Why Arsenal fans (and Kroenke) shouldn’t listen to Guardiola’s opinion of Arteta

Is Pep Helping Or Manipulating His Friend? By Dan Smith

They say that only a true friend will tell you the truth. Where an acquaintance might tell you what you want to hear, someone who really cares will be brutally honest ,even if it hurts your feelings. It’s because they believe that long term their advice will help you.

Logically, when asked, Pep Guardiola isn’t going to publicly question any person’s credentials to be a manager, certainly not a friend.

Yet the Man City boss equally doesn’t have to volunteer plaudits.

This is what Pep said about our boss last week: “What I see in last two months is every time Arsenal play, they are better than their opponents.

“In the early future they will challenge for titles ‘

Pep is famous for his attention to detail bordering on obsessive!

It’s hard to believe that one of the best coaches in the world observes Arsenal and thinks we are even close to being title contenders, or could genuinely watch our games over two months and think we have been unlucky.

This is a man who when learning the ropes admired Arsene Wenger’s ethos, so he knows full well what is expected from the Gunners.

Of course, It could just be one man trying to help out a mate. Pep is smart enough to know that his voice influences others, and that owners like the Kroenke Family have so little knowledge of the sport they might listen to the opinion of one of the biggest names in Football.

Remember Arteta got the Arsenal job based on a reputation he had built up within the game. That reputation is endorsed by being Pep’s assistant more than say a David Moyes.

If an employer is looking at the style of football being played at the Etihad and their manager insists ‘I couldn’t do it without Mikel’, then you might listen.

Of course, it could just be Pep being humble. The current evidence appears to be that yes, in fact, Pep can do it without Arteta.

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 21: Pep Guardiola, Manager of Manchester City bumps fists with Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal after the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates Stadium. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

If our American owners were considering sacking our manager before Christmas (no indication they were) who better for Arteta to have endorsing him then Mr Guardiola who made it clear it would be Arsenal’s ‘mistake’.

Of course if I could help my buddy from being fired I would do it. I would also look back at winning trophies with my friend as a fun time in my life, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have won silverware without him.

You could even question is Pep killing two birds with one stone? Not just keeping someone he cares about in work but keeping Arsenal at arm’s length as well.

It’s been years since we were a threat to the title, but as a student of the game, Pep knows Arsenal have all the resources to do what Liverpool did. That’s what is so frustrating. If Arsenal had the ambition, they could have attracted a big name to replace Mr Wenger. We are owned by a billionaire, who at any point could have ordered an increase in transfer funds.

Arsenal finished above City the season before Pep moved to England, in his first campaign in the country only 3 points separated the two clubs. So while certainly not a priority in his thoughts, we have become one less headache.

The Guardiola and Arteta families are close. I picture a family barbecue where everyone is so thankful for the reference Pep continues to give to Mikel. In reality, while happy to help, his aim is to hurt Arsenal by giving us a rookie boss!

They say you have to be ruthless to be successful. Having beat his apprentice for the 4th time out of 5, this was Pep’s assessment’, “we didn’t have the players to play and create our game because Mikel is so clever, and they make man to man in the build-up. I know Mikel, how good he is and well his team plays.”

Think of any fan, pundit, journalist, etc, you have heard describe our performance on Sunday – few said it was clever! It’s not clever not to have just one shot in a second half when you are losing 1-0.

As for Pep knowing how well we play. We are 10th, have lost 11 out of a possible 25. That doesn’t happen to a team who plays well.

So there are lots of reasons not to listen to Pep’s opinions about our manager.

Unfortunately, I think those in power at the Emirates do….



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  1. As you write. We have all the ressources to do, what Liverpool have done.
    In fact the last 10 years Liverpool have spent much less than us, and still managed to become not only Premier League winners, but also Champions League winners.
    But they went for Klopp many years ago, despite Brendan Rodgers nearly taking them to the title.
    That shows ambition and ruthlesness. Whereas we stuck with Wenger and complacency for too long.
    It is not easy to find managers, that can take you all the way. Just ask Man U. They have tried a few since Sir Alex Ferguson, including world class managers.

    1. Liverpool is struggling with Klopp

      Mourinho too suffering losses with Tottenham

      Ancelloti is not winning very well with Everton

      However, Moyes is doing quite well at this stage with West Ham….

      Rodgers is staying consistent with Leicester

      We are in rebuilding stage and Arteta may fit well in the role where he lay strong foundation

      1. I am not ruling Arteta out by any means. I have 2 points:
        1) Liverpool got to no. 1 with much less nett spending than us, so they must have made smarter use of their money and their ressources, than we have over the last 8-10 years.
        2) The manager is obviously extremely important for a club, but which manager will succeed?? Man U have spent hundreds of millions on players and manager the last few years, without winning the PL

        1. Anders, your point 1) is critical. Arsenal is where it is because of poor financial and player management by the Board and senior management.

  2. Think of it this way in your own life.

    If you play sport against someone and they are really bad but are trying hard, you are usually pretty nice to them and don’t mind encouraging them, giving them a helping hand etc.

    On the other hand if they are really good and are a genuine “threat” to you, you don’t encourage them or tell them how good they are. You respect them yes but they are your direct competition so no quarter given when facing each other.

    I think Pep just feels sorry for MA in all honesty and is trying to be nice to his mate, nothing genuine about his comments.

  3. I’m pretty sure there are very few managers who can do a better job atm than Arteta. I fully trust him. So many ex- and current players have praised him. He is also implementing a winning mentality, something we really lacked during the Wenger Era (post Invincibles) and it takes time, especially with no money. Have some faith in our manager..

      1. Winning mentality.. we have lost more than we won this season and going for a record number of defeats and we’re still in February lol

    1. Mr Lucky – I fully agree with you. Results will come soon. Arteta is good, just need ime to get rid of deadwood and get 1-2 right players. Like Man U got fernandes and look where they are.
      Without fernandes -they will be on 10th place.
      So be patient guys and stop crying like babies.

  4. I can’t wait to see what kind of articles we’d have if we win thursday. That would be interesting.
    In the mean time, I think the only problem with Arteta is managing senior players and that’s because of his age. Our best players today are the younger ones and that can only be a good start to building a great team.

  5. Of course Guardiola is gona keep praising Arteta as he wants to keep him in charge of Arsenal so City are guaranteed 6 points a season no other reason!!

  6. If a project is clearly not working, in any other business in the world……you leave it. To waste precious time pretending it might work is pretty silly, in any business. Way over a year tells us Arteta’s project is not working. He hasn’t got the nous, the skill, the experience, the tactics, the results…..nada. It’s not working, and no one can pretend it is, because our play, our league position, our tactics, and our results are telling us that, clearly. Arteta must go. His project is failing, clearly and obviously. Cut our losses NOW and get an experienced top manager. We are drifting like a rudderless boat….that’s the truth.

    1. Sean, No thought whatever, nor have you even noticed that he inherited a shambles and has got rid of many deadbeats and unproductive coasters like Ozil, and inferior trundlers like Mustafi, Sokratis , Kolas and many more still to go when possible, given Covid financial severe restrictions.
      With no inward investmet from our absent uninteretsed owner compared to our main rivals who have all spent money, what on earth do you expect so soon?

      You behave like a self entitled kid who demands ALL you want and demands it now You should grow up, learn about how life works and how BUILDING a team takes real time and patience.

      PATIENCE THAT THE LIKE OF YOU, SADLY, DO NOT EVEN WISH TO HAVE. Frankly, you are a fake of a REAL fan.

      1. Jon
        Bit of a rant Jon. It’s not about patience it’s about someone who can do the job. We are the worst we have been for umpteen years. Maybe one day instead of manic praise or manic criticism, you will appreciate that all it is,…your point of view. Only that. I have a different take to you as do many. Maybe you can stop insulting so many people on this forum. Mine is a view, yours is a view…that is all it is.

        1. 👍 We all should remember the Voltarian Principle: “I wholly disapprove of what you say – and defend to the death your right to say it.”

  7. He also said Mikel knows everything and he learns from watching his teams.. I suppose he means team but I very much doubt pep is watching Arteta’s Arsenal and thinking damn I wish my players could play backward and sideways football like that losing loads of games and creating nothing along the way 😂 Pep was not bothered when Arteta was linked with Arsenal because Pep is the main man and he knows it! And all the praise he’s giving Arteta I take with a pinch of salt… Hes hardly gonna turn around and say his former assistant is a bad manager of course he’s gonna praise him to the hilt.

  8. Guardiola spoke highly of Arsenal, because Man City could only score once. The goal happened because of our players’ lack of concentration/ anticipation, not because of our bad defense setup

    Had our attackers been able to swap their positions frequently or if Aubameyang could do some hold-up play, we could’ve been better in attacking. I’d like to see how Arteta succeeds next season, with different CF

        1. Yes GAI I agree I don’t think kroenke will sack him because he’s a tight fisted old miser and has zero ambition but anywhere else Arteta would be gone.

  9. I notice our beloved owner Stan ““If you want to win Championships then you would never get involved.” gets a name check in the title.

    The man hasn’t got the first inkling what Arsenal Football Club REALLY means to so many people.

  10. The problem is arsenal board should take decisions when it matters, when Klopp were avalabable we should go for him and leave wenger, no when there werent wc coaches in the market only to give the reason to wenger lovers who think nobody Is better than wenger and he should coach us as much as he wanted. A few months ago tuchel was avalabable. We could have go for him. We didn’t and now there is no wc manager avalabable. Who should be our manager for the long Term? Nobody Is avalabable. So i will back arteta to be that, i would give him this season and more Time at least i saw a better option avalabable like naggelsman…Bielsa could be other one i really like but im not so sure he would like to really compete for the title rather than form players and create an ethos (what Is really important, but we are in need to compete serious too).

  11. It could of course be that Pep sincerely believes that Arteta is doing a good job with the playing and financial resources available to him.I don’t suppose this has occurred to you Dan but some of us with more miles on the clock are no longer impressed by cynicism used to express points of view.You, and a growing number of fans who use this site are clearly anti Arteta, so why don’t you just say so.One thing you and the anti Arteta brigade rarely, if ever do, is to present constructive comments on how our Manager could improve the performance of the team, with our current player pool.It seems we live in an age where we prefer to scald and hurt rather than understand and learn.

    1. Grandad
      I know you mean what you say and I respect what you say, but to me Arteta is one man, but Arsenal supporters around the world are maybe a million. My heart goes to their disappointment and not Arteta, so I do find your reasoning a little confusing…..just to me. I also have quite a mileage behind me I don’t know your age, but I first saw Arsenal vs Man Utd as a lad in 1958, and have supported Arsenal from then.

    2. Granddad…

      It is difficult to ignore such deep insights as yours! Thank you for your accurate as well as respectful approach to communicating your opinion.

      I am in total support of your position. I do understand with the frustrations of many who in their inflamed minds demand instant success. But in the end, I have also realized that seeking the truth through deeper thought processes and analyses is not as common as we may desire.

      My best wishes are with Arteta and I hope he is able to steady the ship before the majority of our impatient fans return to the stadium;

      Please remain safe!


  12. I too get frustrated with the way we play sometimes but major faults lies at the players we currently have or lackoff

  13. I am sincerely getting sick and tired of senseless and negative comments on here! Where did rational thinking go? Arteta is still a new and young manager who was brought to build a team that will be competitive in the near future. No rational person expected him to win trophies there and then. In fact winning the FA trophy and the Community shield came as a pleasant surprise.
    There is a common adage that winning trophies is addictive and Arteta began his coaching career on a positive note. Most of us expected a difficult period after Arsene Wenger, much worse than what we are experiencing. The case of Man U should serve as a glaring example of the difficulty in replacing a long serving quality manager. Man U hired some internationally acclaimed managers such as Luiz Van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and long time Everton manager David Moyes who was Ferguson’s immediate successor but it has not worked out
    All true Gooners need to tone down on our negative comments because they don’t help anyone. We need to uplift our manager and the players rather than tearing them down. Any analytical person can see that our team is doing serious rebuilding and the future is bright. Why? Look at the composition of the team from goal keeper and backline up to the forwards and any unbiased observer can see that the team is destined for great things. I am not going to succumb to pessimism when I see the way is getting clearer. Patience is a virtue and it pays.

    1. David, A truly wise though sadly rare wise comment on here. Most of the young kids who vent their spleen on here daily know almost nothing of life and very little about how building a great team works, Their constant silly, self entitled, foolishness males me want to be sick.
      Thank goodness then that there are still some wise and thinking folk like you on here, as for so many this has bevome an anti Arteta site.

      If you work out the average age of those who want him gone versus though who see his ability, I would say the silly self entitled ones are at least 40 years younger on average than the wise ones like you. That says it all!

      1. Jon…

        My respect as always!

        I share in your frustration with regards to the negative energies emanated by many inflamed minds following our recent results.

        As you rightly always say, only a few are able to take time to analyze and understand why things happen the way they do. It shouldn’t be difficult to know how far we have fallen as a club, however many don’t understand, thus giving rise to false expectations.

        We can only continue to educate ourselves here on JA, share our opinions intellectually, and hope we arrive at a better understanding towards moving us forward. And for those who can’t afford this approach, we hope they learn along the way, else we simply bid them well.

        There is so much more to life and I hope many realize it. Stay safe!


        1. Fire wow….

          I must commend you on your whole comment essentially being centered around how deeply you can think and analyse compared to others.

          I truly wish that one day you will see past your veil of arrogance and understand that you are not on the pedestal that you so willingly place yourself upon.

          1. PJ-SA…

            My apology if you perceive me as arrogant, which is not the case. I hope we will be able to rub minds to have a better understanding, if not, I will still respect your opinion.

            I guess you may have been angered and inflamed by many comments and opinions contradictory to yours, but it is difficult to know who is/are delusional at the moment. Because in the end, such a word can be used both ways: those that don’t understand how far we have fallen and expect greater results and a better league position can be considered delusional by contrary groups, in the end, its just a game, and so why should we derogate each other in a bid to wield our opinions over others.

            Essentially, to have a good conversation, I do not believe we should start on the note upon which you perceive me. I hope for better discussions with you wherein we can ask questions and discuss our different opinions amicably.

            Do stay safe!


    2. I wont go in to the origins of rational thinking as it is meaningless in this context … as someone who supported arteta’s appointment I did so on the expectation that he would begin to build a team that played the kind of football he learnt under pep that he would avoid the endless tinkering of the late wenger and emery years that he would ditch favouratism for quality when it came to player selection … none of this involve resources but does involve the right managerial philosophy … arteta has failed on all 3 of these criteria … turns out that his football philosophy owes more to moyes than to pep he tinkers endlesssly and his favourtism is setting us back … no “rational” person expected that 15 months on we would be a bottom half of the table team yes he inherited some appalling players but he did not get rid of the worst of them and we still have enough to put together a first 11 that should be vying for a europen place though probably not a cl place … the man is a flop just like pepe is a flop on the pitch … some things dont need pseudo philosophical jibberish to be understood … we move on or we languish as a mid table outfit under this guy … QED

  14. Very well said David and Jon.To SeanW, I am seventy three years of age and can still spell.I have led a very successful and fulfilling life and have played the game at semi professional level.With the utmost respect Sean, I would have thought that someone of your vintage and wisdom would realize that Rome was not built in a day.I honestly believe that many of our younger fans do not have an appreciation of the sheer incompetence and utter mis management which has pervaded our Club for the past decade.The departure of David Dein has proved to be the most damaging single event which has seen us regress to mediocrity.It will take time to turn this stricken tanker around no matter who is at the helm.I really do hope our fans reign in their frustrations and give our young Manager a decent chance.

    1. Just for the record its not fair to judge it on young vs older fans . I’m not old but i see arteta has a real plan for what he wants to do and achieve with arsenal .and a lot of people maybe look at how money clubs like city and chelsea chop and change managers to bring success and feel frustrated we don’t do that .but we are ARSENAL and some people forget ..

    2. Grandad i understand your call for patience and Rome wasn’t built in a day and the time it will take to turn this around.

      May I ask why Emery was not afforded the luxury of time but MA is? Considering the vast differences in experience levels you’d think if anyone would be given a little more time it would be Emery.

      I’m not saying Emery was the best by any means, but it’s a fair question.

  15. Arteta is a novice and should never have been given the job, he is taking us backwards this season and I can not see any thing positive about his style of management, the same with Edu another novice who is out of his depth

  16. I believe we have a “post invincible” yard stick, levied against opinions of those that have been supporting the club prior to that period – some for many years prior.

    I number myself in the latter.

    We do seem to specialise in “splits” at our place.

  17. Dan i find your football knowledge to be really lacking where it counts. Do you really think that rebuilding an elite team is a 1 or 2 year project?
    What was arteta objective when he was hired ?
    1- to build a proper defence cos we had a shitty one when he came
    2 to get rid of our bloated squad of overpaid deadwood players
    3 To make sure that auba extends his contract coz we were dependant on his goals
    4 Bring steel pace and creativity to our midfield coz it is average at best one
    5 try to improve our current wide men to lessen the burden on auba

    Now i suggest you and your fellow brethren who spread negativity to our club should look for a new club to support coz its going to get tougher going forward and unlike you some of us here are arsenal 4 life and are prepared for the long journey ahead

    1. Wes do you really think we’ve only been rebuilding for 1-2 years as you say? Been attempting to rebuild for a lot longer than that.

      Also people are entitled to their own opinion or is that not allowed? Who are you to tell people what they can and can’t say?unbelievable arrogance

  18. I am against underperforming, whether it be from Wenger, Emery, or Arteta. So sorry, but I will not excuse one manger when I held the previous 2 accountable for underperformance.

    I find fault because there is a revolving standard at our club, plain and simple. Perhaps due to Josh Kronke taking a more active role 2 years ago, if many remember.

    Wenger finished 5th and 6th his final 2 years fielding the “deadwood” people talk about here. Was forced to step down due to results.

    Emery came in with much of the same “deadwood” and went 22 unbeaten and finished 5th, losing Europa final to Chelsea. 6 months later he was asked to step down as we sat in 8th place, but I could be mistaken.

    Arteta was brought in, we got the new manager bounce, and won the FA Cup, credit to Arteta. This year we have been disasterous, 11 losses in 25, anemic attack for months of the season, and have NEVER gotten a sniff of 8th place.

    Wenger never got almost 60 million worth of CB’s (Saliba and Gabriel) Partey (World Class midfielder 45 million), yet never fell below 6th. Arteta has Auba (200 goals in top European leagues, tied for Golden boot 2 years ago, 1 goal off golden boot last year). Froze out the “deadwood” yet has still not cracked the top 10 this year.

    Results matter, and 2 managers that delivered superior results and finishes were sacked so we could “trust the process” with someone who never managed or built anything in his life.

    People are frustrated at the lack of ambition by ownership as they yet again pass on better managers to hire Arteta.

    I am merely saying hold Arteta accountable to the same standard as the previous managers. Otherwise, why did they ask Wenger to step down? A better manager, superior results, multiple trophies and our best manager ever. I agreed we needed a change at the time of wenger’s dip in results.

    Why not bring in a director of football, akin to a David Dein to help Wenger? Instead they tore it all down and replaced everything with inferior parts, and have unsurprisingly got inferior results.

    So sorry, but I stopped buying into their excuses a while ago. New stadium and competitive pledge they made was hollow, the whole “if better players out there we will get them,” hollow talk.

    Sven brought in they ejected, Ivan is gone, Raul was a disaster, and now inexperienced Edu and inexperienced Arteta tasked with righting the ship. Monumental task for rookies and nearly impossible to accomplish; and yet the club continues to preach patience, nearly 15 years worth expected of fans.

    1. Sorry for the rant, but after 15 years I am out of patience. The owner lacks ambition, the board is useless, and we still lack a management structure needed to succeed.

      At this point I believe only new ownership can revive Arsenal to our previous highs. An ambitious owner willing to impart the resources needed in today’s PL to succeed, and a management staff capable of delivering on expectations.

      It is simply not good enough, 15 years is more than enough time for a billionaire owner. Rather than fans settling for less, how about ownership striving for more.

      1. Well said Durand

        Far too many on here settle for mediocrity and hide behind “trust the process” and “deadwoods fault”

        Reality is we’ve been on a decline for 15 years and people here are calling on patience.

        Jon Fox and the rest of the mediocrity gang are absolutely delusional. Very sad

        1. Thanks PJ-SA
          It is only my opinion I state, no better or worse, no more or less valid than anyone else. To follow Arsenal is to be a fan, putting “degrees” on their fanhood never made much sense to me.

          I never name-call people for different opinions, never attack them as fake or plastic, and remain open-minded enough to read their comments and give it a good think.

          Seems the goal posts have moved recently with Arteta as manager, and no one seems to be fussed by the shift. What was unacceptable for Wenger and Emery is now conceded for Arteta.

          I merely point out the obvious and question why? Why are some accepting of Arteta, yet Emery never got the benefit of their doubt?

          Why was Emery slated for freezing out players and having negative tactics, yet Arteta seemingly gets a pass? Why didn’t they “trust the process” with Emery who has more experience and trophy success?

          I would like to understand the thinking behind this double standard, rather than being told I’m impatient, spoiled, childish, etc… when I feel I am merely remaining consistent with expected levels of performance.

          1. durand, Spot on. It seems that MA is held at a different standard than his predecessors while he has the worst record. They keep on talking about the team defensive improvement and some goes to an extent of mentioning how the team have improved in crossing the ball. I don’t believe the defence have improved and MA is just employing the tactic of addition by subtraction. Improving the defense at the expense of the offense. If Arsenal had employed any other rookie manager (such as lampard) that’s not linked to Arsenal, Will he be given the same kind of excuses that MA if now afforded?

  19. I like MA. I have respected him as a player and Pep’s Assistant. But I cannot keep ignoring the Arsenal fans here who insist that…
    1. Arsenal disrespected Wenger
    2. Wenger had asked for monies that could have helped to avoid the last 2 embarrassing seasons
    3. MA is learning his trade and Arsenal is his training ground
    4. Using a trajectory of history, Wenger could not perform as poorly with the kinds of monies Ebing and MA got.
    Hence these issues are going to continue until results help us forget. So I advise that we be patient and keep listening to both sides. I firmly believe that MA needs time. I must also agree with the Wengerians that this is painful to watch – knowing that the old broom was significantly better.

    1. HOTE, you diminish your comments by talking about people “disrespecting Wenger” then disrespecting a past head coach in Unai Emery by calling him “Ebing”. Others of course disrespect him by taking off his accent calling him “Good Ebening.” So much for Arsenal “the Classy Club”.

  20. Wow – refreshing to see so many sensible comments in one place for a change – well said all, including Steve. Regardless of who managed, we would never have been allowed to get into the current situation if DD still had influence. Darth, David R, Grandad, Jon, Steve, Wes et al – keep posting and talking common sense guys, because I am noticing even those posting the lead articles now, whilst claiming to be balanced, have a predominantly “Arteta out” agenda.
    Too many of the fans congregating here lately have been watching too much AFTV (ironic as they often criticise that channel). Short termist, demanding immediate gratification, preferring to undermine rather than encourage, stating problems but offering no solutions, with no understanding of how football finances work either generally or more importantly now in particular. And blaming everything on one man – the fact we have no cash, that we have poor players – (despite the fact they were mostly here when he came), that we have the best young players in the world (apparently only playing poorly because Arteta is a bad trainer), that three of our 4 top players have had serious injuries)… the list goes on – its the managers fault. Never take rookies!!! Cruff’s first senior manager’s role was Ajax at their peak, Dalglish’s was Liverpool, Guardiola’s was Barcelona.
    Look at that table and sack Arteta. Maybe sack Klopp as well, who’s fallen further than us compared with last season and lost 4 of the last 5. Or Hassenhuttl. Perhaps Man Utd should have sacked Ferguson in 89/90 when they almost went down because he had to ditch the deadwood and rebuild. He stayed, and created the great team he is known for. Or hire an experienced successful guy – why not Mourinho? I dare you. Or do what Chelsea do. Sack a manager every season and start again. Oh I forgot, we can’t afford to spend £50-100 mil on severance payments.

  21. I see some here saying wenger finished 5-6 with these deadwood but arteta can’t even crack top 8. Let me remind you that football is about constant progression. While we have stagnated with the same bad players and added more to that list with the occasional good buy other teams have improved season after season.

    The rot started in wenger last 3 seasons, continued with emery and has hit rock bottom under arteta. Most managers we could afford or were available at that time wouldn’t have done much better. You put klopp and pep in arteta seat and at best we would be 6-7 with the colossal amount of rebuilt we need.

    Is arteta the right person to rebuild our club ? I seriously don’t know in fact i have trouble finding someone who could. Our senior management is in shambles, Financially we were in deep trouble way before arteta or covid came, our scouting and transfer team is also bad given the number of mistakes we made and i’m not gonna start with the owner. At this rate it will be at least a decade until we get everything right barring a miracle of kroenke selling the club to someone like the liverpool owner who can start the process from the top.

  22. I laugh everytime when my fellow fans claim that we can still attract top coaches when i recall that stan is the one who pulls our purse strings do you honestly believe that we can lure the likes of pep, klopp fergie with our little funds? even luis enrique chose to wait for spain rather than have anything to do with us. Its time for us to accept where we are and start from there

    1. Liverpool got Klopp even though they were and are spending much less than us on nett transfers. They also paid him less, than we paid Wenger at the time.
      In other words, they made the mart move at the right time. Nothing to do with more funds.

  23. People accusing others of being “arteta out” to shame them. Others too scared to say they are arteta out because the “mature” fans will accuse them of being impatient and immature lol
    Negativity??? Have you guys seen our style of play? League position? Number of losses?? Of course I’m arteta out and of course I’m upset. Why would I want a repeat of this next season? Madness. I might have been swayed to give him time but the vindictive way in which he deals with Arsenal’s youth assets is the last straw for me, he is not the future and definitely not the present. He needs to go and I’m not scared to say that

    1. Ok so you are in the artetaout brigade. He is gone so who do you bring to sort out the mess in our hierachy? The one thing i hate the most is someone critising when they cant offer solution to our problems

      1. You truly believe Arteta is the best manager a club like Arsenal could employ? A rookie on his first job with the worst season in living memory. Listen if that’s what you believe ain’t no name I’ll mention that’ll change your mind. Your next argument will be we have no money… Forgetting the cash we’ve burned the past few years and a look at our wage bill. Stick to your low standards, I want better for my club. The cannon deserves much better

      2. Wes, it’s not the job of the fans to offer a solution. There are people who are employed to do exactly that and we will call them out when they fail. The club is nor Arteta and it can survive when he leaves.

  24. And please stop comparing our managers’ records – it’s apples and pears. Wenger apparently was a better defensive coach because the stats say so? He inherited a defence of Seaman Adams Dixon Winterburn, Keown, Bould. Pretty sure they didnt need much coaching. And what defence did Arteta get? Incidentally that squad included Platt, Bergkamp, Wright and Merson, so Rioch didn’t exactly leave the cupboards bare.
    Early in his tenure Wenger used his (at the time) unique scouting network to find amazing players at bargain prices. Now every club has a global network. No more bargains.
    English football was way behind Europe in training, fitness and dietary techniques. Wenger stole a march, but was ultimately pegged back.
    Big money buy outs were few when Wenger came, so it was a level playing field in England for finances. Slowly even many smaller clubs here were bought out by billionaire philanthopists, huge conglomerates, even countries. Unfortunately, we got the Krankies… Finally, Arsenal made the fatal mistake of moving to the Emirates at a cost of £500 mil, creating a debt we will not pay off until 2031. Greater seat revenue resulted, but at a time when Club revenues from merchandising, global tv rights etc started to become far more lucrative than stadium investments. All of these help explain not only why the managerial and tactical genius that was Wenger was so successful when he arrived, but also why an eventual decline was inevitable. And why any incoming manager at Arsenal will struggle. So lets not compare either part 1 and 2 Wenger, Or Wenger with subsequesnt mangers quite so lierally. It’s just unfair to do so.

  25. Well , while I doubt the writer of the article could have expected to see such a spirited reply from us “oldies” who still have faith in Arteta, the reaction from his camp was also worthy of respect, and made for what has turned out to be a stimulating debate.At the end of the day, we are all looking for a remedy which will bring success to our great Club.On another topic, just watched Leeds best Southampton.Any chance of swapping Pepe for Raphinia.?

  26. Nobody took what Pep seriously, so why should Kroenke. He was just being patronising as you would after a sweat free victory against a team outside the top eight. I’m hope Arteta is also hurting along with the fans knowing full well that things must improve.

  27. I’m still trying to validate Pep Guardiola’s comment about Arsenal making it difficult for Manchester City by marking “man to man in the build up”. He certainly wasn’t talking about the build up to and scoring of Sterling’s goal in the first 2 minutes of the match!

  28. Liverpool used the money earned from the sale of Coutinho wisely, and as such they progressed quickly.
    Arsenal cannot even get a decent dollar for the players we were finally able to get rid of( and how long it took us to do so). At present we do not even have two quality players for each position, which is something most top Premier League teams possess. ( just look at City’s bench last Sunday) Liverpool is struggling with injuries this campaign and so are we. Let’s face the truth, not too many of of our players would command a starting berth on the other teams Like City,Liverpool, Chelsea etc. You can only coach what you have, and at present we simply do not have much.

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