Why Arsenal MUST risk Alexis Sanchez against Norwich

Timing is a hugely important factor in many things and professional sport is no exception. Arsenal have been on the right and wrong side of some examples of this over the years, such as the timing of David Ospina’s calanity in the Champions League this season which snatched the momentum form us and gave it straight back to Olympiacos just after Theo Walcott had given Arsenal a huge shot in the arm.

And the England international is part of the timing involved in me writing this article about the need for Arsenal to take another gamble with our star striker Alexis Sanchez this weekend. If Walcott had sufficiently recovered from his recent injury so that he was able to feature against Norwich City this weekend then I would be all in favour of giving him the rest that Arsene Wenger has been talking about.

As it is, though, the only player we have coming back is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and I do not think he has shown enough to suggest he can replace Alexis. And the problem is that Arsenal are faced with a must win game after losing the last Premier League game to West Brom and drawing the one before against the spuds.

That means those same spuds will overtake us in the table if they beat Chelsea and we could find ourselves in fifth place when we kick off on Sunday. We could also be four points behind Man United and three behind Man City so this is no time to be resting key players.

If Alexis has got a definite problem then of course he should sit this one out but if it is only concern about his heavy workload then I think Wenger has to gamble. After all we do have a full week after that before we play again and we should have Theo back by then and be able to rest him with more ease.

What do you think Gooners? Rest or risk?

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  1. Greg says:

    Honestly i love seeing ” the energizer” alexis sanchez on the pitch! His work rate and never say die attitude is always poetry in motion to watch! Coyg!

  2. blip says:

    Use alexis. Its a must win game and rest him on the next prem leg game – at home against sunderland.

    Feel more comfortable resting him at a home game and walcott could also return by then.

    Alexis. Ozil. Ramsey
    Flam. Carzorla
    Mon. Kos. Mert. Bell

    Ox. Campbell. Chambers. Debuchy. Gibbs. Gab. Ospina.

    Simple as.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The premier league is not a sprint race.. it is a marathon!
    There’s no trophies for being top at Christmas.
    My point being is not to false this issue with Sanchez if he is carrying a slight injury.
    Wenger has already taken a big risk by not signing any senior outfield players, as well as fielding weakened teams in the first two champions league games and on top of that causing the injury to Walcott by rushing him on in a game that supposedly didn’t have any meaning.

    I won’t bother going into details regarding his tactical substitutions that cost us at WBA.

    For those who still don’t get it… Whenever wenger takes a risk/gamble the outcome is usually 90% unsuccessful.

    Yet most fans agree with him on risking Sanchez,
    as if it’s the last game of the season ?

  4. BabyPlease says:

    We need to WIN this match baby please

    We need to stay within small distance of the leaders not drift backwards

  5. Dennis says:

    Rest him against Sunderland. We can’t afford to rest anyone or else this team suffers. We can take him out a bit earlier though maybe around the 70 min+ mark.

  6. Twig says:

    Rest him. If he goes out for the rest of the season, we have only ourselves to blame.

  7. Koss says:

    we got no choice and u know it, has to play

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