Why Arsenal MUST get a move on with transfer business

Most Arsenal fans have gotten used to the idea, whether we like it or not, of another two years with Arsene Wenger as the manager. But while it will be the same man in charge we were led to believe that there would be some significant changes in the way that the club was run, especially when it comes to the business done in the transfer market.

I am not going to be too critical here because it is still very early days and the Gunners have already sealed one deal, for the free transfer of the highly rated and promising young Bosnian international Sead Kolasinac. I do think that Arsenal will need a lot more than this in order to make us into a squad and team capable of challenging for the Premier League title.

Arsenal fans will certainly not be content to see Wenger and the Arsenal transfer team appearing to do little while our rivals like Manchester United act fast to snap up some big name players. That would make it look as though Arsenal were waiting to see who is left after the big spenders have had their pick.

Do you agree that Arsenal need to be a lot more pro-active in our pursuit of top quality signings this year? And if so, do you think the boss will do it?



  1. mbappe seri lemar and sorted…for real madrid

    shoutout to the spurs fans on the tube home tonight being rude to woman just cos she had Chelsea scarf on

    no class scumbags

  2. Arsenal means Arsene apparently we are judged according to Wenger’s image and capabilities ,the board have stubbornly shown he is indispensable till he breathes his last.Transfers yes!! but under the mercy of Wenger

  3. Mbappe or Lacazette for CF
    Fabregas or Seri or Guaye for CMD
    Mahrez or Douglas Cousta for RW

    1. The Hog called Day is 6 foot under Ground, RIP Grounghog day… You nasty bastard ??

  4. For it to be a successful transfer window, Wenger needs to get the players required and shut up shop at least 2 weeks before the first game of the season.

  5. Lyon want 60 million pound for Lacazette ?? yet Sanchez is valued at 40 million euros ?? wtf!

    1. Contract length, lower wage demand.
      Lacazette has 12 months more than Alexis and Alexis is demanding big money.

      Oh and it is 50 million pound value for media when quoting other EPL teams and 40 million something… BILD say euro while others say pounds or quote BILD for euros…

      Alexis value is this… Not for sale.
      Make a bid large enough to change that or STFU.

  6. Yup, Wenger and Gazidis must still be camped outside Mbappe’s folks house. ?? some delusional fan wrote on his blog that Sanchez will sign a three year extension on £280,000 a week with the promise that Wenger will sign 2-3 big named players during this window… I could do with some of that ?? his smoking.??

    1. hehehe me too. after 3 years of playing under him, he knows what to expect. coz I’m sure when he arrived he was promised the same, and till his contract is running out no one else came, why would this time be any different? he has to see them arrive before he signs any new deal

    2. The delusional fan isn’t smoking dude, he’s tripping on lsd big time. He probably saw Wenger lift the quadruple.

      1. Exactly. And I’d like the positive fans to come back to this topic few months into the season and tell us who was right in the end.
        As much as I’d like it to be anything different from what you said, Disgusted1, I just don’t see it happening.
        Kroenke’s club can be as low as you want, especially since Sunderland made more money than Juventus and Bayern. Hell, Arsenal would make more money than Juventus and Bayern if they were playing in the Championship. They won’t compete for the title for as long as kroenke is there.

    1. If we retain just the current squad, without CL we will finish in top 4 I am sure. But we need additions to finish 2nd, and AW’s game day plans to make us champions

    2. “Does anyone seriously believe we will compete for the league next year”

      I think it’s too early to judge since the transfer window hasn’t even opened officially and we haven’t bought anyone yet.

      How we do next season will largely depend on the business we do over the summer. Other contributing factors could be if players like Wellbeck stay fit for the whole season since he is yet to play a whole season for us without getting injured. Also with all the new players City are bringing in they may need time to gel together, same as Chelsea since both will be probably be doing a lot of business and they will be playing champions league and may need to stretch their squads thinner than us and could get key injuries.

      Personally I think we can challenge next season because I’m confident that we will buy 2 quality players and I don’t believe all the bollocks put out there by daily star and metro about Sanchez leaving for City.

      If we sign 2 quality players I see no reason why Sanchez should leave before his contract expires. His frustration seems to come from carrying the team. If he had a quality striker leading the line and another quality signing added to the squad and start the season well, anything are chances are just as good as our competitors.

      1. It’s just that I don’t believe Wenger when he says that he’d rather have Sanchez run down his contract. Kroenke needs those millions for new ranches and increasing the family savings account, Sanchez won’t leave for free. I don’t even read the sources that claim whatever they claim, I know he’ll sign for either Bayern, Chelsea or City.
        This is the same old Arsenal that we’ve been seeing for the past ten years.

  7. We need a young keeper to eventually replace cech( donnuramma, lafont fom toulouse or butland if we can’t get those two) we also must have a creative midfield player to replace cazorla ( naby Keita, rabiot) a hard tackler to break up the play ( idriss gueye, nzonzi) and a striker lacazette/aubameyang/belotti… keep him at all costs but if Sanchez leaves costa, dembele from Dortmund, or mpabbe but I don’t think that he’s feasible, not mahrez too lazy for me if Alexis is leaving I want a world class player to replace our superstar who runs everywhere and never stops fighting for the ball not a one season wonder who’s gonna leave every two years for the African cup and never tracks back. If ozil leaves then emil forsberg has an eye for a pass and can dribble he s like a mix between ljunburg and pires. So yes we need to get busy as we need offload some deadwood and replace them with at least three to four players to mount a title challenge next year.Coyg

  8. i think what we really need now is good and quality defense… check other clubs they have better guard at the back having scored over hundred goals the amount of goal concieved is on the high side…. we need good defense thst was what finished us against Bayern


  9. Why would they? Season tickets have been renewed, merch sales are through the roof, why the f****ck would they even participate in the transfer windows, unless it’s selling Sanchez and Ozil?

    We’re in for a top 5 battle next season. I pray to god we get Sigurdsson as a replacement for Ozil and Marhez as a replacement for Sanchez.

    When was the last time it sucked this hard to be an Arsenal fan?

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