Why Arsenal have to be more patient with their next manager

Arsenal must show some patience with the next manager if they want to succeed in the long run.

Arsenal has had two managers since Arsene Wenger was forced to resign in 2018. They just fired Unai Emery after 18 months in charge and Freddie Ljungberg is already under pressure after just three games.

These events show that the same Arsenal fans who kept faith with Wenger for over 20 years want success fast now.

However, success never happens overnight and if Arsenal is serious about becoming a powerhouse in English football again, they have to be more patient with their next manager.

Liverpool endured years of mediocrity, but when they hired Jurgen Klopp, they afforded the German time and today the Reds are arguably the best team in the world. It took Klopp four years to win his first trophy at Liverpool.

One of the reasons why a new manager deserves time is because this Arsenal team is lacking in both quality and confidence.

A new manager will need time to build the confidence of the players who still have something worthwhile to offer the club, while also getting rid of the others and bringing through players that can help him achieve his vision.

These things can’t happen instantly. Arsenal has to accept the fact that their current team is not up to the level of competing with the top sides and a major rebuilding job has to be done.

As long as the new manager shows some progress then he must be afforded the time to implement his strategy or we risk ending up like Man Utd. A high turnover of managers with very little progress.


  1. I think Tuchel if available should PSG sack him should be number 1 priority. Did wonders at Dortmund with an exciting game plan, modern tactics and devleopment of young players. He also speaks multiple languages including English.

    I’d have him number 1 with Poch.
    I don’t think we can take the risk with an unproven Arteta at this stage

  2. Llungberg speaks only about one thing. Confidence.
    To me he is saying that most teams have a lot of talent
    but many bow to the pressure and don’t play to their potential.
    Arsenal started off great this season and were 3rd after 8 games but unacceptably
    the manager and/or the team bowed to the pressure of top 4 expectation .
    They retreated into their shell and went ultra conservative.
    Xhaka said the team was afraid v Watford and Freddie said the team was afraid v Brighton.
    Leicester with no expectation a new manager and no EL distraction are bouncing.
    Poch despite a stellar 5 years couldn’t motivate Spurs this season and was sacked.
    City after two title wins has switched off and Pep can not motivate them now.
    On the other hand Liverpool despite a massive season which included a CL win and an epic title battle with City are still motivated by their desire to win their first ever PL title.
    So Freddie wants the Arsenal swagger back.
    But with a 14 match horror schedule, an insipid midfield and a porous defense
    will Arsenal fans give Freddie time to bring back our Arsenal swagger?
    On recent evidence probably not.

  3. Agree with Roshan. Apncelotti is available. Why don’t the gunners get him. He has proven himself wherever he has gone.
    The gamble with him is better than with Arteta, veira or some other unknown.

    1. The game has passed Ancelotti. We need a young manager with experience who has modern tactics. That is why Tuchel is best for me if the club see’s Naglesman, Marco Rose etc as not ready

      1. Napoli are the last team to beat pool in the CL this season,he got sacked last night vafter his team win 4-,0,and he is past it really?the reason he got sacked us his relationship with Napoli president whom makes levy look like a baby!!

        1. He got sacked because of a 8 match winless run with the 2nd or 3rd best squad in the league, his team in 6th or 7th.
          He basically inherited a top Sarri team and made it worse. That’s MADE IT WORSE, if you have trouble comprehending.

          Tuchel is doing well at PSG. If they reach the semis this year, they might not fire him.

          Also in 2 seasons in Germany with Borussia’s 2nd best squad in the country his results were:

          1st season : 2nd place, 10 points behind Bayern
          2nd season : 3rd place, 18 (!) points behind Bayern
          They actually got worse with time (sounds familiar??)

          PSG – won only the league not the treble like Emery

          Colour me unimpressed.

          1. I disagree he is not past it but you make y good point about the results getting worse but it happens to all managers,why Mourinho never goes past 3/4 years?look at poch,Eric diet said only few days ago that after 5 years under him it became repetitive,boring….that”s why he needs new young players every season,look at pep he said the same thing after few years the players don’t respond the same to him and it is not on purpose,I guess it,s a human thing,look at man city right now not great,the reason Ferguson was so successful was because even when winning titles,he would always sell some of his players and buy new one just to refresh things and keep everyone on their toes and if you don’t do that look at us, spurs,man utd……I think you give age too much importance some will call it ageism,look at Roy at palace,klopp, Mourinho.,.they are all over 50, Ancellotti I’d 60 not much difference is there?

  4. Chelsea would say otherwise. Are we lesser than Chelsea?
    They seem t be doing “decent” despite a new manager and their Summer transfer ban.

    Let’s stop making excuses and lowering expectations, let’s act like a big club and demand success.

    1. If one is honest Chelsea are in a stronger position. If you consider central defence and midfield they have more reliable players. In attack Arsenal should be better but there is no doubt that Chelsea have some exciting young players.
      Some of this is due to an effective long time strategy and investment, things Arsenal have lacked in recent years.

      1. 👍 Chelsea were signing a lot of young players, who showed potential over the years and placed them immediately on loan. With the transfer ban, Chelsea were able to recall the best; good strategic planning.

  5. I have it on good authority that Arsenal have asked to speak to Ancelotti. It doesn’t mean he is going to be our manager but they are going to talk with him about it. Im not claiming to be in the know but i do have a mate who gets some good Arsenal info now and again. Dont shoot the messenger, im just letting you know.

  6. He got sacked because Napoli went 9 games without a win…sound familiar…trust me, if he had an issue with the club execs but had won 9 on the trot, he would still be the manager…we don’t need a mercenary, we need someone who truly wants to take this club forward, who can motivate the players and inspire our absentee landlord to properly invest…don’t get me wrong, Ancelotti is a top notch manager, just not the right man for us at this time

  7. Most of us saw right through Emery after a very short time. Of course a new manager needs to be afforded time to get the team to play the way he wants to. But then he has to at least demonstrate that he knows what he is doing.

  8. Arteta is my choice for our new coach….reminds me of Pep…..he is young …knows the team…hardworkkng…groomed by Wenger and Arsenal to be the next coach if he had stayed……

  9. Freddie is doing a decent job. Let us be patient and give him time. The young players trust him and are frank with him. He can bring back our Arsenal, after all, he himself is an Invincible!

  10. Any new head coach is on a hiding to nothing, because of the deficiencies in midfield and defense, the self sustaining business model impacting on the transfer budget, the standard of scouting and recruitment (Martinelli a notable exception) and the unrealistic expectations of many fans for instant success.
    It will be interesting to see who can be attracted and what conditions and undertakings will be offered to any prospective head coach.

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