Why Arsenal have no reason to be scared of facing Man City!

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Pep Guardiola has transformed Man City recently and they have been incredibly consistent, especially this season. They have only dropped 2 points out of 10 League games in this campaign when they drew at home to Everton back in August. Since then they have won 14 games in a row in all competitions and are looking formidable opponents. But if you want to search for the last time that Man City actually lost a competitive game you have to go back to April, and who were the team that beat them? Arsenal of course! It took extra time in the FA Cup semi-final, but it took us back to Wembley and set us up for our historic FA Cup win against Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger described how we managed to beat the Champions elect on that day. “We tried to defend well and not to hide at the times when we had the ball. We went forward and I think we had a balanced team, a team who could defend and was quick going forward every time we had the ball. We took over as well, I think, in the second half and it was played after extra-time. Overall, we had a good focus.”

The Gunners were treated as the underdogs that day, just as we are billed as such for tomorrow’s game, but the facts are that we have little reason to be scared of City, no matter who the manager is! In our last 9 competitive games against the Citizens, we have only lost once, with 4 wins and 4 draws, so who should really be the favourites? It is City that should be worried about facing us again, not the other way round….

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  1. Alphie_Izzett says:

    A wrongly disallowed City goal also helped a bit – just saying :o)

  2. chris says:

    Let’s pray Wenger is realistic about this match. Our only hope is a disciplined defensive formation, every player working and hitting on the break (or from a set piece). If we try to outplay them … with Wenger’s beautiful football …. we could get taken apart.

  3. Anko says:

    I am very hopeful of an Arsenal win, even if everyone think Man City are the favourite. Things can take a different turn. Even Paul Merson who is usually very critical of Arsenal said if any team can beat Man City it will be Arsenal, though he did say we will win! I am getting more confident of a win for us!

    1. Ivan says:

      Merson is an idiot. You won’t go far wrong if you bet the opposite of him.

    2. Anko says:

      He didn’t say we will win

  4. Salmonella says:

    Location – Arsenal team hotel

    Bould to Wenger(in wenger’s room): Stop watching the French League ffs! Have you come up with a plan to outsmart Pep? Why don’t u do ur homework before a big away game???
    Wenger: I’ve utmost faith in my players. i’ve told Per to play a high line. We also have a motivated Alexis who can score goals for fun!
    Bould: High line!!!!!! Have u gone mad?
    Wenger: What did u just say? Did u call me mad?
    Bould: No,no! I was just saying its a good plan.I’m looking forward to tomorrow. (Sighs)

    (Alexis who was standing on the doorway has overheard the conversation)
    Alexis to himself – These fools want me to sign a new contract!??. Thank God I’m in the last yr of my contract! (Sighs)

    (Alexis enters Walcott’s room)
    Alexis to Theo: Theo u’ve been the longest serving player at this club. Where do you get ur motivation from? I desperately need some
    Theo(laughs): I get paid £110k & am given the captain’s armband for doing nothing on the field! What else do u want in life!!!

    (Alexis who is almost crying, enters his room. Slams the door shut. Searches for his cellphone & calls Guardiola)
    Alexis- Hey Pep! What r u doing?
    Pep- I am training Jesus,Aguero& Sane on how to run at Mertesacker & Xhaka. Call me afterwards. I’m very busy right now
    Alexis: Hey! Just make sure I’m a city player before the January transfer window ends..
    Pep: Hey Alexis! Just make sure you don’t score against us tomorrow
    Alexis: Consider it done Pep.


    1. Tom selleck says:

      Lol like these
      Payslips were good

    2. Ivan says:

      Very funny and probably closer to the truth than we would like.

    3. Neo Malefane says:

      Its almost if you actually want all of this to happen. Are you an Arsenal fan bro?

      1. Salmonella says:

        No I am not. Just here troll you guys! Lol ?
        (Just joking!)
        Anyways if I wasn’t an Arsenal fan I wouldn’t have been posting on this forum regularly ✌

  5. Xi_gunner says:

    Let’s crush them

    1. Anko says:

      A win will do for me! Our greatest supporter tomorrow will be Jose Mourinho! He will be willing us on seriously!

  6. Tony says:

    i got 17 thumbs down a article for saying we need to settle for 1 point. we will understand right after the match

    1. If we settle for draws what will the likes of Westbrom and Westham target? Loses of less than 3 goals? Come on man city are on form but sooner or later they will lose… so why not against us? Head to head from 2011 we have beaten them 8 times as opposed to losing to them 6 times… THEY are the under dogs not us!

      1. Ivan says:

        I think the concern is we have not beaten a team in the top half of the table however I admire your optimism let’s hope you are right.
        PS I dare you to go down the bookies and put £100 of your own money on us.

    2. Neo Malefane says:

      You got a thumbs down because we are the Arsenal! and we don’t play for draws. If we losing with 10 minutes to go of course I am going to want a draw but what kind of professional would go into a game thinking ‘it would be so great if we can draw today’. No professional!

  7. ramterta says:

    If man city beat us convincingly then we are in grave danger because the current team is the best we can hope to field

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