Why Arsenal fans can IGNORE Ozil and Alexis transfer talk

The news, speculation and debate surrounding Arsenal and the two star players who will soon be entering the last year of their current contracts has been going on pretty much the whole season and it will go on until they either sign a new deal or transfer away from the club during the summer transfer window.

Arsene Wenger has recently been saying things that suggest he is fairly relaxed about the whole issue and the Frenchman has hinted that he expects both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to be Arsenal players next season, but how much can we believe him and ignore all the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the German playmaker and the Chilean striker with other clubs in the Premier League and abroad?

In my opinion, quite a lot. If you look at what has been happening recently there are signs that Ozil and Alexis want to stay at Arsenal. The striker would not be so upset about out struggles in the Premier League and Champions League if he didn’t care and those recent comments about wanting to play for a winning team can just as easily be taken as him wanting Arsenal to be like that then they can about him wanting to go to Chelsea or another club. In comments on the Arsenal website this week the boss suggested exactly this.

He said, “I believe that he basically wants to stay at the club, and it’s down to finding an agreement with his agent.

“The players have to first see whether they are happy at the club. Most of the time it’s down to finding an agreement and the finances are involved in it, yes.”

The situation with Ozil is even more clear as the Germany international has himself spoke about being happy at Arsenal and in another Arsenal.com report Wenger has revealed that the latest Champions League exit really hit him hard, which it would not have done if he did not care.

The Frenchman said, “He is very ambitious and he wants to win the Champions League. He’s come out many times saying that. If you look at the two games and take the first 45 minutes of the two games, we were qualified but then went out in such an emphatic way.

“It was difficult to take for everybody and maybe even more for him because it’s a big part of his ambition.

“He cares. What I wanted to say in that is that people often reproach him by saying that he doesn’t care because of his style of play, but he cares much more than people think he does.”

You might say that all this is just talk and may not mean a thing, but if you look at the effort put in by both players and the whole team in the last two games it supports the comments and tells me that Arsenal will still have Ozil and Alexis in the side next year.



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    No way!…….
    We cannot ignore the fact that two of our best players want out and wenger is to be given another 2yrs contract for it….

    It’s apaLLing!

  2. Goonerboy says:

    I hope they stay, especially Alexis…

  3. Goonerboy says:

    Am not too concerned Ozil tbh, but no one really knows if Sanchez will stay if Ozil were to leave..
    Ozil doesn’t suit Wenger’s pattern, he limits our play a lot.
    He shouldn’t be our main creator,he CAN’T!!!

    He can only do well when surrounded with stars both behind him and in front of him, by that I mean he needs commanding and dominant CMs/DMfs behind him to do all the dirty jobs and in front and wings he needs very good players to flourish.

    Look at Madrid where he left, look at Germany national team too, he just can’t carry a team,its not his nature..unlike Sanchez is one hell of a player, I don’t need to say much about him…

    In my opinion:




  4. Goonerboy says:

    In our current system, I would prefer No.10s like..Cazorla, Coutinho,Payet heck even Sanchez…these players are more rounded and are not just about the final ball like Ozil is..

    All am saying is, we can do without Ozil on the pitch,but off it, it doesn’t speak well of our club,it sends a wrong message that we can’t keep our best players, if I could, or if I had to choose between them, I would everything possible to keep Sanchez

  5. JPS_AFC1 Aus says:

    I think we have to do everything in our power to keep Sanchez as No1 priority. I can’t think anyone who is a like for like replacement for him in world football. Ozil on the other i would like him to stay however if we can get our money back or even a little profit on his sale then i think he is easier to replace with an even harder working more dynamic player. Marek Hamsik, Ross Barkley, Isco, James Rodriguez, Mario Gotze, Miralem Pjanic are rumoured to be on the move and i think if we get top 4 they realistic targets for our club and in my opinion will do an even better job than Ozil in midfield.

  6. Ddog says:

    Right, I have to say I’m sick to death of having to read wenger out comments in every Arsenal space in existance, the rabble throthing at the mouth, chomping at the bit. all logic seems to disappear. I’m not Wenger in I think the club needs a fresh start, but I also see that, that will happen when the club and wenger are ready, and it will happen soon. Surley now, it’s time to get over it, get on with it, and get behind the team, just until the end of the season. I thought Gary Nevilles comments were out of line before, now i see that he was spot on. the most embarrassing thing about our collapse is how some of the fans have reacted. And you can see the trolls have taken full advantage of it.

  7. tweety says:

    when mr stubborn talks of players that are staying, means the opposite. remember van persie, clichy, fabregas, nasri and above all henry to mention a few, all left us when he said that all are happy to be playing for us. gooner = forever

  8. ross- says:

    What player are we to miss out on this summer then and talk about it this time next year when Alexis leaves on a free to Chelsea. Nothing will change until someone like David Dein comes back. Club is run atrociously. Respect AW but he needs to go, the only way players will accept the club’s ambition to change!

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