Why Arsenal MUST ignore Mourinho mind games!

It is not easy for anyone connected with Arsenal Football Club to rise above the taunts and mind games of Jose Mourinho, but it is crucially important the the players and manager do their best to ignore any little digs the Chelsea boss aims in our direction between now and kick off at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Us fans can get as angry as we like of course, but you know that the only reason for Maureen to say things is a calculated plot to put the Gunners off our stride. In fact, the Prof and his players should take it as a compliment, because it shows that the Portuguese coach sees Arsenal as a real threat.

The problem is, however, that Maureen is pretty good at the mind games and does not care how much grief he gets in the press for his lack of respect, which was quite fervent after his `specialist in failure` jibe last season. And given the chance to apologise for that this weeks, as reported by The Mirror, the Chelsea boss suggested that it is him who should have received an apology first.

He said, “What I said was a consequence of something. It wasn’t a deliberate first option to say something.

“I didn’t get an apology, so I don’t apologise. My feeling about it is, we get over it, forget it and move forward without thinking about what happened.

“There is no need to apologise. Intelligent football people don’t need that. So we finish it and move on.”

But simply regurgitating an old slur was never going to be good enough for him, especially after we did win something last season while Chelsea finished empty handed. So, as revealed by the Daily Mail, Moron-io has decided to try using the Cesc Fabregas saga to get under our skin.

He said of the former Arsenal captain, “I think he loves Chelsea already. He’s so happy: the way he plays, the way he’s a member of the squad, the way he lives in this little blue village. It is like he’s here for a long time.

“If you ask him now if he regrets the move, I’m sure he’d say no. If you ask him if he’d choose a different option, he’d say no. And if you ask him where he thinks he’ll be in five years, he’d say he sees himself here in five years. He is Chelsea.”

I think the mind games worked on us last year, especially as it was Wenger’s 1000th Gunners game at Stamford Bridge. Wenger and the players were so desperate to ram the words down his throat that we were reckless. We must treat tomorrow’s game as any other and be professional. We have lots of injuries and should be more than happy with a point, so let’s stay calm and be professional.

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  1. yep, he still think we are a threat, otherwise hed be shut,
    but it seems to get to the players, main job for AW here is to get them to ignore Maureen, and Cdsc, and all related to the environment, and focus on one thing only, like it was the nieghborhood game in their childhood.

  2. if we lose tomorrow then well be 9 points behind and we should wait for another year to wint the premiere league its so depressing 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. awww my little muffin do u need a hug…well move it along sucker: we got chavs high on oil money to deal with

      1. And if we win 2morro were right in the title race with a draw against city and a win at the bridge. That will show are championships credentials. With no need for another year to get a shot at the prem title. Arsenal fans shld stop with the defeatest attitude and get behind the team

      2. And if we win 2morro were right in the title race with a draw against city and a win at the bridge. That will show our championships credentials. With no need for another year to get a shot at the prem title. Arsenal fans shld stop with the defeatest attitude and get behind the team

    2. I am relaxed about the away
      game at Chelsea. Its the home
      form which is more crucial.
      Last season Arsenal had the most away wins in
      the league despite the big losses at City Liverpool and Chelsea.
      At home though.
      City won 17 lost 1 and drew 1. 52 points
      Arsenal won 13 lost 1 and drew 5. 44 points
      The 8 points less at home cost us the EPL.

  3. let me tell u something, the blue fat lipped dude is in for a shocker 2morro. Will rip his twerking mouth and his parking bus formation apart.Believe me if u dont believe Arsenal! 4-2-3-1. Gibbs, Kos,Per, Chambers/Santi,Diaby/Sanchez,Ozil,Chamberlain/Welbeck. The chamber will b @ full auto & loaded with armor piercing bullets.

  4. Remain concentrated for the whole 90 mins and we should be fine. Our firepowers good enough to match theirs.

  5. Would love nothing better than for us to beat chelsea, and make the “special one” shut his big trap! Coyg!

  6. Mourinho is going to get spanked tomorrow. He will finish the game by thanking the ref for the quality of his performance.

  7. The things moanrihoe say have nothing to do with mind games .Its basically just poor upbringing and lack of proper civilized communication skills.

    Translation, he’s arrogant and rude. He tried the same cocky attitude in Spain and was ran out like a dog.

    Was he playing mind games when he ran his mouth to Ibarahimovich, he’s boss the first time he got sacked?

    The thing about Moanrinhoe is this ,he has no loyalty to anybody and some day Peter ceh would explain it to Fabrics.

    1. Did you see the way he greeted Lamps in the Citeh players tunnel? The way he signed a 36 year old player because hes an old legend? He was the one who brought Petr to Chelsea and replaced our long time keeper Cudicini. Ive realized since Lamps put on a Citeh shirt players purely see football as a job and the club as a large corporation. Its ONLY FANS with asny loyalty and passion nowadays. Look at players. Even if theyve signed a 5 year contract they jog on if they get a chance for more dosh or to have their ego stroked elsewhere. Big money has chaged the game. Its fans who stick with one team their whole life.

  8. If the big friendly german starts we might just see an early goal conceded. As much as I luv the partnership between him and kos I would much rather see chambers and bellerin along the back 4 with gibbs on left. Jack n diaby. Podolski. Alexis. Ox. Wellbeck top.

    Last thing we need is to start the game like we did last year. Over before it atarted!

    Sitting there with a chelsea family wishing the game would hurry up and finish :*( sigh

  9. If mourinho expending effort to do it we have to ignore it. Keys for Sunday:
    1. Don’t concede in first 20 mins
    2. If we concede don’t panic
    3. Realize we are as good as them
    4. Focus every second
    With sanchez and welbeck we are much better than last year

  10. If you cant see that the aged Wenger doesnt bitch whine and moan about everything Chelsea and Jose does then youre either daft or dim. Tell me just what did he hope to achieve when he comes out with a crack like Fabregas became great at Arsenal. Tell me who apart from someone who needed his ego stroking would make a comment like that? EVERYONE knows he was great when he was with you theres nobody denying that. It just seems you forgot how good he is or youd have welcomed him back with open arms. But you say you didnt need him – not from what everyone else that watchs you play would say. I honestly dont know just what is wrong with your team right now. Youve got some great players. Only thing Id guess is you have too many new ones who dont gel and dont know how each other plays. The answer isnt buying more players – just takes time to get it together. Same with United/Liverpool. We played it right just getting the 3 for the positions we needed filling. The rest of the team were OK. It might take you lot another couple of seasons to get back into the top 4. Just bring your A game tomorrow cause we dont need any excuses from Wenger do we eh. Good luck Sunday and may the best team win.

    1. @Unionjack
      Like your style UJ. Much respect.
      As far as I’m concerned, you’re Welcome here anytime. Regardless of who you support…

      1. Cheers Bruv. I bleed Chelsea and am a season ticket holder but I always give credit where its due and appreciate any good player/team. I like banter as much as anyone but you gotta put some facts and not just spiel. I hope you lot really bring your best today. Its a bloody shame youve got some injuries Id like to have seen Debuchy/Ramsey and Giroud. Im not taking the piss but Im worried for ya. But we have all been there lads it will get better – swings and roundabouts. Gotta go – need a few Guinness b4 I get to the the game. See you at the Bridge.

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