Why Arsenal legend is RIGHT about Wilshere and England

The Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere is very close to a comeback from his latest injury, (caused by a bad tackle by Man United´s Paddy McNair and NOT proof that he is injury prone). But even if he features against Liverpool on Saturday and in every other game until the end of the season, including a possible two FA cup games, the central midfielder will only have made 26 appearances this season.

And that is one of the big reasons why I agree with Gunners legend and former England number one David Seaman who, as reported by the Daily Mail, has urged Wilshere to make himself available for the European under 21 championship finals in the Czech Republic this summer.

Seaman said, “He has not played a lot of football this season and, if he is fit, he should go.”

There are already various rows going on between Gareth Southgate and Premier League managers like Everton´s Martinez and the Spuds´ Pochettino, as they want their stars rested. But that does not apply to Jack. In fact he could do with more football before the start of next season.

And there could be other plus points for Wilshere. First of all, with the likes of him, Harry Kane, Ings, Berahino, Chambers, Jenkinson, Luke Shaw, Nathan Redmond, Ward-Prowse, Stones, Butland and more, England would have a great chance of winning the tournament and that could only be good for the players.

And if Ross Barkley does dodge it and Wilshere goes, which would be in the good books of Roy Hodgson when he considers the England senior team? Do you think Jack should go?

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  1. Yes. Everyone that’s eligible should make themselves available. England would have a pretty good team:

    Strikers: Ings, Berahino, Kane

    Wingers: Sterling, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Zaha

    Midfielders: Wilshere, Shelvey, Barkley, Ward-Prowse

    Defenders: Shaw, Stones, Jones, Chambers, Jenkinson.

    Goalkeeper: Butland

    Note: not all players are under 21, but are still eligible to play in the tournament as they were U21 when the qualification process began.

    Not a bad pool to choose from is it? Euro U21 is not a waste of time. It can act as an important stepping stone. Just look at Germany – they won it in 2009 with the likes of Neuer, Özil and Hummels in their squad.

    1. Which means 99% of the U21 players
      at the 2009 tournament did not go
      on and win a world cup.
      What is your point?

      1. Khedira, Neuer, Hummels, Ozil, Howedes, Boatang.
        Haha so 26% by my count went on to be part of the world cup squad…
        Why is proving you wrong so easy david? is it possibly because you have not the faintest idea what you’re talking about?

  2. No. Let some young kid go.
    Wilshere is badly injury prone
    just look at his record.
    Jack will be another Diaby
    and drop dead on us a total loss.
    Sell him now while he is still worth something.

    1. ‘Be another Diaby and drop dead on us, a total loss’

      seriously dude… your disrespect for our players is incredible.
      wishing a 22-23 y.o a career like Diaby’s is just unfathomable for me…
      I couldn’t wish that on a Spurs player let alone one of our own. not cool

  3. I honestly don’t know if he should go that is tough. Wenger and jack will have to think long and hard about this.

  4. Wiltshire needs to rest his ankles this summer. PERIOD!
    He has come back from injuries way too early and BAM! injured again.

    Barbados beach, Tobago beach, Jamaica beach, and Portsmouth?

    Rest Jack rest !

    1. For once agree Hafiz, watched a video on Dan Crowley – the lads got a lot of potential..

      1. I watched Dan Crowley play in the u21 match against Derby. He did not exactly shine, so to speak. He just got very frustrated and started creaming at everyone and everything. Still, hopefully that performance was not indicative of his talent. Point is, he is not ready for first team football yet.

  5. I love Jack and I feel if he had a good run of games and remain injury free he would cement a starting spot, he was on the way for real this time before his last injury occurred. He really needs to help himself by not inviting crunching tackles from making suicide runs though. I will also say this, nothing against Theo but if 1 of him or Jack had to go I would keep Jack at all cost.
    OT: we need more left footed players and I would take a punt at both Paulo Dybala and Nabil Fekir. Would also swap Sterling for Theo as Sterling has a more all round game, younger and will be better not long from now…

    1. Why do we need more left footed players? Wilshere, Özil, Giroud, Gibbs and Monreal are all left footed. Not to mention Cazorla who can use both feet. Podolski has a hammer of a left foot too, though he’s probably going to be on his way in the summer.

      1. I was trying to say more left footed attacking players for more balance and I mentioned those 2 as to play opposite of either Alexis, Ox or Welbz. Someone to do what Alexis does on the left but vice versa. That’s why I was hoping we got Griezmann last summer as a part of the Vela deal but he chose to stay in Spain… Really hope we make a real go at Sterling and not mess around like we did with Suarez, worst Liverpool can say is no deal.

        1. I understand what you’re saying except I respectfully disagree in our current system.
          One winger cutting in and playing a supporting role is enough. I think there’s a lot more balance when you have one side playing a more traditional role as a winger and stretching defences creating more space.
          When we have players like Cazorla and Ramsey assuming scoring positions as frequently as they do the box tends to get a little crowded as is.

  6. We have no shortage of midfielder’s available at the moment. No need for him to play a role in the first-team unless we get hit by another injury in which case he may be needed on the bench.
    IMO he should continue in the under 21’s to get his fitness levels and match sharpness back, play the tournament in June and be as fully prepared for next season as he can. That’s 3-4 months in which he can prepare.
    I really struggle to comprehend people impatience with Wilshere. If he wants to be on the team-sheet as anything other than a sub, currently he would have to dislodge one of Coquelin, Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky or Cazorla. A tall ask of any midfielder considering there’s 3 magicians a beast of a DM and a superhuman engine who regularly gets goals in there.
    There is also Arteta returning from injury and the perceived preference of Flamini when looking to solidify with a late defensive substitute.

  7. OT but am I missing something here regarding transfers? How did Real Madrid already sign Danilo from Porto?

  8. It could do Jack some good but it could also backfire… its his country though and if it was me i would play. I dont agree that Southgate should be allowed pick his very best team as allot of these lads play in W cup and Euro years and the club season is a long one, they do need odd full summer to recharge batteries and Southgate should know that better than anyone.

    It can seem to some that they have the absolute best job in world which they do and so shouldnt need a break as their career stops mid thirties but i think its more to do with the mental rest that one needs… if you are a huge public figure.

  9. OT. Just watched Campbell’s highlights vs Real Madrid.. Looks like he played fearlessly on both ends. Props to him!

  10. Sign Stirling and we can have an

    All England Arsenal Team line up


    Stirling Crowley Walcott

    Oxie Wilshere

    Gibbs Hayden Chambers Jenkinson


    Sub: Akomp

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