Why Arsenal fans can look forward to Year of the Gun!!

Arsenal still have almost a quarter of the current season still to play and we still have a chance, if an unlikely one, of producing a late charge and challenge to Chelsea for the Premier League title. But more realistic Gooners are just hoping that we can improve on our league position from last season and retain the FA cup trophy.

I think that we have good reasons to expect more from Arsenal next season though, and here´s why:

Arsene Wenger is going to have decent money to spend again this summer but we are not in a situation anymore where the team has clear problems that need solving. With Coquelin breaking through and the signing of Gabriel, the Gunners have already gone a long way to fixing two of our biggest issues. We also now have very strong competetion for most positions, highlighted by the struggle between Gibbs and Monreal at left back but repeated all over the pitch.

So with a few key and quality signings, Arsenal will have a stronger team and an excellent squad. Then there is the issue that has been our biggest obstacle in recent seasons, injuries. Wenger said recently that the club has got to the bottom of Ramsey´s recurring muscle problems and many of our injuries this season, like Debuchy´s, Giroud´s and Wilshere´s have been impact issues and so there is a good chance that we will not be blighted by an injury crisis next time.

All that should mean a stronger challenge from Arsenal but what about our EPL rivals? Well Man City look like they are going to have a major reshuffle and we know that can take time to work, while Man United are going to have to do the same to a lesser extent. There are reports that neither Di Maria nor Falcao are likely to be at Old Trafford next season and van Persie is not getting any younger. Van Gaal also needs to sort out his midfield and defence in the summer.

Chelsea will be strong again and I expect Liverpool to improve but it is Arsenal and our talented young team, in my opinion, that is in the best position to really push on. And Wenger will be determined to be crowned champions of England again before he steps down, so will it be the Year of the Gun next season?

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    1. what was last year for us?
      year of the rat (please dont talk about van persie like that)
      year of the ox (see what i did there! oi oi)

      1. Year of the Gun?
        Ha! Reminds me of The Looney Toons: Year of the pig.

        Year of the gun? Is that on the chinese calendar too?

    2. what do we do with the gun?

      Shoot ourselves in the foot or blow the opposition away? Depends on how accomplished we are with arms I guess..

      1. let’s go with the latter. We don’t have enough space in our hospital to shoot ourselves in the foot.

  1. Next season, the only worry i have is if Cazorla is still going strong, having one year post-30 on his back, but it’s not like youre doomed to suddenly become shit after youve hit 30 – so my worries should not be very acute!

    Mertesacker should be phased out more and more next season, Debuchy hits 30, Bellerin / Jenkinson will be important figures. Rosicky will be leaving – according to an article here, who knows what we will do without that trump card. We’ll cope, that I’m sure of – but it would be nice to replace him with some new talent at least (Like promoting Gnabry/Zelalem to a rotation-player)

    All we need is to directly improve our positions – but hopefully get extra cover on top and at the DM. Former gunner Håvard Nordtveit is playing DM at Münchengladbach, as well as CD for Norway. Being one of the better defensive players at club level, as well as the defensive talisman for Norway, he could be a wengeresque re-signing. Far from being world class / direct upgrade for the first team, but a cheap(?), young and fairly good squad-player (Better than Flamini / Chambers, i dare to say).

    A nice option to go for, if Wenger decides to spend most of his money elsewhere this summer, like on Dybala, Lacazette (or Bale, hehehehe)

    1. reckon wenger will go for la cassette over die baa-la, young an french?
      ticks most of his boxes

      1. & Di-B-Allah

        South American striker (Wengers fetish) – tick

        Young – tick

        Technical – tick

        Below 5 ft – tick

        He is probably wearing the AFC shirt at home right now with his tracksuit bottoms in front of the TV practicing his ball control;)

        1. Meh, just when I’m getting used to the “hold-up play”.

          Dybala! I wonder what the House of Rhaman thinks.

    1. I really want Rosicky/Koscielny/Santi/Arteta lift the trophy. They are up there in age and gave everything they had for this squad. And of course, I wanna Ozil and Alexis lift the trophy so they know they made the right choice in joining our squad.

    1. Ok….Nostradamos has spoken. Its better to say I don’t think Wenger will win a epl not We WiLL NEVER. You are not GOD. Also the only constant in this world is change. Fans like u said He will never win a trophy well he proved all wrong last season. Now u are back again saying EPL….lol. This team is practically complete and a few additions in the next window will definitely make us title contenders.

  2. wenger is scaramanga -the man with the golden gun.

    but who will play scaramangas midget butler from the film?

  3. Problems:
    Still not sure if Gabriel is a good defender .
    Still not sure if Giroud would keep this level .
    Still not sure if Ospina is a worldclass keeper .
    Monreal is good offensively but still has some defensive problems (remember the last game with Cabella) , Bellerin has the same problem .

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