Why Arsenal fans MUST keep hassling Wenger

Arsenal need AOBs and AKBs by Sam P

From the title of this article you might assume that I approve of the grief that a few Arsenal fans gave to Arsene Wenger after we lost to Stoke City at the weekend. The truth is that I felt it went too far and was disrespectful, but I also understand why those fans were so angry and I think that the divisions in the supporters is not necessarily a bad thing.

At the end of the day, we all feel how we feel and that is that. So Wenger will always have a loyal following among the fans and rightly so. When we look back at what he has done for the club it will be the most successful period of our history and his reputation will grow with time.

Right now, however, we need results and it seems to me that the Gunners often play better when they have something to prove. The players seem to be fully behind the Frenchman and when he is under pressure they want to get him out of it.

I also think that Wenger has a real thing for proving people wrong, so the fans who want him out must keep shouting and making their point, even if it is only to be proved wrong. Forget harmony, because it is not going to happen. I think the dissenters have already had an impression on Wenger and if he feels under pressure to spend money in January because of it, what harm can that do?

This is an AKB asking those AOBs out there to keep hassling the boss.


  1. Brada b says:

    We’re not hassling him i want him out don’t kno for the rest of u gooners & #FreeJoelCampbell some more mr #aw !!!

  2. Matt says:

    I love Arsene, I have so much respect for him however I think he should step down as manager and move ‘upstairs’ as it were. He can’t motivate the team to beat the big boys and gets tactically outwitted because he hasn’t moved on when the game has. He makes constant mistakes in the transfer market and never buys in the positions we truly need. There’s no question the man has class and a certain air about him however we need a young, fresh manager with modern methods. Arsene should do the best thing for the club and step down at the end of the season.

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      No ‘upstairs’ no dabbling in the next managers affairs, we need a clean break and a manager not restricted by Wenger’s thinking.

  3. habsgunner says:

    Wondering what team the AKB’s fans will support when Mr Wenger retired??

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      No team. They will open up a church and call them selfs the Wengerits.

    2. DaveJay says:

      What team did you follow before Wenger assembled the invincibles?

    3. Budd says:

      I am not an AKB but because I am not an AOB either I guess I will support the same team I supported before Wenger arrived at Arsenal.

  4. Mick The Gooner says:

    In the light of all this hate, people need to remember all the great things that Wenger has done for the club – he deserves far more respect than he’s being shown.

    This ‘9 years without a trophy’ line that is continuously thrown out needs to be put in perspective – perhaps the odd cup could have been won, but really we were in no position to compete for titles with the resources we had. Now that we’ve been steered through the toughest times of budget constraints, we can compete again – it’s Wenger who steered us through those times. Whether or not he’s the right man to manage now that we can compete is open to opinion but some fans really need to bear in mind all of the positive things Wenger has done before giving him so much abuse..

    I’d also like to ask: if not Wenger, then who? And don’t come out with suggestions of Guardiola and Ancelotti, they’re beyond our reach..

    1. RSH says:

      even though we were going to tough financial times, we still had enough money to win some cups, and it took 9 years to win 1. And Wenger always seems to have an unbalanced team with a weak defense. There hasn’t been a solid back 4 that played more than one good season for Arsenal in probably over a decade. Wenger just keeps making the same mistakes, and he’s going to keep doing them as well. The club and fans have more than respected him by waiting 9 years. It honestly wouldve been great if he left with the cup, and then let the club move forward. You can have your own opinion, but when were in the same position next year just remember

      1. bazooka says:

        We might not hv any trophy in those 9 years, but we could hv become a liverpool if not for wenger.. everyone wants success, but who could compete with joker like man city n chelsea (who could throw in money for fun)without adequate financial power.. Now we are finally capable of competing financially and everyone wants the ‘hero’ to pack his back. What a joke.. God knows what would happen to us now if we didnt survive those rough nine years. Please show some respect and appreciation to the boss, because unlike other manager, he deserves more patience from the fans. Those who are saying “other managers would have been sacked” couldnt have been more wrong.. Wenger bleed arsenal, he builds arsenal, 3 years is the least we could give him to show our appreciation to him. And it’s not like he is destroying the team in the three years.. we could a ll see he is assembling a strong squad. One more world class player next summer and we will look awesome. #akbpower #letarsenecompletehiscontract

        1. Budd says:

          Wenger earned his right to quit whenever he wants. People may spot whatever they want but this is the truth. He will complete his 3 year contract. Not going to end this season.

    2. DaveJay says:

      It’s not the fact that people want Wenger out that gets to me. It’s the way they degrade and insult him that makes my blood boil.

      Faceless internet lice.

      1. Budd says:

        Lots of them supported Arsenal because of Wenger and they have not seen any other manager at Arsenal. The irony.

  5. Darylmt says:

    Wenger is thick skinned. As long as he doesn’t let it affect him the board will stay silent and do nothing. I think the way he was treated at Stoke was disgusting, calling him a c**t and telling him to f**k off is not the right way to air your feelings towards him.

    The banner at West Brom at least had an air of respect about it. I do feel thankful for all that he has put into this club and the memories i will have of his early tenure will stay with me forever. In fact i still get goosebumps watching the arsenal under the early Wenger era. But, I also now think that his methods have been found out. And the more I look back the more I think about the players he inherited rather than bought. And that raises a question in my mind. Is he actually as good at spotting and developing certain players as much as I first thought? The defensive positions to be more exact. We seem to have had real issues since the likes of Adams, Dixon, Bould, Winterburn have retired. We had Keown, also. I know he brought in Sol Campbel, and Toure wasn’t too bad, but it all seems to have gone wrong. Is Wenger overlooking this area in favour of attacking players, or does he just have a weakness when it comes to finding the right type of defender? I’m not saying i’m right, and there is a lot more to this but it’s a theory.

    Anyway I digress. I do think the Arsenal/Arsene Wenger partnership has become stale now. The club does need a new manager, and despite the risk involved, I think it’s something the club and fans need to accept. After all, Wenger himself was a risk was he not? But so many fans only know him as he’s been here so long and won’t recall the end of the George Graham Era, then Bruce Rioch. Abusing Wenger won’t get him out. I don’t know the right answer but he somehow needs to understand we admire everything he’s done but we’d like him to move over now.

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