Why Arsenal must be 100% even WITHOUT Chelsea slip

Arsenal are doing our bit by winning all our Premier League games and putting in very good performances, but unfortunately it is probably going to be a little to late after our struggles in the early part of the season. As the manager said yesterday, we still need Chelsea to slip up dramatically and even if they have lost Diego Costa for the rest of the season it still looks like the title is theirs.

But Arsenal must keep our focus and make sure that we are on hand to take advantage. The Gunners are away to Burnley and then there is the FA cup semi before the Premier League game at home to Jose Mourinho’s team and even if the Gunners win it, we will need Chelsea to have dropped some points in their two previous games away to QPR and at home to Man United to have a chance of overhauling them.

As I say though, Arsenal have plenty of reasons not to ease up even if Chelsea have sealed top spot. There is the top four and the Champions League of course, but Wenger and the players should be intent on avoiding the two play-off games that fourth place entails. The stress they bring and the extra strain and risk of injury and fatigue they bring would be well avoided next season.

And there is the FA cup of course. If Arsenal lose the momentum and morale that we have now, it might be hard to get it back for a one off Wembley final so it would be better to keep it building. And we could also do with sealing that top three finish before the last game of the season, for peace of mind but also to allow Wenger to rest any key players that might need a little rest ahead of a possible final.

Little details or a little less focus can make a big difference so Arsenal need these reasons to kep standards high. And by doing so you never know what might happen.

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    1. am i crazy? 7 points behind chelsea. no costa. they stuggled vs hull and vs stoke. weren’t convincing. qpr is tough to go to and man united… they could drop points. say they lose twice. we would be 4 points behind.

      they still have to come to ours. say we beat them – 1 point behind.

      we would have to win all and chelsea would have to lose and not just scrape by. but they are faultering. they look touchable.

      it’s very, very unlikely, but if we don’t at least try then why are we even in the epl`?

      this is the only league in the world where anything can happen. pool came out of nowhere last season…

      1. You’re forgetting they still have a game in hand. Also lose to who? Say they lose to us. Chelsea would still have to lose twice or draw 3 times. They’ve lost twice all season and none of those games have been at home.

        I think the faultering thing is being taken too far, Chelsea have not lost in their last 10 league games winning 7 of them.

        I personally don’t think every team will take maximum points from their final fixtures and while its highly improbable its mathematically possible so all we can do is keep winning.

  1. I believe if we win our remaining games, the title will be ours although it won’t be easy doing that but its definitely possible

      1. Yeah just do our stuff and win all games and whatever happens happens.

        I might not mean much, but at least we gave it go.

        Quietly optimistic though.

        1. chelski have to play us, man u, liverpool.

          they also have palace and qpr, which will fight tooth and nail. no costa. losing and a couple of draws aren’t impossible. three of the big teams, couple of small ones with nothing to lose…..

  2. Now that we are playing without any pressure we play fantastic. Its always have been like this. This needs to change in the future if we ever dare to want to win the league. Second place, 3rd or 4rth, doesn’t matter, we need to be the 1. Beating Chelsea should not be a prblem,

  3. Off topic…does anyone have an idea if there are sports bars in the Hague that show premier league matches? I am going to the Netherlands in May and I’ll be there until the seasons ends. I have no clue how I’d be watching arsenal matches. Help? Anyone?

  4. To be fair, at the start of the season if you had said that we would most likely finish 2nd with Liverpool and Tottenham both missing out on the top 4 I think most people would’ve said you were mad. We’ve come on leaps and bounds this season. Alexis has added that bit extra up top that we needed and Coquelin has added that bit of intelligent grit in the middle that we so desperately needed. Honestly, Chelsea deserve to win the league this year. They’ve been meticulous and consistent if completely boring to watch. However, if we can add a couple of shrewd, quality signings in the summer and start the season strongly, I think we could easily go and win it next year. Let’s take every game as it comes for the rest of the season and whatever happens, happens. However, next season we hit the ground running and really go for it.

    1. They have done astonishingly well in keeping players fit. If they had ever lost Hazard for any length of time they simply have no-one stand in for him. They deserve to win the PL this season but boy are they difficult to watch/enjoy. I also genuinely think they are a thin squad and are just so reliant on 8 or 9 of their starters with no genuine replacements.

  5. was reading that usmanov has denied putting in bid or talking to palmero for dybala but if he is very wiling to offer us one gift transfer as a one off offer, maybe he needs to be thinking bigger like pogba for £70miilion dont mind him picking up the tab for that one or just anyone, wenger wants as a one off to help compete for the c/l before he retires go on usmanov make wengers dreams come true and ours. still buzzing from the liverpool win coyg we are on the up now

  6. If there is life, there is hope. If there are still 7 Arsenal Barclays Premier League games left to play,there is hope for Arsenal to win this season Premier League title. We don’t know what next season may have in stock for us. We can only approach it hopefully, just as we have approached this one with high hopes. And our hopes are still very much in place as we shall SURELY suddenly overtake Jose Mourinho’s Blues outfit to snatch the title from them to the Emirates Stadium, despite his unlikely dependence on Loic Remy and Didier Drogba to deliver the title to him. But Alash! Remy and Drogba will fall short of making that goal. And Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez and company will rise up the challenge and deliver the title to boss and the Gooners.

  7. Arsenal need not set an EPL goal at this point except the goal should be (as always) to score as many EPL points as possible and see what happens from there – cannot control other teams.

    Goal outside the EPL should be to win another FA Cup.

  8. We currently have 63 points.
    Chelsea have 70 points with a game in hand.

    The chance of us actually finishing above them is realistically only slightly greater than Spurs finishing above us (due to us having a match where we can take 3 points off of Chelsea).

    We should be aiming for points, not positions at this stage. I would be happy with 81 points. 6/7 wins. We want to grow on last season’s tally of 79 so 80+ is the target. A perfect run to 84 would be a good season.

    Since we last won the league the winner has totalled anywhere from 80-91 with most seasons being won at around 86 points. If we achieve a total of 84 points after our start to the season, which was abysmal, then you have got to say we are extremely close to pushing for the title. You can talk about “pressure being off” and similar factors but we seem to have turned a corner. 84 would mark our best points tally since the year we won the league. 80 would be our best points tally for several years. Realistically you would have to say that there has been an upward turn. That relies on us winning 6/7 of our remaining games.

    That stat would also mean we kill off 1 more voodoo – Man Utd in the premiership or Chelsea under Mourinho. We would actually have a 50-50 record against big teams this year if we managed to win one of those games (greater if we win both). That would say alot about how much we have moved on.

    Do I think we will get 84 points? No. Do I hope so? Yes.

    1. Not to be that guy but the year after we last won the league Chelsea won it with95 points.

      1. Oops! Haha I actually had the results up in front of me and must have just skimmed that result obviously. I stand corrected 🙂

  9. Our goal should be to Win every game. Whatever happens to other teams will happen. 1st is in Chelsea’s hands. 2nd is in city’s hands. 3rd is in our hands. But anything can happen. Also winning the remaining 7 games is not impossible feat.But concentrate on one game at A time beginning with Burnley. I hope we play every match like we did Saturday

    I was looking at the table. We have a better goal difference than City. So if QPR can get a draw (Win will be better) , we will remain in 2nd place. Looking forward to tomorrow night.


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