Why Arsenal have a great advantage against Man City and Chelsea (and Tottenham!) this season

Every year it seemed that Arsenal were never ever prepared for the start of the season, with players returning late or fatigued after playing in international games, but this time around we are going to have a great advantage straight from the off, especially as our first two games are against two of our biggest rivals in Manchester City and Chelsea.

Amazingly 40 out of 92 players left in Russia come from the Premier League, and even more amazing is that only one of them is a Gunner, Danny Welbeck. But let’s have a quick look at how many players City and Chelsea still have involved at the World Cup ahead of this week’s semi finals..

1) De Bruyne
2) Sterling
3) Stone
4) Deph
5) Kompany
6) Mendy
7) Walker

1) Kante
2) Giroud
3) Hazard
4) Courtois
5) Batshuayi
6) Cahill
7) Loftus-Cheek

And good old Arsenal have only got Danny Welbeck, who is hardly even going to be in Emery’s first choice XI anyway! So this will give us a great chance to take some points of our biggest rivals before they get fit again after the holiday’s.

And even better, The Sp*ds have got NINE players still involved and with their first four games all set to be played away from White Hart Land because the Stadium is not ready, they will be at an even bigger disadvantage….

The future is bright, the future is red!




  1. Break-on-through says:

    I think in the long run players who are heavily involved during summer eventually it could catch up. But am not sure about the beginning, you could argue that its an advantage that they played competitive football while others are doing friendlies. Fitness wise, injuries, fatigue might not play a part so early in the season. Lets hope Emery is a coach who tells his players not to hold back in training, how players train compared to others can sometimes tell you the difference between a winner and a participant.

    1. Fab says:

      Off Topic: Giroud misses from that backheel denied Mbappe the Ballo deO

      1. Andrew E says:

        He hasn’t had a single shot on target to date!! He also fluffed 3 good chances.

        At least he’s not our problem anymore

        1. OzzieGunner says:


  2. gotanidea says:

    For me, there are more disadvantages than advantages in Arsenal players’ minimum involvement in this World Cup

    It shows that the other top six EPL clubs’ player quality are higher than ours in last season. And those players are having better pre-season matches by getting more involved in World Cup

    The good thing is Arsenal moved faster than the other top six EPL clubs, transfer wise. Two more big signings (proven and high quality players) would make Arsenal a serious contender

    1. Someone says:

      Not Really , it’s because Arsenal’s good players are from countries that couldn’t get to world cup.

      Auba , Miki , Ramsey , Kola’s countries couldn’t get to world cup and also Kos was injured. The rest actually did good , statistically Ozil and Xhaka were the best players of their team. Monreal was a sub for spain , Elneny was bad in a bad egypt team. I don’t care about Iwobi and Welbeck.

  3. kev says:

    I might have had Torreira’s shirt number and announcement date wrong but most importantly I had the transfer right and absolutely stuck to my word just like the Lichtsteiner transfer when there were doubts.

    1. Drew says:

      howzit kev. keep the rumours coming. i enjoy your commentary. we all get things wrong sometimes man

      1. kev says:

        Cool.Not an ITK though.Just do my research from reliable several sources and combine them.They tend to jump the gun at times and aren’t perfect.
        Thanks for the appreciation.

    2. kev says:

      Chelsea have agreed a €40m fee for Rugani and Juve see Mustafi as his replacement.Mustafi also wants Juventus as he wants to reunite with family in Italy and we see this as a great opportunity to enter negotiations (already have) for a Juventus forward(Cuadrado or Dybala).

      The forward Juventus are most willing to part ways with is Higuain but he wants to stay and work with Ronaldo.Dybala or Cuadrado are the players we want most and may be open to leaving as game time for both has decreased with Ronaldo coming.

      The domino effect of Ronaldo to Juve pushes Dybala/Cuadrado out and since we are keen on either player (Dybala priority) Juve wanting Mustafi gave us the opportunity to open negotiations for the deal.

      1. John0711 says:

        Can’t see dybala coming unless lacca and or ozil is going
        Cudrado flopped here but has talent

        1. kev says:

          Just saying our club is interested in those two players based on Ronaldo coming through.
          Never say never but I still see a big signing coming regardless.
          Could’ve gotten Dembele on loan or if we were serious could’ve bought him had Griezmann not rejected them at the last minute.

      2. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Lol Kev that’s it, don’t bring anymore transfer updates!!!??. like we can really sign Dybala, and no, I’d prefer Douglas Costa over Cuadrado

        1. kev says:

          Im not saying it will happen but that’s why I’m saying the signing of Ronaldo has opened this chance.I also mentioned Cuadrado but because people don’t like him they don’t want to go there.Haha.

          1. gotanidea says:

            Please no Cuadrado or Dybala

            Only Douglas Costa or Higuain

          2. Unai Emery says:

            Higuain? U crazy? Tell me it’s a joke? After signing Lacazette and Auba??

          3. Andrew E says:

            Higuain is overrated and overpriced.

      3. ACE says:

        I honestly see Ronaldos impending arrival jeopardizing the future of Higuian with the
        Old Lady more so than Dybala, Costa or Juan
        C. As he enters the twilight of his career I
        envision the Portuguese man will play a more
        central role in attack than his current spot on
        the left wing. Allegri can feature Costa, Dybala
        and Cuadrado behind CR7.

        And no we dont need Higuian. ??

  4. I will always be a critical thinker the same standard I set for Wenger the same will apply for our new coach. at the beginning of the transfer window I thought we need about five to seven players compete at the moment we only signed two of those player the Gk and the dm still need three additional player a Winger Central midfielder and a quality Defender they are player that we sign that does not count

  5. Hep Yo says:

    Two things:

    – We don’t need any more forwards.

    – Arsenal told David Ornstein that they have no plans to sign any more first team players. (Obviously if Ramsey refuses to sign a new deal, then they will sell and replace him, but that is a month from now.)

  6. Hep Yo says:

    PS Wingers are so 20th Century.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Glad to see you haven’t jumped on the ‘we must have a winger’ bandwagon. That now makes a grand total of two of us:)

      However some teams have done very well with wingers, particularly Liverpool with Mane and Salah, and Man City with Sane and (Bernardo) Silva so I don’t dismiss them entirely. I just think Arsenal don’t need one.

      By the end of the transfer window we’ll also know what the new coach thinks – which is probably a bit more important than what you or I think:)

  7. Hep Yo says:

    There are several Arsenal players that some of you want to replace.

    If we had never signed them, then they would be in your list of players you want to sign.

    Any player on other teams seems “better” to you.

    Give Emery a chance to train these guys and see if there are any players he feels need to be sold. That will take another month.

    1. nassan says:

      Make note of the date may 15th 2004…..played 38,won 26,drwan 12 and lost exactly non….. This makes wenger a special coach

      1. Shekar233 says:

        Bull sh*t.. Pls dont go there…
        Its like asking my manager to lookup my high school grades to give me a better pay rise.

        Invincibles is only 50% wenger’s credit. It was more about the players as every single one of them were not ready to give up and are fighters till the end. Just like how eboue is now…he is going thru an absolutely shi*ty phase in his life and uet is not giving up.

        If you want to know why wenger has become arrogant fool these days then look up his recent comments about wilshere.

        “Wilshere is like lionel messi and mbappe”..

        With all due respect to wilshere…he is definitely one of the very good players we had and probably would have in the midfield. But comparing him with messi? One of The legends in the present generation is delusion. That is why we had players like walcot for over a decade even thought they are not improving. And people like you still worship him…and there are some a**holes who want Arsenal/emery to fail only to prove a point that sacking wenger was wrong move.

        1. Hayzed says:

          For once,I agree With you

    2. Someone says:

      Well said.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Shekar233, if you want to quote something, please use the whole quote otherwise your observations are worthless.
        Wenger actually compared Mbappe and Wilshere when they were both seventeen.
        At that time, Wilshere was being lauded in the same way as Mbappe is now.
        With regards to Messi comparison, he indicated that they were both brilliant playmakers.
        When he was at the top of his game, that’s exactly what he was.

        What you should really try and do, is read what the actual players who made up the Invincibles thought of the manager. I would certainly take their views on Wenger’s input over a nonsensical percentage figure plucked out of the air.

        What on earth has Eboues situation got to do with the subject being discussed?
        We all feel for the guy and wish him well.
        In fact, if you set up a collection centre via Admin (if he agrees) for the man, I’ll donate to it immediately.

        Finally, let’s have your list of any Gooner who has said that they want Arsenal / Emery to fail? I haven’t seen one post that states that.
        Come to think of it, also haven’t seen any post that actually said that Wenger going was wrong.
        The only a**holes were those that wanted Arsenal to lose every game until Wenger left to prove a point.

        1. jon fox says:

          In an odd way , Ken, I admire your constant sticking up for your hero WENGER, BUT IT IS ALL ACADEMIC, AS HE IS NOW HISTORY AND ALL IN THE PAST. IMO, the only point either you or Skekar have is about the current manager and our future. I still criticise WENGER , AS YOU WELL KNOW, BUT DO IT TO POINT OUT HOW OPTIMISTIC I AM FOR US, NOW THAT WE HAVE A NEW AND VITAL SET UP and not a one man empire (and would be emperor) who has long been left behind by more modern methods and clubs clubs; which it seems WE NOW ARE!

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Jon, you miss what I am getting at.
            You are correct that Wenger is history and part of our history.
            He is not my hero as you so eloquently put it.
            I would love to just look forward under Emery and prepare for the coming season with positivity.
            You often quote our history and what it means to be part of that.
            So I am amazed that you also do not challenge people who are falsifying part of that history.
            That’s why I challenged Shekar with regards to Wilshere and his early years, plus the misconstrued quotes.
            Are you sure you read my post, because there was mention of Eboue, so called posts wanting Emery to fail etc and not just Wenger.
            I really don’t need you to admire me in any way, let alone in an odd way!!
            What I expect from you in particular Jon, is a consistent train of thought when others trash or distort our history.
            Wenger is of no interest to me now, I will only protect the legacy he left.
            Have you read any post wanting Emery to fail?
            Have you read any post saying Wenger should have stayed?
            That’s what you should be questioning and that’s what I would have expected you to do. So disappointed with your response, but there you go!

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, If I challenged everyone who falsified our history , I would have no time left for anything else. Many younger fans actually know virtually nothing of our club, pre-WENGER AND WHAT CONCERNS ME MOST IS THAT FEW EVEN CARE MUCH ABOUT THAT LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Many really support only the team rather than the whole club , though they would feel insulted if I told them. But they know so very little of what the club is, how it evolved and who were the prime movers in our rise from also rans to world fame and how that was sustained through the decades. Some state, wrongly, that we have never been relegated and don’t even know of our early years at Highbury and of when the First Division was enlarged and how Sir Henry wangled our promotion Many have never even heard of Sir HENRY NORRIS. To my mind that is akin to supporting THE INVINCIBLES BUT HAVING NO KNOWLEDGE OF DENNIS AND THIERRY . Many seem interested ONLY in who is next in or out of the team. To my mind that is part support only of our great club. On other points , I too have seen NO post hoping Emery fails or actually stating that Wenger should have stayed but I have seen one thinking Emery WILL fail, and moaning about his management of us ALREADY, which was about two weeks ago , just before I went on holiday. I challenged him but forget his name. You are much more forensic in your research of others comments than I am, so may wish to check. I would also like to know his name please if you do find it.

        2. Shekar233 says:

          Here you go…one wenger disciple spotted.
          And you want names who want emery to fail? I can give you thier usernames here at justarsenal.

          They might not have literally said that emery should fail so that wenger is appreciated …but all the negativity about anything and everything arsenal/emery do or sign does implicate something of such mentality.

          Have you ever seen an arsenal fan before the season starts? Have you met them and discussed the pre-season and the ongoing transfer window, weeknesses in the team?
          What was the mood? How irritated and dissapointed were they about the preparations for the upcoming season?

          Why was it like that for almost 10 years?

          What has changed now in 2018?
          Why is every arsenal fan excited and eagerly waiting for the season to start?

          The answer to all my questions is hope.

          This season there is hope that we can atleast compete and not be mere push overs.

          Just imagine how it would have been if our first 2 games of the season were manc and chelsea with wenger still incharge?
          What would be the mood among the fans..most of us would concede defeat straight away before the ball is kicked.

          But how are we feeling now with a new coach with the first 2 fixtures being against current champions and champions from the year before?
          There is a lot of positivity around the club no matter even if it is Real madrid or Barca. We feep we will fight for the result.

          That was lacking with your god wenger. Every season there is negativity. Every season it is the same excuse after losing the first or 2nd game. “Lack of preperation”, “world cup has effected the major players”, “we are not mentally ready”.

          That is the reason why people wanting arsenal to lose so that this dinosaur can be kicked out is justified…dont you thunk had arsenal not qualified for champions league 2seasons ago all this positivity would have been experienced 2 year earlier rather than spending our time in cussing the board and manager for 2 more seasons.

          And talking about wilshere comment…so how deluded can you get ?
          You believe wilshere was in the same level as that of messi and mbappe when young?

          Yes he had a few very good performances..notably against barcelona..so he is like messi?
          With that logic walcott had a great game against barca..i still remeber his solo run with the ball all the way from our half into the oppositions penalty box…so he is like ronaldo?

          Have you seen mbappe in todays match against belguim? He is tearing defences apart with his speed ,dribling and touch. How ridiculous would mbappe feel to be compared with wilshere..may be this is what wenger told mbappe 2 years ago while trying to sign him…no wonder he did not sign for arsene.

          And coming you wanting to know what invincibles say about wenger ….tell me one instance where any one of the invincibles praising arsene for his tactics … Always it was revolutionary training methods,diet and discipline.

          Now go talk to any ex barca ,ex bayern, ex juve ffs ex seville/psg player who played under pep,conte,klopp,emery. See what they say about them…first thing they talk about is minute details in tactics.

          Our very own tony adams made it clear what arsene as a coach was.

          So stop blindly worshipping your god..any god for that matter. And gracefully accept the truth.
          Just so you dont think i am a wenger hater..
          I do gracefully accept the truth that wenger was a great coach 15 years ago..probably one of the top 3 coaches at the timr but he is one of the worst coaches at present.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            So in actual fact, your post was full of wind, because you haven’t named one person who has said they want Emery to fail.
            You also failed to name anyone who said that Wenger going was a mistake.
            That was what you so boldly stated, but when challenged over your ridiculous statement, what do we get?
            A lame excuse saying that they didn’t literally say that…but YOU HOWEVER did and now it shows what a fraud you are.
            There has been no personal negativity towards Emery on
            this site and everyone is looking forward to seeing the new manager and his squad play.

            The mood amongst EVERY Arsenal fan is excitement and your observation of that mood and expectation just proves how stupid your comments were about fans wanting him to fail doesn’t it?

            So wanting our ex manager out justifies wanting the club to lose premier league points, cup finals and Europa semi finals that could have guaranteed CL qualifications this season?
            Well that’s your choice, but don’t criticise others if they feel the same way you do regarding a means to an end.

            Wilshere at 17…did you ever see him play? I doubt it very much, he was phenomenal.
            That’s what Wenger was saying, but you obviously can’t grasp that concept, how Mbappe and Wilshere were both so brilliant at such an early age. Waste of time trying to explain that scenario to you it seems.

            Read the Invincibles story, the tactics employed, the squad Wenger assembled and individual players views.
            Then discuss with at least some knowledge of the subject.
            As great a player as Tony Adams was ( a personal hero of mine) he was never a successful manager was he?
            Guess we will all make our own decision on that score?

            The funniest thing about your views is the fact that you know my opinion of Wenger.
            In actual fact, they are not that different to yours, but I can assure you no God comes into it, but bless you for advising me that Wenger is the worst coach at present…. maybe that’s because he isn’t actually coaching at the moment!!!???
            I don’t care what you think of Wenger, just that you don’t make fiction appear as fact.

            You failed to mention my suggestion regarding Eboue, do you want to see if it can be done?
            I’ll guarantee£50 donation, what do you say?

          2. Shekar233 says:

            Ok you want names..here they are…i did not want to bring others into this discussiok with you..so i did not mention any names…
            Fkr starters i give you one name…
            Uchman.. Go look up his comments for the past 3 months. And you will understand the level of negativity being spread just to proves wengers point.

  8. Ken1945 says:

    Hep Yo a very sensible last paragraph and one that all Gooners should agree with.
    Emery needs not only to assess every player, but also look at how they fit in with the new signings.
    It shouldn’t matter what we as individuals think about any player, rather what the manager wants.
    By completing his transfer wishes early, he has the time to do this.
    OT Interesting to note that the Spuds have not yet signed anyone… could it be because of the rising costs of the new stadium? Supposedly this has now risen to a staggering 1 billion pounds from an initial estimate of approximately£400 million ?

    1. Sue says:

      That is crazy money!! How can they afford that???

      1. jon fox says:

        Who says they CAN afford it? Watch their player sales begin in earnest this season or next AT THE LATEST.

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    You know, I’ve been saying it that I never saw Belgium beating France.. the world cup is going to Paris. Don’t fool yourselves, it’s been so crystal clear right from the Argentina game. England or Croatia, France will wipe the floor with em.
    Les Blues?

    1. Sue says:

      Mbappe is some player! Nice bit of show boating towards the end ?

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Sue Lol..what do you expect from him when he has an Oscar winner in showboating to learn from at PSG

        1. Sue says:

          Neymar the master ?

          1. OzzieGunner says:

            Neymar, ham actor at diving and feigning injury; should join actors equity.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Giroud might become a world cup winner, O! …M! …G!.

    Wenger’s in a catch 22, he wants France to win, but he’d also want to manage them I’d imagine.

  11. waal2waal says:

    OT: looks like we’ve no right to discus nzonzi in negative terms he doesn’t need us now – but i think we need could do with one or two world cup finalists to boast among our team. I would like to see him rolled out as a recruit under unai emery and the revitalised arsenal – in simple id like to see this one sealed.

    As far as having an advantage (@admin) thats correct, but if we don’t take advantage of this then the flip side is we’re in far worse condition for champions league contention than we ever imagined. the epl is more a marathon and a game of attrition than a sprint. its my opinion after we add somthing in january we”ll know the kind of appetite new arsenal has for domestic title and european honours.

  12. nonny says:

    We have no advantage not any even though they are at the world cup there teams Are more of a steady ship They don’t need too many games To get them going cause they know how they want to play and there roles In the team unlike arsenal and chelsea

  13. nonny says:

    We have no advantage not any even though they are at the world cup there teams Are more like a steady ship They don’t need too many games To get them going cause they know how they want to play and there roles In the team unlike arsenal and chelsea

  14. Tony Borg says:

    You arsehole LOL

  15. Prince Of Arsenal says:

    I can’t still believe how we didn’t sign mbappe . That dude got speed and techniques.. well Giroud missed a nice chance which laca could have converted . I know he will be smiling now.. Let the best team win..

  16. Howard says:

    Players getting experience playing at the top of world football in massive games is far more important than a rest. Becoming a World cup winner ! With the large squads now that teams have I don’t see this being an advantage for Arsenal. Just shows us up as having dropped down the charts in having world class players!

  17. ruelando says:

    Seems like we have signed the 19 year old french DM Matteo Guendouzi and the 16 years old striker Sam Greenwood base on pictures and videos i have seen circulating , i wonder if they will take Matteo on tour that would be interesting.

    Kev you may have gotten certain transfers wrong, but you have done a wonderful job in providing information for the fans in this forum. We will probably have to wait a little longer for individuals who will be leaving the team on loan or permanently by the end of this month, hopefully there may be one final addition that will put a little “pep in our step” for the new season.

    In reference to the article i think we have more than a 50-50 chance of winning our first two games, but it is left to the Emery affect on our players, if he can really develop that pressing game at arsenal we will be a danger to any opposition.

  18. OzzieGunner says:

    In the game against Belgium you can see why Giroud went goalless for Arsenal in 9 straight games

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