Why Arsenal fans will soon be able to laugh at Tottenham again

Oh how the football media and fans of rival clubs have milked the fact that Arsenal have had a bad month and dropped to fourth place in the Premier League table. There have been reports about groundhog day and plenty of talk about it being the same old story for Arsenal. And one of the things hitting Arsenal fans the hardest is that our north London rivals Tottenham have gone ahead of us in the table for the first time this season.

Well I am here to tell you all not to panic and to introduce a bit of common sense and to remind you that there is another side to this story. For one thing, Spurs are only above us on goal difference and if the Gunners have a recent history that looks like a broken record, finishing fourth so often that it was dubbed the Wenger trophy, fair enough.

Do not forget that the one part of that history that has never changed under the long reign of our manager Arsene Wenger is that wherever we have finished, it has been higher than the spuds. Not that they have never been above us in the table, because they have been a fair few times, but that it has always been the lilywhites that end up waving the white flag and faltering towards the end of the season.

I know that Arsenal are in a bad place right now and the spuds are loving life, but we have been here a few times before and I know that Arsenal are too good to stay on this run. Are they good enough and mentally strong to keep up their remarkable run? History says no and so do I. I have already placed my order for this year’s St. Totteringham’s day. How about you?

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  1. People like u Mr. Article writer are the reason wenger is still in charge , you jubilate over petty petty things like being ahead of tottenham , if Tottenham finishes 5th and we finish 4th dat would still be a success ryt ?? Petty Wenka

    1. Can everyone atleast start or end his comments with #WENGEROUT#
      Dat would be awesome and draw attention to want we really want this season , maybe even more than the TITLE .. #WENGEROUT#

  2. Tottenham? When last did they win the league or even compete for the CL? If Arsenal’s success is based on been better than Spurs then I’m sorry but we are not going anywhere.

    Arsenal should aim to be equal or better than top teams in Europe, the likes of Bayern, Barca, R. Madrid and if it comes to the EPL maybe Man City or Chelsea, yes Chelsea despite there current poor standings this term.

    The Arsenal and Spurs rivalry is just big or important for the UK based fans in my opinion, for most of us international fans we care more about the Arsenal vs Chelsea game, that is our El Classico esc and not NLD battling for 4th spot game (it should even be called the battle of the 4th spot from now on).

  3. Hope the Barcelona games(I know we are never winning any) would give the whole Arsenal board and the coach a big reality check.
    I’m not AOB or nothing but something really needs to change. Madness is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a *expletive* different result.
    I’m still hoping I get proved wrong though.

    1. Thumb me down if you like but I hope Barca beat us by at least 4 goals at the Emirates just so Wenger can have his flaws exposed for everyone and the board to see. Remember how Liverpool tore us a new one with Suarez alone ? Now imagine Suarez with Neymar and Messi ALL in form, even Madrid lost 4-0 in their own home, we are not progressing in the CL that’s a fact and has been for the past 10 years.

  4. Time will tell and it’s best to just leave it, at that!
    I’m sure that everyone is sick of the Eggy faced syndrome, How about gagging that Fat b###h up! Cos, it’s nowhere near over and she’s singing, way too soon. ???

    I saw the video clip of the Ox acting like a muppet before running out on to the pitch, that spastic dance and mentality, just about sums ‘things’ up at Arsenal ??

    So wheres the Focus and concentration that Wenger keeps banging on about?

    It’s way beyond a ####ing Joke!

  5. The Spurs thing is just a bit of banter, they are not a top European club who regularly play in the ECL. I want Arsenal to be compared with Barcerlona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich. Perhaps I have a little more ambition for Arsenal than the current management however.

  6. Ohh such a shame!! We have become a club where we rejoice and find happiness not in true Glory of title but at the failures of the our neighbour. Pathetic. You people are the reason Wenger is still the manager of the club which sums up what is wrong with the club.

    1. Huh? ‘We’ve ‘become’ a team where we rejoice…bla bla bla’

      Have you only just ‘become’ acquainted with Arsenal? Spuds have always been the butt of our jokes. Nothing new. Nothing to do with Wenger or recent history or how fans view AFC.

      Never heard of St Totteringhams day either I imagine, never been to a game and heard (irrespective of who we’re actually playing) ‘stand up, if you hate Tottenham’?

      It’s not the focus, its just a bit of Arsenal trivia. So what you say about the ‘pathetic’ nature of this tradition, refers to every arsenal fan, player, team and manager for the past century, whether they won cups and titles or not.

      Er and btw, perhaps you aren’t aware but that pathetic bevaviour is reflected by Chelsea, Utd, City…most teams with regard to their local rivals up and down every league and throughout the world.

      What’s pathetic is trying to find any excuse to manipulate simple, honest fan comments and turn them into negatives directed back at the AFC fan base….merely to support your myopic and ill informed opinIon.

  7. The whole world laughs at us. And we transfer some of that to Spurs and feel better about ourselves. We are better than Spurs and that is all that matters. Isn’t it ?

  8. Dear, Fellow deluded and delusional Gooner’s,
    You need to understand that Arsenal are not as big as you think or hoped, that they are! ?
    And the sooner you accept these facts, the sooner you will find peace, with your inner self’s! ….. (Buddha- Fat- facts )

    So embrace that Wenger 4th place trophy! ??
    Because, without it, we wouldn’t of seen the likes of Ozil and Sanchez at Arsenal fc. ?

    And don’t begrudge the poor albinos a bit of sunlight,
    After years of being stuck in our shadow! ??

    1. I have already accepted – am just livid with myself that I let wenger fool me again this season when I knew deep down the team is still a level or two below champions material.

      Now am at peace. Wenger and the team are destined for 4th.
      End of.

  9. I have an Idea – Why dont we let things be what they are? As in Wenger is not going to winning the big toys while still holding on to his stubborn ways.
    Every season Wenger is faced with the choice between wining the title which will require change of some deluded philosophies or stay rigid and hope luck and an imbalanced team will do the trick – we have seen how that turns out for a decade now.

    Ok guys seriously, deep down, do u really think this team is good enough for the title and to beat Barcelona???

    We are what we are. 3rd/4th choice quality. We could have had a chance at 2nd but Leicester decided to replace Chelsea. So 3rd/4th will do.

    1. Nah, we won’t even be fourth. If you carefully analyze the remaining fixtures for Arsenal and manure, you will come to realize that they will take enough points to go ahead and claim the CL spot. We are going to old trafford and white heart lane with the midfield pair that is shambolic and counter attack-prone, so expect thorough humiliation there, and don’t expect a victory in the home game against organized Leicester city either. So really those three results are all it takes for everyone to realize that this will be the disaster season for the club, and hopefully that will be a motive enough for Arsene to resign.

  10. The risk of finishing below Spurs is real. They have been more more consistent than Arsenal this year. And they are now getting goals from players other than Kane.

  11. Where we finish relative to tottenham is a distraction, we finish above them and feel good rather than below man city etc and feel bad.

    Last two man city games they have drawn when should have lost, won when they should have drawn, mainly due to Aguero. Leicester just seem to be going well with no sign of fading away. Tottenham are consistently good.

    Arsenal for the last four games have tended to draw games they should have won or lost games they should gave drawn. This is not what champions do. Unless we reverse this trend we will be fighting for fourth place as usual.

    Speculating about what we should have done in the past is a waste of time, all we can do at the moment is support the team and hope for a good outcome.

  12. So many things have changed in Arsenal since the last time we lifted the premier League title. The only thing constant or yet to be changed is the Manager. Maybe, it is time to give it a try. Maybe

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