Why Arsenal might NOT do any more transfer business!

Arsenal do not NEED any more players by Sam P

First of all Gooners, I do not think that the signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea will be the last piece of transfer business that Arsenal get done before the summer transfer window closes in about two months. But I do think that Arsene Wenger has got the one he really wanted out of the way.

I would not be surprised if, from now on, Le Prof takes it easy and only signs the right players if they are available and if they are at the right price. I know there will be Arsenal fans out there screaming at me and saying that Arsenal must get a centre back, a defensive midfielder, a centre forward or a player in some other position where they see a weakness, but I do not agree that we really need anyone in any position.

I am hoping that the club have solved the problem of the recurring and constant injuries though, but if they have then we are pretty well set all over the pitch.

Those that are crying out for another striker should remember that Theo Walcott hardly featured last season but when he did…wow! We also have Welbeck pushing and able to play on either flank as well as the middle, oh and Alexis of course before mentioning that Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere all did well in a wide role.

In the middle we have Jack’s England role to suggest that he can back up Coquelin and Arteta. Gabriel looked good when he got a chance and then there is Chambers as an option in central defence. So where do Arsenal look weak?

Like I say I think Wenger will snap up another player or two but he will not be going all out for anyone in my opinion. What do you guys expect for the rest of the summer?


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  1. Did you guys (and Muffs see the death threats Cech is getting -see DailyMail.

    Wow, Chelsea has some class fans; real class.

    1. Harsh to lump them all in with a few clueless w@nkers. They’re a plastic bunch at the best of times but they’re not like this few displayed in general.

    2. Ya.. They aimed his family .. What bi$ches.. They were not even playing cech.. What was he supposed to do. At least he din’t go in his prime lyk c%nt RVp

    3. I have no respect for Chelsea, the club, the manager or the fans. Giving a female linesmen shit or the racist rants on a tube. They can get f#@ked.

  2. With all due respect Sam, this is precisely the blinkered perspective that is holding us back from truly challenging. This acceptance that what we have is good enough already when the evidence clearly shows it’s not. Now don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way, we don’t need a squad overhaul by any stretch. But we certainly need a couple of truly top players in some key positions to turn this team into a title challenging one.

    You say when Theo played last year “wow”, but that’s not exactly true….he scored a hat trick in a meaningless game and then one in the cup final the week after, but he had featured before then and been dire – I like Theo, but my god he hasn’t half created some hype from TWO games ending the season. Then you say we have Coquelin and Arteta, but again for me neither represents a genuine top class option for the middle of the pitch. Coquelin was admirable last season, but you don’t go from obscurity to lynchpin in 5months….there’s several options on the market better and more established than Coquelin.

    All in all to sit and be content with what we have will yield an all too familiar result, ALSO-RANS. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ospina is OK, Coquelin is decent, Giroud is Good. We’ve replaced one already with a top class option in Cech. Now to really kick on both Coquelin and Giroud need to be relegated to squad players and not first 11 players. Sounds harsh, but neither would make the first 11 of Chelsea/City/United who we’re trying to beat to the title. Now again, don’t get it twisted…I’m not saying you need to have THE best player for EVERY position to be the best team. But you certainly need to have top quality in the spine of the team, and right now we have good quality. Argue against that but 10 years without a title, 12 points off Chelsea last term, brushed aside by Monaco in the last 16, and chucked out the Capital One at Home vs Saints says otherwise.

    1. I agree that we need World Class player in striker and DM position to really challenge.
      The point of the article is that whether all the names that link to us are actually an upgrade. Most of us just watched youtube and as everyone knows youtube can make an average one look good – I actually watched Giroud’s youtube compilation and if he does not play for us right now, I would be very very happy to see us buying him
      From what I’m seeing
      – Martinez, Bacca, Higauin are not upgrade on Walcott and Giroud – and I don’t expect Wenger to pursue any of them
      – Kondogbia, Wanayama, Carvalho, ….- our fan get obsessed with the beast, strong, big DM – but I watched Kondogbia in 2 matches versus us, he does not strike me as a World Class player and absolutely not much better than our Coq – He may be stronger and bigger but not as mobile as Coq – who can quickly move across the field and cover for our roaming fullbacks. I think Wenger is right, if Coq had cost us 40M$ we may have rated him higher.

      I can see how impatient most fan are – always spend, spend, spend, at least the club must spend all its transfer budget every season even when the right players are not available or out of reach. If 1st choice not available then 2nd, 3rd choice. This is the mindset that cause Liverpool and Spuds who spent like hell and actually got worse when carrying deadwood like Balotelli, Soldado, Lamela. If we had the same mindset, we would have missed on Ozil (only Wenger was patient enough to wait until Bale deal is done so he can get one of the Madrid star player). For now player like Pogba is out of reach financially – but if we save this season budget, next summer we can easily bid for players of such calibre. Money does not grow on tree but also does not dissolve (or taken by Kronke) if we are not spending it. I’m happy that we have Wenger who know how to spend smartly – if we ever sign anyone else, rest assure this player will be World Class and will improve our first 11

      1. The point of the article is clear, he literally says we don’t “NEED” more players…..although he stated he thinks we will still be active. I’m simply disagreeing because for me we do need the right additions to make us title candidates.

        What you’ve just done is exemplify the type of mindset I think is cancerous to our ambitions of being champions of England and European contenders. How can you possibly try and justify that Jackso/Bacca and most of all Higuain are not an improvement on Theo/Giroud…..that’s just absolute nonsense.

        Same applies to Kondogbia/Carvalho and less so Wanyama, but all 3 are better than Coquelin. Kondogbia has represented France and been a success at both Sevilla and Monaco, Carvalho has been a key player for Sporting in Portugal, and is a starter for the Portugal national team, then Wanyama has been terrific for 2 full seasons in the prem. Coquelin has 20 games played in the premier league and you’re actually sitting there telling me he’s better than these other players for it? Only an Arsenal fan is capable of such bias.

        No you can forget the price tag argument, I rate Cazorla more than Ozil in the CAM role for us and he cost a third of the price. I look at quality and proven ability, to argue Theo/Giroud/Coquelin are better than those mentioned is nothing more than overstating what currently plays for us.

        1. Small bicker: Wanyama may have 2 PL seasons under his belt but he’s played a grand total of 43 BPL games during that time. Coquelin actually played more PL games than Wanyama (22 v 20) last year. The reason Wanyama looks so go is that Schneiderlin is playing right next to him.

          At 24, it’s only a matter of time before Coq gets call-ups for France. If he just emerged this past year on any other PL team, we’d all be calling on Wenger to buy him. There’s no need to replace him. He’s sound, and given our still relatively limited transfer budget, I’d rather put all our eggs into another striker. And, if we can, Sergio Ramos, who’d be a HUGE upgrade over Per.

          1. Hence I said “less so Wanyama”, but fact remains he’s still more proven. Pretty juvenile to say he only looks good because of Schneiderlin……does Coquelin only look good because of Cazorla or is it just a non-Arsenal player thing?

            Overall your logic is far from sound, why is Coquelin destined for a call up when Kondogbia/Pogba/Imbula are all younger? Plus I don;t know ANY Arsenal fan who’d actively support buying a player after just 5 months playing time in the league….pretty sure everyone would come out with things like “needs to prove himself”, “could be a flash in the pan” etc.

            Finally, how is buying an upgrade for a German International with pets experience and quality more prevalent than buying an upgrade for 20 PL match Coquelin? You’ve foxed me there again with the logic. far from being Per’s #1 fan I at least can appreciate he offers a guaranteed level of performance in all competitions, I can’t say the same about Coquelin and any fan who does is saying it out of hope rather than expectation.

            1. S’hampton essentially played with two defensively minded midfielders: Wanyama & Schneiderlin. That’s why they both complimented each other. Santi’s defensive duties, while greater than in previous years, did not duplicate Coq’s to the extent that Wanyama & Schneiderlin covered for each other.

              Look, I’ll grant that other DMs may be better than Coq. But the percent of upgrade they offer over Coq is not as great as the % upgrade we could grab in other positions. So let’s put our transfer kitty into the 2 positions where the improvement will be most drastic: CF & CD.

              1. What happens if Coq gets badly hurt in the beginning of the season? What happens if he is just a half a season wonder?
                That is the risk you are asking to take. Then we are left with Flamini and Arteta, and those two are not even good enough for the Spurs.
                We have no logical back -up or improvement over Coq in the team at the moment. And he is not going to play 56 games in a season, and he only had 20 games under his belt.

                1. I agree with Champaign Charlie on this, its a losers mind-set before we even get started. Its clear to all and sundry that Wilshire playing in the defensive role alongside Coquellin is MASSIVE RISK
                  its clear that Theo and OG and Wellbeck as the front line IS A RISK.
                  Three of these four were injured for significant periods over the season past and the other was on loan as he was considered “not good enough”.
                  I like all the above players and don’t want to see any of them benched or leave BUT, its got to be realised that regardless as to if you think they are good enough in their positions to win the EPL next season and I don’t!!! you HAVE to legislate for injury and suspension. Playing a glassed ankles Jack alongside Coquellin in a defensive midfield position is not only playing a skilled player out of his natural position its also a massive risk both with our chances at competing AND his career and health. Why risk this for the want of spending money we have to obtain a new player who is proven in that very position? same with the striker combo why not buy a player who fits between Theo and OG to give them a kick up their Arsenal and to cover in case of injury its the cheaper and less competitive option all the way, and while I know there are other players out there its alarming to see the main contenders for the positions we ALL KNOW need to be bolstered, are already heading to other teams. mean while articles like this attempt to justify the mean minded approach that both the manager and the board are still adopting.

              2. We agree on the premise of spending wisely, but Ramos over Per vs Vidal over Coquelin is NOT a greater improvement…..at all.

                1. If Coq gets hurt, we’ll ask Jack to step up in DM. He’s doing the job for England and he can do the same for us.

                  Comparing Coquelin to Vidal is disgenious. Vidal hasn’t played as a DM in 4 years. He’s a box-to-box midfielder who’s always charging upfield. I honestly don’t think he’ll have the discipline to sit back for us. He’s an exciting player who’d bring Arsenal’s instensity and on-field passion up a notch or two, but he’d forever be leaving us exposed in the back.

                  Charlie & Jimbeam– what do you see as being Arsenal’s weakest positions? For me, it’s

                  1) CD
                  2) CF
                  3) LB
                  3) LW

                  DM (esp a back-up DM) is way down on my list of needs

                2. Jack is dire from a defensive aspect, he charges about but in terms of tackles/interceptions he’s behind Coq/Rambo/Santi/Arteta/Flamini in the team. To compare his England role to what he’d be tasked with at Arsenal is naive. He’s no DM for England, he’s a deep-lying playmaker at best.

                  For me the two positions i’d now improve are DM firstly, an established DM of real quality for Coquelin to learn from. Then a ST with the ability to win a match. Ask me if I’m more content with Coquelin or Giroud and it’s easily Giroud.

            2. But isn’t the assumption that Carvalho for example, would definitely displace Coquelin in the XI based on Coquelin’s ’20 or so games’ just as illogical suggesting that the ’20 or so games’ Coquelin has played in are enough for you to say for sure that the others are more complete as players for it??

              IMO the way you evaluate a lot of players are better than the ones we have currently is just as unfounded as the fans who deem some of our players better than potential targets in a lot of cases. Your sole argument in the thread is that fans are basing their evaluations of him as a player based on half a season, but you are too! You’ve given no indication as to the areas Coquelin has shown himself to have possible weaknesses or how these other players strengths could be utilized in our current set-up…

              1. The whole reference to Coquelins 20 games is simply to highlight how unclear it is what kind of player we’re dealing with in terms of consistency and ability. EVERY other alternative mentioned has proven their ability over a longer period of time and some in higher forms of competition, there’s nothing illogical about that.

                If a player does well for 8 games vs another who does well for 80 you’d side with the guy with 80 good games because it’s speculative to suggest a small sample is going to be the ‘norm’ of the player with less appearances. Now put yourself in charge of constructing a team trying to win the Prem league title…..can you honestly say you can bank on a player who’s to date been good for 20 or so games in his career at the club? It’s a completely unnecessary gamble.

                You’re missing the point entirely. My assessment of Coquelin is that he did well for us last year, he’s defensively solid most of the time, but lacked the authority in some bigger games (Monaco/Spurs), he isn’t a contributor to our passing game and that’s my biggest criticism of him. All of this IS clearly only based on the half season….but it’s the short window of exposure that is my WHOLE point. Nobody can make definite calls on how he will play for us…..so it would be idiotic to NOT buy someone more established.

                1. Ok. That I agree with mostly.
                  Defensively solid is an understatement in my books, he won the ball back on average 6.9 times a game in the PL.. Truly elite numbers be it over a game, a season, or a career. In his case yes it was half a season, but ‘solid’ is an understatement nonetheless.
                  Your biggest criticism is valid, his passing numbers are not impressive. But do you not think it possible that he has been specifically tasked by the coach and team to play a simple passing game, getting the ball to our playmaker’s and not attempting unnecessary risks?? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume the decision to play Santi deep wasn’t an effort to sharpen our defensive play…
                  Yes, resting the DM position solely on his shoulders is an unnecessary risk for me too and I’m crossing my fingers that we bring in another quality player to challenge for the position. I also agree that in no way should the position be guaranteed to Coquelin based on half a season.
                  But.. I wholeheartedly disagree that that half a season should be disregarded and we ‘relegate him to squad role’ and bring in a player not having them earn their place in the XI. I’m also skeptical as to whether a lot of the names you’ve mentioned would adjust and integrate immediately to the league and team.

                  I guess the good news is that if we both get our way, there’ll be another quality DM regardless.. Where we differ on the opinion of quality will be sorted out on the training ground and first-team performances anyway, by people who’s judgement of talent and contribution is far greater than you or I. 🙂

                2. CC,

                  In specific reference to WC, I have been impressed with his physical gifts on the pitch but other than dominating a U-21 tournament he has been pedestrian at best for Sporting and the big boy National team over the last year.

                  I honestly rate Imbula from Marseiile as the #1 target to compete or displace Le Coq @ the position. Talk of Arteta, Flamini, Jack or Chambers doing the job is suicidal rubbish.

                  New left back if Nacho/KG depart

                  Hell of a transfer window IMHO

              2. I think the point ere is that whatever Coquelin’s strengths or weakness’s or the holes I our respective assessments the reality is that we need another player t cover, add competition in case of a dip in form AND be a plan B in case of injury. To state that we “don’t need anyone new” is a total rubbish statement and I read earlier in the post that someone thinks we can Play jack as cover in this position should Le Coq get injured or suspended because he does well in that position for England. WELL what a load of cobblers, he plays in that position about six times a yeafo England and to place your entire EPL challenge on jacks somewhat weakened ankles in one of the most aggressive positions in the starting 11 week in week out is stupid.
                For the last ten years we’ve been incomplete as a competing team for one reason or another NOW due to fact that all whole load of elements have come together I.e. Lack of injury players hitting a collective form and understanding all at once, the right personalities maturing at the right times ect. we now have team that ONLY need perhaps two key players now, goal scorer who fits between Walcott and OG and a DM to aid and cover le Coq Yet still the club veers toward the uknow cheaper option its mind-bendingly frusterating

      2. Ethan you are wrong on multiple points – First of all you need to understand that Wenger wants to buy to better this team and he wants better players. He has shown that trying to buy Suarez.
        Second we need someone else to play DM if anything happens to Coquelin or if he is just a half a season wonder. So buying someone is prudent or else we stay with Flamini and Arteta.

        Third, and most importantly, you dont get players like Pogba by saving your pennies, you get players like Pogba, by winning things and having great players he wants to play with. Pogba has his choice of teams to go to but he wants Barcelona because he wants to win things and play with incredibly talented players.

        Fourth, good players like to win things, they are ambitious, what kind of message do you send to, someone like Sanchez -who has already voiced his concern about not winning the league- that we are saving our pennies this season. That he should be patient like the rest of us who are used to mediocracy

        Arsenal,players and fans have been patient enough, it is time to play to win. It is time to buy the best players we can, and make a sustained run for it.

        1. Think you got me wrong. I actually believe it is the time that we should be ruthless and willing to pay over the odd for the right targets. I like that we spent 11M upwards for a 33 years old goalkeeper like Cech as he has the profile we need right now.
          I just don’t like the idea that when the type of players who can really improve us not available – we fall back to 2nd/3rd choice who are not much an improvement on what we are having right now. I’m seeing fans screaming for the club to sign average like Martinez, Wanayama because the like of Benzema, Reus not available.
          I rather see we spends 25M on Ibrahimovic (execessive fee for a 33 years old striker) than over-rated Martinez

    2. Champagne for you Charlie, you hit the nail right on the head. You are absolutely right.

      We can not think about Coq or Giroud before we buy players. Our only thoughts have to be, how can we better this team? Are there any players available at an acceptable price that can better this team of ours. that is all.

      Why did Wenger go for Suarez? Because an amazing player was available -much better than Giroud- at what he thought to be an acceptable price. So if Liverpool had not played hardball, than we would have had Suarez instead of Giroud leading the line. We would have never bought Welbeck and Giroud would have been a sub.

      So Wenger is not thinking about Giroud when he is out there looking for opportunities to better the team. So why the frack are some fans think its more important to worry about Giroud and Coq and whoever else they think deserves to play instead of bettering the team.

      1. We F@cked the Suarez thing by being arrogant and cheeky, no team in the world would have entertained the +£1 thing with Suarez, was that smoke and mirrors on the part of Arsenal? to be seen to bid for a player they knew they would have a very hard time acquiring for tmoney they wanted to pay? and therefore make a ridiculous bid that they knew would be rejected just to appease the fans ??

  3. Kompany already training for city three weeks early. If only our players had that winning mentality, to try and improve and never stop working to be better. I think the invincibles need to help these guys in game management and how to win over the summer that’s what we lack most. Whenever there’s a moment of silence before a game we never play well and never win, that’s something ive noticed no balls in the side

  4. I think we have two great players in very position (except gk if Ospi a leaves…sorry I love wojo but he still isn’t ready) cf and dm.
    We have player that AR versatile but aren’t truly natural in those two positions.
    Just my two cents but if we pulled the cech deal off so early…..why the heck not go for two more .if that means titles

    1. To be considered fine we need a DM, a CD and a Striker Per, Coq and Giroud are subs for a top team. And once they are in the second XI then that part of the team will be fine too.

  5. This must be the go-for-broke year for us. Realistically, Cech gives us a 2-year window that we can win it all, both in Europe & the BPL. After that, he’ll be 35 and ,although I hope I’m wrong, he may no longer be at the top of his game. We’re about 2 players shy of fantastic right now, and I’m looking for Wenger to pull of a couple of admittedly uncharacteristically audacious moves to put us over the top. Some great players will eventually be made available towards the end of the window. Sit tight. I’d love to see Zlatan. And Sergio Ramos.

  6. Cech will definitely improve our strikers, because they will have to be good in training to beat him.

  7. We wont BPL or UCL without quality striker and CDM. How many times do we Arsenal fan or hater have to say that ? Walcott is injury prone, Giroud cant score more than 20 goals a season
    and terrible against better defence or top teams, Welbeck is still unproven and lacks finishing.
    Alexis will miss few games at the start of the season and is very fatigue and not likely to be as good as first season. We only have Coquelin in CDM role. What if he gets injured ? Flamini and
    Arteta will have to play there and u know what happens when they play. Look at Chelsea
    Costa and Matic won them league last season just like Yaya Toure and Aguero did for city 2 years ago. Cech is a great signing but still need spine of the team.

  8. if we want to win we have to keep strengthening…

    quality players do not come cheap

    lets spend some money and keep winning..

    1. What happen if Giroud stays fit the whole season?? 16 goals at max and non of them against top teams (mark my word) …

      1. Despite the fact that he scored 18 goals this season while missing over three months.. Multiple goals vs City, multiple vs Liverpool, United and Monaco.
        Haha looking at his season they were literally all the ‘top’ teams he faced bar Chelsea who he failed to score against. My bet is you’re going to focus more on that one game though for some reason 😉

          1. ok then.. i’ll change two things.

            Despite the fact that he scored 14 goals in the league this season while missing over three months.. Multiple goals vs City, multiple vs Liverpool and United.
            Haha looking at his season they were literally all the ‘top’ teams he faced bar Chelsea who he failed to score against. My bet is you’re going to focus more on that one game though for some reason

      2. Based on what great oracle? I’m so tired of people making these damning comments that aren’t even based on observation; it’s almost funny how biased some people are AGAINST their own players.

  9. Theo did unfortunately also put in a string of average performances (albeit often from the bench) in advance of scoring a hat-trick in the Premier League equivalent of a wooden spoon match. His goal in the FA Cup was well taken but we all know about judging playing on one-off performances — and Villa pretty much left him to it in that move. I know AW will promote him to the media as an excellent striking option and if we were chasing Europa League football, he would be.

    But I think everyone knows that tight defences that drop deep and mark men and spaces properly are going to be confident of dealing with Theo and minimising his threat by preventing him from getting in behind. IMO, precisely what we want is someone capable of pulling off something remarkable in a tight space. Someone who 3 or 4 times a season, will turn a draw into a win and a defeat into a draw.

    Realistically you can’t win the league with 78 or 79 points anymore. 86+ is the aim and to do that you need to crack those tough nuts. If AW doesn’t see this, his marquee signings of the last two years are piecemeal at best, and marketing gimmicks at worst.

    1. I think over praising him for two games isn’t great but to judge him on a bunch of 10-20 minute sub appearances isn’t really great either. He scored in 4 of his 5 starts and one was a hattrick. That’s really quite good but we’ll see.

  10. Success breeds success, there is no doubt about that. What world class player will risk his reputation, and livelihood joining a loser? So, not only from a players point of view but from the teams point of view Chec was a good signing. Like Ozil and Alexis Chec will draw world interest from top players.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Interestingly enough, all three players have cited Wenger’s ambition for the team as integral to their decision to join. I highly doubt adding a few fringe players or a youngster from Ligue 1 was in those discussions. Genuinely excited to see who’s next with a sizeable kitty still left to spend 🙂

  11. One point I haven’t seen discussed, Wenger has finally chosen to break the over 30, long-term contract policy to secure genuine class and experience. An extremely positive sign in my books.
    And just quietly… Cech is now the third genuinely world-class player who has come to the club citing Wenger’s ambition as a major contributing factor to their decision to join.
    I hardly doubt the conversation went along the lines of ‘Petr, you’re the final piece of the puzzle, you would bring everything the club needs to win the champions league.’
    To those who believe Wenger won’t invest heavily in the squad this window, or are going to whinge and moan if it takes another 2-3 weeks before another signing eventuates. Please give a moment to ponder what that conversation may have been..

  12. @josh37
    Fair point and we’re all going to have to wait and see, I for one hope that the leopard has changed ALL his spots but Im sceptical that Wenger will go get the players we really need and im not a misery guts Im just a fan that’s seen all this before, season in season out.
    I live in hope though

  13. Champagne Charlie’s cases is typical of a modern day fan. Over exaggeration of one’s ignorance in the hope it turns into brilliant football knowledge. Football contestation over a period 38 matches is too complex to be unpacked by simplistic analyses as those given by Champagne Charlie. It is for this reason that people must leave it to those employed to manage the team to decide what is needed and what is not to have a chance of achieving next’s objectives. In 2013/14 Scezney was joint winner of golden glove alongside Cech yet today other fans do not want him after 2014/15 season. Do not forget that Cech in 2011/12 season was equally terrible yet we have paid over 10 million pounds for him why? These are the kinds of puzzles about players that you cannot unpack by reason of being a vocal fan who is full of him/herself.

    It goes without saying that the attitude of some fans towards the club’s players is even worse than Chavs fans’ reaction to Cech joining Arsenal. Players get abused here for what? How would you feel if children of your employer also start abusing you the way you do players that have brought Arsenal to its existing position? You try to minimize the contribution of players you don’t like branding matches in which they performed as not being big matches, being irrelevant matches, etc. Since when have points been awarded on a weighted basis, that is based on how big or small a match is? You call abuse and demaning of your own players ambition, I call it a crass.

    1. @analyser, you say so many words without really saying anything at all, The only concrete thing you actually do is compare Cech and Scez. I dont remember Cech’s 2011/12 season but ill take your word for it that it was crap. But i remember Cech being a world class keeper for the last decade, I remember him lifting the CL, I remember him lifting the EPL multiple times, I also remember the stupid, asinine mistakes Scez makes, I remember how he never made me or the fans I know ever feel comfortable between the sticks, a very talented young keeper and an accident waiting to happen rolled up in one.
      So In my opinion you cant compare Cech’s career to Scez’s, you can just hope that Scez learns from him in the next few years.
      oh and big matches are actually more important because they are considered 6 point matches. 3 for the winner and no 3 points that week for the looser. They are the matches that generally make a difference in the table.

  14. Competition breeds excellence and in turn, success. That should be injected/ingrained into the system. If we want to win the league (Premiere or Champions leagues), we need world class Strikers. Chelsea’s Costa a perfect example. Mourinho understood that after 2013-14 season and bought Costa (a hungry beast). We have Wlbeck, Giroud, Sanchez, Sanogo and Theo (not including Campbell and Podolski) who can play as the striker. Firstly Sanchez should be played as a winger. He is our version of Hazard/Neymar. Theo is best used as a winger because of his pace and ability to cut and turn and run around the defence with pace. Lets not talk about Welbeck as we are talking about winning titles. We need top notch finishers (Benzema/Lacazatte etc.) Even Giroud (though he is a very good player and improved tremendously) wont deliver us the title(s). We need ruthlessness.
    DM: Arsenal’s Achilles Heel. Solution would be Carvalho. He can and already is bull dozing people in the midfield. He would be our Matic.
    Get Carvalho & WC Striker (Benzema (preferable) or Lacazatte or someone of that ilk).
    Cech was a result of that shrewd and ruthless attitude. Lets all hope that its not the end of it.
    If you feel I’m comparing us with Chelsea then please understand that we have to learn from everything and anything to improve.

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