Why Arsenal fans should be happy that Ospina will play against Man City


An open letter to Arsenal fans…

Would you honestly rather see Petr Cech start the Carabao Cup final ahead of David Ospina?

If the answer is yes, perhaps his rapidly declining Premier League stats compiled by Oulala.com since joining Arsenal may change your mind.

Cech is fading and he’s fading fast.

Clean sheets and goals conceded aren’t solely down to the keeper, we get that. However saves per goal conceded are.

Catches have turned into punches. Worrying. Would you rather see him punch the ball than catch it against Man City?

Then there’s the last stat, errors leading to goals. Four. That’s a scary number. More than any other player in the Premier League. In fact; more than any player in Germany, Spain or France too.

There is no reason why Petr Cech deserves a starting spot in the final, is there??



  1. I’m definitely up for Ospina having a run….. I know every gk makes mistakes… but Cech’s are happening a lot lately! It’s not good to see & yes I’m glad Ospina is playing on Sunday! COYG

  2. I’m glad that Ospina is playing Sunday, but it’s frustrating that he’s ONLY playing because it’s a cup game. Wenger hasn’t dropped Cech because of his poor form, it was already predetermined.

    I love what Mourinho is doing with Pogba. He’s obviously in poor form (and overrated in my opinion), and Mourinho has rightly benched him of late. Why? Because Mourinho wants to give his team the best chance of winning. I wish Wenger would do that…just once!

    1. Ruthless managers like Mourinho and Guardiola will do that, no matter how much the player costs (to Salah, Cuadrado, Joe Hart, Nolito, etc). But Wenger’s softness on his players was clearly shown at the cold and rainy Wembley match, where most of the rich and spoilt brats looked as if they wanted to go home

      If he doesn’t dare to discipline his players soon, I am afraid the board would give him a harsh treatment at the end of this season

  3. Szczesny and Fabianski both played in Finals because Wenger promised them Cup Competition for being No2 choice keeper.
    Ospina was promised this so only right he starts in place of Cech.
    I would offer some defence for Cech.We have a very fragile Defence in front of him with little or no Midfield cover,and he certainly had better and more drilled players in front of him when he was at Chelski.But it’s there to see that mistakes are happening too often and he will know himself he is not at the level he once was.
    We will no doubt buy a new GK this summer and if Cech stays as a No2 he would maybe enjoy the less pressurised position of Cup Competition and be a Top Draw back up.

  4. Rightfully so Ospina should be in goal Sunday, he’s our cup keeper, why only our cup keeper and doesn’t get league game unless Chech is injured I don’t know, a pointless decision Wenger made at the start of the season regardless of form. If Ospina makes a mistake we are out of a cup and he gets no game time, if Chech makes mistakes its points dropped and just move on to the next game.

  5. We have a choice between an ex great keeper who is in rapid decline and a good shot stopper who makes crucial mistakes. I call it Hobson’s Choice. Since Jens Lehman our choice of keeper has been pretty awful and it is little wonder that we have struggled. I don’t think it matters who is between the sticks, they are both pretty average.

    All the top European sides have top goal keepers, it’s not rocket science!!!!!

    1. Yes!

      Ospina is marginally better than Almunia was, but makes a lower number of difficult saves than Cech (per minutes played) and is unable to clear high balls unlike Cech, and makes more mistakes per minutes played (especially if we add his Columbia fiasco from recent qualifiers where they were leading 1:0 until Ospina gifted the opposition 2 goals in the last 3 minutes, something Cech has NEVER done in his career).

      So, no. I’d be happy if we had a better 1st choice, but also back-up keeper.

  6. We missed the chance to develop sczesny alongside the experienced czech. Ospina is not a good keeper. People forget the disgusting performance against Monaco a few seasons ago.

  7. Let’s be honest, Cech was past it when we got him. He was already second choice at Chelsea. Just another cheap Wenger buy.
    Why would we want to scoop up players that can’t get in the first team of our direct rivals?! Same principe applies to all these defenders we’re interested in. They’re all rejects at their former clubs except Jonny Evans who was actually demoted by his top 6 club to bloody West Brom! Same w D Rugani… he cant even get a starting berth at Juventus.
    Wenger out.

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