Why Arsenal fans can forget this summer arrival from Chelsea

Only last summer Arsenal managed to complete the shock transfer of the talented and experienced Czech Republic international Petr Cech from our Premier League rivals Chelsea, despite the fact that their manager at the time Jose Mourinho wanted to block the move and their captain John Terry warned about the huge helping hand it would be giving a direct rival.

But that does not mean that Chelsea would let it happen again if they could do anything about it, even though the signing of Cech did not make Arsenal into champions as we hoped and they feared. So I was surprised to read in The Sun about us being linked with the young Chelsea forward Dominic Solanke.

The highly rated 18-year old is currently on loan with Vitesse Arnhem in the Dutch Eredivisie, where his performances and seven goals in 24 games has really made people sit up and take notice. It has also made Chelsea very keen to get Solanke to sign an extension to the current contract which is due to expire next summer.

However, Arsenal apparently want to take advantage of the terrible record that Chelsea have with their emerging academy stars, but let me just pour some cold water on this particular rumour for you. For one thing, we already have the likes of Alex Iwobi, Joel Campbell and Danny Welbeck fighting for the forward places and that is without considering our own emerging players like Akpom and Reine-Adelaide.

What Arsenal really need is not more potential but a proven and top class striker or two and that is not the only reason why Arsenal fans can forget this one, because the reason the contract talks between Chelsea and Solanke have stalled is that he is asking for around £50,000 a week as well as playing assurances. Do I really need to say any more?

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  1. We need a proven world-class striker.

    ________Off Topic________
    Anybody read Elneny’s comment on Metro? LOL! Says he’s been discouraged by grandpa Arsene from taken shots at goal often. Although the advice is to the effect that he should be meticulous and be more of a team player, shouldn’t our players be taught how to shot on target like Alaba did today against Atletico Madrid? No wonder….

    1. wenger wants them to walk the ball into the net. but then other teams know we’ll never shoot from outside and so it makes their defending job easier.
      this is why we pass endlessly.
      but i think there has to be a balance between outside and inside shooting.

  2. Profits………..profits………profits

    why does everybody keep talking bout Arsenal and profits

    isn’t profit the end product in all of it?

    *Win trophies = profit

    *Sign Top class players > They help win games > win trophies = profit

    *Qualify for champions league =Profit

    *Develop the youth system > make

    *Fans would pay to watch superstars = profit

    *pLay good football, Fans would Troop in to see the games = profit

    *Fans would want to get every kit with superstars names on it = profit

    Everyone goes home happy…..even the club owners too

    cuz the club is on the right path

    Does one have to be mediocre before making profits for his superiors?


    1. please get an accountant to do your tax returns, if that is the limit of your mental capabilities then I fear you’ll be in trouble with the tax man soon 🙁

      Winning trophies will result in a income but to say it is profit would be foolish, it is only an income and if you spend without winning the trophy then you do not have that income yet still having a higher expenditure, spend multiple years and do not win the title enough and it could still end up being a loss.


      “Does one have to be mediocre before making profits for his superiors?”

      Safe bets are better than flipping a coin to see if you win or lose everything, I say better, depends on point of view ^.^
      I would guess that Silent Stan would see the safe bet way as a better way.

      What I find sad is that David Dein was saying that we needed investment to keep winning, he got Usmanov involved and in the end got himself forced out of the club by the rest of the board.

      Dein done the transfers and Wenger got the credit for the whole transfer, we lost Dein and Wenger lost the support that made him a winner. Why do people still think that Wenger was the god of everything in his 1st 10 years and the cause of every evil in his last 10?

      Wenger is a damn good manager at building and developing squads, he isn’t a master tactician and he isn’t an accounting wizard, he has his flaws but he also has good points.

      It might be a flaw but Wenger needs top quality support to be a winner and I hope that one of the results of these protests will be the board replacing Gazidis with someone who wants Arsenal to win, someone who had Deins passion.

      Even if it for a new manager, I would want the new manager to get the players s/he wants, not a bargain basement version.

    1. I hope not! Morata’s got a very poor scoring record, in fact Giroud’s much better than him, and that’s saying something. We badly need a world class striker…no more players with potential!

      1. I agree, we have Akpom and Welbeck with potential, we need someone who can do the job now and be the challenge that will make the 2 we have into reliable CF’s.

        I would be happy with a number of CF currently, any one of the following;

        Fekir (I think he could actually make a good CF, would be good squad player no matter what though)

        I am a fan of Fakir, even if we get a different CF, we could play him out wide, the guy has a wonderful left foot. I just like watching clips of this guy and would love to watch him in an Arsenal shirt.

    2. There are far more talented young forwards out there. We need a striker who can create something out of nothing. Morata is more of a finisher inside the box, he’s not a complete striker.

  3. No because you do NOT
    have to win big trophies
    to make a profit if you
    are in the right market.
    Chinese and USA football teams are useless
    but because they are in massive financial
    markets they can make big profits whether they win or not.
    Bournmouth Swansea Stoke are mediocre clubs but
    just making the EPL means mega bucks win or not.
    In the States teams like the NFL Cowboys 49ers Packers etc
    may only win one title in 15 years but are still mega rich.
    The NBA LA Lakers + Celtics have been in a slump for years but still make mega.
    Stan Kroenkes sports franchises are useless but they still earn mega in the US market.
    That’s why he couldn’t care less if Arsenal don’t win f’all he knows
    he will still make mega as long as the team is in the EPL.

    1. In 2004-5 Mourinho came
      and traumatized Wenger
      to the point where Wenger
      never had the balls to fight
      for the title again.
      So Kroenke’s no titles policy is a marriage made in accountants heaven.
      That message has now become the “Arsenal way” with
      Wenger, the board, Gazidis and the players all
      milking it in their wealthy cruisy top 4 comfort zone.
      Most of the fans have given up on titles and
      hide in the “pre 2004 we were great” consolation world.
      These deluded Arsenal fans diss the teams who do win
      like Chelsea man U and City by describing them
      as money teams and their fans as being “plastic”
      whereas Arsenal fans are “class” and play “beautiful” football.
      The fact that Arsenal’s sideways and backwards football
      has become slow, boring and toothless is lost on the
      envious deluded masses seeking anaesthesia from the 4th place shame.
      12 years with out a title, a tired embittered dictatorial
      manager lost in past glories screams out for change.
      But a “no titles are us” owner and well paid staff
      and a slew of average massively over paid squad members
      are stubbornly resistant to change.
      Change can not come soon enough.
      But will it?

  4. The problem at Arsenal is so much depressing.
    Injuries every season
    Too much dead woods every season
    Lack of progress of British talents and homegrown talents
    Failed transfer window
    Terrible defence
    No tactics
    Big game botters
    Choking striker
    Overpaid overrated players
    Divide among fans
    Excuses every season
    Greedy and ambition less board and manager

    1. The def isn’t that bad, we just haven’t got an adequate replacement for Per… He is the one talking and organizing the back line, Kos is quiet while Gab doesn’t appear to have good enough communication yet.

      We might need a ‘leader’ in the backline other than Per, maybe if Cech wasn’t out then Kos and Gabs partnership could have been better?

      At most we are 1 CB away from a GREAT back line, it would then be the CM ahead of them which would be an issue, something we noticed when Coq got injured.

    1. Why not, it would make absolutely no difference, there are tens of thousands on the waiting list for season tickets. Its down to the individual if we want to continue to give our money to a club which is showing little ambition to actually win a major trophy.

      As for the tickets that go on general sale, they’ll always be sold to either fans of the club. or football tourists who just want to see a premier league game, especially one at a magnificent ground in London.

      All this crap about boycotting games, protests, holding up placards etc, is a waste of time and effort. Arsene will go when he wants to, and Kroenke will go when he decides there is not enough profit, or collateral within the club to fulfil his brand utopia.

      Don’t get me wrong, i believe and want changes throughout the club, but no amount of stamping feet and whining will bring about change. As it stands, it is what it is, we have to stick by the players whether we think they’re good enough or not, and remember, it is not usually productive to be negative.

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