Why Arsenal have a massive advantage in the race for the Top Four

From looking totally dead and buried in the race to the critical Top Four positions, things have taken a turn for the better lately. Not only have Arsenal massively increased our attacking capabilities, but we have also been pretty free of our usual horrendous injury list and have only had Santi Cazorla on our long term problems.

Right now we are only five points behind the massively imploding Chelsea side in Fourth position and only four behind our great rivals Tottenham. We have the perfect opportunity to reduce that gap this weekend in the North London derby and the good news is that Wenger will have a full complement of players to choose from for this crucial match.

Wenger has explained the reasons behind our reduced injuries this season. “First of all, we rotated more in the Europa League and was able to rest more players,” Wenger told Arsenal.com. “Afterwards, you always improve by learning from the seasons before, you learn more about the general concept of our training intensity.

“We also learn more about the individuals. We have a deeper analysis of what happened with the player last year, whether he got injured, how many games he played in three weeks and after he got injured. From the player’s injury history, you learn when to rest him and when to play him.

“It’s about adapting the training loads to the history of the individuals. It’s also about strengthening where they’ve had weak moments in their history.

“When you play every three days, you weaken your players. When you rest them – and sometimes during the week when they do not play – you can work them to strengthen their physical condition. After that, they’re a bit less vulnerable.”

As we enter the crucial run in to the end of the season, which is the time that we traditionally up our game to reach the Champions League positions, we also have another big advantage in that all of the five teams above us are still in the Champions League and Man United, City, Tottenham and Chelsea are also still in the FA Cup, and are set to face some very tough games in the coming weeks, or maybe months if they do well.

Although we also have the Europa League games to come, our next round against the minnows from Sweden, Ostersund, it is hardly likely to be as stressful as playing teams like Barcelona, Juventus or Sevilla and I am sure Wenger will still be rotating players for these games.

A lot hinges on this weekend’s clash with Tottenham, but we can get the three points if we play with the confidence garnered from our new players and our massive win last week. This is the time for us to make use of our advantages and power our way back up the table.

Sam P


  1. Ken 1945 says:

    Exactly Admin.
    Sums up how every Arsenal fan should be thinking this weekend.
    Forget personal views and support the club, players and manager.
    Let’s see if all the posts are as positive as you are.

  2. USAGooner says:

    Chelsea easily have the hardest schedule and look to drop like a rock. Arsenal have an easier road to hoe. I expect that it will be close, but I can see Arsenal in the top 4 behind

    Man City
    Man U

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Was in New York in July near the hotel where John Lennon was shot.
      Looked up at the nearby building and saw a poster saying “Wenger Out”!!!!
      What the hells going on over there???
      Could have understood if it said “Trump Out”!!!
      Just goes to show how the world follows our club though doesn’t it.

      1. jon fox says:

        But his son Baron is a Gooner. Not that that would stop Trump doing whatever he pleases. Compared to Trump, Wenger is my best friend. Mind I say, COMPARED TO TRUMP!

  3. Font says:

    I think it was Donald who put the banner up, to take the heat off

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Let’s hope Hillarys not involved, otherwise Jon Fox will connect her with our “corrupt” board and Innit will want Mick Mcarthy in charge of the investigation!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Glad to see you write that our board are corrupt, Ken. I agree. I will ignore your quote marks though. Neither care or know much about Hilary. Though Trump is clearly corrupt. HE SHOULD JOIN OUR BOARD WHERE HE WILL FEEL AT HOME AMONG HIS OWN KIND.

      2. Sue says:

        Ken 1945 I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment “innit will want Mick Mcarthy in charge of the investigation “

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Thanks Sue,
          We do take ourselves too seriously sometimes don,t we?
          If we all look at some of our own posts, I’m sure we have a good laugh.

  4. Innit says:

    Wenger came through in January. As much as i want him gone, I will give credit when credit is due

    Signing Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan has strengthened our hopes of finishing in the Top 4.

    I just wish he had strengthened our defense, but we should have no problem scoring goals. We have a very strong attack

    1. jon fox says:

      Innit, But he once again did zilch to help the defence. P-EA and Mkhitaryan will not keep goals out of our goal and in the real world games rarely finish 3-2 or 4-3, so just scoring more goals will not be crucial in our favour , while the awful Xhaka and Iwobi and Elneny stay in team. If we are to make top four we MUST win at Spurs at the very least and the bookies, who are rarely wrong, gives long odds against. Had he not bought Lacazeete and instead bought a top DCM and a top DCM, then things would have been different . But, as usual, he again completely ignored all the gaping defensive holes, like he has been doing for a decade now.

      1. jon fox says:

        … and a top CB , of course is what I meant to write.

      2. Rashid says:

        Guys, i’ll say it again, the problem is not our defensive players but actually the way we play and the lack of a cdm. What I see is there is nothing wrong with our centre backs but the problem lies with the way we play. The wing/full backs rushing forward leaving the 2 centre backs exposed for counter attacks especially with the absence of a defensive midfielder. Look at how the players have been changing over the years in our defense from squillaci and djorou to vermaelin koscielny mustafi etc but the problems still persist. Getting new centre backs wont solve any problem but getting a defensive midfielder would definitely help. Thats my own opinion.

  5. jon fox says:

    I really don’t see us making top four or even near it. I expect Spurs to be fourth behind Liverpool in third, with Chelsea and us missing out. If it makes the difference between Wenger being sacked or otherwise staying, I say bring it on! And I predict it will be that way, with him finally going.

    1. AshburtonGrove says:

      Totally agree, been a fan all my life (37) and seen managers come and go. Wenger has to go.

  6. Waal2waal says:

    a good attack does win you games; good defending wins you titles (they say). we’ve some way to go if we’re to be a top 3 contender; Far as besting spurs i always believe that we will – althogh if we’re to do so we have to have the 12th man in full effect willing on the victory for 90+min. #COYG

  7. Yossarian says:

    I honestly don’t care about top-four this season. A League Cup would be nice, and a Europa League Cup would be nicer.

    I’m really impressed with the backroom changes, which are undoubtedly the reason for us finally having a transfer window that we can wholeheartedly feel cheerful about. But we’re not there yet…

    If we get a new GK, CB, DMF and Manager for next season, then we’ll be very much back to the good times I reckon. So long as Wenger doesn’t pick the new manager of course!

    1. jon fox says:

      I reckon the new regime and esp Gazidis have at last seen through Wenger and though Kroenke still likes him, I think Kroenke will bend to the board, who will finally sack him in May. That being the decision there is no way they will listen to Wenger as to his replacement . Wenger would only ever recommend Arsene Wenger. He seriously believes he is the best in the world to manage us and would NEVER leave of his own accord. He is drunk on the power he has had all these years. But even he can surely see the wind of change blowing through the club. And it terrifies him!

      1. ks-gunner says:

        Don Quixote XD

        1. jon fox says:

          The perfect analogy!

  8. ks-gunner says:

    The old fart should make sure to win the uefa leauge. In case he cant, then there is no point in us being in the Cl. He has the experience and the team to win, so lets go do it

  9. Steven says:

    Where are all the critics who said that Wenger made a terrible mistake in failing to sell Sanchez and Ozil last summer? He refused to sell because 1) he was hoping they would sign new contracts and 2) there were no top class replacements available at the time. And what happened? We got Mkhitaryan in exchange for Sanchez and Ozil signed up. Wenger was completely vindicated. But have the critics admitted they were wrong and Wenger was right?

    1. killamch89 says:

      I want Wenger gone but I am man enough to say good job Wenger. For all those that don’t think these are his signings let me ask you this – do you honestly believe for a second that Wenger could just bench the players who he didn’t want and not play them? David Ornstein said that ultimately the person who makes the final decision at Arsenal regarding candidates is always Wenger.

      1. killamch89 says:

        I already have an idea of the types of players we will be going for in the summer based on the rumors from the ;ast summer transfer window till now:-
        1)An inverted RW who has a strong left foot – Mahrez, Malcolm, Bailey, ZivKovic etc.
        These players have excellent technique, great dribblers and crossers, electric pace, great vision, powerful left shot, rarely losses possession. likely whip in crosses/servicing Aubameyang/Lacazette. Likely Candidate – Mahrez. Reasons – price to experience, wants out of leicester and is the cheapest option/ premier league proven. One reason everyone may overlook is Claude Puel…I know-I know what the hell does he have to do with anything. Claude Puel played under Wenger at Monaco and has said Wenger has a huge influence on him. If you pay attention carefully you have heard him say that he and Mahrez have a personal understanding so he must have told him about Wenger. The rumors state he is insistent on coming to Arsenal and I suspect that may be the reason.
        2)A deep lying playmaker – Meyer, Golovin, Tielemans, Demirbay, brozovic etc.
        These players possess lots of stamina great to explosive pace, can dribble with both feet, great eye for a pass, can retain possession of the ball, great at shooting from range. Can dribble out of trouble, good tacklers. These individuals are all great at threading throughballs to the striker. likely candidate – Meyer. Reasons – plays an awful lot like Carzorla.
        3)A pacey CDM – Diallo, Danilo Periera, fabinho etc.
        These two are very tall, strong, physical, pacey players. They are tough tackling, aggressive, high amounts of interceptions and tackles per game. great at playing long balls. great dribblers, indirect set piece threats because of their height. Will occasionally join the attack. Powerful ranged shooters. Likely candidate this summer – Diallo. Reasons – price, performance, Diallo is French and Mislintat sounded him out.
        4)Commanding CB – Manolas, De Vrij etc.
        Strong, aggressive, aerial threat, tough tackling, decent to explosive pace(Manolas). great at blocking shots. great technique Likely candidate this summer – Manolas. Reasons: We have Manolas 2.0 aka greek kid whose name I still can’t spell. Release clause – 31m, Would have joined us had Roma been able to secure a replacement in time.
        5)Commanding GK – Jon Oblak, Timo Horn, Lafont etc.
        Goalkeepers with cat-like reflexes, Very tall, Can save the titanic(lol), Composed
        Likely Candidate/s this summer – I suspect we will need two goalkeepers because Ospina threatens to leave every summer and Cech is way past it. Jon Oblak and Timo Horn – Jon has an 73m release clause so not sure while Tim Horn will be able to join us at just 5.4m relegation clause as Koln is likely to be relegated or Timo Horn and Lafont – getting both will not cost us more than 20m and both are pretty young but very experienced and will possibly solve our Gk problems for the next decade onwards. Timo Horn is a huge Arsenal Fan and dreams of playing for us. Lafont is also a huge admirer of Arsenal so yeah. I’m willing to bet on Timo Horn. long before I even knew anything about him I thought he looked like an Arsenal player.
        Disclaimer:- I could be wrong but I’m fairly confident about , Diallo, Manolas and Timo Horn

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      They will never admit their wrong because they have their heads up their backsides.
      One minute they say that the new regime has taken over and signed wonderful players in Myk and Aba.
      Then we don’t sign a defence player and it’s all Wengers fault.
      What you are saying about the sanchez/Ozil saga is 100% correct and the club has completed three fantastic deals.
      When you don’t agree with them out comes the abuse and, frankly childish name calling.
      Then comes the latest call for the tens of thousands of Arsene out followers to march to the Emirates to show their solidarity and power….damp squid every time.
      Just keep pointing out your own views in the way you have done above mate, in a polite, constructive and (most importantly) factual way. That way the power is with you.

    3. AshburtonGrove says:

      Twat. Good job Mislintat you mean…

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