Why Arsenal fans need Tottenham to beat Man City

Arsenal fans will be hoping that the Premier League’s 18th placed team Hull City can do us a favour by taking points off Chelsea this weekend but not really expecting it from the Tigers, especially as the game is going to be played at Stamford Bridge.

The only thing we can do is to win our own game at home to Burnley and hope that the pressure helps to have a negative effect on Chelsea and for that reason I think the Arsenal fans should be hoping that Tottenham win as well, because at the moment they are the closest challengers to Antonio Conte’s team.

The spuds have a tough game away to Man City but if they do win it might just get Chelsea looking nervously over their shoulders. It would mean that the Gunners would finish the weekend below our north London rivals no matter what we do against Burnley but I think we need to look at the bigger picture right now.

For now that means we need as much pressure on the league leaders as possible and even if it does not pay off this weekend they have a much harder game coming after Hull, as they travel to Anfield to face Liverpool. If they do drop points and allow the chasing pack to catch up, Arsenal can deal with Tottenham then.

Let’s just postpone St. Totteringham’s day for a while shall we?



  1. HairyCustard says:

    The chances of us catching up to chelsea are slim, and banking on spurs to win is dangerous – they are not the same Spurs that we would laughably finish above, this side is much better. I would much rather a draw, where both Spurs and City will drop points, meaning at the very least, we will be closer to a top 4 spot. I know, I know, Wenger trophy and all, but if we want to keep Ozil and Sanchez, especially, we definitely need champions league football next season, and the way that the top 5 (maybe 6) teams have been playing, there will be more competition than we have faced previously. I don’t think its logical to hope that a Spurs win will shake the Chelsea team into dropping points.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Spuds what ever “much better” you think they are now, is one point above. As far as that.
      17 games left, 8 points separation is still in the reach. No one win the trophy at January.

    2. Budd says:

      We all know that China’s gates are open now. I believe in the summer many top players will look to improve on their finances by taking the leap to the other side of the world. Ozil and Sanchez are no exceptions. Sanchez himself was blasted with a tax return of one million pounds not to mention the fine. Do anyone here think Arsenal (or any club in EPL) will refuse 65 million pounds for Sanchez or Ozil? Especially now that they have one more year on their contracts. You have to be out of your mind to do that.
      In fact, I am really glad this is happening now with the EPL, China learned this from Chelsea, City etc. Pay disgusting money and it will happen. Their party is a big supporter of football, it brings the masses in check.
      Myself I have no doubt, Sanchez will be leaving in the summer. I just hope that this will be a fresh start for us. New faces, new system etc.

  2. Onochie says:

    @Dragunov762mm,let me refresh your memory a bit,in the last 10 years only Arsenal and Liverpool were the only teams to be top in January and yet ended up not winning the Title,because of inconsistent runs,can you say that the current table toppers are inconsistent? At least not at the moment. On the Article: Like I keep saying,we Arsenal should focus on our own games which is in our hands. Let’s not forget that we have a chasing pack below us too.

  3. Wilshegz says:

    as Hazard have said only 2clubs can make Chelsea really be nervous; Liverpool and City. City are outta it now n Spurs are not even a threat for Arsenal in the long run.
    so as a Gooner, I care less what Spurs,Man.U n City play, I’m more interested in Arsenal and Liverpool winning their games

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