Why Arsenal fans are expecting an announcement about Alexander Isak today

So we are now approaching squeaky-bum time in the January transfer window, and Arsenal fans are impatiently waiting for some solid news ahead of tomorrow’s Deadline Day. With Vlahovic confirmed as a Juventus player, Arsenal’s biggest rumour now surrounds Alexander Isak, who was reportedly sighted in London yesterday.

The Sun has reported that he was seen in videos of him in Soho with his Real Sociedad team-mate and former Manchester United man Adnan Januzaj, and the Twitter spies have also reportedly uncovered that Isak registered a personalised number plate in London and then tracked it to near the Arsenal stadium.

If all this is true then it certainly looks like he is extremely close to being unveiled as an Arsenal player.

There is also another theory that Arsenal fans think is very significant regarding David Ornstein, who is normally the first with any breaking news about the Gunners. Yesterday, he reiterated that both Juventus and Barcelona are still waiting for an answer on whether Aubameyang will be loaned out, but he has been surprisingly quiet about any news on Isak, which is suspicious in itself.

The thoughts of Gooners is that they think he must be waiting for the big BREAKING news announcement, and as further proof, they point to the fact that neither Ornstein or Charles Watts have come out and declared that ‘there is no truth in the rumours about Isak’, which makes sense as well if you think about it…

So, here’s hoping Gooners, could today be the day?

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  1. Skeptical about this transfer. If ee do get him I hope its for less that 50M.

    Auba for dembele could be a shout ? Could then allow martinelli to play upfront also

    1. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Dembele if certain conditions are met:

      – a modest fee, lower than £20m
      – at least -50% salary cut to max 100k a week
      – assessment of his injury record and if something can be done about them
      – assesment of Dembeles character if he wants to enjoy his football and really fulfil his potential
      – Auba going the other way 100% wages covered

      There’s a huge track record of players “failing” at Barca/Real, then going somewhere else to play well. And Dembele was quite good last season.

    2. OT.. I see west ham have made a bid for Kalvin Phillips…why are we not going for him? Wouldnt he be perfect alongside Partey? I still think we play with the handbrake on at time because of concern of getting caught on the break. Phillips seems to be the ideal anchor

      1. I have been saying this for a long time. Kalvin Phillips and B. White are 2 close friends and he will a perfect DM for us.

    3. Agree with you about the fee for Isak, but Dembele, no. No point in getting rid of one player with off field disciplinary problems only to replace him with another.

      As for Martinelli, I remember reading an interview he gave just after signing for us in which he said that although he has played as a central striker, he much prefers playing out wide on the left.

  2. Lots of its, but it’s my hope that it all comes to pass. We are desperately short and are in dire need of a striker and a midfielder!!
    Do it #Edu#

  3. I don’t know why I am having doubts about us signing anybody this window. Let’s see how tomorrow will be, though.

  4. Four years ago in the January window we spent 60m on Aubameyang to placate the fans because we lost 50 mill on Sanchez who sulked hs way out on a free. It is therefor ironic we are thinking of losing Aubameyang for free and sign another 60/70m striker. The fact we have the 72mill flop Pepe does not seem to be of concern to any one nor that 50mill Laca can leave on a free in July. Its fantasy football but the money is real. Deja vu all over again? Desperation? Or just normal transfer business in the Premier League where a billion in debt is written in the asset column under investment potential.

  5. If we do get him i hope it’s less than 30mil.

    He could be great for us but he’s been quite average this season so far.

  6. We already had our fair share of weak and underwhelming players at Arsenal and still got some hanging around, we don’t need another one in Isak.

    I know that since he came to the fore of attention via the Euro’s and plied his wares. People have been whispering about his possible potential as well as romancing the idea of him coming to Arsenal. Given that we are struggling with the players we have now with only very few having anything like a stand out season. It wouldn’t be worth investing in another passenger which Isak would be.

    I don’t think he’ll fill Aubamayangs boots, he won’t do anymore than Pepe can (or can’t, depending on how you view it) do. We should be trying to change the nature of our team and improve its structure. Not just adding layers of a samilar type. I think Isak will be too, characteristically and physically weak to cope with the demands and rigors of a fast paced and physical premiership. He’s not a player of any flair and I don’t think he’s blessed with a skillet where he might add anything to the team ie a rapier like offensive that could open teams up.

    This will be just a purchase of appeasement, to placate the fans. But we’ll be getting just a like for like addition to much of what we already have.

  7. If and it’s a big if, we do get him it will go all the way to the deadline with us.

    The price has to be right.
    He isn’t going to be our saviour.

  8. We won’t sign anyone.
    We are only 36 hours from it closing.
    Besides, I don’t want another panic signing fleecing the club of its money…

    1. Sorry for raining on peoples hopes but the last thing we need is a loan player like Arthur or Dembele or some other mercenary out for an easy ride – we need committed players…

  9. I no nothing about Isak except that his stats in La Liga aren’t that great, 30 goals and 4 assists in 89 matches! This season 4 goals and 1 assist in 18 matches? Why is he rated at around the £60m mark? Auba will probably do better if reinstated but that doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

  10. Real Sociedad are confident that Arsenal target Alexander Isak will be staying at the club, according to recent reports.

    No offers have arrived to Isak’s agents as of yet, and Sociedad are counting on the 22-year-old to be at the club for the remainder of the ca

    1. 👍 .. and they can spot a bargain like jotta and mane … who combined cost less than pepe .. of course that’s a reflection of a manager who knows what he wants rather than a novice with a shockingly long learning curve .. and possibly more of a circle .. he certainly gone round and round for more than 2 years with no sign of improvement

  11. Can’t we try to sign Mauro Icardi on loan from PSG and Kalvin Philips to anchor the midfield? Why are we still behaving like Arsenal of Old or is there nothing that has changed so far?
    This is our best opportunity to make top 4 and attract top talent, we better not lose this as this can take us backward from our development plan

        1. So Rafa prefers France, Rodger prefers England and Djokovic prefers Australia (well at least he used to 😳😳)

          The 3 greatest tennis players of all-time by a country mile and I am lucky enough to have witnessed all 61 grand slams in my life time. Take it into context the closest current player challenging them is Andy Murray on 3 grand slam titles

          1. Would bet my house that Murray never wins another grand slam again but you can guarantee Nadal and Djokovic will 🎾 I think Federer is for the retirement home now 😆

  12. Revised 23 man squad after tomorrow’s deadline
    GK – Ramsdale, Leno, Okonkwo
    RB – Tomiyasu, Cedric
    CB – White, Holding
    CB – Gabriel, Rekik
    LB – Tierney, Tavares
    CM – Partey, Elneny
    CM – Xhaka, Sambi
    RAM – Saka, Pepe
    CAM – Odegaard, Smith-Rowe
    LAM – Martinelli, Isak/Aubameyang
    CF – Lacazette, Nketiah

    I will be very surprised if Aubameyang does not leave, I will also be very surprised if Wilshire has not signed already. If Isak is not signed and Aubameyang leaves, I expect Wilshire will come into the 23 man squad. Let’s not forget there is around 30 more under 21s who we can call in an emergency. Arteta proved in the run up to winning the FA Cup he would rather work with a tight knit squad and include a few youngsters on the bench. Matt Smith benefitted from that by winning an FA Cup Winners medal yet still not kicked a ball for the first team.

    1. Take a chill pill .
      We have 3 players who can play up top .

      Lacazette, Martineli, Nketiah..

      Panic buying doesn’t work !

      Isak hardly smashing it this season !

      No guarantee he’s pl adaptive , rather wait and sign two of the right fit players .

      Obviously a cf and cm in summer ..


  13. I don’t really know what I should say about the possibility of Arsenal signing Alexander Isak late into this Jan transfer window between today and tomorrow’s night when it will close.

    But that’s assumed it’s true that Arsenal are after to sign him this Jan in place of their preferred to sign striker – Dusan Vlahovic. Who they have lost to Jeventus signings.

    I am a little bit left confused. More especially as most Arsenal fans on here at JustArsenal whose comments I’ve read on Isak possible coming to Arsenal this Jan wonder doesn’t look to be enthusiastic aboou the likelihood of his coming to Arsenal to ply his football trade.

    Which they think he may help Arsenal to get what they want.
    In the reason of theirs that they don’t see him as the kind of striker if signed, who can really provides succour in sufficient number for Arsenal low number of goals scoring in the EPL this season to high number. More so, in the remaining Arsenal’s 17 games left this season to play which if well played should see us to a top-4 place finish at the end of season..

    As the jurist fans of Arsenal are looking to have come out in their numbers on Isak to mostly passed their judgements of not sure if he’s going to be good for Arsenal. I will therefore enjoy Arteta, Edu and the Arsenal Board to properly weighted up their signing striker option in the case of them signing Isak this term. So that they don’t activate his huge release transfer fee clause. But only for Isak to later not perform to the high level performance expectations he’s being signed for to perform for Arsenal.

    But I am not suggesting to Arsenal not to sign Isak this Jan. Because I believe before they want to do his signing, they must have considered all things on the table as it concerned him before arriving in their decision making as the best thing they can do for Arsenal in terms of signing a new striker for the team this Jan window after they lost to Juve their attempted signing of Vlahovic.

  14. Apparently Auba close to joining Barca on loan? If the matador falls out with anyone else we’ll struggle putting a team out on a Saturday 😆

  15. breaking news….. liam (the left claw ) brady has been spotted in dublin. he is rumoured to have a brand new pair of football boots slung over his left shoulder.he has caused quite the stir , as some gunners fans have put two and two together and identified brady as the new saviour. this would indeed be like a new signing, especially as it has been near enough to forty years since chippy last played for us.at this stage in the transfer window i would gladly take him with open arms, he would be an improvement on some of our players, surely ?!.he is known to be a close friend of frank stapleton, so , you just never know, maybe a partnership from the ancient past might be reignited. well, i am allowed to dream, right ?.

  16. So, Arsenal have once again underbid by over $20m, leaving Isak on the shelf.

    Instead the Kroenkes have allowed us to bring in Austin Trusty
    a center half from KSE’s MLS team Colorado Rapids.
    Except of course he will not arrive until after the MLS season is over.

    So the net result of our January efforts are:

    We have almost got rid of everybody we do not want (offloading a lot of wages), but have brought in nobody who will help us for our last 17 EPL games.

    We will have to wait and see the success or failure of this strategy.

    Still, since we are not expecting to finish in the top 4, and won’t be too upset not to finish in the top 6, at least ADMIN PAT and his cronies won’t be too upset!!!

    (Is Admin Pat actually Mikel Arteta?)

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