Why Arsenal fans should worry about Barcelona playing in America

Many of you will think an article involving Girona vs Barcelona is not relevant to Arsenal, something UEFA is happy for you to believe. The idea that a La Liga fixture will be played in America is something every fan should worry about, no matter your allegiance.

Despite transfer fees in excess of 100 million and some players earning 300,000 a week, those in power still want to find ways to make money in spite of supporters. That officials have tried to claim otherwise is offensive.

This is not people kindly trying to grow the game in the US. Like the NBA coming to London once a year hasn’t grown the nation’s interest in Basketball. Soccer isn’t going to grow across the pond due to Barcelona visiting. The world’s biggest names already tour every summer strictly for commercial purposes. Outside of a chance to see marketable names, attendances have fallen over the years. That’s why the Spanish FA have been contracted to include Barca or Real in this idea.

In other words this is not a sporting decision that helps any country but simply makes La Liga, Barca and Real more richer. The Catalan Giants don’t even have to sacrifice anything for this one off pay day. They have used their power to insist this be one of their away fixtures. In other words Girona’s home encounter with the Champions (hard anyway) will now be In Miami in front of a majority of the ‘away’ sides fans. Effectively they are being asked to sacrifice a home fixture for small compensation. That fact could prove vital in the relegation picture. When you are sacrificing the intergrity of the competition for cash then we should all be scared. Because this of course is not intended to be a one off. If everyone gets their way this will become another revenue stream.

Facts and figures highlight that England is the most watched domestic League in America. Premiership TV ratings and friendly fixtures suggest sponsors will pay huge sums to see Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and ourselves make the trip as many times as possible.

Unless your rich, most who attend the Emirates won’t be able to share the experience of a home game abroad so would have one less match on a season ticket they already pay over the odds for. In most businesses the customer is always right. This sport might be the exception to the rule. More and more millionaires are investing in clubs, exploiting the love we have for our crests. They can do whatever they want because they know enough people will pay for the product. That’s how they justify increasing shirt prices, TV packages, etc.

Now possibly they will try to get away with European fixtures outside of Europe. It won’t stop at one game, it will go further then the US. It will be a way for Stan Kroenke to make more money at the expense of the team and Gooners. Just like he’s done since he brought his shares.

So Gooners, would you fight this or do you like the idea of Premiership fixtures outside of the UK?

Dan Smith


  1. Phil says:

    All I would say on this is the Spanish League just does not have the viewing power of the Premiership and if they need to arrange these type of games to lift their global profile then this is clearly proved.The Premiership will NEVER be allowed to have games outside this country.What with all the Cup matches and International games there are far too many games for the players as it is.The travelling both ways and preparation for the game would realistically mean at least 7 days would be required.This at a time when the Premiership is looking at introducing a mid-season break to lighten the load on playersxnot increase it.
    Just can’t see this happening.

    1. jon fox says:

      I am more concerned than you, Phil, that this may well one day happen. Where money is concerned I put nothing beyond the avaricious reach of the powers that be and those who run football clubs and leagues, such as the Prem. In fact, especially the Prem! I am afriad that I will live to see the death of all sporting fair play in top level football and the final once and for all dreaded triumph of the deepest bottomed pockets who own clubs. In short the business of football is killing the game . It already long ago killed the morality and unless fought by fans, tooth and nail , will ultimately destroy the game that fans love. A sick game that is already a busness and not really a sport at all. The actual game itself is still wonderful but the business and admiistration of top level football is cancerous and is killing it.

      1. Phil says:

        Strong words indeed JF but can not argue with you at all.Gone are the days of terracing roasted peanuts and the Metropolitan Police Band I’m afraid.I have a Pal who’s is a Citeh season ticket holder.Has been for 40 YEARS and he lives in Watford (has been there 15 years after moving from Manchester for Business).He maintains that Citeh now are not the Manchester City he grew up supporting.The team yes.The Club no.Thats a true fan speaking and says it all really.His stories of the sixties seventies eighties etc was the struggle of a Club that had it worse than we did during those periods and you ans I and plenty of others on here know all about that.But Arsenal Football Club If not owned by Kroenke will be with somebody like him only interested in profit.

  2. Phelyx says:

    European Super league imminent. Money has taken over sportsmanship and that’s really bad

  3. Counsel says:

    What is happening in Spain is neocolonialism it’s like they are going to play in America with a begging bowl pathetic let America grow their league

  4. Counsel says:

    Brexit also will affect the the EPL obviously their will be regulations,passport issues and sanctions imposed on foreign players coming to EPL.The FA wants to increase the the homegrown numbers from 8 to11 to 12 players in the formal 25 man squads.The Brexit referendum means the government rewriting employment legislation. Sources close to the talks say that,at times there have been massive differences over work permit and requirements. A senior source from the FA stated in 2014 in brexit negotiation that the aim of reaching 45% English players in EPL by 2022.Theresa May government needs to look into this,these economic policies are pathetic others the competitiveness of EPL will be affected

    1. Phil says:

      @Counsel-we didn’t have the Brexit vote until 2016 did we?So why were the FA involved in Brexit Negotiations two years before the vote took place? Or am I missing something?

      1. Counsel says:

        One Senior former FA insider told the Mos that the FA wanted to use the brexit negotiations to achieve a formal aim of the FA ,stated in 2014 of reaching 45% English players in EPL by 2022 @ Phil yes these were was some missing links.

        1. Phil says:

          @Counsel-thank you.That makes sense.So really Its all about trying to force up the Number of British players in each squad.I understand why but we all know following Arsenal and any Premiership side that you get better value and better players from abroad.Intetesting to see how this is finalised.

  5. barryglik says:

    PL sides Manchester United and
    Liverpool draw big crowds in the States.
    Arsenal City Chelsea Spurs draw begger all.
    Arsenal support is in Nigeria but mainly Asia.
    Nigeria is unsafe and there is no money.
    Would we give up a home game v Utd or Liverpool to go to Asia?
    Unlikely. So this will not affect Arsenal any time soon

    1. Phil says:

      Barry-The money men would have us play on the planet Mars if there was a fast buck in it.The Manager Coaches And Players would not want this let alone the supporters who expect to see their Club playing at the Emirates.Why would ANY Premiership side want to give up home advantage?I just can’t see it ever happening.Even this talk of a European Super League will never work.Less teams mean less games=Less Revenue.

    2. jon fox says:

      Too short sighted and head in the sand thinking, Barryglik. The way that more and more cancerous ways are found to make already filthy rich players, agents and clubs still richer, AT THE EXPENSE OF POOR HARD PRESSED FANS, the more mortal danger ALL top level clubs, including us, are in. Do think more deeply and then post again with your thoughts. Or at least explain fully why you disagree with me.

  6. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    The main reason la Liga is going abroad is to exploit the market over there in a bid to increase there followership and create an avenue to generate funds given how small there marker is compared to that of the premier league…so as a result of that I don’t see the premier league following la Liga to play a league game abroad.. I mean that’s what the pre season’s are for, to expand the market while improving teams fitness…so I really doubt …@barryglik you are right on that point that a majority of arsenal fans can be found in Africa especially Nigeria….but that’s declining at a fast rate given our teams performance…which is sad…so I would think how major concern should be improving our performance than worrying about la Liga going to abroad…. morning guys

  7. Phil says:

    Ken1945-I have this morning received some news that means I will be unable to go to Newcastle away on Saturday.I have two seats that are yours if you are able to use them.No problem if your not able as I will simply pass them over to some mates who will have little problem getting them used.

    1. Charlie says:

      I would love to purchase those seats my friend.

      1. Phil says:

        Hi Charlie-I’m not sure if you are aware but Ken1945 lives in the heart of Scotland and being an Emirates season ticket holder travels down to every home game.The reason I offered the tickets to Ken was the travelling would be a lot less for him than a normal home game.
        I will ask Pat J to send you my Email details and keep in touch if I cam help you out with tickets in the future.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    The other clubs in that Spanish league are nothing but cannon fodder. They Girona have to give up a home game even though just one game becomes crucial for relegation threatened teams. Its very unsportsmanlike the way Barca and Real walk all over that league.

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