Why Arsenal have the advantage over Spurs in Gabriel Jesus pursuit

Before the end of the current campaign, it looked nailed on the the Man City striker Gabriel Jesus would be joining his old coach Mikel Arteta at the Emirates, but with six other clubs reportedly also interested in the Brazilian forward (according to his agent), the move became less certain when Arsenal lost out to Tottenham in the race for the last Champions League place.

With the latest rumours saying that Antonio Conte is also keen on taking Jesus to Tottenham, it has been assumed that they would now be the favourites with the promise of a place in Europe’s elite competition, but according to the SkySports journalist Michael Bridge when talking to GiveMeSport, it is Arsenal that have the clear advantage. He said: “Gabriel Jesus has been told by Edu that he will be Arsenal’s number nine. I’d imagine City will entertain the likes of Tottenham being involved in a bit of a bidding war and Tottenham have that carrot of Champions League football over Arsenal, but Arsenal would stress that Jesus would be a central part, whereas you can’t convince anyone of that when you’ve got Harry Kane.”

Jesus has said before that he wants to go where he can play regular first team football, and with Erling Haaland going to Man City he would go lower in the pecking order, so it doesn’t make sense that he would move to Tottenham to be in the exact same position behind Harry Kane.

Come to Arsenal, Jesus. You know it makes sense!

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  1. Why is it taking so long to get the jesus deal over the line when the likes of villa have already bought a player

    1. That is my problem with Arsenal bro. Talk talk talk talk. Link link link link. No action. Arsenal is linked to every player in the world, to buy is a problem. I don’t know why. It annoys me terribly.

        1. My goodness, the impatience. Some adults are like little kids. “I want this and that and I want it now..”

          Very shortsighted.

  2. So now Conte would be called a joke for trying to hire the cast off from City? When Mikel is interested, some enlightened pundits here call him out. Hope they do so for Conte by applying the same logic. JG is the real deal, what was that fella smoking to hire Lacazette for such a huge sum? Any answers?

        1. I’ve noticed how he doesn’t use his name Dan he’s completely in awe of Arteta and can’t even use our greatest manager in history’s name , unbelievable!

          1. Referring to Wenger as a mug is a disagreeable insult. It can be argued however that Wenger did not always use the transfer windows and funds available as effectively as he should have.

              1. It can be argued that Wenger wasn’t as heavily backed as the untouchable one Arteta but even Wenger at his worst was still miles better than what we have now!

                1. Yea not even close Kev
                  I would take the worst of Wenger over the best of Arteta all day long

                  1. I think we’ve already seen the best of Arteta, maybe the season that’s just ended is good as it gets Dan 😜

  3. it’s just the way arsenal are, slow in everything they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up not signing him or any better player. I’ve been an arsenal fan for at least 15-18 years and that’s what you get for supporting arsenal.

  4. Every good player Arsenal talks about bringing,with its relaxty,it attracts other clubs ending up for the player being taken.So Arsenal is becoming the Identifier of good players for other clubs.

    He will not play third fiddle to KANE AND SON. Simple as that!

  6. I am noticing how spurs are always going after players we go after lately, This invariably jacks the price up , they went for Vlahovic when we inquired of him, they went in for kulusevsky when we were linked with him. I’m hearing now they are looking to get Hickey , not Gabriel Jesus.
    Do they not have scouts at that swamp ?

    1. Well they have conte in charge, so it’s not surprising they’re looking at the Italian league. Jesus, I don’t know – he could have a smaller role at spurs than he currently has at City, so I can’t see them convincing him to join

  7. you simply can’t sign Jesus on the heels of re-upping Eddie, as we can’t rely on such a diminutive pair of Strikers up top…I would suggest, based on the overpayment to Eddie that a rather underwhelming option, like Morata, is a far more likely get for this novice lot

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