Why Arsenal fans will NOT be excited about finances

The only way that the news of the latest strong financial position that Arsenal Football Club find themselves in, for us fans at least, is if the Arsenal board decide to get really serious about spending money in the summer transfer window.

With the Gunners way off the Premier League pace yet again this season, Arsenal fans everywhere will be hoping that our owners and the top brass at the club realise that the squad needs some serious investment to be able to challenge the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Man United next season, whoever the manager happens to be.

The need for big signings will be even more pronounced if our worst fears come true and either Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil or both decide to call it a day and move to another club, but the words of our esteemed chairman Sir Chips Keswick in the Sky Sports report about the latest financial figures do not fill me with optimism to be quite frank.

He said, “The financial results for the first half of the year are robust.

“As expected, increased Premier League broadcasting revenues have had a direct impact on player costs, both in terms of transfer prices and player wage demands.

“We have invested in our own playing squad at record levels. It has also been exciting to see more young players emerging from our Academy.

“We are very focused on producing a positive and exciting closing run and with the support of our fans, I believe together we can achieve a successful and memorable end to the season.”

You will notice that he suggests that the club has been spending lots and are hoping to finish this season strongly, but there is no mention of more big spending plans or the need to make next season a much better one than this. Are we set for another underwhelming summer window and another season without the title?



  1. rkw says:

    Stan n’Chips … And people wonder why the club has stagnated on the football pitch for over a decade … What next? An existential pseudo economist manager to provide verbal coverage for these clowns … Oh just a second …

  2. Budd says:

    The guy in charge of AFC finance is called Chips. I guess that sums it up right there.

  3. Twig says:

    Hazard Ozil Sanchez
    Cazorla Coquelin
    Monreal Koscielny Cahill Bellerin

  4. otunba_007 says:

    For me premier league and champions league is the priority and even if we win the FA this year again WE still failed and something has to be done. we need someone like David Dein to take us back to the glory days we so much miss. Stan, Gazidis and Sir Chips or whatever he’s called are all failures and bunch of greedy crooks who cares about there pockets alone and don’t care how we fans feel. So if they are coming again to sell us the BULL***T they’ve been selling for us year in year out for the past 10 years, we are not buying it any more.. If the club wants to prove to us they care about we fans and trophies then a Massive change has to happen, Arsenal is the only club that’s afraid of change in the whole of Europe. I mean look what happened at Leicester last week, everyone is shouting the sacking of RINIERI is bad after winning the league for Leicester last year and all of a sudden they’ve trashed Liverpool, last night after they haven’t won a single match this year.. is that a coincidence ? NO IMO, but that is the power change can bring and Leicester boards had the APPLES to make a drastic decision when they needed to,even when it seems wrong and all of a sudden it seems everything has changed for them over night.. Shame on Arsenal board members for making us FANS suffer like this when our ticket fees is the most expensive in England… So they should just shut up and not start telling us there’s one money in the bank that can not be spent or touched because we can’t compete with the top spenders, Imagine we are winning trophies with our current financial status ? we will even be richer than we are now and the board will even make more money, but i guess sir chips and co are too dumb to realize that..( R. Madrid made the money they spent on Ronaldo back on his shirt sale alone under 72 hours ) makes me wonder maybe our board has any ambitions lately.. GUNNER’S forever !!

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Finance (or should i say Breaking the bank) has been our biggest problem.
    U know……Short hands and deeper pockets…
    Thats how we roll baby!

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Arsenal is simply a joke…
    & Every man in charge …be it chips, stan, gazidis or wenger are stealthy jokers
    The fans are pawns

  7. legend Henry says:

    That’s where I don’t agree with most of you.
    If the board members don’t care about the club,they wouldn’t give Wenger 100 million to spend in the summer.
    One fact they know is that Wenger is outdated and giving him support would amount to nothing.
    The only reason they are keeping Wenger is due to the profit they get.
    Tell me,compare the stats of Xhaka in Leverkusen to that in Arsenal.
    Did the board tell Wenger to always play Ramsey no matter what?
    Did the board tell Wenger to bench Perez,Welbeck and play out of form Theo,Iwobi and Ozil?
    Ox was performing better in midfield why did he change his position against Bayern?
    Why would the board pay an exorbitant salary to Ozil and Sanchez whiles they are certainly aware that it’s going to be the same as usual?
    Don’t we have better players on almost every position on the field than chelsea?
    Was last season not up for grabs when all the top teams were failing?
    Did the board cause that?
    Who keeps picking the same players when it’s clear that they should not even play?
    I guess it’s the board.
    The board with their undivided attention will help the next manager to the fullest when they see that he is tactically sound.
    One thing the board will not do for sure is to sack him.
    Wenger did a lot for the club 13 years ago.
    They are waiting patiently for him to resign to fully support the next manager.

  8. legend Henry says:

    One thing you should understand is that Wenger will find ways to mismanage players even if we sign all the top players.
    He has nothing to offer anymore!!

    1. otunba_007 says:

      Mr legend Henry… so all the things you listed above that’s Wengers fault, who’s fault is it that wenger still has his JOB ? So technically can you see it’s the boards fault ? If someone had the gut to speak to him and tell him he’s pass his glory days and just do us the honor and retire at the end of the season but I guess they are too scared to take the risk of loosing their precious money by not making top four… they should bring in young coaches with fresh ideas, we never can know until we try, if it doesn’t work out we keep trying till we find the right one, winning doesn’t come easy, it has its own cost. We are tired of been in the same position for too long.. it’s just like a student repeating a class for 10 years over and over again, I am sure one of these day the school board will summon the kid’s parent and ask them to withdraw there child to other schools… so don’t come and lecture me here I don’t know what I am talking about..

  9. Jansen says:

    I think we should be honest and IMO the club opened their cheque book this summer to what surely must be historic levels. I for one did not feel they could reasonably have been expected to do more.

    Sure we didn’t spent wisely, arguably only Mustafi had a positive impact on our results. The 50 million that was spent on Xhaka and Lucas had a very low yield on the pitch IMO. I for one don’t think giving Wenger and other 90 million would make a difference on the pitch as long as he is in charge.

    Wenger doesn’t want to be pragmatic but prefers to be “cute” and “different”. He could have gone with two PL proven players who were less expensive than Xhaka in Wanayama and Kante. Instead, he pays 37 million for a PL unproven unathletic project in Xhaka who as a DM can not tackle according to Wenger and our own eyes!!!!!. I think Spurs and Chelsea did better with Wanayma and Kante. Then we wastes 17 million on Lucas. I like him as a player and would like to see more of him but Wenger has not given him any chance to make a positive impact. That is not money well spent IMO.

    So I think the board supported Wenger financially about as well as we could reasonably expect, Wenger just doesn’t know any longer how to build a PL challenging team.

    It is time to realize it is not the quality of the squad or the financial investment that is the reason for our failure.

    1. otunba_007 says:

      @ Jansen. It really baffles me sometimes how fans like you portray Wenger and at the end I feel the day ya’all forget that Wenger is an employee of Arsenal and he’s now bigger than the club, yes he’s a legend and he deserves a statue but at the same time that is Arsenal’s downfall because Wenger has too much control over the club and he shouldn’t be allowed to make some decisions on like players to buy or the amount of money to spend, he has to just focus on football and only football alone. Can you see that is why he has to retire and maybe take a position upstairs and let a young manager with fresh ideas, who knows how to make substitutions at the right time and also make tactical changes during matches and also set up his team according to the opponents we are playing, who will choose hard work over favoritism. Every team can predict us now and we are easily beat if they bring there A game, are we a world class club or just a pretender? That what ya’all should be asking yourself

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