Why Arsenal fans should be excited about Samuel Chukwueze

Arsenal has begun looking at players who could join them at the Emirates next season.

After a quiet January transfer window, the Gunners are expected to be busy in the next transfer window and one player who has been linked with a move to the Emirates is Samuel Chukwueze of Villarreal.

The young winger has been in fine form since he broke into the Yellow Submarines first team last season.

He has continued to impress in this campaign and it seems only a matter of time before he is bought by a big side.

There are so many things to be excited about Chukwueze, in this article I discuss just a few.

He can be our Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben was one of the world’s best left-footed wingers before he retired last season, and Chukwueze has been compared to the former Chelsea man.

Chukwueze has the potential to be as good as if not better than the former Chelsea and Real Madrid wide man.

Mikel Arteta can do a Raheem Sterling with him

Mikel Arteta has been credited for helping Raheem Sterling become as lethal as he is now.

He can help transform Chukwueze as well. Chukwueze gets everything right except scoring or assisting consistently and Arteta can help him add that to his game.

His trickery can unlock Premier League defences

Chukwueze is known for his trickery on the ball and for running at defences. Youtube is filled with the Nigerian’s compilations and he seems to be good enough to open up Premier League’s defences.

Nicolas Pepe has struggled in his first campaign but Chukwueze seems to be better when running at defences than the Ivorian.

He is young and could build a legacy at Arsenal

Signing Chukwueze next summer would be a good move. He would be just 21 at the time and Arsenal would have the chance to mould him into the winger they want.

His young age also means that he can develop to become one of the best wingers to ever play for the Gunners.

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  1. I cannot get exited until players has signed, we have had so many links with so many players in the last 20 years if we name them all they make up half the players in Europe including Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Ibrahimovic and so on

  2. I would sell Auba & Laca in the summer and bring in Chukwueze.

    A front 3 of Chukwueze, Martinelli, Pepe would be fast and dangerous.

  3. We had the chance to sign this kid when we signed the other Nigerian flop kawali. We chose kawali [1m] and turned down chukweuze cos he would have cost 3m.

    1. @ Atid can you call someone a flop when you never played him . Yahaya Toure never got the chance to play for Arsenal . He is a flop as well .

      1. Exactly……

        in the real football world its hard to tell if a player is a flop

        a player can be very talent but his lack of discipline, determination and injuries can destroy his talent

      2. Chukwueze gets everything right except scoring and assisting consistently 😁
        Like a goalie who does great but let’s in a lot of soft goals 😃
        Sounds like Sanogo.
        A loan perhaps.

    2. Arsenal wanted the two…. Arsenal wanted him for cheap…..I’m glad he went somewhere else…..Nwakali was never given a chance by arsenal and it will come to hurt us…..two of the three top Nigerians from that fifa tournament are in high demand now……go figure what happened to the best player from the tournament?….

  4. Let him sign for Arsenal first and than we can get excited. Heard a lot about him from the Spanish media, but as I said let him sign for Arsenal first.

  5. “…..has been linked to a move to the Emirates…..” says it all. How many does that make now for whom we can say the same? About 127? Let’s cut the rubbish until there is positive info. Alternatively make a list of all 2500 players in all the leagues and discuss 1 by 1 what each player can bring or not should Arsenal only vaguely and without substance be rumoured to have an interest. At least Admin will be busy and we can tune out.

    1. If you did tune out SAGooner there would certainly be a lot less complaining in the comments about articles you are not forced to read. That said, this one does have substance as an earlier article quoting Santi Cazorla confirming that “friends” at Arsenal have asked him for info on this particular player. OH and those words you used, is the actual link. Maybe click on it and have a good read.

  6. Arsenal fc is a funny team, u leave a player because of little extra million pounds and go back begging with higher value! Penny pinching AFC won’t buy chukwueze becos of Pepe payment! Foolish board and their bad business, look at our academy and first team u will see over decadence of failure as a result of bad management decisions

    1. Desmond, do you know we can’t signed every player. My self at the time thought that amount was too much for him. And I know I was right because I read somewhere at the time Villarreal paid far less. Besides, he a good thing for the boy if you look at his compatriot career so far with us.

    2. You are right Dedimond bad management in Arsenal FC they will allow good player to leave and keep linking with players but can never buy to replace the good one they sell is annoying
      I wish one day good management will come and take over Arsenal because the management is very stupid

  7. Good shopping if it happen, Chikweze is a good and fastest player and it will be a good combiation with Martinelli and Pepe.

  8. Window shopping can be fun. We are used to it. Chukwueze will be a threat to the Premiership defenders, but not much productivity and consistency, just like Pepe.

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