Why Arsenal fans might NOT want Spurs out of Europa League

This is only one way of looking at things, of course, and I am sure that no Arsenal fan would really be all that upset to see the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund inflict a painful defeat on Tottenham tonight. On the other hand there is some reason for us to think that Mauricio Pochettino getting Tottenham through to the next round of the Europa League at Dortmund´s expense might not necessarily be a bad thing.

The last thing we want is for the spuds to go and win the thing but a few more Thursday night games for them might be just the thing. This last 16 tie with the Germans has been reasonably kind on them, fixture wise, coming ahead of Premier League matches against Aston Villa and Bournemouth.

If they reach the quarter finals though, their European nights will come after a trip to face Liverpool at Anfield and before a home clash with Man United and then a trip to Stoke. And if they made it to the semis our rivals would be playing on the Thursday before Chelsea away and Southampton at home.

Arsenal may not be able to catch Leicester but it would make the pill a bit less bitter if we at least finish above Spurs again and those Thursday night games might just helps Arsenal to make it happen. Or would you just like Dortmund to end it and roast the spuds over the next eight days?

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    1. I will be rooting for liverpool. comon you liverpool. ahaha…..dont understand why arsenal fans give a s…. about spurs though

      1. @ks-gunner
        Just seems like a more interesting game than Pool/MU.
        Who would you rather watch play Origi/Firmino, Martial/Depay or Reus/Aubameyang?

        1. bec of my german friends i do watch borrusia a lot. liverpool should just win this competion for the sake of the epl, spurs should also go further, but borrusia is just a special team and deserve all the best.

          liverpool win
          bvb win

    2. Aubameyang cost less than £10 mils..

      Unbelievable. And I thought Wenger is the specialist finding talent in Ligue 1?!

    3. muffy……..Afc official scout?………interesting……… I trust u to get us that boy Aubameyang!

      1. Arsenal’s FA cup run will
        not help our EPL chances.
        Catch up game after Watford
        and another after the semi-final.
        Mean while Leicester have
        many days rest between games.

      2. If it panned out they way it would be great. Keep em nice and busy.

        Although if they get that far they just could win it.

        Oh how I wish we had something more to show than that 1984 glory in Europe!

        Maybe we can call back Alan smith?

  1. Maybe if Spurs stays in the Europa and are more challenged for the EPL title, that could help Arsenal secure top spot. Wenger might then “retire while on top” which retirement is probably a soon to be needed move. Easier to have him voluntarily retire than to try to push him out.

  2. I want spuds out of europa league because on one side we have the possibility of reducing BPL to 3 CL spots, which only means that Arsenal have to fight harder to make the profit from CL, meaning we might actually get some positive change from silent stan concerning spending / ambition. On the other side, we have spurs winning EL, and possibly maintaining the fourth CL spot, which means no change for Arsenal.

    First side – good for Arsenal if Kroenke fears missing out on CL
    Second side – bad concerning Tottenham success in europe – we’ll hear it all the years until we’ve repeated their success or won CL – aaaand the maintained fourth CL spot means Kroenke can still not give a sh!t about what’s going on over the atlantic occean. 2x negative in other words. vs 1 good (spurs out) and 1 potentially good (change from Kroenke). I’m curious to how this logic from an arsenal fan’s point of view can be challenged.

    Of course, if spuds make it to the semis / final just to lose there instead, that’s good too… Gives spuds more matches to fatigue them throughout the rest of the season.

    1. Do you think Stan thinks about the Champions League or something else Arsenal are into and so the American owner who at Arsenal who gives no sh*t about what happens here. He knows one thing that the popularity of the club is higher then what he owns in US and nobody gives a rip about those clubs he owns. Gazidis is just enjoying Wenger’s company on how to save money.
      As a majority stake-holder he is responsible for funding the club with something not just buying club shares and that is not even investment while enjoying the revenue generated by the club.

  3. I don’t know a good thumping from a proper football club might make them realise that they need to drop several places to restore rightful balance to the league. 3-0 was ok, provided BvB do that again at WHL. 🙂

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