Why Arsenal fans need to CALM DOWN over Wilshere injury

The fact of the matter is that injury problems are a part and parcel of football, or any professional sport for that matter, especially one in which contact is an integral part of the game. So just because our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere has suffered another setback does not mean that the problems on the fitness and medical side of Arsenal Football have not been solved.

Wilshere and many of the other players that have been plagued with injuries in recent years have been a worry because a lot of them were muscular, but just like with the tackle from the Man United defender last season which put Jack out of action, there is not a lot you can do about impact injuries.

Apparently that is what happened to the 23-year old again, this time in training. A report in The Mirror reveals that it was a tackle by our Brazilian defender Gabriel which has cause the latest problem and while that is frustrating, it is just one of those things.

Some Arsenal fans have laid into Gabriel on social media but that seems plain stupid to me. Training is surely about getting ready for proper games and tackling is a key part of a centre back´s game, so let´s just calm down and stop threatening to kill the lad shall we?

This is a massive blow, of course, especially for the unlucky player, but it does not mean that it is time to panic and assume that we will be riddled with injury problems again this season. The fact is that we have not been so well set for the start of a Premier League campaign in years and until we have almost a full team of players in the treatment room as we have in the last few seasons, I for one am happy to assume that the Gunners have fixed the underlying problems and will have a strong enough squad to cope with the unlucky but inevitable knocks that come our way.

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  1. No panic…we will miss his agility and long passes, even though we always at our best without him, we’ll miss him. We love you Wilshere,we will always do, so come back better

    1. No wonder we’re at best without him when he at the age of 23 has missed more than 100 matches due to injury – and on Arsenal.com he’s played 120+34 matches.

      Now what I’m rather concerned about is how despite having weak bones, Wilshere is still smoking cigarettes – which is known for weakening ones bones. Furthermore, what are they doing in Arsenal to deal with them bones? To strengthen his bones, he should have a rich (Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, Potassium + other minerals)-diet, as well as giving up smoking.

      1. Illeramendi would be a great signing. But as our fellow gooner said we are not in a supermarket. Anyways I’m sure if Wenger wanted to sign him he could do so.Wenger doesn’t rate him.actually Wenger prefers flamini to any other DM. Don’t forget guys we got flamini the flame. Lol

        1. The season hasn’t even started yet and we have many injured players, jack,rosicky, welbeck……its the same old story. We are ganna get hit by injuries! I don’t understand why not just sign a damn DM and striker to complete your squad. We need new players to cover up our injury problems. Hope Wenger changes his plans and signs players

  2. It is obvious to me as an outsider that Jack will not be able to play 40-50 games a season. So we have Santi, Ramsey, and Coq, for two positions. Santi also covering for Ozil at Cam and Sanchez at LW.
    Of course we have Arteta and Flamini as well, but i really would like to think that we wont rely on them this year. But i am afraid Wenger will.
    In my opinion, we could do with one more player at that position, there are still some out there although most of the good ones such as Vidal, Schneiderlin, Kongdobia are gone.

    1. We also have Rosicky for CAM and CM who in my opinion currently is a better player than Jack anyways. I don’t think we are going to miss Wilshere too much. He was injured even when we had that good run last season. CM and CAM are two positions where we have enough depth.

    2. Remember, RVP was constantly injured, especially in his younger years. This is bad luck – period.

      Not one of us knows what will happen with Wilshere in the future. And his injury status is certainly more promising than Diaby.

  3. i hope this means a new midfielder coz to b honest Ramsey is probably going 2get a knock sometime…we all knw arterta nd flamini arn’t up2 scratch

        1. The fact is that we needed a player like Morgan badly. Sooo sad hes at manure. We should have signed him. He could have covered two vital positions in the team cm and DM. We should have got Jackson and Morgan. Two quality signings

  4. Wilshere has been nothing but a squad player for several seasons now. He’s not essential to the team, but he’s a nice option to have off the bench sometimes. Getting Rosicky and Welbeck back are more important. Whenever Jack can play, okay. But its just not a big deal anymore. Its expected. Still okay with not selling him, but if AW ever leaves when Jack is still there odds are he will be let go.

  5. Some fans are idiot, if anything happen to gabriel do they think wilshere will go scot free?
    And its not even intentional

  6. Wish we didn’t loan out Crowley so early now. He probably would’ve gotten some gametime now that we lose another midfielder. Maybe it will be Adelaide? Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, are out only fit AM’s. Guess Ox counts too.

    1. I hope Wenger either keeps Adelaide as an attacking wide man or if moved well then further forward would be preferential. Enough of the he can play centrally midfield BS, we already have Ox and a plethora of talents.

  7. Jack Wheelchair is the new injury prone king at the Emirates
    Should have sold him to City…40mil
    his not worth half of that now ?

  8. I pity jack. He should watch his meal and seek advice from teves and messi. This injuries of his is getting out of hand!
    Hope he comes back stronger.

  9. Injury????


    here is the solution

    prepare for the worst.

    But the problem is the manager and the boards are too static.

    they don’t have dynamism at all.


    this is contrary to the first law of thermodynamics.


    if d club can’t adhere to this simple law what will happen when the FA


    the complex s Schrödinger eqn

    For d club to achieve success this principle must be adhered to

  10. Feel sorry for Jack, but at least this is a “new” injury and hopefully he’s back soonest. Other teams have bigger injury concerns than that … chelsea have to deal with the flaky hamstrings of costa, fabregas, man city with kompany, aguero … super Jack will be back!

  11. Like i said Yesterday in my comment i pray we will all be alive come May, Arsenal will not Win anything the seasons if Wenger Failed to Add Another DM That will either Partner or rotate with Conquelin , Why must Wenger always stick to his own Opinion does that means everyone opinions means nothing , Imagine a club that want to Win a League having abt 3 players on the injury list already when competition has not even started without them playing any serious Match , Can someone tell me which Match does Welbeck , Rosicky played that got them injured now Wishere has joined so Any true Arsenal Fan should expect Ramsey ,Chamblin and Arteta to join them anytime soon not that am wishing them bad but this is reality. No matter which Striker we add we will not win the league without adding someone that will help conqulin wit that dirty work at the Middle , Remember Chelsea only scored 2 more goals than Arsenal last seasons but we conceded more goals than Chelsea and yet Wenger refused to address the reason why we conceded more goals instead his looking for 28yrs old Benzeman for 40 pounds , what happened to Jackson martinez and Carlos Bacca who are also 28yrs which went for lesser price or does that means Benzeman is coming to arsenal to Score 50 goals or win champion League for us……Can’t wait for Wenger to retire from Arsenal .

    1. Why will Wenger stick to his own opinion? Why would he not should be the question. If for example he listened to your opinion, which began by saying Wenger will not win anything without a new def mid? Coming off the back of two seasons of actually winning silverware with lesser players than we have now sort of makes your opinion redundant. Momentum is the word of the day.

  12. Tis a shame Jack is injured. If he has another dud season his career is probably going to derail a bit. We really do need to control our emotions though. Attacking poor Gabriel is just out of line. Accidents happen.

    1. I saw that on twitter. Disgraceful people are sending Gabriel death threats. Hope they get thrown in jail. How do you call yourself an Arsenal fan if you are directly threatening your own players? And lets use a bit of common sense, was Gabriel’s tackle so horrific that it injured poor Wilshere, or did Jack’s flimsy ankles give out again for the 100th time? Anyways get better soon Jack, if we are going for the title we need as many people fit as possible.

  13. This also means IMO that chamberlain will get more game time. I believe the OX can even play cam….jack will be back eventually but I think he’s not had a long enough run in the first team for his absence to be a huge blow…and with rosicky and welbeck coming back, can’t say am too worried. We will be fine.

  14. Its a huge setback for the guy. He had worked so hard to get himself fit…and after those 3screamers he scored: 1 for arsenal and 2 for england…..you must feel for him. The good part is that its only 2 months. I mean this is a guy who’s been out for 15 and 5 months with prevoius ankle injuries. So 8 weeks is good news. To some extent!

  15. Not bothered in the slightest it was expected he’s a crock and a overrated one aswell. Soon to follow will obviously be ox,theo rambo fans deluded enough to think otherwise r just fooling themselves.

    Then your going to get the pathetic fans who cone September October will say “it’s our injuries ifs buts & maybes”
    When will we all face the reality?
    At the moment our squad is no where near winning the league il not even mention the chaps league, on top of that the guaranteed brittle players injuries n the refusal to strengthen means the same every season.
    4th place battle
    Group stages or lady 16 champs
    Maybe a good cup run.

    Strengthen = possibilities
    Remain the same = no Major trophy

    1. True @Mo1.
      Wilshere getting injured isn’t new just how after Wenger does not sign a capable CF for the 4th season in a row and we finish 4th this season you will see the SAME PEOPLE around this SAME TIME next year who said the squad was good enough, you’ll see there will be no injuries if everyone stays fit so we don’t need to sign players or we don’t really need any striker we have Giroud (a player better than Rooney and Henry who it is very very very very HARD to find any better player than him and whom some fans here will discount any other player better than him to prove he is good enough). You would think 4 seasons is enough. It will not be apparently.

      Same old same old rubbish every time with the same idiots here expecting something different or a miracle without the manager putting the team in a strong position first. Its disgusting.

      1. correct. No CF= No title. People say now the squad is good enough but they are the same people who will be complaining when Giroud fails to turn up yet again. I’m not giving in to the media hype surrounding us winning the title . As it stands we are favorites for 4th. We can be favorites for the league if we make 1 more signing but with Wenger in charge its a maybe when it should be a certainty.

    1. Our best striker is the worst out of the top 4’s best strikers. And the gap is pretty big too. Giroud not nearly on the same level as Costa, Aguero, Rooney. Giroud is decent but thats all He’d be backup at any other top club, and I stand by that. If we dont get a CF we dont get title.

  16. I have nothing against Jack, but that summer when we signed Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla I was secretly pissed that he was awarded the #10 jersey. I never saw him as a #10 and now since then he’s actually put a bad taste in my mouth of the caliber of player that should be rightfully donning that number. Should have kept the #19 instead. I was shocked Podolski didn’t get it after RVP left since that’s his number anyways, and then after seeing Santi and Ozil in that position either would have been more suitable for that number. I’m sorry call me old school but just as we’re crying for Benzema to fill the vacant #9 jersey as he’s an actual #9 the same goes for the #10 for me and the player that occupies it.

    1. Wenger has always treated Wilshere with a bit more favoritism. Don’t really care about shirt numbers truthfully though, lol.

  17. I don’t think anybody is panicking about Wilshere injury…
    He is “just” a squad player and never had (and never will have) a real or serious impact.
    If it was Cazorla, for example, I would be extremely worried, especially with Wenger record when it comes to find a suitable solution…!!

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