Why Arsenal MUST give Aaron Ramsey a bumper new contract

Aaron Ramsey will be entering the last year of his Arsenal contract in about 10 weeks time, and according to the Welsh international there has been no progress at all, and the Gunners risk losing out on our highest-scoring outfield player in the current squad if a deal isn’t agreed before the summer transfer window.

Ramsey has been at Arsenal for ten years now, and after recovering from the awful double leg-break caused by Ryan Shawcross in 2010 he fought his way back to fitness and when fit he is always in contention for a starting spot. Admittedly he rarely is fit enough to play more than two thirds of any given season, but isn’t that why a club like Arsenal have such big squads.

In my younger days if an Arsenal player scored in a Cup Final he would be classed as a hero, but Ramsey has gone even further, winning three FA cups with the team and scoring the winning goal in two of them. Surely that should be enough to make him into a legend!

The fact is that if we can persuade Aaron to sign one more contract, it should be enough for him to finish his career at Arsenal and make him one of our longest serving players of all time. Now aged 27 he should be approaching his prime, and he certainly seems to be much improved and more confident this season now he has been given more freedom to attack with the gusto and flair that he has always possessed, but never quite had the confidence to use to the best of his ability.

We may have to offer the Welshman a wage of around £200,000 a week for him to stay, but surely that would work out cheaper than trying to buy a player of equivalent skill to replace him in today’s market.

I think it is a no-brainer to give him a new top contract if it means he will stay with us until he retires and becomes an Arsenal legend. Do you agree?



  1. Phil says:

    Aaron Ramsey is a good footballer.On his day he is a very very good footballer.I believe this is one player who would benefit most by having a CDM alongside him.His strength is going forward and making runs into the box and although he can never be accused of not doing his share of tracking back it is just not his natural game.
    Is he due a rise of up to £200k per week?Probably.Will he get that from us?Im just not sure.
    Nabil Fakir will give us much more offensively than Ramsey.If Manure and Chelski offer the right sort of money let him go.Good player but we can get better for the money.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Hell no to even consider selling him to chelsea or utd. he would flourish in the 3 CM system of conte, mostly likely fail under mourinho but recover under the new manager.

      1. Phil says:

        He plays in a midfield 3 here so what’s the difference?

        1. Ackshay says:

          3 central midfielder + plus they have kante

          1. Phil says:

            So that’s a MIDFIELD FOUR THEN and NOT THREE.
            Make up your mind mate

          2. Ackshay says:

            was saying they play 3 CM which includes kante a quality cm which we do not have even a poor copy.

    1. vale says:

      rambo deserves a gud one

  2. GB says:

    £200k is a rediculous wage for an above average, not exceptional, player.

    1. stubill says:

      Agreed, but if you look on it from another angle, it makes sense.

      Pay him £200k per week on a 4 year contract and it’ll cost the club around £42 million.

      To buy a player of his quality will cost north of £50 million, if you’re lucky (unlikely) he’ll settle for £150k per week which is just over £31 million, so you’re looking at doubling your outlay.

      The players know this, as do their agents, which is why it’s spiraling out of control, when will it all come crashing down, god knows, we keep saying it has to have reached it’s peak, and then some team like PSG raise the bar yet again.

      1. andcliff says:

        Spot on!! A fit Ramsey is a great asset to AFC and I hope he is offered a good deal.

        I have been making the same point about Ozil’s new contract.

        1. Arnold says:

          I would let Ramsey go for free and buy Forsberg from Leipzig who is more accomplished as a footballer and take over from Carzola even his counterpart who is heading to Liverpool next summer (Naby Keita) is way better than Ramsey and Wilshire combine – when you come to wenger’s approach in the past it tells it all he never really intended to bring in quality players he was just giving fans false hopes and played mind games when they happened to end up somewhere else he will come outwith BS like we almost sign him

  3. Paul says:

    I would get as much money for him as we can. His strengths as a footballer aren’t conducive to Arsenal’s football and his weaknesses are painfully exposed. He is excellent in being in the right place at the right time, making fantastic runs off the ball to evade markers and score a healthy amount of goals for a midfielder. Excellent support player to Bale for Wales where they absorb pressure and play on the break.. his weaknesses are his ability to defend – can’t tackle, badly positioned, doesn’t track runners, always breaks forward on runs and leaves gaping chasms in midfield that Xhaka can’t cover alone, all of which makes him a bad central midfielder.. number 10 for Arsenal is different to the number 10 he plays for Wales.. we’re the team in the ascendency, which requires composure (lacking), incisive passing (rarely shown) and dribbling ability (not great). He doesn’t do enough to contribute to the passing and movement of the team.. while he will pop up with a good numbers of goals for a midfielder, this is generally off the back of good work from his teammates.. he is carried too much.. he is very much like Walcott was; looking at the numbers will make you think he’s a good player but you realise that he hinders the team by doing little to contribute.. Wilshere is and Chamberlain were different in that respect.. helped the team play but didn’t put up the ultimate numbers that players are judged on.. goals and assists!

  4. jon fox says:

    When the new manager takes over next season (and hopefully well before end of summer; I predict in May)he must prioritise keeping and bringing in players with desire, who are tough , both physically and mentally. Ramsey is borderline at best in this respect and IF he really demands £200k per week to stay, is he worth it? Hmnn!

    1. rkw says:

      jon as someone who recognised the walcott delusion earlier than most you should know that this guy is a bench player at best so personally if anyone comes along with a decent offer he should be sold … as mourinho seems to have lost his marbles and likes players who run around alot and cozy up to management then maybe the man utd rumour, unlike the barca runour, is genuine … personally i hope so

  5. jon fox says:

    A word of caution against constant managerial change, Chelsea style. I speak as a Wenger out, (before lunchtime today, preferably) man. Constant managerial change undermines the fan to club bond which is VITAL to any club. Well loved managers and also players who are there for a long time, help set the clubs unique identity. At all clubs. Think Busby, Herbert Chapman,, Shankly, Fergie, even Wengers first decade. Also the likes of Tony Adams, Henry, Bergkamp and others like Gerrard, Lampard, Terry and many others. I don’t want Wenger removed just because he has been here all this time. I want him gone because for the last decade he has been incompetant. Had he been great, like his previous decade, I would still love him. But it cannot be denied that his mark, for good in bygone times and now for bad, has been synonymous with Arsenals identity. Though he is steadily destroying, through his own selfishness , what he created in his first decade, the fact remains that it(his long stay) has bonded countless fans with our club. This is just ONE, BUT IMPORTANT REASON, WE STILL RETAIN A WORLD WIDE FAN BASE, whereas Chelsea…..? So to encourage constant short term turnover like Chelseas, with their own never satisfied billionaire, is dangerous and not wise policy. A manager and player should stay while he is helping the club. When that stops, but not until, get rid!

  6. Ackshay says:

    Is ramsey worth 200k ? No
    if we were buying him right now he wouldnt get this wage but this will perhaps be his 4 or 5 extensions so its normal he will get a high wage. its the same as any work you get a rise every contract.

  7. Ackshay says:

    off topic can we try for luke shaw as he is bullied by mourinho and will have only 1 year left. he is a good left back would be a good backup for kola, shift monreal at cb and niles as backup for bellerin.

  8. Alf Leaper says:

    Is Ozil worth £350m per week?When fit Ramsay is a top class attacking midfielder and every effort should be made to retain his services.

  9. Midkemma says:

    For me, same weekly wage and bonuses for performances which can lead up to 200k a week if he performs.

    More performance based contracts please, no more comfy collect money for having a chilled out time, perform or don’t get paid as much.

    If he says no then sell him, use that money to buy someone who is willing to play for his money. We have youth coming through as well, AMN and Willock are both CM and both HG…

  10. Gooner Craig says:

    I like Rambo and would love nothing more than to see Ramsey – Wilshere bossing the midfield, ahead of a solid DM… But man that guy annoys the crap out of me sometimes with the amount of chances he misses lol (although he does sometimes pop up for us when needed)

    I’d say renew that contract and sign da ting, only because he’s been a loyal servant, he’s a hard worker and under a new manager we might (hopefully if even possible) see the Super Rambo from his 1 wonder season where everything he touched turned to goals ?

    Can you imagine THAT Ramsey with that Jack from back when he first burst onto the scene. Those 2 (if the manager can magically get them to perform to anywhere near such levels ? ) with a Kante style DM patrolling in front of the defence lol one can dream!!!

    1. Gooner Craig says:

      … However, if he’s demanding 200k a week then let him go lol he’s good but there’s plenty of better quality players out there. It’s only sentiment and the hope that he will be able to replicate the form from his one exceptional season. Otherwise, especially under Wenger, he will become a Walcott 2.0 unfortunately lol

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