Why Arsenal fans should be nervous ahead of North London Derby

A North London derby on the horizon is always cause for concern among the Arsenal fans. It’s natural to feel some anxiety when the stakes are so high: No defeat is more painful than one suffered at the hands of their resurgent local rivals. This time round, the build-up is particularly agonizing — the timing of the international break means Arsenal supporters have to wait two weeks for the derby to come around, all the while digesting their latest high-profile defeat to Manchester City. That will have Gunners fans feeling as jittery as ever — and arguably rightly so. Their result on Saturday Nov.18th will play a huge role in determining the mood around the club for the crucial festive period.

Right now, Arsenal’s season is on a knife-edge. They’re miles off the league leaders, but winning the title was never a realistic aspiration for this team. Objectively this side are probably performing at about par. This Premier League campaign was always going to be about trying to reclaim a place in the top four, and Arsenal are just three points off that position despite having faced some very tricky away fixtures. A win against Spurs would take the Gunners to within a point of their neighbours, and reignite their bid to recover their seat at Europe’s top table… the Champions League.

However, things could easily swing the other way. Defeat would ensure that Arsenal’s glass remained very much half-full. They’d be seven points behind Spurs and their league campaign could be on the cusp of free-fall. Another big defeat could be hugely demotivating for the Gunners’ squad. Arsenal’s season have a tendency to fall apart somewhat as soon as hope of glory evaporates. It’s seemingly hard for ambitious players to get themselves up for a campaign in which they have no chance of winning the top prize.

In a season in which Arsenal are not going to win the Premier League or Champions League, the derbies become all the more important. They are cup finals of their own…..Read more here……


  1. Nayr says:


    Arsene wenger should be nervous about the north london derby.

    we are watching.
    another mediocre performance and we will turn again like last season.

    1. Anko says:

      The two clubs are moving in different directions in terms of playing football. The painful part of it is that the one I support is the one moving in the negative direction. Arsene Wenger does not know what to do with our club. He does not want someone else to try! Our players are no longer one of the best, players are not being made responsible for their pay. Our good players are turning backwards and not committed to the club, we are generally becoming a 5th/6th position club. Am sad! We will see what will happen against Tottenham!

  2. barryglik says:

    The Derby could end Spurs PL challenge as
    they would be 11 points behind if City win
    Would Spurs continue to fight for top 4?
    Would they focus on the ECL or just implode?
    A win for Arsenal would see top 4 come into clear view again
    and justify everything Wenger and Kroenke stand for.
    Would the board consider extending Arsene’s contract?
    Would a win make Ozil and/or Sanchez to stay?

    1. Sue says:

      I doubt they’ll want to stay if we win! I just hope they both step up & put in a performance

  3. ramterta says:

    we are going to be at home for this game and if wenger gets his tactics right we should win without any problem
    spurs danger players are kane alli and eriksen.
    Given they are without the services of walker and rose they should be easier to deal with this season.

    So our tactical formation should be about stopping those three players and finding a way past vertonghen alderwierls and lloris.
    liverpool dortmund and real madrid have dominated them so it should be easier to deal with their midfield

    imo lets play a 433 formation
    bellerin kos mertz kolasinac
    xhaxa ramsey
    lacazette giroud sanchez

    kolasinac should be tasked with dealing with ericksen and should be more defensive in this match
    mertz should be discipline and deal with the long balls and high balls
    kos should deal with the through balls
    coquelin needs to remain defensive and not act like a ball playing midfielder.
    He is the person who i believe can handle kane very well and both kos mertz coquelin and kolasinac should coordinate in dealing with the attacking sevices of tottenham
    alli ericksen and son.
    bellerin can be alllowed to roam foward and assist to attack

    If we have good memories xhaka played well in his first nld derby because he played as a cm and not a dm.he cannot protect the defense but he has good attacking qualities of passing and shooting which he is among the best in the world in doing.He will also addd stee to our midfield and deal with the aerial balls.
    ramsey is a good payer when he decides to remain disciplined less greedy and focus more on creating chances and filling our midfield with his presence and providing eergy for both attacks and defense, remember he is a complete midfielder.
    The attacking trio of lacazette giroud and sanchez both provide different qualities which are able to mix.
    giroud physicality and aerial threat.sanchez ihardwork and runs while lacazette movement should be able to worry spurs defense.

    The 343 formation wenger uses has so many holes and mistakes to be desired.
    There are lots of imbalances

    1. ramterta says:

      if welbeck is fully fit and available he must start this match.
      He is the only player who has truly brought out the best in sanchez and ozil imo.
      He may not be the best of finishers but his work rate energy and pace opens up spaces and lets the world class players behind him work their magic.
      He is one of the reasons we dominated chelsea like that

      1. Arsenal#7 says:


        Have we not seen enough of these Wenger disciples ? these players are not good enough to compete with the likes of Spurs/City
        Welbeck is another Walcott and if he scores is by accidental contact with the ball rather than skill
        Play the Sanchez/Ozil/lacazette trio and skip the Ramsey/Xhaka fiasco in the middle as they will not be able to deal with the Spurs midfield.

  4. Sue says:

    I’m nervous that’s for sure! There’s nothing worse than losing to them! I’m not going to settle for a draw it has to be a win! So Arsene please get the team selection right & don’t bench Lacazette!

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    It’s ok – we’re used to losing now

    1. Gunner22 says:

      So true, if Wenger can’t find an excuse, blame it on me

  6. gooner4life says:

    Why all this talk about getting into the top four surely we should want to WIN the EPL and every other competition we enter.I’m fed up with all this top four business we are unsuccessful because we have a board and manager and some players whp have lost the winning mentality and are happy to settle for top four.Time for change of mindset from the top down.

  7. deleny says:

    dnt shit you pants to hell. Its spurs…anything less than a win is just unacceptable to me. All 3pts is highly guaranteed else wenger will end up losing his fingers. I cant stand iit no more. Yrs ago it was arsenal beating pulp in2 this same spurs team be it home or away. Nw i wldnt say d story has changed. We can do it. #coyg

  8. deleny says:

    is it only me that thinks cech as our no:1 needs to be addressed asap??? 13 or so penalties….still always goin for ice-cream or maybe for some crackers. Lol! Always diving to the wrong side. Just too predictable to beat. You cant even bet a coin on him going d right side let alone catching d ball. Gosh!!! Almunia,fabianski,masey must be feeling like oliver kahn right nw.

  9. arsenal314 says:

    I see us beating spurs.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Used to be either a win for us or at most a draw against Scums. We just can’t be sure of the results any more.

    AW won’t listen to anyone.

    Blame the S***, if I’m wrong.

  11. Yossarian says:

    Don’t worry… I am nervous!

    I’m sure that most of us are.

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