Why Arsenal fans should NOT give up on EPL title yet!!

Yes I know that Arsenal have not exactly looked like title winners so far this season. And even when we have had a bit of luck or put a few results together, the hoped for momentum has been lost soon after. But although it looks like Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea team, currently 11 points ahead of Arsenal, have got one hand on the Premier League trophy, it is not over yet.

Us fans would certainly not appreciate it if Arsene Wenger and the players gave up now would we? So it was good to read the report in the Daily Mail in which our German striker Lukas Podolski has refused to wave goodbye to the title just yet and warned Chelsea that there is plenty of time for things to change, especially in a league as competitive as ours.

The striker said, “You can always speak about problems but the season is not finished. The Premier League is the best league in the world. It is not like in Spain where you have two teams or in Germany where you have just Bayern Munich.

“Here you see it every week that every game is tough. Home and away every team is hard to play and you can never say that the three points are easy to get. In other leagues a team might have only three top games in a season but not here. We lost our last game and it’s a big match against Manchester United so we have to win it.

“We are capable of that [a late run] but it would be better that we don’t have that run and we make first place and end up as champions.

“It’s a long season and there is a long way to go. So far it is not a bad or a good season. We are still there or thereabouts but we have to win games. We have to focus on our game and if we are ready, and if we fight hard, then we will win this game because Manchester United are not where they want to be at the moment. Our players will not need no motivating for this game.”

Of course it is a long shot, but the history of sport is filled with stories like that. And just because everything has been going right for Chelsea so far does not mean it will continue. One key injury or even one bad result could push them out of their comfort zone and that could lead to another and all of a sudden they are low on confidence and struggling. Remember also that football matches in the Premier League are often decided by very fine margins and that us and Liverpool could and should have had a penalty when we were 1-0 down against them this season.

So come on Gooners, take a leaf out of Podolski’s book and don’t give up just yet!!

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  1. Arsenal are an inconsistent team and inconsistent teams don’t win league tables. Concentrate on getting as far as possible in the cup and champions league. Positive thinking is good but we also have to be realistic. We cant compete with city and Chelsea. Ok, I am talking sense. Destroy that thumbs down button

    1. Big respect, the first step to tranquility is acceptance of reality. True, we can’t compete… yet. I think the next decade is going to be a bunch of fun though.

    2. Ok, so I visited owl.com and there’s this stuff there about Arsenal having agreed a deal (£7m) for Cech. There source? DAIlly Star!!!


    1. Haven’t you heard? You used to be able to win it by having refs on the payroll, now it’s obtainable via purchase.

      1. Haha. Believe wengers paypal wasnt verified at the time . Shame vaguely remember what the league trophy looked like….silver right?

  2. This article does not make any sense. Oout team is playing very badly. With that defence it is foolish to even dream about the title. Koschielmy and Debutch are also not coming back soon.
    You are talking about injury, Chelsea squad depth is good enough to put through a decent run even if some players are injured. They are not dependent on one single player.
    It is us who dependent on one player every season (Sanchez now).
    Dont think about title now, lets put a decent show first. The team is now playing like a mid table tema, not even a top 4 team.
    We need to out our defence first.
    Petr check if chelsea allow will be a massive signing as he is Just 32 and world class.
    Mat humels if we can buy and if Jenk has a good season, then next season we are good, no chance this season guys.. be realistic

  3. sorry bout the negativity…….. But it seems Wenger and his kinds have already given up on that……half the problems Lies in our mentality, game appproach, tactics, team selection, sub methods…… the other half goes to Wenger: THE FEAR Of CHELSKI, CITEH et aL have become our worst nightmares! ……Drop ur thumbs down, thumbs up and comments below

  4. No chance. We are mathematically closer to bottom spot than top spot. Nearly all performances have been poor, with one or two good games. Being turned over by ‘smaller teams’ – some now above us and playing much better football. 4th is going to be challenging!!!

  5. Did you say which season re winning the EPL.
    Eventually we’ll win it but not with the nutty professor in charge.

    1. @cheeterspotter ………Naughty prof?…… He was one big fat thing!…. This one is more like an inactive MR BEAN

  6. Too many contenders for 4th place trophy……. Maybe its time to try our Luck in the Europa League ….anybody?…….. L()oo()L

  7. We have a BIG game coming up on Saturday…lets just get behind our team, and give them all our support

    I think we have a good team right now…and with perhaps one or two additions in January, it will be the best team that we have had for the past few ‘building stadium’ years .

    We want to win….the players want to win and the Manager & coaches want to win

    We are all on the same side


  8. Do you think Mourinho is like our dear Wenger who will lose the title to a club he’s leading by 11 or 12points…. Let’s be realistic and face the fact….. We don’t have a good squad to win the title or Champions league, let’s get that 1st… Else, let’s jst focus on retaining the FA Cup

    1. totally agreee…

      fans are not realistic….

      wait till Saturday when we fail to beat Utd like last season…..

  9. I observed today how motivating Arsenal fans really are after observing the comments mentioned above. Really, a great applause for them.

  10. Same old crap on here if AW goes arsenal will win the EPL why coz any manager with half a brain would get rid of all the hangers on? We all no who they are. Then WORLD CLASS DM 2 WORLD CLASS DEFENDERS AND A FEW Utility players. Need I say more

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