Why Arsenal fans are RIGHT to attack Wenger now

Wenger has let Arsenal fans down by DN

Arsene Wenger may feel that he is justified in his decision to not sign any new players for Arsenal this summer except for the Czech Republic international goalie Petr Cech. When you look at some of the ridiculous transfer fees spent by other clubs, especially in the Premier League, you can see his point.

But I for one am not having it. The Arsenal boss could have done more, I am absolutely sure of it. And when you consider that us long suffering Arsenal fans are forced to pay through the nose to watch and support the teams that Wenger sees fit to put out on the pitch, it feels like we are being made mugs of. So when, not if, it becomes clear that another season has gone by with no EPL trophy for Arsenal, the doodoo will hit the fan and the fans will have every right to call for the boss to step down or be sacked.

Okay so Real Madrid would not sell us Benzema, could we not have found that out early on in the summer (we probably did) and have signed a player like Benteke (who has previously talked about his boyhood dream to play for the Gunners) or Jackson Martinez, or Mario Mandzukic, or flippin’ anyone!?!

Wenger’s glib and smug responses about the availability of players has been really getting on my wick recently and that was when I still believed he would sign one or two players before deadline day. Not doing so while the fans are milked like cows on a dairy farm and the club is sitting on a gargantuan pile of cash is not just insensitive, it is downright insulting.

I felt bad for the boss at times last season when the fans were on his back but now I have to say he deserves everything he gets. I would throw my season ticket on the pitch at the next home game if only it wasn’t so bleeding expensive. Have we had about enough Gooners?

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  1. The likes of Ozil A S S C even L C will go because they won’t put up with this simple. We are not going to win a thing this season end of. What’s AW doing hopefully the other teams will run out of cash. No come summer we will go through this all over again. He needs to stop fussing over players and treat them like employees and drop a few. Few of our good players are out on loan and the players that have left have not been replaced. He could have got Charlie Austin

    1. Yeah, we could have had Charlie Austin, the next Ronaldo. Wonder why Manure didn’t bought him and splashed the cash on Martial.

      1. Anymore excuses you want to mention Budd? Fairly certain LVG has been held up as a terrible investor since his arrival at United. Lost count of the remarks on here about how crap he is with money, but the second you can use him as a deflective tactic for our dear Arsene look at how quickly he’s referred to.

        Forget United, who still invested heavily btw. How come Chelsea, City, Liverpool all managed to add significant elements to their first XI/squads? Or are we going to fixate on United paying a lot for a potential star……as if that’s never happened before.

        Truth is our transfer window was abject. We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe as fans, our manager is in the top 6 paid in the world, we have known resources greater than ever before, and we spent less than everyone in the premier league. Despite all this you have morons attempting to deride United for investing in potential when they couldn’t add current star power. What a clueless stance to take.mid have been delighted to see us invest in some potential worldies after failing to get the big fish.

        But no, after acknowledging we needed to improve in certain areas our manager has opted for the “do nothing” approach. A known winner that one.

        1. And what excuse did I mention? Simply, bluntly, Charlie Austin does not have a price to put fear in any EPL team. He’s affordable. Very affordable. Bournemouth didn’t signed him. Stoke didn’t, they went for Shaquiri. Sunderland could have got him easy. Everton preferred Lennon. Surely, they can’t be all wrong.
          Pray, do tell how Austin would have improved the team.

        2. ‘Significant elements to their first XI.’ A small criticism with this statement. I still rate Cech as the best piece of individual business in the PL. IMO we went from a 7/10 to a 9.5/10 in a position that I’ve felt we’ve been pretty weak for some time.
          Sure, slating the lack of business elsewhere is absolutely founded. But we didn’t do nothing. In terms of first XI upgrades we made one piece of excellent business.

          1. Hahaha and there is a part of me that’s kindaaaa hoping JRA impresses so much he gets fast-tracked this season while Martial flops…
            The french and price-tag comparisons would be pretty fantastic for laughing at United.

            1. Good shout, will be interesting, and knowing our manager for a rough diamond now and then I wouldn’t put money on it either way.

    2. The way I see it, any top club who already has a WC striker won’t let him leave unless they buy a different WC striker. That means we will have to wait for the next WC striker to emerge from a mid table team who have to sell for financial reasons. Man City have no reason to sell Aguero, Real have no reason to sell Benzema and so on…

      With that in mind, what ever happened to Lacazette? Lyon wouldn’t let him leave? Seems like every top club in europe were linked with him at some point during the summer and somehow he went no where…

  2. From qpr and to be honest that lad I think could bang in a good 20 goles. But this shit he keeps talking about is madness. Chances of us retaining the cup are so slim so what next for this club. I don’t think we are good enough for top 4 now seeing as all the big clubs have spent big trying to be the best

    1. Wenger only bought Cech and Mourinho started making noises about rivals buying the titlel now. Wenger thought Mourinho as is always the case, was taking another jibe at him and took it personally to prove he was not buying a title. Or perhaps Giroud and Walcott somehow convinced Wenger that the are more than capable of doing the job, and a new striker will be a bench warmer. Honestly, I can’t make any sense of Wengers reasons and reluctance to add a stronger striker than what we have, and there are plenty of those around.

    1. Who dose he give a cr@p about? It’s defenetly not the mass majority of the fans, most clubs make a sighning to give the good feel factor to their fans and new hope if they haven’t won the league, it happened in every country it’s a know thing, but of course who gives a cr@p hey

      1. Haha, mass majority you say. Piers Morgan and others called for a protest yesterday against Wenger. 17 people turned up.

        1. Budd

          You’ll be a liar if you say you wasn’t disapointed with Arsenal not sighning a striker because I remember you have said in the past that you would be happier with one or two signing this summer, so what happened ?

          1. I was a bit disappointed but really didn’t affected my metabolism. I enjoy football and I don’t go and cry when we lose a game. Especially if the opponents were better. Window shut, turning my attention on what we have. Really don’t care anymore about it. I have said before I made peace with myself in believing we will win EPL and UCL in the short term. I have said I will enjoy every victory. That’s it. Do I think Wenger should have signed? Again, it doesn’t matter what I think, I am not involved, I don’t know what discussions are. Maybe he botched it, maybe he was right but you won’t see me jumping the blame bandwagon if I don’t have all details.
            I think you remember wrong. I don’t give such statements since they don’t depend on me, a simple fan. One thing I have said though is the fact that I believe a DM was better investment this season than a striker.

            1. Do you ever wonder why Barcelona or Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus even Galatasrayr are always successfull? Because their fans demand it, now if they take your reasoning ostriche like bury their head in the sand they to can come fourth,

              but you don’t seam like a guy who is bothered about wining which I respect its your right to just enjoy watching beautiful game of football but its diferent for most of us we need success every now and then

              1. Please. Spare me the drama with the fans. Fans demand, ok that could be a reason but not in the first 10. They are successful because of their business model. You make me smile though with Galatasaray. Juventus is successful mostly in Italy. Milan is having three times european trophies Juventus is having. You probably should have mentioned them first. Eh, anyway …
                I really fell sorry for people NEEDING success.

                1. “fans are not in the top 10”: actually, football is a business that depends on fans to make their “business model”: no fans = no business.
                  we are customers. he should treat us as such. wenger is not running some duchy and is not a sovereign ruler.

  3. About the expensive tickes.. Only fools & AKBs wll worry cos a normal HUMAN cant buy a cream donald at 40$… better stay & make a home made full meal @ 20$

  4. I’ll deal with this in 2 seperate comments. This first one will be about why I feel your post includes wrong facts or misguided information and the second will deal with why I think your conclusion is right.

    SO you talk about us trying to sign Benzema and then should have gone after Martinez/Benteke. Martinez was a done deal in JUNE. Benteke in July. Seeing as how any conversations regarding Benzema would surely have not happened as quick as all that, and how we were also definitely in talks with Cavani during July I fear the fact of the matter is we pursued targets who were too big from the get go. Now you can either take that as bad because we were silly, or you can take it as a failed ambition. Either way, it seems naive to state that AFTER we had come to the conclusion we couldn’t sign our top targets we should have signed players who were signed early in the window before we could have reached that conclusion.

    I’m not defending the process – I’m defending the facts with this.

    1. My second post disappeared and I can’t be bothered to repeat it all 🙁

      I’ll just say – we have a very large reason to be angry! I think attacking is stupid though – we may as well support our team and just ask for Wenger to step down if/when he fails to deliver what he has effectively promised is completely doable with this time: i.e. winning/challenging to the very end the PL.

    2. @FFFanatic.
      I like the objectivity and rationality in your comments. I hope I can be as objective and rational like you especially in times like this.

      The summary of the past transfer window… the whole thing looks to me like we had a plan but the plan wasn’t well-worked out and/or was haphazardly executed. Bringing me to the point where I absolutely question the competence and ambition of whoever is in charge of our transfers. Seeing as this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in recent times. I question more the level of ambition to win major honors in the soonest time possible.

      It’s clear that money issues (again!!) was the major deciding factor that held us back this past window. Even when we have some good money we still can’t afford to take a gamble!!! I can’t help but think about the statement of Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph.
      I quote him:
      “Given that Wenger now regards Uefa’s Financial Fair Play initiative as dead, questions will again be asked about the ownership model and the possible need for shareholder investment to keep pace with Manchester City.”

      Some may find this statement to be dumb and annoying, but I think it deserves a look-in at the least.

      1. I posted a much longer response to the same extent. I do not believe it was money that held us back however, but a combination of ineptitude, a strict wage structure and most importantly a manager who is slightly blinded by our own failings.

        We have no LWs. None. Alexis is a right winger playing on the left to cut inside. Wenger likes this tactic…but it was ALWAYS backed up by players who could go down that left wing wide if they chose. We haven’t even got that option anymore. Similarly he has refused to invest in DM again. These 2 areas are FAR more painful to me then our inability to purchase a CF because these are areas where high class signings moved to teams who offer less than us. Draxler moved…and we sat and watched.

        We chose to stick to our wage structure and obviously that rules out the majority of top strikers. The current game dictates that strikers are worth more…but we are unwilling to pay that. Not due to financial issues mind you, but due to a principle of paying players what they are worth in the packing of the squad and not more. It’s great for morale with no player seeming unfairly paid but it will ALWAYS leave us in a bad bargaining position for top talent. Sad but true.

        Next you have to consider that we knowingly pursued talents we could not get instead of pursuing what we could. I’m all for us going after top targets but when you are not going to pay the money you know they’ll require it’s like trying to barter in a supermarket. There is no reason for the other party to change their position, so you’ll come away empty handed. I think that is what annoys me about the striker situation – while it appears like we have made effort, in reality I think we probably just gave a few people the run around and wasted everyone’s time.

        That all said – I don’t support Arsenal FC because I want signings or because Wenger is the manager. I started supporting, funnily enough, the year Wenger arrived (shows my age a bit) and I’ve not known Arsenal under anyone else. I have analysed every other manager and team though, and up until yesterday I honestly believed Wenger was the right man. To be subjective instead of objective, he ruined that perspective by choosing to put faith in a team that is quite frankly not quite up to the cut. It’s very close and if he manages them PERFECTLY there is a chance he could achieve what everyone has written off. But it has highlighted that maybe now he is out of touch with the managerial world and needs to step down. No insult upon the man, I just think football has moved on and maybe there are better options to take us forward IF Wenger cannot do what he has now set his lot into doing.

        1. I agree with everything you say and I feel almost exactly the same way.

          When I talk about money issues being a major issue in holding us back, I meant about our lack of willingness to pay for what we think we need, primarily because we think we can’t afford it.

          1. It’s not even necessarily that we believe we can’t afford it. Our structure isn’t necessarily about affordability.

            We have a structure where most of our players earn around the same amount. Even out top earners aren’t over the 150k mark. It seems we balanced our wages based on contribution to the team, with the highest importance players getting the highest wages but all in line with each other. There is no stand out player earning vastly more than any other players.

            You could argue this is us believing we can’t afford to pay more…but I fear it is more due to a sense of fairness and equality in the team ethos. Remember, our players are not designed to be mercenaries who we sell on as soon as they have contributed everything we believe they can. We like to develop our players and get the most out of them, not give up if there is a shiny new model. I feel this is more a club ethos brought about by Wenger then a stringent issue with money – it may have begun to some extent that way but I don’t believe it is anymore.

    3. martinez was the most realistic one : we were just too slow off the mark and got beaten by atletico.

  5. Last season a sizable amount of fans (I am talking emirates fans) started to turn on Wenger and the team. It reached an all-time low when those fans at the train station (regrettably) abused the manager and by extension the team.
    I’m afraid that this trend potentially may get even worse this season if the team fails to turn up when it matters most especially.

    You might say it doesn’t get to Wenger and “he doesn’t give a crap”. However, Its not Arsene I’m concerned with. It is the players I’m worried about. If Wenger’s inaction in the transfer window somehow backfires in anyway during the season, an even bigger number of fans will turn on the team and the players morale could potentially suffer as a result -we’ve seen that this is very real possibility.

    1. The players should actually show up on the field every game and they will be fine. Wenger will take the flack anyway, I think he actually enjoys it.

      1. What does that actually mean? Show up in every game? you mean if Per “shows up” he will run faster? If Coq shows “shows up” he will be able to pass the ball better? If Ramsey “shows up” he will actually turn into a winger? If Giroud “shows up” he will actually have the ability to score 30 goals a season?

        the players can only play to the maximum of their ability if they show up. And if their ability is average, that is all you will get.

        You pay peanuts, you get monkeys…

        1. Yes. All these will happen if they really show up on the field. Sad, but true. Remember Monaco? Or West Ham more recently. They left football in the dressing room. Instant karma!

          1. Dude you are seriously delusional, like really , really bad you should see a doctor.

            West Ham will beat Arsenal once in a blue moon because of your famous”show up” factor. But We will beat them 9 out of 10 times because we have the better players.

      2. “The players should actually show up on the field every game…”

        But would they? What happens when they don’t? Especially when it really matters?

        Even if the reason for a poor result or run of result seem not be directly related to our underwhelming transfer activity, you can trust that the crowd will direct this pent-up anger on Arsene and team. And like I say I don’t care one bit how Arsene feels or what he enjoys or doesn’t enjoy. It is the players that I care about and their morale I fear for. They are the ones that have an obligation to do everything that Arsene says, and work only with what Arsene gives them.

      3. If our players could show up and play to 95% of their potential week in week out we’d be fine. The problem is, there is a little thing called “peaking” that is often referred to in professional sports. It’s mostly referred to in athletics where the meets are spaced out and you can usually build up to the most important ones to hit your highest effectiveness at exactly the right time. Football is slightly different due to the long format, BUT the principles involved in peaking still apply.

        Basically nobody is going to be at the very best of their game ALL the time. There will be spells where things are great and there will be spells slightly lower then this. A percentage is psychological and a manager can deal with that. Some of the time you can swap out a player for someone closer to their peak. Again, manager can do that. Ultimately though there will be games, and times, where you’re not at that peak.

        Say our team is a 90/100. Now if we are to play at 90% of our ability in a game we suddenly become an 81/100. What if it happens that game we play a team who are 82 and actually play to their FULL potential. We lose or draw. That is the problem. By increasing the overall ability of the team, you reduce the chance being further from your peak will effect the result. I’m all for saying our players CAN achieve this mountain climb we’ve set ourselves, I just think it’s highly unlikely given the fact it doesn’t take much of an off day for us to be totally disrupted.

        1. “A percentage is psychological and a manager can deal with that..”

          Plus, the above isn’t exactly Arsene Wenger’s strongest point. He is no Mourinho or Alex Ferguson.

          1. Well, this is debatable. Wenger doesn’t throw shoes or crush his players souls when they do bad – it’s not fear that drives them. Wenger facilitates players to feel confident and able, while also trying to give players the necessary advice to overcome obstacles. They are quite clearly different styes, but there is no way Wenger could achieve what he has done over the years by not being able to deal with the psychological component.

            Many ex players will comment they prefer the strong hand of a autocratic leader, but Wenger’s more laissez faire approach is often good for creative types if balanced with some semblance of autocratic principles. It’s been proven that by giving players the freedom to express themselves and offering the fatherly advice when needed he’s seen players grow and mature under him. It may not be the BEST style for every player, but this team certainly turned things around last year by listening to him and other leaders in the dressing room. Seems to me he did SOMETHING right and I fear it’s a bit judgemental to say he hasn’t got it to his bow.

    2. I can see what you’re saying and it’s an interesting point, but you can’t honestly expect fans to say or do nothing until the season’s over…just to protect the players (a lot of them who are very overpaid remember).

      We fans have to pay the most expensive prices to watch our team, not to mention the food and beverage prices at the Emirates and the merchandise. The Emirates is the only place that Wenger is realistically going to hear and see the fans anger. So fans should be protesting and booing as much as possible so that Wenger can get the message. Not that it will do any good though. We all know Wenger couldn’t care less about the fans.

  6. Alright, no offence but all this chat is so so boring.
    If we didn’t have a shaky start all of you would be so quiet but this league is so competitive and the only team that has started “well” is Man City, whoever wins the league this year is going to slip up many many times until May and that is a genuine fact.
    Can we just please chill and get behind the boys and then judge overall when the season ends as opposed for asking for Wengers head and saying he’s lost his marbles.
    He may have lost his marbles but surely we judge when the season is up as nothing we say or do is going to do anything about it now.
    In wenger I personally trust and COYG. Let’s just chill out

  7. Now, should Arsenal fans attack Wenger? I think attack is stupid. Should Arsenal fans be angry? Yes, we should be livid. There are several reasons why:

    1. We pay the highest prices in the league to watch our team
    2. We have the least investment into the team
    3. We are not currently at our maximum squad size to begin with
    4. We are not current holders of the PL so it is logical to believe we need to improve to become it
    5. We have already dropped points and had problems highlighted that have not been dealt with
    6. We have not been rewarded with something to be excited over
    7. We have mutiple members of staff, most noticeably the manager and Dick laws, paid to make transfers that did not happen

    The weakest of those arguments is number 6 obviously – we don’t NEED to sign a player to succeed but in the current climate it is part of the entertainment of football to welcome new players into the team. Shirt sales are just 1 indication of this statistic and while it won’t necessarily effect the team’s performance, it does effect the happiness of the fans which is obviously what we’re talking about. We pay and support the team because they entertain us and when they ignore a valid part of that entertainment, the fans are right to be disappointed and angry.

    Point 1 is where I find most annoyance. There are 2 reasons for high prices beyond purely “making money”. 1 is to fund the club. 2 is to fund signings. Now we know full well that the club is not living beyond it’s means and our multiple revenue streams are sustaining our business. SO this excess money should go towards signings. It is not. This is directly opposed to teams like Bayern Munich who keep costs low to fans because they can. It is not a business designed to make money extortionately, it is a business that entertains fans and makes a moderate amount. No other club charges what we do and it is disgusting, even if they were investing, but to not invest AND to charge that amount is just taking advantage of the fans. The fact we are such a popular family club makes this even more disappointing. We are not glory boys, we are a genuinely highly supported club in one of the richest cities in the world. Why are we extorting our fans for the privilege to see players when the club is unwilling to invest in them? When our bank balance is considerably into the black and we sign 1 aging player cheaply this does not constitute as investment!

    The second point is negligible really. We don’t NEED to challenge for top of the transfer bill to be good, and fans do not need to see us spend huge sums to be happy. By being at the bottom, however, it gives off the impression to some that we are unambitious and happy to remain static. This is what upsets people, and while I do not agree, it is an understandable reaction to the statement.

    Point 3 is simple – depth always looks bad when you’re not filling your quota. When you consider teams like Chelsea are being forced to loan huge numbers of players and we are not even at top numbers, it does dampen the spirits. There was no reason to NOT sign – we didn’t even have to let anyone go – so not signing again seems more frustrating.

    Point 4 is self explanatory. Point 5 is just that we know there are weaknesses that are possible to be rectified, even if not ALL of them, so why they were ignored seems downright silly.

    And finally, number 7. It’s not the most egregious but I think it’s what annoys some people the most. There are plenty of staff members at Arsenal who have simply failed to do their jobs right now. Their job is to sign players to improve the team and they’ve failed. Now while Wenger talks about there not being enough quality to bring in, the fact of the matter is, it was him and his team’s job to find that quality. It needn’t have been expensive and it needn’t have been groundbreaking signings. What it needed to be was someone to actively imrprove the squad and he failed to do it. His very excuse is admitting a failure to do his job, and that I think is probably the worst part in all this. If he said that he did not want players I could understand…but he did, he just could not find the players who’d choose to come.

    Now that is 7 reasons why Arsenal fans could and probably should be angry. As I’ve said before though, this is our lot now. Wenger has made his bed by having a 100% team of his players and by choosing not to sign he has said this team can win the PL under him. Failing to do so will show he cannot win with the team he wants and so, you have to admit, means he is no longer the right man for the job. Right now we should put this debacle to bed, support the team and just remember come January/End of the year that this was Wenger’s choice and he is the person to deal with the consequences.

  8. can somebody please give me hope that we are going to win the league.a glimour of hope would do for me and a possible reason it can happen.cech sanchez anyone. im tired of reading wobs comments. they are just sickin me

    1. @tatgooner the good news is that Sanchez is not 100% yet and soon will be and will inspire the whole team once again on the pitch, and second we have a real clever goal keeper now and he will sort out our defence issues

  9. Think how big planet Earth is and how many professional footballers there are on this planet. Then think of how easy it is for Arsenal to sign almost anyone from this vast market place, with the exception of a small percentage that command huge wages. I say easy to sign players because:

    Arsenal are based in London, almost any player would want to live there at some point during their career.
    Arsenal may not pay the very top tier in wages, but still pay big wages. Even poor/average players will earn a huge wages.
    Arsenal have £200 million in the bank.
    Arsenal have a great reputation around the world and a huge following.
    Arsenal have a fantastic stadium, gorgeous pitch, excellent facilities, and the players are treated extremely well.
    The English league is the biggest and most popular league in the world.

    With all that in mind, for Wenger to find it so difficult to sign almost anyone, is just completely ridiculous! The really scary thing is that Wenger might hang on until he’s 70 or even beyond, so we’ll still not be guaranteed he’ll get a top striker in that time. I think Arsenal could be the only club out there that genuinely couldn’t care less about the fans, despite the fact that we’re the ones that pay for almost everything.

  10. I tell you, I could have done better than Wenger in the market because I would have known what am lacking and go for it early. Is it not the same Arsene that did not know we needed a DM last year transfer window. If Le Coq came to the rescue, can we say Akpom will do the same? Time will either vindicate Wenger or bury him.

  11. Thank fû#k that’s all over, u lot still moaning about it, I just can’t wait for the Stoke game and the season ahead, buzzing I can just concentrate on supporting arsenal rather then the transfer window. Chin up and forget about it we got a good crop off lads who owe wenger a lot and it’s up to them this season to show us what they can do no excuses COYG

    1. Yes they owe AW a lot what about us I have three kids and the youngest is 6 months old and already has a dozen Arsenal merchandise and I’m not going to mention my older kids 19 and 17 how much it cost to keep them supporting Arsenal, two sets of sky sports and on and on

  12. All said and done it is only football but some people on here talk in such a dispassionate way about our club you wonder if they are either robots impersonating human beings or just don’t really give a shit about Arsenal and therefore are happy with anything and everything the Arse’n Wenger does.

    And they know who they are..

  13. Although, I hate what Arsene is doing to the club for multiple reasons, not least of which is this transfer window, I still think we will finish in the top 4.

    City probably has the best squad this season, followed by Chelsea, who might be having some defensive difficulties but overall with the addition of Pedro look like a very potent attacking force.
    LVG has made a real mess in Manchester and i am not sure if he will recover from that, but he does have a better midfield than last year and Depay can be electric. Lastly, Liverpool might or might not gel, they did play a great first half against us, but that was probably as much our fault than anything else.

    In short, I think if we have an exceptional season, we might come in 2nd, most likely we will be fighting with Man U and Pool for 3/4/5 and will probably end up 3rd.

    What is sad about this is that we really are two players way from challenging City to first spot.
    Imagine, Vidal in midfield and Cavani up front. I know these two would have cost us close to 80 million and we would have had to overpay for Cavani, but would it not have been worth it to atleast try to win the league this season?

  14. I see that we announced our champions league squad tonight and to my surprise we filled all 25 places on the “a list” and even had to leave some players out.

    There is a new rule change meaning only 3 players can be named in the both the champions league squad and the youth champions league squad, whilst only one of them can actually be fielded in both competitions. The likes of Huddart and pleguezuelo don’t even make it on to the b list. Willock is on the b list, whilst reine-adelaide makes the cut as 25th man on the a list, probably because we didn’t sign a striker or sell campbell or flamini. The full list includes 32 players. For all the others big spending our 32 man squad compares favourably with man United’s 26 man squad, Chelsea’s 23 man squad and Man City’s 21 man squad.

    What it does show is unless we had sold flamini or campbell we actually only had room for 1 more player. It might explain why certain clubs didn’t want to lose certain players and why we had trouble getting anyone in,

  15. Since the Invincibles
    Arsenal has not been able
    to match it with Utd, City and
    Chelsea in terms of winning the EPL.
    Arsenal gave up trying to win the EPL and focused on top 4.
    The board and the owner are happy with that
    because as Gazidis says winning is not important.
    Most Arsenal fans have become 4th place
    aficionado’s jealous + envious of the winners.
    These 4th place junkies become like
    the Liverpool fans living off past glories
    and proffering excuses as many and as strange
    as those who spout such nonsense.
    Arsene for seven years payed himself 7 mill a year
    while he splurged mega millions on a weird array of
    no hopers building a monumental pile of dead wood.
    It took the 8-2 a few years to wake Arsene up from his madness.
    It has taken him 3 years to heal himself from his
    delusional phase and I say fair play to him.
    Only buying a GK is actually Arsene’s best transfer window since 2002.
    The team now plays best when half the squad is injured
    because then the team picks itself. In fact the less Arsene
    has to do with the team the better they perform.
    The ten years of madness are coming to an end
    for Arsenal FC but really the mess should have been sorted out
    much sooner 5 years sooner. Better late than never I suppose.

  16. I wonder if next year the available money for transfers would be the shame??Of course i have to condider that we might have to pay for strategic and advisory fees to KBE again…

  17. Honestly, I don’t see us finishing outside the top 4
    Liverpool are better with Benteke but overall over the past two years they spent £200 millon on average players. As long as our players are healthy we should get 4th.

    Man Utd could take 3rd away from us though. Schneiderlin, Depay, Schweinsteiger are all good signings.

    Chelsea and City will take 1st and 2nd unless Wenger gets someone in January but unlikely

    Wenger thanks for the Trophies but you do not have a God Given right to the job. You have overstayed your welcome

  18. i think they are probably more intelligent than you :/ and if you wanna talk about “annoying” there is noon way that we, akb’s, are more annoying than the wob’s…

    dude read all the comments on 3 article for 4 days…. every wob writes the same thing every day.. the only difference is, that it gets more annoying as the time passes

  19. I’ve just read Nasri’s interview on how Kroenke forced Wenger to sell him, and it made me think about things differently. He was talking about how Wenger nurtured and developed them, but Kroenke was just interested in making a quick buck, and controlled the money. Thinking back, none of the players who’ve left criticize Wenger, in fact they seem to remain very close to him, but they do criticize Arsenal. I guess Wenger was instrumental in making Kroenke a majority shareholder, but at the time, that was the only way to build the Emirates stadium, so maybe he sold his soul, not realising the implications?

    Still, whatever the reason behind the many awful transfer windows, Wenger is still responsible for putting players out of position on the pitch, but I’m not sure a different manager would change the stinginess of the club. Kroenke seems to treat it as his own slush fund, despite not fully owning it.

  20. We have been waiting years to keep our best players and give them ago. This is our season! Theo’s break through season!

  21. I think the fans have a right to attack wenger, he speaks about the availability of talent in the market, but in truth wenger did not want to spend a cent, how could you wait till the last minute of the transfer window to bring in a new striker, that is according to the media (more than likely sent out by one of wengers PR personnel)

    Then the added crap, with him trying to deflect questions to Manu buying a 19 year old forward for 36 million pounds, perhaps not the forward i would buy, but manchester United should be commended for taking on this gamble. why i say this its the club duty to search for solutions in the problems they may have. PROBLEM can not get a world class striker, SOLUTION find an upcoming star or a slowly fading one, Manu did the former, price tag can be look at as compensation for Monaco not being able to find a suitable replacement in time.

    Wenger is upsetting to the spirit at this time, he has disappointed the fans once again, there were many solutions available, but he choses to keep faith with his players, which i feel is going to bite him in the end.

  22. Unless otherwise Wenger proved us wrong this season, he should admit his problem and leave the club soon. As a genuine fan, I am feeling bad and getting worst because of his rigid policy and outdated philosophy.

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