Why Arsenal fans are happy for Sterling saga to drag on

Arsenal fans have had to endure more than our fair share of disappointment and stress during various transfer windows in the last 10 years, so I know what it must be like for Liverpool fans and, to a lesser extent, Man City fans this summer with the ongoing transfer saga surrounding the young England international Raheem Sterling.

I have no sympathy with any of those involved though and I just hope that it does not get resolved any time soon. Earlier on in the summer, there were some Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with Sterling but thankfully they appear to have been misguided.

Whatever happens with this transfer issue, and it looks to me like he will end up signing for City, it is only helping Arsenal right now, mainly because it is really hurting two of our main rivals for the Premier League. Also, I cannot see the player suddenly forgetting all this disruption and hitting top form again, at least not for a while.

Both of the clubs are having their pre-season preparations disrupted and hopefully that will mean they are not ready for the start of the season, and I think you can add Man United to that list. Arsenal fans, meanwhile, are looking forward to the new campaign with a positive frame of mind and we can also revel in the fact that our own dressing room all seem to be pulling in the same direction.

Even if Arsene Wenger does not make any more signings this summer, do you think we are in a much better position than any of our BPL rivals?

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  1. liverfool want 50 million for raheem sterling ?…on behalf of all people breathing…
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..(inhales deeply) hahahahahahahahaha

    1. Most likely they will get 50 million for him too. They got what they wanted for Suarez and City already saw 35M and 40M bids rejected.

      1. Sadly, both things are true at the same time. LPool asking 50mil for Sterling is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the realization that some club will actually pay it.

    2. There is nothing to be happy about,sterling would be a great buy for city and a loss for Liverpool. So what??! What about us???we need to focus on our squad and how to improve it. We need to sign two more quality players to send a signal of intention to our rivals.in Wenger I have hope hope he pulls off a big signing.staying positive. We should right now focus on getting a winger or striker and then a top DM….

      1. relax cupcake, wenger is our silver fox,
        just cos everyone else is rushing to buy -doesnt mean we need to

        and sterling is good buy not great- an not 50 mill-thats a joke

      2. Wenger obtaining transfers has nothing to do with Sterling. Wenger can do what he needs without even considering the fate of Sterling –

        I don’t believe Wenger would even consider Sterling for the money it will take to buy him. Besides, Arsenal already have their version of Sterling except he is twice as good as Sterling for less money – his name is Sanchez.

    3. And most probably they would get it as well. Remember it is the MANC who are after Sterling. This club is in the same boat as P$G. If they can give 50mil for David Luiz, i would not be surprised if Liverpool gets even 60 mil for the Sterling/

    4. Well Liverpool are not Arsenal to give players away for sh**t. I respect them for this.

  2. I hate articles like this that focuses on our rivals suffering as a source of happiness for us.

    Anyway, Liverpool will either get £50 millon for Sterling or keep a top winger for another season so I’m not crying for them.

    We should focus on ourselves by building the best team possible.

    We are nearly there. Just a couple more signings and we are there.

    1. There are still a few top players available, we should make our move before losing out on them. Like Morgan who is still up for grab. Why the wait. He would complete our already impressive midfield. We just need to move quick. Maybe the transfer of the season is really going to happen in the next few days.I for sure hope so…

      1. I would say Schneriderlin, Lacazzette or Benzema (if not a striker…then Marco Reus) will at least make a decent transfer window and put us as definite picks to challenge for the title not just some outsider chance.
        Right now there are 2 huge walls in front of us in Chelsea and Man City, that I am sure we cannot break yet.

      2. The media has everyone believing there are only a few top players available. The same names are repeated even though there are hundreds of talented players in the world, many of whom have not yet been brought into Western Europe.

        I remember a few years back when the media had many fans believing Wanyama was the only DM in the world and if a club missed out on him they would be screwed for years.

        How many Arsenal fans ever heard of Cazorla before Wenger decided to go for him? Forget the media hype of certain players. They don’t know anything. There are so many great players in the world.

      3. Hi seancali – I saw on another thread you are from California, USA – I thought you dudes are the chilled sorts! You have a severe case of the nervy jitters that runs through nearly every recent thread on here – honestly, worrying about something that hasn’t happened, or may never happen, just ain’t worth it

  3. i feel sad cuz my man u fan mates are sad 🙁 🙁 🙁
    cuz rvp just said that the little boy inside him screams for fenerbache 🙁 🙁 🙁
    …. in turkish 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Well, good for him cuz they are gonna kill him themselves when they find out he is gay.

    1. and get bombarded by our mighty airforce 🙁 🙁 🙁
      american airforce is the best in the world u now 🙁 🙁 🙁

    2. we have stealth bomber…. 🙁 🙁 🙁
      and drones too 🙁 🙁 🙁
      such magnificent

  4. Man City should just take sweet revenge and pick him up for waaaay less next year. Let Liverpool suffer with an unmotivated player who won’t play at home games because of fan abuse anyway and buy two or three decent homegrown players for the same amount of cash. Would love to see Liverpool hurt themselves with their bluffing.

  5. I Careless with what’s happening to Sterling and Liverpool…Sterling will leave for Mancity or He remains @ Liverpool (will he Ever play for Rogers)? I wonder who’s gonna pay 50M for Sterling…

    I care for Arsenal totally and hoping for another marquee signing before the season starts…

  6. Silly article really and a sign of weakness to be worrying about our rivals business like that. Sterling isn’t even an important player for Liverpool, they’ve already replaced him with a much better player in Firmino. We should focus on getting some decent players ourselves.

  7. I know City has their, um *standards* and maybe he’ll fit in just fine there, but I surely woulnd’t want him and his phone-in-sick attitude on my squad. He’s a fine player but his agent’s squeezing him into a really tough position. Liverpool are holding out for too much cash. Only City, so desperate for home-grown talent, wouild dare consider him.

    Then again, Liverpool has such a tough schedule at the start of the season that Rodgers could very well be sacked by September, thereby granting Sterling’s supposed wish: a new manager.

  8. despite his crazy pricetag Sterling is a good player and has a lot of potential. If Liverpool get the 50mill I think would probably go after Pedro, which would be a good buy for them. Don’t care too much about that though, get us a top ST.

  9. Sterling is not an Arsenal player..so I don’t care wherever club he goes to or even if he remains at Liverpool..Fact is he will be playing against us..

  10. I’m only paying attention to transfers in the sense that I’m monitoring what quality we have versus what quality others have. If other teams want to spend 50 million on a player who may well behave like this for his new club 2-3 years down the line, so be it.

    I’m glad AW isn’t likely to table a bid in this instance, given the quite possible disruption further down the line his presence may cause.

  11. Really! what’s there to be happy about sterling’s saga?…… Its not like he’s some weapon of mass destruction on the pitch anyway………he’s free to join any team he wants to….. I reserve my moods

    1. Well Liverfool do think that if they can buy a player in Carrol for 35m they sure can also sell a player for 50m for Arab City

  12. I do have a bad thought which i always had, which is, that Wenger spends money only so Arsenal can secure Cl football ( money) alone.

    A men does not change for a day or one season. I do know what makes Wenger tick. I know how stubborn he is, and i do know that he does not change and when he does, only after all is over.

    He is the one who started the last season without a proper dm and cb and no striker back up. He is the one who brought us to shame by losing to 8 goals at times. He is the one who ignored a good season where we had to chance to compete but he instead he choose to covere the injuries of Ramsey and Walcott with a cripple named Kim. and bye bye title chance.

    Chelsea became last year champions not bec they where strong. But bec the competition is pi*ss poor. The Cl competition proved it. I hope i am wrong and Wenger makes an effort to push for the title.

    1. IT wud be atrocious of Wenger and his stooges if we start the season with Giroud is our lead striker. OMG, this is Arsenal FFS, a guy like Giroud shud be like second or third choice (actuaLly 3rd choice)

  13. Annoys me that every report you see labels Sterling as ‘Arsenal target’. We are already overloaded with players who have Sterling’s abilities and better – why on earth should he be an Arsenal target?

  14. Reports are saying City’s coming back with another offer for Sterling. If I were City, seeing how Sterling has now really severed all possible working relationship he might have had with Rodgers, I’d lowball Liverpool. Offer them 30 million, tops. Tell them to take the cash, or keep Sterling and let him totally poison the attitude of the whole team.

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