Why Arsenal fans should have their Chile hats on tonight

It will make no difference to Arsenal, at least in terms of when Arsene Wenger has our fantastic forward Alexis Sanchez back on the training ground, which of the two south American teams emerges triumphant from the Copa America final tonight.

The boss has already told us that he is going to make sure that the Chilean star gets a good long break before we call on him again for club duties and that means that Alexis could well miss the first two Premier League games of the season as well as the theoretically meaningless but potentially crucial to our confidence Community Shield clash with Chelsea.

I think that the outcome of tonight´s game between Chile and Argentina really could have a say on how the early season pans put for the Gunners. We already know that Alexis is not like most players and I reckon he would be happy to come straight back to north London as soon as he finishes partying or drowning his sorrows, but I think he would come back in a much better frame of mind if he had a winners medal to celebrate.

At the same time and perhaps even more importantly, I think that the Argentina players´ morale would take a serious hit if they lost. There is much more expectation and pressure on them to win, especially after losing the World Cup final last year and not lifting a trophy for over 20 years.

The Brazilian players like Willian and Coutinho will be coming back to the Premier League under a cloud already and it might be a big help to Arsenal´s title hopes if the likes of Aguero and Di Maria were to do the same. Even if it makes no odds to us whatsoever, this is one Arsenal fan that will have his Chile supporting hat on tonight. Vamos La Roja!

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    1. I think Chile can use the home advantage to win the copa America. For the sake of Alexis I will support Chile today. Come on Alexis win the damn cup. We need Alexis for the community shield match.I rather have him miss the first 2 matches of bpl but play the community shield. It’s an important match and Chelsea will come out with their best team to try and win it. We need to bring our best team.we must win that match.

    2. Should we move for shaqiri??? Decent player with lots of potential. He could be a typical Wenger signing and we can get him at a cheap price

      1. I can’t really see arsene signing this guy
        but I would happy having him as a replacement for poldi

      2. Your transfer suggestions are the worst. Wanayama & Shaquiri. Seriously signing these players on 4 year deals would leave us moving sideways possibly even backwards in that period. Yes Wanayama is better than Flamini but he’s an average mid table player who isn’t a great improvement. Honestly I’d rather see jack or Ramsey on the wing than Shaqiri. Sign then I can guarantee people will have labeled them dead wood within 18 month.

        1. Wanayama is a good DM. There is no denying that.in was saying sign him as a backup to lecoq.just a backup.Chelsea had Mikel last season. Do you rate Mikel higher than wanayama??? Shaqiri I might be wrong but he’s got some crazy skills and will be a good replacement for poldi.why do you think shaqiri is that bad???and wanayama is a player everyone was calling for January.

          1. the point is we seriously don’t need back up’s. I rate Arteta higher than Mikel. And Welbeck, the ox, are better than Shaquiri and I Would rather see Jack & Ramsey on the wings over Shaquiri. Honestly think Jack could find himself on the wing this season and I think he’ll really step up his game. We just don’t need them.

            1. Alan frank so your saying we don’t need a DM??and if we are to sign one let’s sign Morgan or carvalho???and you actually think we can use jack on the right wing? I totally disagree with you on jacks case.jack should be used in a central role

              1. 100% long term Jack will play in central midfield and he’ll get games next season in central midfield. But it’s about keeping quality players happy while another player is playing in their position. For now he’s behind santi Ozil & Ramsey in central midfield I actually really like Jack on the wing with his higher conference at scoring I think he’ll be really effective. & I never said we don’t need q DM I think we need someone who’s more than just a DM tho. Carvalho fits the bill in my eyes he’s got vision and a decent passing range as well as being solid long term I think he’d take Coquelin’s place cos he offers more but would need to step up his game. It’s little differences that make quality players quality just don’t think Wanayama is that good.

                1. Alan frank.I agree wanayama is not that good but would be a great cover for lecoq.we should keep lecoq as our first choice not second choice DM. And with wanayama we can do that.he can even provide competition for lecoq.I like carvalho too but don’t want to see lecoq on the bench.

            2. Yes I saw some post the other day implying there were 6 PL teams with better CDM back-up than Arteta – I asked who they were but didn’t get a response. Whilst everyone builds their picture perfect teams with WC back-up in every position at some point reality has to kick in – it doesn’t work that way. I think Wenger has faith that Coquelin will move up another gear next season, he still a fair amount of doubters but if he is does carry on where he left off and add a few more strings to his bow then he looks like our long-term CDM.

    3. i will be seated on a cushion in front of a TV set…….. Crying out Loud…… LA ROJA , LA ROJA #TonightIrepchiLe#

    4. Much of Chile now supports Arsenal – I’ll return the favour!. See di Maria off injured – should make LvG happy.

  1. come on chile…come on alexis..last match and your well deserved vacation starts

  2. I want Chile to win… but I think the trophy has Argentina’s name on it. Copa America will be the icing on the cake for Messi enroute to clinching his 5th ballon d’or 😮

  3. Zidane lost the ucl final in 98 v Real. Then he went on to wn the WC vs defending champions + Ronaldo the original Brazil.

    Zidane won the ucl in 02. Then went on to lose and crash out of the WC that summer.

    I don’t know….just sayin

  4. Argentina has been my south American team since they won wc in78 and I saw the rock star looking Kemper scoring and running with his arms up.
    I was 4. Those memories mark .
    Hope Alexis has a great game and an injury free one.

  5. Wow great bit of business for Podolski. We paid a reported £11mil for him.

    Sky sports reporting we’re getting an initial £1.8mil Up front then £2.1mil at the end of each season for 3 years. Then they have an option of a 4th year and we’d get another £1.8m plus a champions league bonus. So we’ll get at least £8.1 possibly rising to just over £10m.

    His wages covers Cech’s wages plus his fee will almost cover Cech’s fee. So if Ospina is sold for a decent fee then our original reported 70m transfer budget would be in full tact.

    1. Interesting analysis. My gut is that Wenger has one Sanchez/Ozil level transfer in him this window but he’ll leave it late and we will have to survive about ten wild goose chases led by the media before we know who it is.

      1. I hope so.we have the cash to land a world class striker and a decent DM. We should use it

      2. Yeah I think 2 players max maybe 1 big transfer 1 Wenger find. Not sure if even he’ll know for sure who we’ll sign yet. Loads of chain reactions could happen I think he’ll have spoken to agents of certain players then is just a case of waiting to see what happens. Not many big clubs have done any big deals yet so it’s just a matter of waiting. 100% sure the very least 1 More player will come in tho.

        1. I think Wenger has another big name transfer lined up and as you said another signing this time a Wenger’s find.but I hope he signs two world class players too improve our chances of turning into a force all across Europe.

    2. Where did you hear that? That doesn’t sound right at all, they would not pay that much for him plus his wages. It’s a transfer fee of £2.8m

      1. 2.8 is true.poldi had one year left on his contract.why would gala pay 8.2 mil for him???doesn’t sound right. 2.8 mil is more sensible

          1. Then we have done a great deal on poldi.well done Wenger.got a great deal out of him.he has already paid back the money we spent on him with 31 goals and a great transfer fee

    1. Dont forget their FA cup medals.

      That poldi deal does sound far fetched but stranger things have happened and probably the reason why reportedly we wanted to hold on to him, squeeze some extra dough. Still though, thats some negotiating, usually Wenger is just as fair putting prices on outgoing players.

      When you think about it though, poldi was never one for pace and could play to thirty five especially in Turkey and they did give him a long contract.

      I have a feeling Wenger might surprise us with the areas/positions of any new signings, he may just see things differently from fans. People should also keep in mind the number of players we have nearing the end of their careers, this could play into his thinking.

      1. There is literally no way that we sold him for that much. Alanfrank misread what he saw its almost £3m

  6. Very low class of our fans to be happy of other players getting injured and wishing other players to get injured. Tats why people dont respect arsenal fans. Shameful supporters and sadly I have to efen those shamefyuk supporters

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