, and hence none of them turn into big players.”

    Chelsea youth flourishes on loans, and then they get a chance at Chelsea if they’re good enough. Only Barcelona can rival Chelsea in the amount of top academy talent they’ve amassed (though we’re close).
    Also, Chelsea don’t spend more than us anymore. We’re roughly in the same league now when it comes to spending.

    “We should not be bothered about getting top 4 next season, we have been doing that for 15 years under Wenger and never progressed. We should think long term. That is what Klopp did.”

    Actually Klopp qualified for the CL in his first full season of rebuild. In his 2nd full season they were in the CL final.

    “I believe Xhaka and Partey are a good pair together.”

    This is your idea of progress? A good player who is injured half the time, and Granit f….. Xhaka?
    And we should thus skip getting 4th and focus on winning the league instead?

    1. 😉😉just summed it up.
      I wonder if this articles are even written with basic common sense, they just write articles as though they are talking to bunch of kindergarten kids, no balance of facts
      It’s not bad to support the management, players or who ever you want to support but do that with a balanced view.

    2. @Rp7 I don’t know you, but God bless you.
      Not all of us are gullible or delusional.
      This is Arsenal fans page and not A general football page.
      Most of these statements he made should only be considered as a banters agaisnt other fans despite the flaws in them.
      But you come here to give Arsenal fans this piece, then it’s either you are still living in the past, or you are bored so you just feel like typing to satisfy yourself.

  5. L et me be only the second post(so far) to support the thrust, though not ALL the minutiae of what this writer is trying to put over. It is depressing to read ALL other posts above mine, bar one from MAPICASO, who to my mind are simply not prepared at any price to be on Vinods and my own wavelength about how teams develop.

    I belive that, in football as in life, to expect to run before you can walk is to fail. All worthwhile things take time and need a degree of patience.


    1. Patience Jon?MA has been here close to 3 years,last year we spent 150M,this year we have already spent 90M.when can we expect to see “real “progress/improvement,not only in results but the way we play?also,do yo agree with Vinod that we shouldn’t worry about top 4?we shouldn’t spend more money even if we can afford it?that we do not need any more marquee signings?because of players like Balogun,Patino… young and inexperienced players.

      1. TWO AND A HALF YEARS, NOT THREE! That is your first inaccuracy!
        You plainly belive that is enough to repair the ailing, demotivated, squad, with prominent idlers and trouble makers still there. I DO NOT!
        I see the clear progress . You do not.


        1. If only you had carefully read my comment,you would have seen that I wrote”close to 3 years”. I believe that 3 years is plenty of time(plus money) otherwise how can you explain the immediate impact that several managers have had on their new clubs?not only had they done it in less time but less money and basically with the same players as the previous managers.

          1. Siamois , In my book two and a half years is NOT close to three years. It is only approx 83% of the time you mentioned, and I do not think it fair to exaggerate by so MUCH!

            1. 2 and a half year not close to 3 years, so which one is close 1and a quarter or 2 and 364 days? Mr wiser than all

        2. Just one more thing Jon,if 3 years is not enough time,why then ,did MA tell Wilian that we would be fighting to win the CL within 3 years?was he intentionally lying?or did he really believe that this was achievable with the squad he had?no matter the answer,it is not a reassuring one.

          1. Siamois it’s pointless trying to discuss almost anything with Jon fox as he just goes around what you ask.

            But the bottom of Jon’s comment saying fans don’t have patience? How long have we waited and been patient for us to actually challenge? SIGH😉

            1. All of us remembered that he has no patience for AW who “ONLY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND AFTER THE STADIUM WAS PAID”.

              The years when AW has no money to spend prove that you need marquee players to win. NOT ONE BUT MANY Marquee players BECAUSE NOT ALL players GEL.

              Pep Guardiola has exceptional talent in assembling team for titles and glory. However, he didn’t win anything in his 1st season with Man City in 2016-2017 and lost to Arsenal in FA cup that year
              Klopp is another manager with exceptional talent in assembling a winning team challenging for titles. Liverpool is number 8th in his first season

              Without money and a manager who can assemble a good team, don’t need to talk about titles.

              1. Very sensible point and i wonder why some people faces challenge to understand the point.Spending big doesnt mean that the team is ticking hence expensive players faces challenges in both media and to fans.Look at Lukaku,, Hazard,,Maguire,, etc….

                Look at the world of youth from no whether to be known…
                Saka,,,,Rowe,,,,Spencer,,,Godon,,,Maximino,,,Gumeries ,,,Tierney,,,Tomiyasu etc….

    2. Couldn’t agree more John. What people also fail to mention is that MA started with a pretty low base. Overpaid underperfoming players, he spent his first year cleaning house. Wasn’t like he was blessed with a solid foundation. But still managed to win an fa cup. EPL is a different beast and a 5 year strategy to improve is what is needed

      1. He won the FA cup with overpaid underperforming players, he has now got rid of and couldn’t get past the first hurdle last season. Excuses, excuses and nothing to back it up .

  6. Martinelli Will be world class but in two years if we don’t win/improve greatly he may well be being world class elsewhere.

    We are a feeder club where our top players too often leave for somewhere else where they know they can win stuff (because that’s what the best footballers want to do after all:)

    IMO we need to loose both elneny and Xhaka two hard working mediocre midfielders who are just not good enough for Arsenal. But that will most likely not happen because they are mirror images of Arteta and how he played.

    Without proper world class midfielders (partey could be one if he ever becomes in-injured at AFC) we will not challenge for anything as the game is won and lost there 9 times out of 10.

    If you always are waiting for a future for things to be better the present will always be worse..

  7. We have added one player so far to a squad that achieved 5th place because others faltered … so if that is going to be it on the transfer front we have a squad that might salvage 6th place given increased playing demands and if no other team breaks through .. chances are we could well finish 7th .. in any even a process that delivered 8 8 5 6 would be one to be ditched … without another quality attacking option and a top quality DM then that’s is what the season IMO will deliver

  8. All opinion are to be respected but damn I see all of of flaws in these right up.
    Many complain of Saka not having back up or someone to rotate with , then he went ahead to say it will limit his game time if we sign someone who could challenge him in that spot.
    Secondly Chelsea had more academic products featured for them in the league last season more than we do, and they don’t just scream youth project as well.
    3rdly, he said we shouldn’t be hoping things change in a year, of course non of us was expecting a change in a single year except that this management have been here close to 3years.
    Something many don’t realize is every coach in top team would want to have his own team regardless of the achievement the current or the previous team had.
    So even this current squad would be changed if another manager comes in, so the early we realized that , the better.
    Only martineli and Tierney from emery time. holding and xhaka from Wenger.

  9. OT:has anyone seen the pics of Vieira with his foot in s protective boot.apparently, he is still recovering from a knock he received at the end of last season.hopefully, he’ll be able to train soon.

    1. Yes! I was going to mention that as well.

      The report also said that MA described it as a “minor foot injury” which means he’ll be fighting a battle to be fit for the pre-season tour of the USA.

      Do Arsenal get more injuries than other clubs? Genuine question. I get the impression that we do, but I’d be interested in the actual stats.

          1. HH are any of the teams that finished above us in the places below us in the injury table?

  10. Some off you guys comments are really silly firstly LeisterCity Won league title without top 4 season B4 I agree alil with the article his right Arsenal Engineer stars his saying buying stars makes up coming stars in the team lose game time this they leave like Ganbry ….and then the fans sit in regret but it’s them who wanted an immediate star to shine and cos a twinkle off talent isn’t good enough I think honestly that a left back is all that we need now and his right say we buy Raphinha then Saka will be forgotten until his gone and remembered when he dominates in another team Arsenal fans tend to forget then remember and regret keep your youth let them play and they twinkle will shine and shine brightly don’t let other clubs steal your future stars cos you looking for a star today that’s stupidity

  11. Decent article, I agree with the general theme: patience, planning, time (but not unlimited time ofc).

    One thing to mention, re “our wallets may be full”.

    I’m not sure that’s necessarily true. Does anyone know what corporate structures Kroenke has in place re Arsenal? I’ve seen nothing on this, but if it’s anything like Chelsea and other “fantasy football” clubs, then the club is simply becoming indebted to a holding company or three.

    On that basis, what we have is a large overdraft facility, so spending it simply means that the club is becoming indebted – possibly for a long, long time.

    Those urging for instant success, high expenditure, so-called “marquee signings”, I’d say that the old saying applies here: “Be careful what you wish for”.

  12. How about I disagree or I agree……..the insults and aggressive language are not nice……..that’s his opinion and he is entitled to it….arsenal will sign whomever they choose to despite all the opinions here or elsewhere ……..just a little bit of mindfulness …….we are controlled by our addiction to a game in which the participants get paid pretty good. Let’s be respectful.

  13. pathetic article 😄😄😄…..you can smell excuses being made already for the almighty arteta before the season begins just because they are afraid of failure. cos these moneys being spent are just a set up for this mediocre management (arteta&edu) to fail so they can get booted out…..I do not have any faith in both of them so I believe they will fail and get sacked in my own opinion …..that’s just my prediction for next season seeing the signings being made and how the central midfield position is being neglected. even for the CF position we have two similar strikers in Jesus and nketiah, so when we need something different who do we call on? bad choice of signings once again….. we could get weighorst at Burnley for next to nothing….he offers something different but mind you these two guys are blind to see that and what baffles me more is the amount of crosses we spam into the box per game without any form of presence in the opposition box….

    1. Pathetic comment 🙄
      For starters nketiah and Jesus are TOTALLY different types of strikers.
      Apparently 24% of our crosses into the box were successful
      And you predicting Arsenal to fail tells me a lot about your crystal ball ability… Pathetic!

      1. Admin Pat,do you believe that both Jesus and Nketiah are going to make a big difference when it comes to be at the receiving end of crosses??

          1. in your dreams admin…. can’t stop laughing, both players placed on top each other may not even reach 7ft …..lol

      2. pathetic reply admin, can you tell me difference between Jesus and nketiah cos as far as I’m concerned they offer same thing in terms of strength, poaching, speed and dribbling, maybe Jesus is better than nketiah in all of these but they certainly offer same thing….none is a good hold up player and Ariel target or presence in the box,
        yes I’m an arsenal fan and also a realist, i did not just predict arsenal fail ,I predicted they fail if they don’t get the necessary signings as I listed below because the signings so far and the rumours for me won’t necessarily improve us. we need experience CB and CM, back up LB and RB, marquee winger who can play both on the left and right, then a towering CF, then we can compete but it has to even be with a good coach cos I don’t trust the learner in charge…..if you see that as predicting we fail then I’m sorry admin.

  14. .I still hope for a marquee CM, then another back up right back cos souares is not good enough for this club I might give bellerin a chance next season just to save funds, then another back up left back cos tavares is like a time bomb ticking and obviously Tierney is never fit, then a marquee winger who can play both wings to offer depth and squad quality (gnabry all day long), then another marquee CB (koulibali preferably to lead our defence cos we have far too many hound CB who are often prone to errors, I believe they need a leader figure next to them, koulibali fits the bill perfectly), then a little matter of weighorst as a different approach when things gets difficult. that’s my team to win the EPL within 3 seasons with a very good coach preferably not arteta.
    signings proposed by me as follows
    bellerin—- 0mil
    total ……125mil
    sales can raise up to 50mil then we would have spent 75mil plus 90mil already spent that’s a total of 165mil…..that’s not too much….then we can focus on winning the league without much big signings in the future…..

    1. Lol, this team would not win the league in 3 years, not even close.

      Koulibaly will be 34, Weghorst 33, not to mention the latter only scoring 2 goals in 20 appearances in the PL. Bellerin doesn’t want to be at the club either. It’s the most ill-thought and arm chair team I’ve seen anyone suggest for a long time.

    1. So the “Process” would go on and on. Weird. We need to challenge for the EPL this season and get the players we need NOW. Life takes place ‘now’ not in years to come. Do we slow down getting the side who will win the league? The season we need to challenge for the EPL, the Europa Cup, the FA Cup, The League Cup….is this coming season.

  15. Ladies and gentlemen
    As some might know I am a half glass full rather then a half empty person.
    The transfer window is under way and we will still see players moved in and moved out.
    Some too our liking and some not but that’s what we alive for..opinions

    In my opinion We tailed off last year when it was within our own hands due to injuries, game management, inexperience, and a lack of cover or depth in certain areas.
    After reflection I consider last season a very positive place even though at the time with 1 game to go I was totally deflated.
    The kids who carried us for a big part of the season are a a season stronger, wiser and more experienced.
    God forbid we don’t deliver the manager will be sacked a new person will come in and the process will start again which I know most of us don’t want to see as it will be painful to Watch the club ripped apart again and another 3 years wasted.
    Opinions count good or bad but support of getting behind the team even when we are on our hands knees is even rewarding and pleasing as that shows true loyalty and commitment even in face of despair
    Stay positive, stay strong, stay committed.
    We all bleed red and white
    Onwards and upwards

    1. AB, good day to you my friend.

      Now I’m not advocating for Mikel to get the sack – you know, here today and gone tomorrow kind of sacking – but what is the problem if that happens, apart from the fact that, obviously, the boss has failed?

      Aren’t we being told that their have been vast improvements in the squad, the transfer policies have vastly improved, the wage bill is vastly better, we have shifted out the prima donnas and trouble makers, kronkie is spending vastly more money.

      In fact, despite the results, league positions and FA cup results, it is said that, he would be leaving the club in a better position than when he arrived!!

      So why wouldn’t any top manager want to walk into a situation such as this, especially when he knows the salary would start at a minimum of £8,000,000 a year?

      Of course I will be cheering and supporting the manager, players and the club itself right from the start and hope that Mikel becomes the most successful manager ever, but if it goes pear shaped for him, what top manager would turn down the picture I’ve given above?
      It would be a walk in the park!!!

      1. Mr K
        Do hope you are all good and well
        I was totally surprised when we appointed MA in the first place
        Did think we had better choices available to us not just him but also when AW left us and UE was appointed
        I like consistency and with consistency you have a better chance of achieving something
        Saying that I beleive consistency killed AW. To long in the same role
        If we have a poor first 10 games then it wouldn’t surprise me if MA gets the sack

        We have a long way to go to being a top club again and I pray this is the season we make giant steps towards getting there.
        We al live in hope

  16. Arsenal fans we don’t need 3years to finish in top4 please arteta or trophies pls and pls arteta?

  17. OT: BBC reporting that Arsenal has agreed personal terms with Tielemans.

    They also report that Barcelona has decided not to make Traore’s loan deal permanent. That would be a good option for Arsenal?

    I’m particularly keen on players who’ve got the Spanish nonsense out of their system – Traore would be keen to prove them wrong by beating them, not by joining them.

    1. The Tieleman transfer would excite me that’s for sure and if we can get Martinez as well, MA and Edu will have done an excellent job and kronkie will have shown his desire for the club to challenge. COYG!!!

  18. Whenever I hear anyone talking about “marquee signings” or buying a player to “make a statement” I cringe. You buy players because they fill gaps in your squad, are better than you already have or are young players you think you can improve. Once you start buying for any other reason you are in trouble. If you look at Spur’s transfers this window Conte isn’t about “marquee signings” , even Richarlison isn’t necessarily going to be first choice on the teamsheet. What he is doing is giving his squad more depth, two players for every position so he can rotate with two games a week. Not necessarily pleasing all the fans but its about winning matches.

    Arsenal’s problem in recent years is they haven’t bought particularly well. When I look at Liverpool’s transfer activity I struggle to come up with a bad buy. I can’t say that about any other team. For the media and many fans of course every purchase is going to be a world beater, until they aren’t.

  19. I don’t think the transfer window has been bad so far, and I don’t care that we didn’t get raphinha, but i don’t think we can keep hiding behind building for the future. If all we do is build for the future, we’ll end up destroying ourselves as every season it gets harder and harder to keep people invested – that includes fans and players.
    We should be capable of improving the squad for next season, with a serious view to getting into the top 4 and beyond, whilst also building for the future in a sensible manner.

    As an aside, we should not be worrying about Saka and others losing game time, they already play more than enough games, and if we had better/more experienced players in the same positions, we should be able to rotate in a way that keeps everybody fresh and motivated for the most part – this could actually be beneficial to players like Saka imo, he shouldn’t be relied on so heavily at his age.

    1. Agree on all .

      Equal and healthy competition between players drives quality up and allows for squad rotation where comparable players can come in and not to the detriment to the team.

  20. In my opinion, we failed to make the top four last season, due, primarily to injuries to two of our top class players, namely Partey and Tierney.I would hope our Management recognise this , but in view of their failure to bring in quality operators to back up/augment P and T, I am becoming increasingly frustrated despite the other interesting signings we have made in this window.I appreciate a central striker would be top in the list of priorities, but surely cover for P and T is a must if we are to overtake the likes of Chelsea and Spurs. Perhaps my concern is misplaced and not shared by many on JA?

    1. Grandpa
      We ended the season with such a poor midfield playing it exposed the January window failings. This year we have a lot of games and just signing Viera in midfield would not make sense. Tielemans would give our midfield some depth. It’s likely Tierney will get injured again so it makes sense to get ‘good’ cover.

  21. I am more than happy with our 9 options for the attacking roles.

    Saka Jesus Martinelli
    Pepe Nketiah Smith Rowe
    Marquinhos Balogun Nelson

    Its the midfield options I am worried about. One can assume that
    Odegaard Partey Xhaka
    is the first choice.
    AMN Elneny Vieira
    is probably the second choice, whilst
    Azeez Lokonga Patino
    is probably the 3rd choice, it’s not terrible I must say, but could be better

    My current back 4 options would be
    White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Bellerin Holding Mari Tomiyasu
    Cedric Swanson Trusty Tavares


    There is a 33 man squad there already

  22. Get Toney and emmanuel Dennis. They are both good and cheaper than the Jesus and Serge Gnabry.

    They will improve our team and we will save costs.

    Nketia and Jesus are almost the same. There is no point having 2 similar players in a position.

    Dennis and Toney are taller, stronger and quick.
    They can’t be bullied by defenders. We don’t need marquee signings, we only need signings that can improve the team and they don’t necessarily need to be marquees.

    If we need anything marquee, it should be a marquee coach! This apprentice and his xhaka can’t give top 4!

    Anyone close to Edu and the apprentice should talk to them.

    We also new a strong DM, all these light weight technical central midfielders can’t win big games.

  23. What is a marquee signing? Is it the same thing as a world class/top quality signing or is it a big name/Large transfer fee player. I think it is quite a broad spectum, hard to definitively define. For example Pepe was classed as a marquee signing, cost £72M but wasn’t a household name, same can be said about Lacazette when we signed him, on the other hand Sanchez, Ozil and Aubameyang were world renowned. At the end of day what matters is that we sign the ‘right’ players, whether they are big names or unknown gems, although every signing is a risks I do understand the notion that marquee players are more likely to deliver and elavate the level of the squad, so would prefer we did target them if possible.

    1. Arteta won’t sign a world class player because I think he can’t handle such a big ego in his squad. Most top class team need world class players to win titles and arsenal don’t have any such players, so basically won’t win anything. Who is going to drive the team forward when the going get tough. Only arteta from the sidelines. Overall arsenal needs world class players to win titles.

  24. The last 4 games of last season was an eye opener. We really need to win those games to secure the CL spot, even though some of our key players were injured, a good coach will ensure we get the maximum points from those games.

    Arteta proved how he was very limited when we played crystal palace, Brighton and Newcastle. We were schooled by teams way bellow our rank, we were schooled teams who doesn’t even have anything to play for…
    And the apprentice of a coach was looking dejected and helping without any tactic or clue.

    A good coach who can make a sense out of nonsense is the marquee signing we all need.

    Admin pls pardon my choice of words if you find them too hash.

  25. First team played their first friendly today, beating Ipswich 5-1 behind closed doors. Nketiah (3) Lokonga and Balogun were the scorers

    Bellerin White Mari Cedric
    Lokonga Partey AMN
    Pepe Nketiah Nelson

    13 subs came on in the 2nd half including Okonkwo and Balogun

  26. There are a number of problems with marquee signings. First of all if they go wrong they are generally very expensive mistakes. After Ozil I would have thought all Arsenal fans would understand that. Secondly they can disrupt a team. Ronaldo actually played pretty well for United last season but the team was shaped to suit him, not what suited the squad. We know how that worked out. Finally there’s simple economics. I’ve heard several ex players say that to motivate players they need to fear for their starting place. That requires a squad who are all on a similar level. If you’ve blown everything on a couple of very expensive signings that isn’t going to happen.

  27. The unfortunate reality that these articles highlight are the stages of disappointment Arsenal fans are at.

    I do trust Arteta and Edu, but I’m certain the hierarchy are having too much input, it wasn’t long ago when an article came out stating that top level aren’t being decisive, delaying decisions and causing issues, this is evident with January deals last season mysteriously being pulled at the last minute, deals which likely would have secured top 4.

    Now the issue seems to be us low balling offers, Martinez, Rafinha etc, delaying, Hickey, Tielemans and the transfer window closing in around us. Do we need better players now, yes we do, this is a make or break season, if MA doesn’t deliver he’s gone and the process restarts. So while I’d love to build a team of youngsters and watch them grow, we certainly need an element of that where the talent allows, but we also need a spine of experience, now. Time is not on Arsenal or MA’s side.

    This is also why MA is targeting versatile players, it’s not to replace anyone, it’s to support them in what is a long season, all these posts about stealing game time from Saka, it’s not stealing it’s called rotation, cover… options.

    If we do not sign a couple more established players we will not make EL let alone Top 4.

  28. The writer is an optimist that may just have fallen a little off.

    Signing Raphinha wouldn’t have sent the wrong signal to Saka, but that’s the kind of things big clubs do.

    Yes they are lots of positives at Arsenal, school children in Kiev bunkers knows.

    But saying Arsenal needs no more marquee signings , is a little disappointing, but sometimes we can be selfish as I wouldn’t be surprised if Lokonga agrees with you or even Tavares for that matter

  29. Please for the love of everything Holy we need a like/dislike button for both articles and comments please this is too much

    1. No we do not? Another site go on stopped using them because they got abused and used wrongly by trolls.

  30. Marquinhos in the deep end still a gamble in my opinion. We need a proven winger to share the load with saka so he doesn’t risk injury or burnout like he did towards the end of last season.

  31. Thanks, George, that’s pretty damning. Let’s not live in a fool’s paradise if we confuse incompetence with serious team building. I was prepared to write Brentford off this season but even they are trying to strengthen within their means.Why do the likes of Vinod, Jon Fox and even Alan Ball believe all other clubs will stand still and that doing nothing is a half full scenario.

    1. JS
      Whos mentioning about other clubs standing still, I certainly haven’t plus I am not interested in other clubs circumstances
      If you stand still you got every chance of getting caught up in a dog fight at the bottom
      I mentioned the transfer window is still open
      A long way to go so let us see how we end up when it closes
      To many people fretting that we haven’t signed any players or losing out to lower teams .

      1. Alan, no fretting, you are right the window isn’t over, however similar to last season, it wasn’t about the number of new players brought in but their qualify and whether or not they are going to fill in the huge gaps which still exist at our club. It is early days, however where you see the glass as half full I see missed opportunities and a gut feeling that our betters might not know what they are doing. Of course we won’t have a clear idea until around November, but I for one am concerned.

    2. Joe. S as with Alan, I too have NEVER suggested other teams stand still Those are words you have chosen to put in the mouths of Alan and I , for reasonsof you own.

      I ask you sincerely not to lie about what I SAY AND NOT TO PUT WORDS I HAVE NOT SAID INTO MY MOUTH!

  32. Quite agreed. Our pressing priorty now is to sign a versatile player like Lisandro Martinez who can play leftback, centreback and Xhaka’s position.

    There is also Reiss Nelson who have performed well on loan who can be understudy to Saka. We can develop him further and improve his market value.

  33. It’s just as much a problem of who is on our books as who we have missed out on .. of course there may be a connection … xhaka elneny nketiah Nelson balogun Pepe naitland miles … all players who are bench substandard for a team aspiring for top 4 or even top 6 … mari bellerin and torreira don’t want to be with us … that’s like a third of the squad … so much for the great clear out

  34. How did Brentford beat us to a player we didn’t even make an enquiry talk more of a bid for ??? Thought Fabrizio already reported that we never had any concrete interest in the player and only had our scouts watch him.

  35. So why hasn’t Jesus signing been announced yet even though everyone and their dog knows he has walked on the emirates pitch?

    We are even slow at announcing our transfers let alone getting them!;)))

  36. Alan, no fretting, you are right the window isn’t over, however similar to last season, it wasn’t about the number of new players brought in but their qualify and whether or not they are going to fill in the huge gaps which still exist in our team. It is early days, however where you see the glass as half full I see missed opportunities and a gut feeling that our betters might not know what they are doing. Of course we won’t have a clear idea until around November, but I for one an not overly optimistic even though I would love to be.

  37. Mr JF
    JS might have misinterpreted a comment we ha have said in the past so I will give him the benefit of the doubt 😉
    As for JS feeling the people in charge might not know what they are doing
    All due respect JS
    The lunatics have been running the asylum for a decade or more so no change there

  38. Yea, you mean Arsenal should keep relying on young potential talents, develop them and by the time they turned super stars, another big club will prize them away, use them to win trophies. You will end up being a feeder team.
    Arsenal will never win the league or UCL relying heavily on young talents, just because the club wants them to be happy or develop. We need experienced players to match what our rivals have.
    We keep talking about the future, what of now? Don’t we want to win something now? We need to be more ambitious.

  39. To Alan Ball and JF, apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your moderate stance regarding transfers and the club’s direction. Yours could be the saner reaction. To Mr Fox who I always picture as that cantankerous patriarch in the classic drama Fox (only a name, I get it!) played brilliantly by Peter Vaughn, “sticks and stones and CAPS LOCK do nothing to me”. You may actually be a very pleasant person but I don’t want to know.

  40. Why is is that in this summer transfer window, Man Utd and Chelsea ate found of to lying in wait for Arsenal to first them find a top quality player in the transfer market? And who like want to sign him. But Man Utd and Chelsea will not go to find their own player lndependently to sign from the ones fouling by Arsenal to sign?
    But instead will rear up their heads to try to hijack from Arsenal the player who they’ve found, liked and want to sign him?
    Come on Man Utd and Chelsea. Can’t you two go get your own players who you like and want to sign independently from those found by Arsenal who they like and want to sign him or them? Man U and Chelsea Enough of this hijacking from Arsenal by you duo big money-rich club sides of the new players who Arsenal have bidded for them to sign this summer window.

  41. Correct. All you whingey “fans” are trying to keep up with the joneses. We have a SOLID squad. EXCELLENT new additions and a plan. Take your defeatist,whining noise elsewhere. COYG!!!!

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