Why Arsenal have to give Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang what he is asking for

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is worth a massive salary

Arsenal is currently in talks with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang over extending his current deal beyond its expiry date.

The Gabonese attacker can be at Arsenal next season, but he can then leave the Gunners for free if the club fails to get him to sign a new deal.

The early signs point to the fact that he may have had his head turned by the other top teams who want to sign him.

Inter Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United are all waiting in the wings to take our attacker from us and we have to fight back.

Rumours claim that Aubameyang wants £300k per week and the club thinks that is too much.

I don’t feel that would be too much because he has proven himself worthy of such a huge salary.

Some would argue that Mesut Ozil merited his current deal as well and I understand that Aubameyang may become the same as the German.

However, people get wage increases based on their current performances not based on what other players earn.

Additionally, I believe that Aubameyang can be paid that wage if he left Arsenal and join any of his current suitors.

To keep your best players nowadays, you will have to be prepared to pay what the competition is willing to pay.

Most of the very top clubs pay big salaries, it is the way of the world and whether you like it or not, in footballing terms, Aubameyang is worth £300 by today’s standards.

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  1. PEA deserves more than 300k
    Arsenal should pay and keep him.
    If they have issues with Fat payroll then Mesut Ozil should go. No disrespect but Aubameyang is more useful to the team.

    1. Do you really think Auba deserves that kind of money?
      If he is only prepared to stay at Arsenal because he gets a massive salary increase then as far as I’m concerned he can poke off. The club has already got a player on a ridiculously over inflated income
      By the way, you can’t just expect that Özil can be discarded. He has a contract until the end of next season. This means that under your suggestion we could have two players costing in excess of £34 million in wages next season. Do you think Arsenal can sustain that?

      1. You are right he does not. He might be a big fish in arsenal’s pond but in my opinion he does not work hard enough to justify that salary. He might score goals but that is not enough. If all these clubs want him , which I doubt, then Arsenal should sell him to the highest bidder. A further thought which makes me believe he will go unless he drops his demands, is the clubs stated policy that a player with only one year left on his contract will be moved on unless he resigns.This is also applicable to Ozil

  2. Auba deserve it
    Some people mybe concern about his age
    But his playing style is change from speedy merchant to the fox in the box, auba still have 2 or 3 year at the peak.

    1. If he join Man U then he will be like Alexis Sanchez.

      Man U is there to spoil players due to pressure.
      They don’t give a player time e.g. Angel Dimaria etc.

  3. If we’re a top team, w e should keep top players. It’s so disturbing that we are not doing the right things with keeping top players and we always start building the next season.

    1. You see… This the BIG picture.

      Running Outta Form. Which is a big probability.

      And when he does no doubt I’ll be among those crucifying his big wage..

  4. Aubameyang has created so many Impact Since Joining Arsenal than Ozil has Done and Ozil is Said to Worth 250k and Not being the Club Expensive Player while Creating nothing he should be out he’s old and lets reduce 300k to Aubameyang and Make him our Expensive Player By the Way He Worth’s It That My Contribution Okay .

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