Why Arsenal must NOT go for Ramos transfer

A lot of Arsenal fans might be getting quite excited about the possibility of the Gunners being able to sign the Real Madrid and Spain international star Sergio Ramos during the current January transfer window, after a report in the Metro today revealed that the Spanish defender was keen on a transfer to the Premier League.

But even if Ramos really does want to leave La Liga and Real Madrid, and even if he was keen on joining Arsenal, I think that Arsene Wenger should steer well clear for a couple of reasons. First of all, I do appreciate that Ramos is a very good defender and he even chips in with plenty of goals at the other end of the pitch as well.

And we do really need a top class defender, but what is the point in having a player like that and him not being available? The harsh truth about Ramos is that he is a liability on the discipline front. Even in Spain, where the big clubs get generous referee decisions most of the time, the Madrid man is constantly getting booked, sent off and giving away penalties and free kicks.

At Arsenal, where we do not get the benefit of friendly referees, Ramos would always be putting us and himself in trouble. He is already on an amazing 12 yellow cards this season, from just 23 games and it has been the same story year after year. Last season he saw 14 yellows and three reds in La Liga and the Champions League.

It is clear that he does not learn from his mistakes, so no matter how good a defender he is, Wenger should not even consider reacting to this latest Arsenal transfer rumour. Do you agree?

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  1. To be honest I’d rather have a defender of the calibre of Ramos alongside Koscielny and take the risk, than having Mertesacker makingthe mistakes he does.

    1. i realise this is the transfer window- so its players we need, but why not other things to enhance the arsenal experience for our fans:

      a slide going from the stands to the goal post- so everytime shezza or mert makes a mistake we slide down an bodyslam them

      a ice rink covering the floor of the away fans exit. so when they leave they all fall over

      a giant nerf gun- so if we get bored, put a pound in the machine-shoot foam bullets at fabregas while hes trying to ‘assist’

      1. Why Arsenal must not go for Ramos transfer? LOL! As if you were going for any transfer in particular, safe the one that makes its way to Wenger’s account.

    2. Totally disagree with the article Ramos would get away with allot more in England were players don’t role around at the sight of a tackle

      1. @Jermaine what games have you watching?

        PL players dive just look at Chelsea’s players, they cheat and get away with it like in any other league.

        Chelsea ain’t the only team

  2. Is this a joke?

    First of all their is just no way Ramos is coming and now you want to actually write an article saying we shouldn’t get him because he has too many yellow cards?

  3. I’ve heard it all now … Yeah , we don’t want that champions league , Spanish title , World Cup and European championship winning centre back that is regarded as one of the best in the world , he gets too many yellow cards !


  4. Dont see why not! ramos have proven to be a world class defender! Wouldnt mind us getting him if there is any truth to this story at all! Even though, wenger might be scared off by his asking price!

    1. Ramos would relish playing alongside kosc plus we would get to loan out bellerin or chambers depending on if jenkinson is back

  5. No way Wenger will pay that much for a defender let alone a 29 year old defender. Wenger won’t pay for Hummels either.

    I was honestly surprised Wenger paid £16 million for Chambers and Debuchy each

    Yes he paid big bucks for Sanchez and Ozil but he would never ever pay that kind of money for a defender.

  6. I guess this writer the only 1 thats not tired of seeing mert turn like a truck….u dont need ramos cuz of too many yellow cards..uumm some body aint had a good Christmas lol…..give me ramos anyday…or verane im not picky

  7. in la liga he got so far 6 yellow cards in 14 games.
    last year: 11 yellow and 1 red in 32 games.
    the year before: 9 yellow, 2 in 1 game resulting in a red, in 26 games.
    the year before: 12 yellow, 2 in 1 game resulting in a red in 34 games.
    the year before: 11 yellow, 2 in 1 game resulting in a red and 1 red in 31games.
    the previous 5 years were similar. 1 or 2 more yellow per year.
    he got to his incredible 17 red cards record (most amount of red cards in real madrid history) during cups and champions league.

    Only bringing better explained facts to the table.

    1. Sorry, my bad, he actually has 19 red cards to his name.

      Pablo Alfaro had nine red cards during his time in the Segunda Division, giving him 27 total red cards, which is the all-time record for Spanish professional football.

      Only eight more red cards to go Sergio! You can do it!

  8. I’ve never thought Ramos to be as good as some people make out, but I’ve always thought he’s a good player. He’d make a good signing if you think about it. but if you think about it with any sense, you realise it will never happen.

  9. By the way, last season, Flamini got 1 card every 200.38 minutes.
    Ramos got 1 card every 280.2 minutes.

  10. lets get Ramos to replace Per, but we still need 2 more Centrebacks for backups…

    so lets get Hummels and Varane tooo

  11. Arsenal first 100 red cards under Arsene Wenger.
    The 100th was “awarded” to Szczezny on the 19th february 2014.
    1 – Francis Jeffers is the only player to be sent off in a Community Shield game for Arsène Wenger’s side.
    2 – Wojciech Szczęsny is only the second goalkeeper to receive a red card during the Wenger era. Both have been in the Champions League – the other being Jens Lehmann’s in the 2006 Champions League final defeat to Barcelona.
    3 – Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven have benefited the most from Arsenal’s indiscipline in Europe with the Gunners receiving 3 red cards against each of these sides.
    3 – 19 February and 7 November are the dates Arsenal have received 3 red cards cumulatively over the years.
    9 – Arsenal have had nine players sent off in matches against Manchester United in all competitions.
    10 – Patrick Vieira has been sent off on the most occasions.
    12 – Arsenal received a season-high 12 red cards under Wenger during their double-winning season of 2001-02.
    42 – There have been 42 different teams to benefit from an Arsenal red card.
    50 – Exactly 50 different players have received a red card.
    66 – Arsène Wenger’s side have received 66 of these red cards in the Premier League.

  12. Real Madrid only ever sell a quality player if they have a player of even more supreme quality… i.e. Rodriguez came in and Di Maria was let go… Simple answer is there are not that many world-class CBs available in the market so Madrid dont have a replacement and therefore wont sell a CB who can still be world-class for 4-5 more seasons..

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